10 MOST Embarrassing On Stage Moments EVER

  • Published on Jun 11, 2017
  • 10 Celebs and their most awkward on stage moments!
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    We’ve all had an embarrassing moment or two in our lives. Whether we’ve fallen down in front of strangers or made a fool out of ourselves in front of friends, the embarrassment can sometimes be humiliating! But can you imagine having that same humiliating moment occur in front of hundreds of thousands of people?
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Comments • 2 944

  • Trella Harmon
    Trella Harmon 3 hours ago


  • Khamya Faulk
    Khamya Faulk 5 hours ago


    RAYAN RAMLOCHAN 5 hours ago +1

    I think so he didn't do it for real

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Day ago

    You forgot justin bieber puking on stage

  • Keyonna Sherman
    Keyonna Sherman 2 days ago

    Y'all all in their business

  • Ian Canuckistan
    Ian Canuckistan 2 days ago

    What a bunch of drivel.

  • Sibongile Lubinda
    Sibongile Lubinda 2 days ago

    He Sayed sorry and that's the best thing lol 🤣💖

  • Nsnci Love
    Nsnci Love 2 days ago

    He may have kicked the flag and if he didnt mean 2 or if he did mean 2 they make it sound like he committed the ultimate sin iits just a piece of material. What it stands 4 is awesome but its not God i remember in grade school if a flag touched the ground u were suppose 2 burn it thought that was really stupid 2

  • Diamond Jackson
    Diamond Jackson 3 days ago

    no I do not think he did not mean to Justin beber meant to.

  • Sasha Asher
    Sasha Asher 3 days ago +2

    What do librarians tell you to do?
    Read More

  • Jess C
    Jess C 3 days ago

    Maryah accidentally forgets to turn her mic on... several times..Wink! Wink! Now! That’s embarrassing

  • Lvx66
    Lvx66 3 days ago

    I don't get it. Drake got a hard-on? What's embarrassing? Isn't that the type of physically driven lower nature today's pop artists are promoting? Another thing, who the hell wouldn't get a hard-on? Rihanna is exquisite.

  • becky Pratt
    becky Pratt 3 days ago +1

    F*** justin bieber

  • kassie poo
    kassie poo 4 days ago


  • Emma Brabant
    Emma Brabant 4 days ago

    I can't get how celebs can do this, next Thursday I have to go intron of my whole school which is about 200 people and I'm so nervous I actually puked today 👌

  • Brooklyn Harvey
    Brooklyn Harvey 5 days ago

    I-l £ l l 0

  • Keasia Smith
    Keasia Smith 6 days ago

    The cake

  • Lily Torred
    Lily Torred 6 days ago +1


  • Afro Atheist
    Afro Atheist 7 days ago

    Beyonce's handwriting was the most embarrassing. 😌😌

  • Angelica Quinones
    Angelica Quinones 7 days ago

    I think Justin Bieber thought it was a bra because he would have not done that in front of millions of people if he knew it was flags

  • Naomi Getachew
    Naomi Getachew 7 days ago +1


  • Scooby x
    Scooby x 9 days ago


  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man 9 days ago

    Why would Drake be embarrassed? I’d be more worried if he didn’t get a boner because he’s a young red blooded male who was having a fit chicks arse rubbing his junk so of course he’s going to get a boner I know I would of.

  • shmateo noel nhol
    shmateo noel nhol 10 days ago

    Imagine chris brown

  • Amaryial Williams
    Amaryial Williams 11 days ago +1

    Drake the horn dog. I thought of this because im eating a corn dog.

  • impatient potato
    impatient potato 11 days ago

    fucking garbage for garbage viewing

  • crazygirl lulu
    crazygirl lulu 11 days ago

    Hell no justin is super rude he is also insultig his fans i was a fan once but justin changed

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin 12 days ago

    All the redundant lyrics in Rhianna's song Work have always made it a pain for me to listen to.

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin 12 days ago

    Admit it--you weren't laughing with Katy Perry regarding the cake incident, you were laughing at her. Just be truthful.

  • A daydreamer
    A daydreamer 12 days ago

    What Enrique Iglesias did was truly commendable, it really shows how much he cares so much for his fans. Hats off to him

  • Clarence Joven
    Clarence Joven 14 days ago

    I like your voice its cute

  • Ruler Of The World M
    Ruler Of The World M 14 days ago


  • Palesa Portia Magobe
    Palesa Portia Magobe 15 days ago

    Marayh Cary of I were her I would still perform because I won't let my fans down

    IMPRESSIVE LIFE 16 days ago

    Respect for Enrique

  • Zaara Rose 9
    Zaara Rose 9 16 days ago


  • Jaqwalah Green
    Jaqwalah Green 17 days ago


  • Gacha ¿Secert¿09
    Gacha ¿Secert¿09 17 days ago +1

    I made a embarrassing moment at school so when I was walking to my desk I tripped and I tripped and tripped I tripped all the way to my desk 😂 and someone said in my class "are you on drugs?" I was like "...no" she was like "o-okay..." and the person said next to me "Are you okay?👍😂" "Yup!👍😀😂" have you had embarrassing moment? I had a lot 😂

  • Galaxy Rocks
    Galaxy Rocks 18 days ago

    hi i love your vids i’m 8 (:

  • Lawrencia Randall
    Lawrencia Randall 18 days ago

    Ummmmmmhmmmmm yeah sure ummmmm no priode

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild 18 days ago

    i get so mad everytime i see that moment throwing that f shoe at my baby Harry. like why r u people like this 😒

  • maurice rollins
    maurice rollins 18 days ago

    Wow nicki yall would make a cute couple u and drake

  • Alyssa Jones
    Alyssa Jones 18 days ago

    i wouldn't say Nicki's was embarrassing 😂 more like adorable 😍😫 she's so cute when she blushes. i feel like they were just having a good time, not embarrassed lol

  • CrazY Gamers
    CrazY Gamers 18 days ago

    I saw nehha kakkar on thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Jason Talbot
    Jason Talbot 18 days ago

    It’s only embarrassing if you don’t own it and let it bother you. People care too much of what others think.

  • Bucur Vlad
    Bucur Vlad 18 days ago

    The most original comment

  • Evelina Mis
    Evelina Mis 18 days ago

    Rihana is such a slut simply 🙃

  • Aly garcia
    Aly garcia 18 days ago +1


  • ozah chux
    ozah chux 18 days ago

    Yes he made a mistake

  • vivianna hinks
    vivianna hinks 18 days ago

    That person who threw flags on stage was the disrespectful one. U throw rubbish around not ur country's flag! If I was the one on stage I wud have never apologized for shit.

  • Kurt Wright
    Kurt Wright 18 days ago

    On the thumbnail Nicki looked like she was wearing plastic

    • Joel Baldwin
      Joel Baldwin 12 days ago

      I think she's made of plastic. I know at least some parts are.

  • KpoppedByMyMicrowave
    KpoppedByMyMicrowave 18 days ago

    imagine if he slipped on them flags tho

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose 18 days ago


  • Rakib Stone
    Rakib Stone 18 days ago

    Justin know it was a flag he has too much attitude thats why

  • Odbayar Enkhee
    Odbayar Enkhee 18 days ago

    Too much talking

  • Kiera Kiera
    Kiera Kiera 19 days ago

    Blushing??? Over drake?? Nikki bye

  • some person
    some person 19 days ago


  • some person
    some person 19 days ago

    Who else rembers in elementry school of where we had to sing... Just me!? *Aight*

  • Anna Hacer
    Anna Hacer 19 days ago

    Justin beiber should of been in Guyana l. He would off done get a burst mouth or a broken Hans or leg

  • Justice Abu
    Justice Abu 19 days ago

    Fans throw things at performers,. Justin was performing at that time but he couldn't have just kicked the "cloth" this may be another shenanigan by Justin

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 19 days ago

    Hey Kanye! Why you take off to Chicago last year and then say you wanted to beat me up? You know i ain't gay asf like you!

  • Umar Mohamed
    Umar Mohamed 19 days ago

    everybody makes mistakes ...pobodys nerfect
    jb either

  • Lacey Cooper
    Lacey Cooper 20 days ago

    What about the time when Fergie peed her pants on stage

  • Limited Speicial
    Limited Speicial 21 day ago +1

    Dont we *ALL* make mistakes?!❤👌

  • Emily Ruthman
    Emily Ruthman 21 day ago


  • Emery and Flame
    Emery and Flame 22 days ago


  • Drippy Kiddo
    Drippy Kiddo 22 days ago


  • Cedrick Honeywood
    Cedrick Honeywood 23 days ago

    Katy did look like Bambi in cake
    Not very Bon Appetit

    KKSWIPER 23 days ago

    What about when justin bieber accidentally threw up on stage

  • Cedrick Honeywood
    Cedrick Honeywood 23 days ago

    Sorry Harry
    right in the boy bags lol

  • Jdalaigh2017 Jeremy Dawley

    Top video by talko

  • Shea Unique
    Shea Unique 25 days ago

    Umm that's how we dance. That wasn't embarrassment you seen that was an oh shit horniness look. Come check out an urban club you'll see that's everywhere, but it doesn't mean they'll get together. Believe me I've danced with more than a few like that.

  • kiara Henriquez
    kiara Henriquez 25 days ago

    Oh my god he was bleeding

  • Bethanie Wharton
    Bethanie Wharton 26 days ago

    I didn’t realize Harry’s balls were up by his stomach lol

  • candy cane
    candy cane 26 days ago

    Damn that drake isn't the best looking man eeww

  • Anna Lucas
    Anna Lucas 26 days ago

    If you think this stuff is emberissing you haven't seen me in front of my boyfriend

  • anil wagley
    anil wagley 26 days ago

    Justin Bieber himself is a mistake!!

  • ski mask
    ski mask 28 days ago

    Lmfao at 3:04 kattie Perry's face Lmfao

  • lexi lit
    lexi lit 29 days ago

    I hate justin

  • Cayly.ibold
    Cayly.ibold Month ago

    Justin Bieber is a real brat.

  • Wuanternut3F
    Wuanternut3F Month ago

    demi lovato wat a heroine😂😂😂😂

  • Sailor Soda
    Sailor Soda Month ago

    Is it me or does Nikki never look different because she’s just always flawless?

  • Jiya Modi
    Jiya Modi Month ago +1

    0:23 like what your doing?

  • Liam Dawson
    Liam Dawson Month ago

    This is so funny.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Odetta Clide
    Odetta Clide Month ago +7

    3:14, I guess u could say the fan threw it in One Direction

  • Princess Girl
    Princess Girl Month ago

    ‘Accidentally’ mhm

  • _emilia_draws_
    _emilia_draws_ Month ago

    I’m sorry but that shoe hit Harry’s arm.

  • Jason Hayward
    Jason Hayward Month ago

    I remember when Mariah’s dress opened up. She has a juicy lookin pussy

  • Javier pereira rodriguez

    lol a reply from you is the big prize?!?! LOL

  • Tammy Patrick
    Tammy Patrick Month ago

    Seriously, what the heck is up with all of these interruptions!! There's more commercials in the short time we watch this clip, than what I see while watching regular tv . I'm so done with advertising shoving their ads in my face. Thanks @Talko, for previous clips I enjoyed, but, it's not worth my time to get interrupted every few minutes while I'm trying to enjoy what I've come to watch. I will just find a different way now to catch stuff like you once posted, somewhere less jammed full of ads.

  • Anderson Dot
    Anderson Dot Month ago

    Enrique Iglesias is the King!!!!

  • short step
    short step Month ago

    Thousands for these dresses,advertising high end clothing,and they always fall apart like tissue paper

  • Shawna Mateo
    Shawna Mateo Month ago

    I think Katy loves Halloween 👻

  • evans aikhenomian
    evans aikhenomian Month ago

    Too many ads

  • Danielle Denton
    Danielle Denton Month ago

    Drake is so dirty

  • Lmao
    Lmao Month ago

    Hey guys! Like aesthetic music? Go watch my recent video ! 💜

  • Layla O'donis
    Layla O'donis Month ago


  • ParisJones21
    ParisJones21 Month ago

    I cringe everytime

  • regi plays and more

    Drake clam down

  • regi plays and more


  • awkward sloth
    awkward sloth Month ago

    I thought the thumbnail she had a tank top on lol nope