• Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Watch the highly anticipated Cassidy vs Goodz battle from URL's Resolution card.


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  • P Getit
    P Getit 2 minutes ago

    Yo the people on the stage when Goodz said you probably went broke from all them transactions 😩😂😭 if you think Cassidy won you disgust me custy 😂😂😂😂😂💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Kazanova Capone
    Kazanova Capone 2 hours ago

    What's the song they playing in the club "hard times" by who? Shit was hard

    LIVEFRMNYC 2 hours ago

    Goodz is garbage. Cassidy won 3-0 and he wasn't even his best.

  • colea simmons
    colea simmons 2 hours ago

    Cassidy is some shit 😂😂😂😂😂 Goodz body his ass

  • O Yea Bet
    O Yea Bet 4 hours ago

    Goodz was solid round 1 tho

  • King Savage
    King Savage 4 hours ago

    The crowd overreacting to goodz cass won that shit

  • Red Herring
    Red Herring 4 hours ago

    If Cassidy dont clown this man's baby bottle chest head

  • Dino Green
    Dino Green 5 hours ago +1

    Is it me or is Goodz whole performance is similar to Lux style just saying 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ hand gestures and everything.

  • D.A. Manson
    D.A. Manson 5 hours ago

    Leave Kells alone... God damn it, leave him alone!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Allan Brito
    Allan Brito 6 hours ago

    These Cass fans know nothing about battle rap. These comments are the reason Cass is delusional with that 2006 flow.

  • RazOr 1990
    RazOr 1990 9 hours ago +1

    cassidy is trash

  • Rashod Perkins
    Rashod Perkins 10 hours ago +1

    Jc will end Cassidy career

  • Creative Rod
    Creative Rod 11 hours ago +1

    Cassidy: Jiffy POP, iffy Glock
    Crowd: Goes crazy for 3 minutes

  • Aero Ross
    Aero Ross 12 hours ago

    tay, surf, nitty, geechi, twork all rappers that would 30 cass easily

  • oVo wiLL
    oVo wiLL 14 hours ago

    32:40 Buddy in the Crowd said 'GARBAGE'

  • ugotparred
    ugotparred 14 hours ago

    Cassidy had a good first round ... But he still lost 3-0

  • Justin Bellamy
    Justin Bellamy 16 hours ago

    Watched this battle a couple times and I still got goodz 3-0

  • Skay Push
    Skay Push 17 hours ago

    Guys is either the crowd sucked and was dumb or They jst wanted cas too loose...or they got paid to support goods more...(what the fuck was the 'prenup shit for,those were not one of the bars in battle rap infact goods was mostly raping abt cass's life and that's some research based shit not bars alone...

  • alex williams
    alex williams 17 hours ago

    Cass suckks 😂😂😴😂

  • UnLaced
    UnLaced 20 hours ago

    The elephant verse he stole from The Game stop it

  • Adam Golden
    Adam Golden 21 hour ago

    Bruh idgaf what nobody say Goodz won that shyt hands up nd down dammit

  • Le'KING Supreme
    Le'KING Supreme 21 hour ago

    I never watch the full battle but after watching this whole battle Cass beats Goodz 2-1 I'm putting up a video later on today and break this whole shit down the crowd just was dick riding

  • Le'KING Supreme
    Le'KING Supreme 21 hour ago

    But Cass did stop him from getting sign when he got out of jail and honestly I think goodz feel some type of way about that and all through his demeanor you just see jealousy he was jealous of cass

  • money the man mr uncut

    cass in the 1st round keep actin like every punch he said was super hard it was hard
    but he was overhyping he the only battler who do it that much
    i think he coulda broke it up for the 2nd round and folks woulda been on it
    why was cass standin so weird with his arms like that

  • Michael Gudger
    Michael Gudger Day ago

    Battle rap ain’t rapping no more it’s just comedy rap these niqqa is trash nowadays

  • ChriS843
    ChriS843 Day ago

    Stuck in my WAZE before I had the app!!🔥🔥 cmonnnn mannn !!! Y'all ain't hearing Cass

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green Day ago

    Look at Cassidy at 26:16 lmao

  • Chastity B.
    Chastity B. Day ago

    Goodz is trash but he dumb funny Lol!

  • Chastity B.
    Chastity B. Day ago

    Cassidy snapped the 1st round.

  • Elmer MEDINA
    Elmer MEDINA Day ago

    Goodz won

  • G Fuck15
    G Fuck15 Day ago

    Niggas been tryna sleep on Cassidy

  • Andria Blackmon
    Andria Blackmon Day ago

    58:20 the crowd said Goodz 3-0

  • Dayshawn Smith
    Dayshawn Smith Day ago +2

    LIKE 👍🏽 if GOODZ won !

    COMMENT if CASSIDY won !

  • DeejRolyaT
    DeejRolyaT Day ago

    Cassidy must own ah million TVclip accounts and ah million phones with all these Cassidy comments

  • Sequel N Siah
    Sequel N Siah Day ago

    But that Goodz trans-actions line finished him

  • Sequel N Siah
    Sequel N Siah Day ago

    Takeoff with this pussy cream (takeoff with his money) uterus infection. That bar was kinda hard n still got booed

  • Sequel N Siah
    Sequel N Siah Day ago

    They starting booing Cass when he said I’m fire this league needed a match so Smack booked me. Don’t see how that line got booed. His 2nd round was the straight. The neck brace line, the aneurysm line he had bars. Think Goods still won but it wasn’t a landslide can see it being debatable the crowd jus hurt it

  • Renee Michelle
    Renee Michelle Day ago +1

    All the comments saying Cass won lol that's Cass typing the shit he did not win period

  • sienide
    sienide Day ago

    that maybach was wayback now u have nothing to chauffer it. Whoa!!!!

  • Yuru Word
    Yuru Word Day ago

    What rhymes with cass 😆😆😆😆😆😆🤦🏽‍♂️

  • nell866
    nell866 Day ago

    Who else watching this one till they put the one vs arsenal on TVclip

  • DoreoTV
    DoreoTV Day ago

    Cassidy needs to stop...he doesn't know how to battle rap. PERIOD. It was sad to see. He needs to attack, not just rap! LOL Battle rap is not what you do on an album

  • DoreoTV
    DoreoTV Day ago

    GOODZ!!! OMG I need to watch more of him. Cassidy...R.I.P.

  • Yg the king
    Yg the king Day ago

    Cassidy lose straight up

  • trevean rhodes
    trevean rhodes Day ago

    Cass is just a crackhead with money

  • Kenneth Singh
    Kenneth Singh Day ago

    Anyone who says cass won needs help lol once he said that shit about goodz daughter it was a wrap for him

  • landshrk67
    landshrk67 Day ago

    That first round of goods was fire!! Whats that about Cassidy and a tranny???

    ADOLF HITLER Day ago +1

    Arsonal did this assidy-trannidy delusional sissy dirty than Goodz. Let the entire Philly down. Got booed in his own home town while the crowd cheered 3-0 for his opponent. This bitch ass fag let another man blow smoke on his face & shake him down like a junkie. He ain't no king. He should focus on PG battlers cause he ain't on the TOP TIER LEVEL. BARS IS WACK

  • larry legenda
    larry legenda 2 days ago

    put out a list of who likes cass so we can troll them into suicide.

  • jassim964 45
    jassim964 45 2 days ago +2

    That’s the difference see how Cassidy raps, these niggas can’t compare Cassidy’s bars hitting harder it’s just new generation some bums

  • Still Beats
    Still Beats 2 days ago

    Disappointed with Cass Vs. Ars he lost that but he beat you goodz

  • You're Not That Guy
    You're Not That Guy 2 days ago

    35:00 35:20 wtf?! What’s he talking about

  • Cobra Kai
    Cobra Kai 2 days ago +1

    Niggas wanna diss Cassidy but I don’t see no comments of what bars was hot from goodz none !!!!!!!!!! Y’all cornballs stuck on that theatrical broadway shit goodz kept looking at the crowd for what? For there approval Cassidy shitted on him first round

  • You're Not That Guy
    You're Not That Guy 2 days ago

    What is cassidy talking about ? I just don’t get it wtf I’m so confused. What’s he actually talking bout bro ?

  • 3rd coast Mob
    3rd coast Mob 2 days ago

    “Where dat water man” “Dey booin da hottest shit in the world smack”

  • Mike Menard
    Mike Menard 2 days ago +1

    Crowd so disrespectful while Cas is rapping...Yelling "garage" n shit..Im.old skool so I prefer old skool battles with a beat playing but like Goodz said I guess i.gotta adapt n evolve with the times

  • Matt D
    Matt D 2 days ago

    goodz disrespectful

  • Jamison Anderson
    Jamison Anderson 2 days ago +3

    After cass vs Arsenal
    Cass: "put a beat on"

  • Sammie Søsãa
    Sammie Søsãa 2 days ago +1

    Cass Went TF Off Y’all Sleep Asf

  • Travis Butler
    Travis Butler 2 days ago

    2-1 Goodz
    Cass long ass R1
    Goodz R2
    Goodz R3