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  • Jonathan Carlin
    Jonathan Carlin 7 months ago +973

    Watch J struggle to raise the cutest child on earth!

    • Gary Paul
      Gary Paul 2 months ago

      Jonathan Carlin WOW THAT WAS COOL

    • Srikar Baru
      Srikar Baru 2 months ago

      You should get Scott

    • Stormy Tube
      Stormy Tube 3 months ago +2

      wait J! I believe Mrs. Gibbs is Emma Jean who after marriage became Emma Gibbs... just think it

    • Alicia Sommers
      Alicia Sommers 3 months ago


    • GalaxyXD
      GalaxyXD 4 months ago

      Jonathan Carlin
      But I thought you knew this in boos room it shows a family portrait of boo and her family with only one older sister and a mom and a dad BUT I can add to your theory after thunderhead was taken care of boo his 5th child maybe after he died Scott was saddened and put the younger kids boo and maybe a other child named Katy to a orphanage and they both get adopted by two loving parents and BOOM Fixed it!

  • JeiJei Renee
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  • Joshua Shaffer
    Joshua Shaffer 2 days ago

    Do you know how long it took me to find all those posters in the movie? Awhile. Lol. I'm glad you were able to use them. Love your show. Keep it up. I am working on my new book now with just Disney movie fun facts in it, and it has a Pixar section.
    If anyone wants to read my blog about the vintage posters in Monsters, Inc., here is the link.

  • tcshack701
    tcshack701 2 days ago

    Could Boo be Bonnie’s mother?

  • Skylie Gehrls
    Skylie Gehrls 4 days ago

    If u also think about it when boo laugh/scream she causes a power outage oh and what was one of mettaman power sonic scream boom!

  • Wolf
    Wolf 6 days ago

    or Boo / Mary is Violet but changed her name and they changed her last name to Parr last name

  • Capissotor
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  • Lana Jaleel
    Lana Jaleel 7 days ago

    I love how I don't know anything about Scott but he's now my new favourite Inclredibles/Monsters Inc. character 😂

  • Landen Industries
    Landen Industries 8 days ago

    Okay, I'm probably wrong, but what if Mr. Gibbs, Or Marys dad, is Jack-Jack? I mean, Boo does possess the power to be able to teleport LIKE Jack-Jack! Like with the stalls, remember? And it is not common, but sometimes men DO take the womans last name in a relationship, which could have happened.

  • James McLorn
    James McLorn 8 days ago

    The Rumor Come Out: Does Thunderhead is Gay?

  • LilG
    LilG 8 days ago

    I’m sure on the Scare Floor board it has 1999 on it and maybe those kids had those Disney land posters up for Disney Land PARIS

  • masterofthekey95
    masterofthekey95 9 days ago

    Yes bring it back, I use to say that all the time.

  • Victor Claw of Hogwarts

    “We can cross off Stratogal because uhhhh....”
    Thinks “This is a kid friendly channel how do I say this?”

  • JaxTru gaming
    JaxTru gaming 10 days ago

    0:55 can someone make a remix of that XD

  • Vincent Wirch
    Vincent Wirch 12 days ago +1

    I think Boos' powers are being able to tap into a magical field of energy or something like it, since she is the witch from brave and obviously has a full range of magic.

  • Margarito Berzoza IV
    Margarito Berzoza IV 12 days ago

    Bro that blew my mind because monsters in incredibles and brave are in my top 10 favorite movies

  • Dutchess the Lioness
    Dutchess the Lioness 13 days ago

    Two words, Everyone...

    "simple math"

  • Yesenia Ramirez-Garcia

    Or what if Boo is the daughter of Kevin from up.

  • Epic Games
    Epic Games 14 days ago

    It’s not 14 years later and she’s still the same age(I’m talking about Violet) the 2nd incredibles movie takes place right after the first one

  • FireMan 360
    FireMan 360 17 days ago

    Could boo be violets long lost sister?

  • Randall Quad
    Randall Quad 17 days ago

    I don’t think I buy it. First of all, if they gave Boo up in a private adoption, she would have the last name of her adoptive parent(s) (but then, of course, ThunderHead could be Mr. Gibbs). Plus the whole thing about the father having to be someone we know Edna knows is a bit of a fallacy. Also, I kind of feel like Edna wouldn’t say she hadn’t been “afflicted with child” if she had gotten pregnant by accident, even if she didn’t have to raise the child. And Sully is not the only other father figure she ever knew: what about Scott‽
    On a tangentially related note, why are we talking about giving up an accidental child you know you won’t be able to raise as well as someone else like it makes you a cruel or emotionless person? And why AREN’T we talking about the fact that ThunderHead is definitely gay?

  • Supahstah Warror
    Supahstah Warror 17 days ago

    Wait her name is Mary Gibbs. *i never knew this.*

  • theMARVEL_Sci-fi fangirl

    when I first saw the title of this video I was wondering how dumb you guys were, you guys are big Pixar fans and you didn't know that Pirates of the Carribean is not Pixar. like if you thought the same

  • Arthur Paixão
    Arthur Paixão 18 days ago

    once i heard that only two supers could make super children... If that's true, could Edna be a super?

  • jon ruxton
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  • Iamremnant20@gmail.com

    Idk my question tho, most people don’t remember their lives at age 3, and Scott would be the most likely 2nd father figure growing up with him?.. did I miss something on this?...

  • dr zooters
    dr zooters 20 days ago +1

    I agree but he lives and raises boo in an apartment and boos room
    doesn't look like a room in an apartment and I doubt you can paint apartment walls

  • anthony smith sitterly

    But what year does brave set in because if she is the witch in brave then boo mist have time travel powers. But she doesn't then that dont make any sense

  • Elaine Lewis
    Elaine Lewis 21 day ago

    This actually makes so much sense

  • haddon rohrbaugh
    haddon rohrbaugh 22 days ago

    Charming picture of Seamus 1:57 😂

  • eccentric trash
    eccentric trash 24 days ago

    also I think Edna was probably to old to raise a child. to me her voice seems raspy and she's really short kind of like what happens to people when they get older, she also has many wrinkles exspecially around her mouth and her eyes. this could also go further into the metaman theory, maybe he was too stubborn or head strong because of him knowing he's probably to good for anyone {which explains the whole "i made suits for gods" sentence edna said} and that he couldn't stay with a older women or even settle down and heck maybe he is syndromes dad since you said it yourself that he could has had other lovers. maybe even with a normal non super lady making him take on his mothers genes and why he would know about Mr. incredible.

  • eccentric trash
    eccentric trash 24 days ago

    yeah "roommates"

  • Impractical Kidder
    Impractical Kidder 24 days ago

    11:18 if you look down you will see died in action-suit malfunction

  • Amy Grimwade
    Amy Grimwade 25 days ago

    My is Boo the witch from brave?

  • Master of the Universe

    Time travel it could still be violet but from the future

  • Crazy Queen Weirdo
    Crazy Queen Weirdo 27 days ago

    I totally ship Thunderscott tho!

  • photoheart7
    photoheart7 27 days ago

    and they were _roommates_
    _ohmygodtheywere_ *_R O O M M A T E S_*

  • Max Lakatos
    Max Lakatos Month ago

    Doesn’t this disprove the Pixar theory because boo is supposed to we within 5-10 years of Andy??

  • Mads Selmani
    Mads Selmani Month ago

    So boo is violet idk maybe so she might of had. She might have another super power we don’t know about maybe teleportation I mean she made sully like her and mike so she could have used her powers for that idk don’t come for me

  • gemship
    gemship Month ago

    That point you made about violet not being able to give birth at seven years old is potentially inaccurate the real life record for youngest mother goes to a five year old girl she had this really rare thing happen to her that her body actually went through puberty at two weeks old so it’s technically possible for violent to have gone through a similar thing however disturbing it may be

  • AchmodinIV SWE
    AchmodinIV SWE Month ago

    Edna is not a super

  • Jason Coombs 24 (STUDENT)

    It is Boo = Vioet because they went into hidin the supers did and they probablly changed there names so yea...

  • starzie
    starzie Month ago

    violet and my grandma were both born in 1948, lol

  • Kayleigh Moon
    Kayleigh Moon Month ago

    11:46 I always thought she said good with capes.....cause you know they were talking about capes.

  • Max From campcamp
    Max From campcamp Month ago

    Funny my last name is Gibbs and my friends name is Mary

  • Katy Ivie
    Katy Ivie Month ago

    I'd like to step back and take a moment to appreciate the fact that most of the comments are about Thunderhead and Scott being a gay couple #ThunderScott

  • MaxZaps Gaming
    MaxZaps Gaming Month ago

    Actually the Monsters Inc movie is set in 1999. I know this because another TVclipr pointed out that's the date that a kid was last scared on, a date that was shown on a file reference Mike himself held at some point

  • Kassia Vital
    Kassia Vital Month ago

    They were roommates

  • Alice Christopher
    Alice Christopher Month ago

    My dog’s name is Seamus

  • Rebaka Rodriguez
    Rebaka Rodriguez Month ago

    What if boo is a younger version of violet

  • Emily Cat
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  • The Bi Hufflepuff
    The Bi Hufflepuff Month ago

    Unidentified Father Of Boo: UFO Boo! Boo is an alien! 🛸 👽

  • Down The Rabbit Hole

    what if shes edna

  • Neil Jenks
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  • Joshua Santos
    Joshua Santos Month ago

    thunderhead is gay ♥♥♥

  • Emerald 5276
    Emerald 5276 Month ago

    I'm sorry, what about Boo being a witch? That was definitely that one girl from Finding Nemo because they're both creepy!!!

  • Banoffee De Fairikaik

    The "debunking Violet" thing is just so wrong on so many levels.
    Seamus states in his second video on that theory that The Incredibles takes place in 1973. This is because Thunderhead was seen at the wedding BUT Edna said he died in 1958, and since Supers were made illegal soon after the wedding, Thunderhead must have died REALLY REALLY soon after the wedding, i.e. in the same year. And because there is a 15-year gap, the year can't be anything except 1958 + 15 = 1973.
    Secondly, MONSTERS INC DOES NOT TAKE PLACE IN THE 50s. The director has said himself that Monsters University takes place in, quote-unquote, the early 60s-ish, and furthermore, according to a profile of a kid that Mike is reading, it's 1999, and since Boo is about two, three tops, she was born about 1997.
    So it could still be Violet.

  • Paula Burton
    Paula Burton Month ago

    12:17, frozones face. He looks like he's drunk or something

  • Paula Burton
    Paula Burton Month ago

    Who else when they 1rst saw the Incredibles, thought Edna was a boy.

  • The winged owl
    The winged owl Month ago

    When thunderhead died The Incredibles could of adopted her and changed her name. My cousin is adopted and my aunt changed his name when he got adopted
    Edit: so Violet could be boo and gives them a reason to name her violet when they know how powers because of the other supers

  • Mia Mafalda
    Mia Mafalda Month ago

    “Raising 5 children with his roommate Scott”
    Oh my God they were roommates
    And also probably gay

  • dragon slayer yeah that sounds cool

    How much will u bet that her mom is emma jean... hhmmmmmmm Jean danmn't

  • Audrey Barlow
    Audrey Barlow Month ago

    That would also make sense if Edna was her mother because of Edna’s engineering capabilities. That could pass down to boo who could invent a time machine in order to find sully.

  • Liam Earl Capco Gaming

    If Boo is Aisan then how come She Has Huge Eyes?

  • Troy Bray
    Troy Bray Month ago

    This could be true but then who is the woman at the end of monsters inc standing next to the man you. An clearly see a woman's shadow when they check on boo at the very end

    • Troy Bray
      Troy Bray Month ago

      And in boo's room there is a drawing of a man and woman

  • Team FEAT
    Team FEAT Month ago

    What year was brave taking place if boo was 5 in 1958 and she later becomes the witch?

  • nothing but embarrassment

    12:10 now we know who scott the woz roommate is

  • Peyton Groth
    Peyton Groth Month ago

    13:08 "God! I love Pixar!"

  • bill aa
    bill aa Month ago

    If boo had a jessy doll it may be jessy old owner

  • Vicky Clow
    Vicky Clow Month ago

    "and they were roommates"

  • Snowball the bunny
    Snowball the bunny Month ago

    Carlin Brothers: Into The Pixarverse

  • Taffy Pug
    Taffy Pug Month ago

    But edna's last name is Edna Mode...unless when her husband died she got her last name back lol.

  • Darknorman 29
    Darknorman 29 Month ago

    3:50 it says 1982.

  • Queen Aunt
    Queen Aunt Month ago

    And they were roommates

  • Unknownly Knight64
    Unknownly Knight64 2 months ago

    Gazerbeam............more like LAZERBEAM!xD

  • Unknownly Knight64
    Unknownly Knight64 2 months ago

    My third grade teacher is called mr. gibbs XD

  • masterofinfinity479
    masterofinfinity479 2 months ago

    I thought her parents were ninjas

  • Naomi Fredricks
    Naomi Fredricks 2 months ago

    I know the real-life Mr. Gibbs. He's not dead yet.

  • Cassandra Doyle
    Cassandra Doyle 2 months ago +3

    Do you mean Tomriddlely

  • Louise K
    Louise K 2 months ago

    If Hiro Hamada is Boo’s brother.. it is kind of normal his parents died and Boo have no memories of his parents. Boo has super power and Hiro is super intelligent

  • Louise K
    Louise K 2 months ago

    It just discovered your channel ( because of tessanetting) and I love all your theory it is really good and well explain! I love it!

  • Rj Oram
    Rj Oram 2 months ago

    Mr. Gibbs super power sonic scream: Boo’s laughter over powers the all the lights

  • carissacampbell21
    carissacampbell21 2 months ago

    Scott Clark is a supervising animator. Clark has worked on The Incredibles, Cars, Up and Monsters University. this feels like it is important information

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A 2 months ago

    Also you said about sonic screams and just the fact that when Boo starts to cry the lights start to flicker

  • Christoph Kennedy
    Christoph Kennedy 2 months ago

    i want to know more about scott dang

  • Ella walton
    Ella walton 2 months ago

    I totally ship Thunderhead and Scott

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 2 months ago

    7:15 that face lol

  • Nemesis Dylan
    Nemesis Dylan 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t have the patience to do this so I would have just said her mum was mrs Gibbs

  • UAF Games
    UAF Games 2 months ago

    Holy HECK that is cool.

  • James Lober
    James Lober 2 months ago

    Tomfoolery I love it

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 months ago

    Meta man has sonic screams, Boos scream could be heard through out the whole town, it also caused a power outage.

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 months ago


  • Sean Tilton
    Sean Tilton 2 months ago

    Edna really looks like Boo

  • Uniwolf gamer
    Uniwolf gamer 2 months ago

    How is boo related to the witch?

  • Outdated Tastes
    Outdated Tastes 2 months ago

    monsters inc couldn't be from that early. your forgetting about the Toyota pizza planet truck seen in front of the trailer home in the first movie