What is Economics?

  • Published on Jul 14, 2012
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    The typical first-year student walks into his first economics class with very little idea of what economics is. He might have heard something like, "economics is the study of money", or "economics is another word for accounting", or "economics is hard, don't take that class", but none of those are true.
    "Economics is the study of the use of scarce resources that have alternative uses." That's the classic definition of economics. Basically, there are people, and people need resources to fulfil their desires. These resources cannot be infinite, but the desires can be, so people need to make choices about how to use their scarce resources. Economists study these choices.
    All economic questions fall into one of two categories: positive and normative. Positive economics describes "what is" and normative economics argues for what ought to be, so a question like, "why do people use money?" is a positive question and "should people use money?" is a normative question.
    A general rule of thumb is that if your economic model has no value judgements, it's positive economics, and if it does have value judgements it's normative economics, since to tell someone what he ought to do, you first have to judge what is best for him.
    Economics is also divided into microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics studies the behaviour of individual agents and markets, while macroeconomics studies the behaviour of the entire economy.
    Economists also have their own branch of statistics called "econometrics" that's specialized to analyzing economic data. Since economic data usually comes from the real world, and not from controlled experiments, econometrics faces mathematical challenges that other fields might not.
    The tools economists have developed to study human behaviour have broad uses outside of what we would traditionally consider economics. Economists study not only markets, but things like crime, war, the family, religion, culture, politics, law, and even genetics. That's why it's not unusual to see papers by psychologists, sociologists, criminologists, political scientists, anthropologists, biologists, neuroscientists, or legal scholars being co-authored by economists.

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    I just got my Economics degree, why I'm watching this!!!!

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    The world economy is based on greed, speculation, manipulation and theft.

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    Good, but here is what they don't teach you rense.com/general96/Money&Power.pdf

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    I' like it subject

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    Thanks cuz I just picked it for my gcses and I barely know what it is😂😂I knew it was study of resources being used and stuff and was maths and geography related so I picked it

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    I literally just changed my whole alevel course/ subjects from engineering based to economics based now I dunno if I’m gonna regret it

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    interesting how all the professions (psychologists, anthropologists etc. in the chairs) were represented by men - really no one thought of including a graphic of a woman or two?? somehow not surprising - the whole field seems out of date, especially in not taking ecological limits seriously

    • The Economics Detective
      The Economics Detective  3 months ago

      They're just vaguely person-shaped blobs. And economics has been dealing with ecological limits (i.e. exhaustible resources) since at least 1931: www.jstor.org/stable/1822328

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    tvclip.biz/video/8SQjdtSP8hA/video.html. Best economics videos

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    What is Economics?

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    Im very interested in economics however I’m not so great in math. Do i have to be super great in math to study this?

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    I literally just got my Economics degree, idk why I'm watching this lol

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      Hi! Just wanted to ask how much economics you had done before going to uni. I’m thinking about doing a joining degree so just want to know how much I should know

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      Congratulations. Good stuff bro. What would you say was the best topic of Economics.

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      @Hadi Saif I'll keep that in mind. Good luck

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      @Steel Fox Thanks! Overall, it was not a difficult major. The only course that I struggled in was Econometrics. From my experience, any degree could be fairly easy if you make the right connections and put some effort into it.

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      Congratulations! And btw was it hard?

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      li wrote a long answer, but then i realised i will just confuse you more. my advise, if you are into numbers, go for economics, even better, mathematical economics. marketing is more for creative type of people, and on top will give you a better general knowledge of business operations. so, the choice is easy, if numbers- economics, if words - marketing

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    Can this be considered a valid definition of economics?
    "People fulfil their wants by the use of scarce resources and for this purpose they have systems in place. Economics is the study of how people make choices to achieve this goal and how these systems work. It also focuses on how these systems can work or how people can make choices to achieve this goal."

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