Batman fight against Bane | Batman: Hush 4K (2019)

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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  • chasunc03
    chasunc03 8 days ago

    Can't tell if it's Bane or Killer Croc.

    • Ruston Henry
      Ruston Henry 5 days ago

      Bane is one of my favorite villains, but I don't get why they didn't use Killer Croc like in the comics.

  • Herryson Samuel
    Herryson Samuel 11 days ago

    Back ground ost? When hiting bane

  • Apoorv Anand
    Apoorv Anand 12 days ago

    This is so Arkham Origins. Bane leading his own crew, using a new type of power drug and being defeated by electrocution through his own venom tube. Also the music that plays when Batman tasers him in the face was epic.

  • Adam Warren
    Adam Warren 15 days ago

    4:33 bad kitty

  • Adam Warren
    Adam Warren 15 days ago

    Me: Woah language

  • Samuel Galvão
    Samuel Galvão 16 days ago +1

    1:00 I thought Bats was going to break that guy's neck

  • S. VASH
    S. VASH 17 days ago

    With electric cables & venom around, kicking Bane probably wasn't a good idea for that kid...

  • Anme R
    Anme R 18 days ago +2

    Who else had the ridiculous thought of Bane saying; (in a Terry Crews voice) "GET TAZED IN THE FACE! I DID!"


  • The Dixon's
    The Dixon's 28 days ago +3

    3:08 that kid is a savage

  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike 28 days ago


  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent Month ago

    DC should really make animated series for Booster Gold,Gen 13, Wild C.A.T.S,NightWing,Outsiders,WonderWoman and Martian Manhunter!

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen Month ago


  • grey_toiletpaper
    grey_toiletpaper Month ago

    Aye Shiva lookin like she does in Young Justice too and it is hot damn

  • 1Monkey@1Typewriter

    And that’s how Batman murdered Bane. lol

  • Bart Allen
    Bart Allen Month ago +1

    0:10,"cuts to Bruce just forcing his head through the suitcase

  • RDM ViRuZ
    RDM ViRuZ Month ago +6

    "Batman: *Flips him over*Sure"

  • יהודה
    יהודה 2 months ago

    Why they dont call sup?
    Bane will be meat

  • Its Shiep
    Its Shiep 2 months ago +1

    LOL Bane is Mr. Ditkovitch

  • Isaac Mounce
    Isaac Mounce 2 months ago

    Bane reminds me so much of Batman & Robin. I don't mean that in a good way.

  • Aaron Heininger
    Aaron Heininger 2 months ago

    Bane sounds dumb

    • Aaron Heininger
      Aaron Heininger 2 months ago

      @DarkAero0631 i hate when they ruin characters with stupid changes or bad voice actor choices.

    • DarkAero0631
      DarkAero0631 2 months ago

      The Young Justice Bane sounds superior and more threatening.

  • Gone RogueZ
    Gone RogueZ 2 months ago

    How come in the comic it was Killer Croc but in this they changed it to bane?

  • Golden Bones
    Golden Bones 2 months ago

    3:09 lmao

  • Cesar Alejandro
    Cesar Alejandro 2 months ago

    My daddy going to work love you batman

  • Joshua Plotkin
    Joshua Plotkin 2 months ago

    Since when is he on such good terms with the League?

    • Nnamdi Uyalor,Jr
      Nnamdi Uyalor,Jr 2 months ago

      I would say Lady Shiva respects Batman's martial art skill level enough to have a conversation with him. However, from a narrative perspective, Batman understands how dangerous Lady Shiva is and always reminds on guard with her. For instance, Lady Shiva has outmatched Batman and Black Canary in a one on one martial arts fight in the comics.

  • Joshua.D Murphy
    Joshua.D Murphy 2 months ago +5

    Major respect to the kid
    Kicking bane then calling him a asshole
    Kids got guts LOL

  • SSB Veg
    SSB Veg 2 months ago


  • Olivia's crazy Corner
    Olivia's crazy Corner 2 months ago


  • Irving Ramirez
    Irving Ramirez 2 months ago

    4:10 y'all think she's fine but this chick is fucking Scary

  • Robert Myles
    Robert Myles 2 months ago +1

    Damn she snuck up on the Batman

  • mams1701
    mams1701 2 months ago +6

    Wow this is terrible! It wasn't Bane that kidnapped the kid - it was Killer Croc. That's not Batman's costume and Superman's costume isn't accurate either. This isn't what happened at all. Sheesh.. usually DC does a good job with their animated movies but this is awful. I'm probably not going to watch this movie.... Why not just animate the book...? Accurate costumes and the whole 9?

    • Darth Pancake Studios
      Darth Pancake Studios Day ago

      @mams1701 I agree that Batman's suit is somwehat important, but the fact is, in my opinion, as long as the suit doesn't look like the 1960s costume, it doesn't matter. At least not enough to ruin my opinion of a film. If this was the nipple suit or the rainbow suit from the silver age, I'd get your point. But this suit just looks fine for a Batman suit, not as good as his suit in the comic, but not bad enough for me to say the movie was ruined by it, or that it exacerbated all the movie's flaws.
      I really like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, even though I don't like the suit Batman wears in it. I absolutely detest Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, even though I really like the suit that Batman wears in it. I think the actual story, writing, animation, cinematography, etc can outweigh the surface level flaws of a movie. I think complaining about the gaping plot holes, etc are more important here. I'd understand your complaint of the suit if you didn't put so much weight on it. Yeah, the suit doesn't look that good, but you're speaking as if that was an enormous problem with the film, rather than a superfluous aspect of it. This isn't the nipple suit, so the suit specifically didn't make the film much worse in my view.
      I might not like the suit that Batman wears, but I wouldn't say it ruins the movie or makes it all that much worse because the suit at least still looks something like a passable Batman suit. In my view, it doesn't "magnify all the other problems". It's just a small problem.

      If you don't agree with me, I'm not stopping you from continuing to present your opinion. But you can't stop me from arguing for mine.

    • mams1701
      mams1701 Day ago

      Darth Pancake Studios - what's the first thing you notice about a woman when you first approach her? Is it her cooking ability? Is it her conversational ability? Is it her maternal instinct? The answer is no. The first thing you notice is appearance. Point Blank. And that's the very first thing you notice when you turn on a Batman show: his costume. And like with a woman even if everything else is poor if she looks good enough you can probably tolerate it a bit longer because she's at least nice to look at...
      Remove the appearance and everything else magnifies..
      And *that* is my point.

    • Darth Pancake Studios
      Darth Pancake Studios Day ago

      @mams1701 My point is that the fact that the costume is different from the comic is a ridiculously minor part of the film to criticize. I don't see how it ruins the movie, which was the impression you seemed to be giving off with your first comment. I don't think the fact that the costume is different matters. That is my opinion. If you want to express your opinion about the fact that you thought the costume ruined the movie because it was the new 52 costume and not the pre 52 one, fine. I was simply expressing my opinion that I doubt anyone else, myself included, puts that much weight on the costume. I never said that you weren't entitled to your opinion or that you should stop having it, I just said that my opinion is that more people will care about issues like the ones I stated over the fact that Batman's suit looks slightly different. I'm just expressing my opinion in response to yours. If you think that's "judgementally dismissive", you think what you want. I frankly don't care.

    • mams1701
      mams1701 2 days ago

      Darth Pancake Studios - another one of you guys with the "nobody cares" syndrome. Let me clarify for you: obviously somebody cares if I'm stating that I do. That's what the comments section is for: individual opinions. Clearly I care because I wanted to see the comic book adapted-costumes and all. . That includes Bane..
      I didn't want to see this new 52 crap... And I agree with all the other points you make--they are incredibly valid - costumes are just one more complaint. If you have a horrible dinner because the meat is undercooked mashed potatoes are runny and the greens are cold you don't dismiss the fact that the bill was absorbant as well just because the rest of the meal is already bad- it's just one more thing that sucks.
      I swear sometimes people think their opinion weighs so much more than other people's opinions and I just don't know why. The objective of the comments section is sharing thoughts. Not being judgementally dismissive.

    • Darth Pancake Studios
      Darth Pancake Studios 2 days ago

      ​@mams1701 No one cares that Batman's suit doesn't look exactly the same. I didn't like this adaptation either, but there are more important changes to the comic that you can complain about that people actually will care about. (i.e., the terrible riddler twist, the choppy animation, the bland character designs, the bad writing, changing the reason why Catwoman left to something stupid, etc)

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker 2 months ago +2

    Damn Bane was selling weed too?

  • R productions
    R productions 2 months ago +1

    Heheh news 52

  • Bryan Lorenz
    Bryan Lorenz 2 months ago +117

    Kid starts to run toward his parent, quickly turn toward bane and kick him and say ASSHOLE

    • numa hass
      numa hass 29 days ago +1

      gee omg your right I never knew that.

    • Jaden xrpg123
      Jaden xrpg123 Month ago +2

      Bruh that kid has balls, and a sense of humor XD

    • Aryan Srivastava
      Aryan Srivastava 2 months ago +10

      Oh thanks we didn't know

  • Midnight Justice
    Midnight Justice 2 months ago +4

    3:30 only shiva can sneak up on Batman lol you can tell he was genuinely caught off guard

  • Robert Fuller Jr
    Robert Fuller Jr 2 months ago +5

    Like I said before BANE broke the Bat in a clever cowardice manner whatever happens to BANE SINCE THEN 😁✌

  • G1 Grimlock
    G1 Grimlock 2 months ago


  • pantherteen1
    pantherteen1 2 months ago +34

    3:11 that kid is hilarious

  • Mike Kifer
    Mike Kifer 2 months ago +19

    I wanna see a DC movie with nightwing, batgirl, Damien, Red Robin, spoiler, and orphan!

    • DarkAero0631
      DarkAero0631 2 months ago

      Young justice: outsiders season 3 on DC universe but the batfamily really under utilize this season.

    • MrYoungandBrave1
      MrYoungandBrave1 2 months ago +2

      Look at Young Justice, it isn't a movie, but it has all of them

    • Wumbo Wumbology
      Wumbo Wumbology 2 months ago +3

      What about red hood

  • Sytze Schoffelen
    Sytze Schoffelen 2 months ago +11

    bane is supposed to be smart...

    • Sytze Schoffelen
      Sytze Schoffelen 2 months ago +1

      @Jorge G. Figueroa thats poor

    • Jorge G. Figueroa
      Jorge G. Figueroa 2 months ago +2

      The enhanced Venom's side affects lowered his intelligence

    • Fabio Mura
      Fabio Mura 2 months ago +9

      He was obviously drugged or somehow controlled. Even Batman and Alfred noticed it.

  • michael knight
    michael knight 2 months ago +19

    2:14, I was thinking the same thing.

  • TheArklyte
    TheArklyte 2 months ago +26

    Interesting meeting if you look into it...
    Bane is the strongest human in existence, even without Venom he's still physically superior to enhanced Deathstroke.
    Lady Shiva is the most skilled martial artist in (current) DC.
    And Batman, who's known to be almost peak human in both, but quite a fair ways off from both.

    • C H
      C H 18 days ago

      @Izzy Golden You're acting like you're questioning him in court 😂.

    • Izzy Golden
      Izzy Golden 2 months ago

      Leijona Oneiroi really? in comics or have you been watching too much animated cartoon series/films. But im incline to withdraw my statement if you can provide that 80-90% proof.

    • Leijona Oneiroi
      Leijona Oneiroi 2 months ago

      @Lance Alot Batman wins against Bane the 90% of their fights.

    • The Dr No
      The Dr No 2 months ago +1

      Hahaha surly you jest

  • Gideon Madu
    Gideon Madu 2 months ago +127

    Bane: "I broke your back".
    Batman: "Now I electrocuted you".
    Bane: *"Oh ShIt"*

  • KevyReady
    KevyReady 2 months ago +50

    Lazarus Pit? Could this be hinting that it was used for Jason Todd?

    • Fiz
      Fiz Month ago +2

      It would be hella cool if they did an under the red hood with this animation.

    • Ben moss
      Ben moss Month ago +1

      Yeah seeing him would be awesome

    • Drew
      Drew 2 months ago +1

      That's exactly what I thought.

    • Kadean
      Kadean 2 months ago +1

      Hope you're not talking about the live action movies as these are totally seperate

  • Salamander
    Salamander 2 months ago +42

    “News 52,” these references are getting out of hand

  • Kentrc11
    Kentrc11 2 months ago +8

    So Lady Shiva distracted Batman long enough for Catwoman to sneak the ransom money? If Lady Shiva would have interrupted later, this movie would have never happened...

  • Ben Caldwell
    Ben Caldwell 2 months ago +47

    In the comic Killer Croc kidnap the boy and in the movie Bane kidnap the boy

    • Darth Pancake Studios
      Darth Pancake Studios Day ago

      @NOT Your Average Basket Case Pretty sure Kevin and Mark are mostly retired from playing Batman and Joker at this point. I guess Conroy is returning for CW's COIE, but other than that and JL vs Fatal Five he hasn't really done anything Batman related. I didn't like Batman or the Joker's voice in this movie though. They should've gotten Bruce Greenwood or Roger Craig Smith (who I'm pretty sure is playing Batman in the possible Red Sun movie in the future) for Batman, and maybe Troy Baker for Joker.

    • NOT Your Average Basket Case
      NOT Your Average Basket Case Month ago

      @RDM ViRuZ I didn't like the reveal of Hush and the fact that they didn't get Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill to play Batman and Joker respectively.

    • RDM ViRuZ
      RDM ViRuZ Month ago

      @NOT Your Average Basket Case fr i dont know why everyone hate ots tho small changes but everything else os almost exactly alike i will say like 80%

    • NOT Your Average Basket Case
      NOT Your Average Basket Case 2 months ago +3

      No adaptation is going to EXACTLY 100% Faithful to the source material.

    • Joshua Hecht
      Joshua Hecht 2 months ago +1


  • Nathan Zadrozny
    Nathan Zadrozny 2 months ago +10

    That kid and his parents sound so nice

  • Wing Adept
    Wing Adept 2 months ago +50

    Isn't that the same design for Young justice?

    • sapaun kaalund
      sapaun kaalund 18 days ago


    • Rex Talbot
      Rex Talbot Month ago +1

      Yes. Although Shiva seems to be wearing pants in YJ, not so much here. Not that I am complaining. :P

    • spino zilla
      spino zilla 2 months ago +1

      oh so it design inspiration, got confuse if young justice was in the same universe

      ARYAN WAYNE 2 months ago +2

      @CJ Ball agree

    • NOT Your Average Basket Case
      NOT Your Average Basket Case 2 months ago

      @Sharmila Gardee I miss the Pre New 52 animation any before " Justice League Flashpoint Paradox"