These Events Will Happen In Asia Before 2050

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
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    So far on this channel, we’ve only ever talked about current or past events.
    Well not anymore, because this video is about the future. We’ll be covering the major events that will happen in Asia leading up to the year 2050. Of course, predicting such events is extremely difficult, but we can always give our best estimates based the information we currently have.
    We will cover the following:
    - Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
    - JAXA's Mercury mission
    - Japanese Emperor Akihito's abdication
    - Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower (tallest building in the world)
    - Transcontinental bridge from Middle East to Africa (Yemen to Djibouti / Saudi Arabia to Egypt) - the Bridge of Horns
    - Holographic TVs
    - Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020
    - UAE's Hope Probe to Mars + First city on Mars
    - Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
    - Rising sea levels affect Maldives (global warming)
    - China's large particle accelerator (twice the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN)
    - Southeast Asia unified by transport links (Sunda Strait Bridge & Malacca Strait Bridge)
    - Bangkok, Thailand is sinking
    - Borneo's rainforests will be wiped out at current rate of deforestation
    - Russia will become a global food superpower (melting permafrost and retreating ice caps opening up North Asia & Siberia for arable land (farming & crop production)
    - Japan connected to the mainland & Russia with Sakhalin-Hokkaido Tunnel
    - China's first astronauts on the moon
    - India's economic rise
    - Japan connected to mainland & South Korea with Japan-Korea Tunnel
    - Major volcanic eruption of Sakurajima
    - Decline in homosexual discrimination particularly Middle East
    - 100th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
    - Japan's population drops below 100 million due to low birth rate
    - Pakistan and India celebrate 100th anniversary of independence
    - One Country Two Systems agreement for Hong Kong & Macau expires
    - North Korea celebrates 100th anniversary of founding
    - Dead Sea drying up
    - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster will be successfully decommissioned
    - Biggest refugee crisis in history in Southeast Asia
    - Robots will be commonplace
    - Asia connected to the world via Bering Strait Bridge & Transglobal Highway

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  9 months ago +255

    Second Thought's Video:
    What are your thoughts on the future of Asia?
    Next video will be Asian Borders part 3.
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    • KaMaL Ebrahimi
      KaMaL Ebrahimi Month ago


    • Charles Angelo Tela
      Charles Angelo Tela Month ago

      Wheres phillipines??

    • Sajjad Jairaj
      Sajjad Jairaj Month ago

      You forgot The Tower At Dubai Creek Which will be taller than Burj Khalifa And will be completed in 2020

    • Luke McKee
      Luke McKee Month ago

      Praising largest gay parade in Asia featured in your video? What do Asians think about gay men on surragacy for gay dot com buying babies from convicted human trafficker tammy davis charles. Their website says if you got the gift by letting aids infected semen mix with your rotting feces you can share the gift with a Vietnamese $1 a hour vagina rental surrogate. To think asia supports their women being pimped out for $6000 over 9 months to get AIDS and make gay AIDS babies with pride - then you got something wrong with you. How much would you pimp your sister out to take some AIDS semen? Or only cheap asians from Bac Ninh only good for it? Disgusting mate. Take your homoshit out of your videos.

    • adam vega
      adam vega 2 months ago

      news flash, climate change is a hoax

  • Suraj Bahuguna
    Suraj Bahuguna 19 minutes ago

    I'm leaving a comment here just so I can look back at it in 2050

  • Gautam Ashok
    Gautam Ashok 10 hours ago

    I really fear for India with climate refugees from Bangladesh and Myanmar coming over and creating a strain on an already overburdened country. There’s already lot of resentment in India over illegal Bangladeshis. Can be a cause for future riots. Hope Modi is planning for this and working with BD and MY to invest in resilience infrastructure.

  • aravind shah
    aravind shah 13 hours ago

    One piece will be end by 2049

  • Asgeir iversen
    Asgeir iversen 17 hours ago

    1.5 billion indians... that's alot of scammers..

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 17 hours ago

    the way he said bangkok tho lmao

  • Lau Hans
    Lau Hans 18 hours ago

    I will lay down on earth already in 2050.... Hahaha

  • Fatima Zehra
    Fatima Zehra 19 hours ago

    2028: The Great Particle Accelerator of China

  • Louis Jenkins
    Louis Jenkins 20 hours ago

    I'll be 57 by 2050, hopefully I'll have lived a good life by then and will be able to enjoy the future. I wonder how far AI will be by then

    JD LIMBU 21 hour ago

    Being small and poor country in the world is like being invisible

  • Hindradjid Harsono

    Linear Prediction.

  • Emilio Sanchez XD

    I'm from Maldives.... Shit

  • Oliver Huang
    Oliver Huang Day ago

    WOW, some people get very unfriendly in the comments

  • A
    A Day ago

    Asia is so fucking powerful!!

  • bootyful guraffe

    the goverment is trying to make people believe they will die to stop them having children and preventing over population.

  • Engr Bins deyl
    Engr Bins deyl Day ago

    False authority

  • drink me pls
    drink me pls 2 days ago

    "by 2024 India will surpass China to become the most populous nation on earth"
    And that means T-Series Will be the most subscribed channel on TVclip

  • Sarthak Dasgupta
    Sarthak Dasgupta 2 days ago

    It gave me goosebumps when he said robots will be a commonplace !

  • Official Kirigaya
    Official Kirigaya 2 days ago

    Do you know, I live in Borneo. Haha

  • Athaariq Ardiansyah
    Athaariq Ardiansyah 2 days ago

    0:56 100% accurate

    MAHIDUL ISLAM MOLLA 2 days ago

    By 2050 India will become a bankrupt country.

  • Android gaming india
    Android gaming india 2 days ago +1

    Nah I don't think this will happen

  • kenken_ naranjo
    kenken_ naranjo 3 days ago

    I will leave a comment here to check this vid again when it is 2050.

  • Kareem Mohamed
    Kareem Mohamed 3 days ago

    oh shit
    These robots are creepy

  • MrTokatoka12
    MrTokatoka12 3 days ago

    what will happen in 2045? the 100th anniversary of what happened 100 years before :)) how insightful

  • Cody Chamber
    Cody Chamber 3 days ago +1

    The future is old and I will be scary.

  • Kremlin Pandaan
    Kremlin Pandaan 4 days ago

    Onky few countries are mentioned, and are mentioned repeatedly. What's the sense?

  • Viperage03
    Viperage03 4 days ago

    Indians love to smash

    • Viperage03
      Viperage03 2 days ago

      +Anime Boy i was joking

    • Anime Boy
      Anime Boy 3 days ago

      Is it our fault that you guys have decreased your fertility rate too much?

  • Hector Cabz
    Hector Cabz 4 days ago

    Poor Philippines and Australia, not included in the Transglobal highway.

  • Nachos gaming - Minecraft How to

    Britain launched a space rocket

  • Ares
    Ares 5 days ago

    by 2029 Aliens will arrive and 2050 Earth will be a colony

  • Reality551
    Reality551 5 days ago

    Poor Australia will be never connect to the rest of the world by roads not in 2050 never ohh my god.

  • Asian Louis Garrel
    Asian Louis Garrel 5 days ago +1

    Fall of Western civilistion; rise of the East.

  • Reality551
    Reality551 5 days ago


  • Rohit Khapre Editing

    GDP growth in India, Asia’s third-largest economy, is set to bounce back to rates exceeding 7% for the next three years, according to the World Bank.
    It will be a few notches better than China, and miles ahead of other major economies.
    This is a moment of respite for the Narendra Modi government, less than a week after the country’s chief statistician pegged India’s GDP growth for financial year 2018 at the lowest level in the last four years.

  • The Praj
    The Praj 5 days ago

    2050 anyone?

  • إسراء خالد
    إسراء خالد 6 days ago

    Go Asia
    In 2050 I will be inshallah 50 years 😂😅

  • Oslec Liedbag
    Oslec Liedbag 6 days ago

    I must live til i'm 70 to see all of this shit

  • konkont
    konkont 6 days ago

    UASE Bin Zayed will die.

    ANIME FREAK 6 days ago

    Daaaaaamn… A Transglobal highway? wow....I'll be waiting for that to happen......driving from Mumbai to Tokyo seems pretty fun...LOL

  • xtrade XTRADE
    xtrade XTRADE 6 days ago

    i hope that i`ll be live tell then and check again the video and the comments
    may the 2050 year be with you all :)

  • Coolboy48
    Coolboy48 6 days ago

    No one knows the future except GOD... the world could’ve END before 2050...maby

  • Sandeep Pathak
    Sandeep Pathak 6 days ago

    Iam migrating from to Russia...I want food

  • Aito Watanabe
    Aito Watanabe 7 days ago +1

    At 8:13, the reason why Japanese birth rate is going down is because most of them will be marrying anime characters...

  • Jihan Patel
    Jihan Patel 7 days ago

    No the population will not Decline in India Because I will be make a train with no pollution

  • Lars Forsgren
    Lars Forsgren 7 days ago

    I feel like this is all under the assumption no significant changes are made to the geopolitical atmosphere along with other global changes. Nonetheless interesting! Great video!

  • Riley McClure
    Riley McClure 7 days ago

    It feels wrong to say the name of a false gods ,thus is wrong.

  • arsh singh
    arsh singh 7 days ago

    In 2050 the AI become singularity

  • Perci John
    Perci John 7 days ago

    9:49 lol austrialia Lol

  • haroon hafeez
    haroon hafeez 8 days ago

    No world war so boring!

  • kkkbbb k
    kkkbbb k 8 days ago


  • SoloSkywars
    SoloSkywars 8 days ago

    Checking in from the US in 2018. Tell me how the future looks every year guys’

  • Mad Suzzan
    Mad Suzzan 9 days ago

    Nothing in Nepal so sad

  • vrox dros
    vrox dros 9 days ago

    Hello year 2050 hows the earth now haha especially the philippines? Greetings year 2018 nov 30 ☺

  • Mirza Munif
    Mirza Munif 9 days ago

    Gays might come to middle east, but trust me not to Saudi Arabia, but with the new dumbass MBS the chances of it happening might increase

  • Ricky Xu
    Ricky Xu 10 days ago

    2049 is also 100 years of People's Republic of China, the Chinese government said they gonna make Taiwan be part of China officially lol.

  • Maite Derouet
    Maite Derouet 10 days ago

    You have no idea what is going to happen in the futur, you re so full of BS.

  • Sovann Keo
    Sovann Keo 10 days ago

    Hello 2050 people's I'm here in Cambodia , Nov 30 2018😍♥

  • JH S
    JH S 10 days ago

    I think South Korea and Japan is Asia's future (+China)

  • zkormo gaming
    zkormo gaming 10 days ago

    hope youtube wont die and despacito will be beaten

  • Juicee Gaii
    Juicee Gaii 11 days ago

    Where is in 2019
    Gay-Series may surpass pewd

  • Call Boy
    Call Boy 11 days ago +1

    I m from 2055... Most of the things in this video guy said not become true coz alien invader our 2020 nd most of the humans die nd we remaining humans living in hiding

  • Christian Nguyen
    Christian Nguyen 12 days ago

    In 2022, X Seed 4000 will be the tallest building By 4000 Meters, it's taller that My. Fiji

  • The Camera Man
    The Camera Man 13 days ago

    Very impressive predict

  • Ha ni
    Ha ni 13 days ago

    many thing(almost) not gonna happen what you said

  • Duasatu Duatiga
    Duasatu Duatiga 13 days ago

    How about T-Series in 2050? Will they have more subscribers than pewdiepie?

  • Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim

    I will eat a taco before I die in 2050.

  • Yeet Meat
    Yeet Meat 14 days ago

    Hopefully I will be alive to 2100 that would be cool

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. 14 days ago

    IndiA tigeR''''' is the future is the best people and country in the entire world RussiA too is great.....

  • exo is my weakness
    exo is my weakness 14 days ago

    I'm getting goosebumps.

  • Mikey Dee
    Mikey Dee 15 days ago

    Jesus Christ second coming is on the 25 January 2060. I am a prophet of the Lord, and I was given a confirmation that Jesus will be coming back on the night of 25 January 2060. There is still time to repent. Turn way from your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. God will baptize you with His Holy Spirit and you will be born again. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near! This is the word of the Lord.

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 15 days ago

    I'm hoping that by then that homosexuality will be illegal again..... EVERYWHERE.

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 15 days ago


  • Massimiliano Wilkinson

    And very sad that Bangkok is sinking. 😩😢😢

  • Massimiliano Wilkinson

    I’m very angry that the trees will cut in burned!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😱

  • Chris Cicek
    Chris Cicek 16 days ago +1

    Bering straight bridge isn’t possible because the earth is flat..

  • Chris Cicek
    Chris Cicek 16 days ago +3

    Interesting. here’s my theory:
    - Nukewar
    - Financial crisis
    - African rebels
    Or the worst one:
    - Fidgetspinner .2!

  • Eric Wong
    Eric Wong 16 days ago

    sexdoll will be cheaper.

  • Ocean S
    Ocean S 16 days ago +1

    Hello 2050

  • Alex Cai
    Alex Cai 16 days ago

    As a Chinese, I'd like to clarify that there will *not* be buildings as tall as Burj Khalifa (let alone Jeddah Tower) to be built in close future. Especially not in Shanghai.

  • पारस कुमार

    Pakistan will colonies planet MARS in 2021

  • Nirjal Ghimire
    Nirjal Ghimire 16 days ago

    Well. I wouLD be 46 by then. If the highway thing happens then,
    I would go to a world tour with mY car and a shit ton of money.

  • Royal Music Gang
    Royal Music Gang 17 days ago

    in 2025 pakistan will be wipe out from world map

  • Roopa R
    Roopa R 17 days ago


  • Sevilou
    Sevilou 17 days ago

    After 2027 it's all pretty much wishful thinking, but guess we all have our own favorite bubbles.
    Do you know what's Baical Lake? It's one of the biggest sources of water for the WORLD and species animal / bacteria (won't google now to sound smarter) is in increasing constant risk of extinction due to excessive exploitation.
    Guess what's going to happen if only so many countries can have access to drinking water *poof goes fanfiction*.

  • Ibrahim Wasim
    Ibrahim Wasim 17 days ago

    plot twist: WW3 happens near 2030 which vipes out nearly 90% of the population. Back to stone age.

  • Ma Living
    Ma Living 17 days ago

    and then we rediscovered that everything is energy and the have been paying for electricity to feed the pockets of the few

  • FaZe Eco
    FaZe Eco 17 days ago

    U sure its true

  • Jimmy Cabalsi
    Jimmy Cabalsi 17 days ago

    what happens to Philippines?

  • Steven
    Steven 18 days ago

    sooo we gotta use hella water?

  • vanco19
    vanco19 18 days ago

    Arab countries are not Asia, ok?

  • Arunava chakraborty
    Arunava chakraborty 19 days ago

    Russian is European u stupid

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. 19 days ago +1

    why do ugly muslims use Indians invention of language use Indians surgery and writing religion medicine quit using all that those are indian inventions.your halal meat eating sweaty camel shitting asses shouldn't be using anything which is achieved by Indians.

  • Sristi Behera
    Sristi Behera 19 days ago

    The one thing certain about india is uncertainty itself

  • nocosa
    nocosa 19 days ago

    DO MORE ABOUT...(llacks)
    3rd Industrial revolution
    Automation: Unenployement rates going 50-80 percent.
    AI integration with human brains. AI taking white collar jobs.
    More effects of Antrophocene: massive extinctions, extreme pollution of air, sea acidification.
    Stable colonies on Antartica.
    Africa reaching 4 billion population (huge increase) and maybe huge change there.
    New energy sources and technological advances..
    Big data and surveillance all over the world.
    New prodution sistem Postcapitalim ? Another huge financial crisis, Far right regimes taking countries...
    Huge change in productivity and social organization.
    Mind control trought tecnological advances ?
    Mental health being the most common health problem (depression, anxiety...)
    Medical advances (Cancer cure , stem cell, nano, life expectancy 120, stop ageing)

  • AsiA I.
    AsiA I. 20 days ago +1

    first rocket and nucleaR' weapons came from IndiAtigeR'''

  • Krutand
    Krutand 20 days ago

    this is quite inaccurate because this does not take into consideration private business companies

  • Portatil
    Portatil 20 days ago

    In 2060 I'll be the ruler of this planet.

  • Tint
    Tint 20 days ago

    wait, what happened to the philippines