BLAIR WITCH Game Trailer (E3 2019)

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
  • BLAIR WITCH Game Trailer (E3 2019)
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Comments • 386

  • Nhoj sselesu
    Nhoj sselesu 3 days ago

    The dog better be ok

  • Jackson Hyso
    Jackson Hyso 8 days ago

    Dang I was hoping it would stay true to the original movie instead it looks like it’s going to have the same stuff and scares from the crappy sequel

    SSGAMERZ 18 days ago +2

    Outlast+resident evil= blair witch

  • Will Huey
    Will Huey 18 days ago

    welp im gonna get the shit scared out of me playing this one

  • Hannah Curtis
    Hannah Curtis 19 days ago

    Big outlast vibes-

  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson 23 days ago

    cant wait

  • Stephen Edwards
    Stephen Edwards 23 days ago

    This xbox only?

  • sexy mia owens
    sexy mia owens 29 days ago

    what if this game becomes cursed by the real blair

  • RareNoobWhoEatsBacon
    RareNoobWhoEatsBacon 29 days ago

    Slender: The Arrival Exept There Is No Slender.

  • Ian Rogers
    Ian Rogers Month ago

    Eh, uncreative junk

  • Marian Laurentiu Mihaila-Gaming

    Not bad!!! The graphic is good. I wait for gameplay.

  • datpoor _guy
    datpoor _guy Month ago +14

    If something happens to the Dog.
    [Angry John Wick noises]

  • Don Avan
    Don Avan Month ago

    I'm so very.... (heavy breathing)........... Scared.

  • Chimulay Mc
    Chimulay Mc Month ago

    Will it be for ps4?

  • aril oktofa
    aril oktofa Month ago

    Try to close your eyes when video start.. Tell me what you see

  • Albo Kiparis
    Albo Kiparis Month ago

    Watching Blair Witch game ad before watching Blair Witch game trailer.

  • Brooke Christensen
    Brooke Christensen Month ago

    That's 1 more game added to my list

  • Lucy Katherine Dior

    Pa eso

  • Lee Loo
    Lee Loo Month ago

    is this not for the ps4? :/

  • Cold
    Cold Month ago

    Annoyed that this isn’t coming to PS4

  • Fartin Garrix
    Fartin Garrix Month ago

    Ok sinds its for xbox i remake this in Dreams for ps4

  • Xavier Vega
    Xavier Vega Month ago

    Honestly looks better than the movie ever did.

  • Артур С
    Артур С Month ago

    Where the hell is josh, mike and heather?

  • Liltastycake Jr
    Liltastycake Jr Month ago

    Does anybody know if it’s multiplayer

  • Joe Odonnell
    Joe Odonnell Month ago

    Scary games always take the longest to beat.

  • pinotrekvogel
    pinotrekvogel Month ago +9

    That bad "scare effect", the red and a scream, is so DONE. Make it scarry, dont use this bad effects.

  • Sukai And Sparky
    Sukai And Sparky Month ago

    Fatal Frame anyone?

  • Jordon Hanlan
    Jordon Hanlan Month ago

    Are the things he keeps running into contorted human bodies? Elly Kedward has stepped up her game in torturing the poor souls lost in her domain

  • DyFo Viewer
    DyFo Viewer Month ago

    I really hope there comes a moment in the game where you get crucified on one of those Stick Figures like Outlast 2

  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis Month ago

    I've heard lot's of people say that the Blair Witch project was dumb over some reason I'm not so sure about, but something's telling me that this game is gunner make up for that

    • Shannon Curtis
      Shannon Curtis Month ago

      @David M
      I've seen clips of it don't see the political problem
      But what's really corny asf is those
      sitcoms they make these days with the throw back quotes and knock off sesame street reference along with the acting that makes Shakespeare spin in his grave
      Honestly anybody can come up with ideas u see from
      Two and a half fags
      How fucked yo moma
      Big bang queery
      2 dumb girls
      Anger management (Charlie sheen version)
      So atleast Blair witch project is a bit more creative than those Seasme Street references

    • David M
      David M Month ago

      You never seen it? It's corny asf, lol

  • Frankie Tattooed ASMR

    Eeeeey this looks 🔥🔥🔥👌🏻

  • clipwer
    clipwer Month ago

    То чувство когда трейлер показали в рекламе под видео

  • TheSandman714 xx
    TheSandman714 xx Month ago

    Looks good 👍

  • dom Sosa
    dom Sosa Month ago

    it's going be just like the movie.... trash haha

  • Retard Soda
    Retard Soda Month ago

    Looks pretty nice. But the dog better not get hurt in the game

  • rockcross 117
    rockcross 117 Month ago

    Se ve genial

  • Corey Shepperson
    Corey Shepperson Month ago

    We want this on PS4 and we don't wanna hear any shit about it neither

  • Yung Emo Trash
    Yung Emo Trash Month ago

    I’m actually super hyped for this. ❤️

  • LadyDuoMaxwell
    LadyDuoMaxwell Month ago +4

    The "true" sequel that we all wanted from the first movie! Not that garbage Book of Shadows.

  • Starwars Lover
    Starwars Lover Month ago

    The movie is so trash but the game look ok

  • Drew Form
    Drew Form Month ago

    Ok, but why though?

  • giannis stathopoulos

    wow the graphics are dope

  • Mr Drift
    Mr Drift Month ago

    Looks good👍

  • VR Jayy
    VR Jayy Month ago +1

    Re7/ outlast 🤦🏽‍♂️...

    • Aron T-900
      Aron T-900 Month ago +1

      If you are not into this, why are you even here?

  • ArkhamKnight _4602
    ArkhamKnight _4602 Month ago +1

    So this game is kinda like outlast

  • Jayne Skye
    Jayne Skye Month ago

    if the dog dies im suing for emotional distress

  • The Forced Meme
    The Forced Meme Month ago +1

    Hot garbage the game

  • Anthony Saetern
    Anthony Saetern Month ago

    Almost as scary as the movie.

  • interlinked Media
    interlinked Media Month ago

    ALAN WAKE TWW- oh.

  • fff fff
    fff fff Month ago

    1:32 Me and the boys finding the kid

  • Victor U
    Victor U Month ago

    Thought it was Alan wake 2

  • Alexandre, Joao 2021 Student HS

    I haven't watched Blair Witch but this looks promising. Also, I think we should need a video game that's actually found footage.

    • David M
      David M Month ago

      The movie sucks, it's corny.

  • Jason Atkinson
    Jason Atkinson Month ago

    hope its on xbox one

  • Samuel Gigant
    Samuel Gigant Month ago +1

    outlast + R6 = blair witch

    • Aron T-900
      Aron T-900 Month ago +1

      What does RE6 have to do anything with this game?

  • ThisCreatedAccount
    ThisCreatedAccount Month ago

    Days Gone is better.

  • saviron hipps
    saviron hipps Month ago

    Is this like a outlast type of thing or can you fight back

  • Rhaniel Angcog
    Rhaniel Angcog Month ago

    Ohhhhhh...this graphics looks so real!!!

  • Gabe Bowersox
    Gabe Bowersox Month ago

    Outlast 3; silent hill

  • If you laugh you sub!

    Blair witch was a load of shit though failbox

  • HeavyHandedDame
    HeavyHandedDame Month ago

    Calling it now, Bullet is gonna die in grotesque fashion. Gonna be hard not to get attached to dog friend.

  • Philippe Joshua Pascual

    if this is another Outlast again where you can't fight I think I won't like it

  • OfficialDjSyko
    OfficialDjSyko Month ago +37

    Outlast and RE7 Meets Blair Witch

    • Adam Nipper
      Adam Nipper Month ago

      U said it for me

    • VR Jayy
      VR Jayy Month ago +1

      OfficialDjSyko facts man FACTS

  • bronxbreed27
    bronxbreed27 Month ago


  • Tech
    Tech Month ago +1

    Layers Of Fear and its sequel fell flat in comparison to Outlast sadly.... Like not remotely close. Hoping this will get closer to that level of quality. Wish Red Barrels was in charge of this Blair Witch game instead of them. :/

  • xeximaxi
    xeximaxi Month ago

    blair witch movie was about imagination and suggestions. this game looks like cheap outlast clone like some another walking simulator with some idiots chases. this is not how should be done.

  • Lewis Porter
    Lewis Porter Month ago

    Wasn’t that James from silent hill 2 walking the dog?!

  • Klei 4911
    Klei 4911 Month ago

    I don't know but I feel like people is clapping their hands and not feeling good about the game , game looks pretty good but still .

  • miko
    miko Month ago

    Well, another Polish game. Good

  • OsKaR
    OsKaR Month ago

    Outlast 3

  • Justin Hateswaspsss

    The dog's gonna die. Let's just accept it.

  • Joshua Charles
    Joshua Charles Month ago

    Love it

  • Molag Bal
    Molag Bal Month ago +4

    Not going to lie, this game looks terrifyingly amazing.

  • Isaac Barrett
    Isaac Barrett Month ago +4

    Those graphics are ridiculously amazing

  • Clout Sukker
    Clout Sukker Month ago

    Lol burn the forest
    It’s ok the animals are naturally fire proof through evolution

  • Sir Professor
    Sir Professor Month ago

    I thought it said “blair witch endgame”

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat Month ago

    OK where’s the trailer? I just hear breathing and see an attempt to make something bland look intense

  • Harrison Robinson
    Harrison Robinson Month ago +1

    I got the ad for this on this video

    BOUNCE HEAVEN Month ago

    Wow, just what everyone wanted!

  • FeverMutt
    FeverMutt Month ago


  • RRpkTT60
    RRpkTT60 Month ago +15

    Doggo better not die or its a 1/10

  • Eric Robin
    Eric Robin Month ago

    This video game will be alot of fun I love the graphics fantastic very amazing to I hop this is out

  • James Burrus
    James Burrus Month ago

    So is the game just gonna be you running away from a enemy you can’t kill the whole time? Why do people play these lmao

  • intergalactic24
    intergalactic24 Month ago

    Ahh man, this is bullshit!!! This should have been an evil dead game,,,

  • TheFartSmeller69420

    Looks gay

  • Christopher Case
    Christopher Case Month ago +2

    So back in the early 2000's there was actually an obscure trilogy of "Blair Witch" prequel games that were meant to explore its lore and crosses over with another obscure horror game called "Nocturne".
    So I'm wondering wether or not this is a continuation of said games or an unconnected reboot.

  • Giustino Redondo
    Giustino Redondo Month ago

    So basically outlast?

  • Henryk N
    Henryk N Month ago +1

    This was the last thing I expected to see. My dad's best man directed the original, so personally this is really exciting for me.

  • PVC 4life
    PVC 4life Month ago


  • Artofficial
    Artofficial Month ago

    ay dawg. yew layk owtlazt?

  • Dag Nasty Odi
    Dag Nasty Odi Month ago +1

    seems lame.

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis Month ago

    Really? A game based on a 20+ year old movie? Is this what it's come to Microsoft?

  • TerraBull23
    TerraBull23 Month ago

    Guys, you get to pet the dog

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago


  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen Month ago +1

    Hopefully this is good looks promising

  • Dustyn Jeffrey MUA
    Dustyn Jeffrey MUA Month ago +2

    The new Alan Wake looks great

  • Stinkyboi Pinkyboi
    Stinkyboi Pinkyboi Month ago +1

    Dude I have ps4 but now I want an E3 Xbox one dude

  • Miabella Candelaria

    The dog's name is *Boi* or *Boy*

  • Tony Morales
    Tony Morales Month ago


  • Angel Figueroa
    Angel Figueroa Month ago

    Yo si pensé que era un Outlast jsjaja

  • osc
    osc Month ago

    If that dog dies I'm not gonna buy this game