These Events Will Happen In Asia Before 2050

  • Published on Mar 3, 2018
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    So far on this channel, we’ve only ever talked about current or past events.
    Well not anymore, because this video is about the future. We’ll be covering the major events that will happen in Asia leading up to the year 2050. Of course, predicting such events is extremely difficult, but we can always give our best estimates based the information we currently have.
    We will cover the following:
    - Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018
    - JAXA's Mercury mission
    - Japanese Emperor Akihito's abdication
    - Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower (tallest building in the world)
    - Transcontinental bridge from Middle East to Africa (Yemen to Djibouti / Saudi Arabia to Egypt) - the Bridge of Horns
    - Holographic TVs
    - Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020
    - UAE's Hope Probe to Mars + First city on Mars
    - Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
    - Rising sea levels affect Maldives (global warming)
    - China's large particle accelerator (twice the circumference of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN)
    - Southeast Asia unified by transport links (Sunda Strait Bridge & Malacca Strait Bridge)
    - Bangkok, Thailand is sinking
    - Borneo's rainforests will be wiped out at current rate of deforestation
    - Russia will become a global food superpower (melting permafrost and retreating ice caps opening up North Asia & Siberia for arable land (farming & crop production)
    - Japan connected to the mainland & Russia with Sakhalin-Hokkaido Tunnel
    - China's first astronauts on the moon
    - India's economic rise
    - Japan connected to mainland & South Korea with Japan-Korea Tunnel
    - Major volcanic eruption of Sakurajima
    - Decline in homosexual discrimination particularly Middle East
    - 100th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
    - Japan's population drops below 100 million due to low birth rate
    - Pakistan and India celebrate 100th anniversary of independence
    - One Country Two Systems agreement for Hong Kong & Macau expires
    - North Korea celebrates 100th anniversary of founding
    - Dead Sea drying up
    - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster will be successfully decommissioned
    - Biggest refugee crisis in history in Southeast Asia
    - Robots will be commonplace
    - Asia connected to the world via Bering Strait Bridge & Transglobal Highway

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  • Kento Bento
    Kento Bento  7 months ago +231

    Second Thought's Video:
    What are your thoughts on the future of Asia?
    Next video will be Asian Borders part 3.
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    • Luke McKee
      Luke McKee 7 days ago

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    • adam vega
      adam vega 8 days ago

      news flash, climate change is a hoax

    • William Furniss
      William Furniss 9 days ago

      Kento Bento k

    • Al Waleed Ahmad
      Al Waleed Ahmad 14 days ago

      can you next time say Palestine not Israel because thats rud.

    • RED-io s
      RED-io s 24 days ago

      is it really real

  • Hyper Frozed
    Hyper Frozed 3 hours ago

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  • This Guy
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  • Ram Bhadiyasir
    Ram Bhadiyasir 11 hours ago

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    GERARD LEONARD 19 hours ago

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  • Chri52r8Gaming
    Chri52r8Gaming 23 hours ago

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  • Remark67
    Remark67 Day ago

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    DJ Drag Day ago

    Why everyone is talking bad against India Is there any problem for Those People they thought India is very polluted but the other countries also polluted as other countries have also cars and factories

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    ThatOnePoptart Day ago

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    TobyK 2 days ago

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      TobyK Day ago

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      刘宗俊2 Day ago

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    Anurag Chandrakar 2 days ago

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    Shubham kumar 2 days ago

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    Skys Crys 3 days ago

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    Atir Clark 3 days ago

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    Lake Vapour 4 days ago

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    Secondly , I'm worried about too much pupulation in Southern Asia.
    I'm from China.

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    Christopher August 4 days ago

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    Noobra 5 days ago

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    Joseph Ricafort 5 days ago

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    Tazzy Ryan 5 days ago

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    Pero02 Review 5 days ago

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    Evanjles Gaming 5 days ago +1

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    Remember some country is righthand drive car
    So if you were driving to newyork from jakarta.... would'nt that be impossible?

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    wowJhil 5 days ago

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  • ScattyCreeps
    ScattyCreeps 5 days ago

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    Irwansyah Lubis 6 days ago

    Admin Video Kento Bento...
    Good to see you...
    Awesome Video
    God bless you

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    Tiny lil' Fire Cat 6 days ago

    tl:dw everything and everyone slowly dies.

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    Harsh Sahay 6 days ago

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    Albert Zhang 6 days ago +1

    *By the time of 2050, China will have more and more racists.* 少一些自卑,多一些自信。排外主义和反动势力是我们的两把利剑,分别针对外部和内部矛盾,你要知道自我谦逊可是中华名族的传统美德。别人骂中国,我们也跟着一起骂。这感觉似乎很爽。(误~)

  • Shar Nay
    Shar Nay 7 days ago

    Wait, whatttt? Israel's independence but North Korea's founding? Israel was created out of nowhere in 1948, it didn't gain independence. Science books tell me my ancestors come from Ethiopia or Eritrea. I guess I can go there and tell the natives to fuck off. Why don't every refugee community go there? Using the Israel logic the world should give them their own country in that part of Africa.

  • Tiep
    Tiep 7 days ago

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  • Noi Jadis Cailleach
    Noi Jadis Cailleach 7 days ago

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    I am but one of countless of cells in this organism called Humanity's history.
    I'll be dead old by 2050
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  • Noi Jadis Cailleach
    Noi Jadis Cailleach 7 days ago

    Indians are the worst kinds of people I've ever met here in Asia.
    Indians better get ready of the reality and character check they'll be receiving once they spread across the globe some more.

  • buchanan9000
    buchanan9000 7 days ago

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    Flame 42 7 days ago

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  • Lucky Terrarian
    Lucky Terrarian 7 days ago

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    And also still cringing abt people still mentioning how the Philippines and Singapore weren't mentioned.
    It's fine because both countries have their own plans.

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    Scott Smith 7 days ago

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  • Stainy39
    Stainy39 7 days ago

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    malik shayan 7 days ago

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