Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault

  • Published on May 4, 2016
  • A rare look inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which is closed ~350 days a year
    Check out Audible:
    More info on the seed vault:
    My trip to Norway was funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Genepool Productions as part of a new project. More information soon.
    Special thanks to Bente Naeverdal and the Crop Trust:

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  • Mr_Wipe_Me_Down
    Mr_Wipe_Me_Down 2 days ago

    No weed allowed?? Welp I'm out ✌

  • Garfield Reed
    Garfield Reed 3 days ago

    Sum fall out ideology

  • Rykensnow
    Rykensnow 4 days ago

    Earth: *finally manages to remove humans from earth*
    Doomsday vault: ha u thought

  • shehan chanuka
    shehan chanuka 5 days ago

    weed isn't a drug you dumb bitch

  • Hugo
    Hugo 5 days ago +1

    The didn't let him filmed the aliens

  • Hugo
    Hugo 5 days ago +1

    The most Fallout like place o earth

  • bone_of Iron
    bone_of Iron 5 days ago

    You are Canadian and you were born in Australia...?

  • and who are you?
    and who are you? 7 days ago

    O I like her humor. She seems like a fun soul. Kept me giggling

  • Aiz チャンネル
    Aiz チャンネル 7 days ago

    Trump seMen is stored there

  • Anatoly Ovchinnikov
    Anatoly Ovchinnikov 8 days ago

    I felt -50C in Siberia

  • AimbotAx _
    AimbotAx _ 11 days ago

    The real question is is there weed seeds there?

  • Włodek 1410
    Włodek 1410 15 days ago

    Cool 👍🏻

  • Mukull Sirohi
    Mukull Sirohi 15 days ago

    I wonder how Human are so sure of doomsday but won't stop their action & save this beautiful Planet.
    So sure about their deeds.
    Secondly,how the hell they made such structure in North Pole😂😂
    I mean how they supplied whole of materials.

  • Mahmoud Makki
    Mahmoud Makki 16 days ago

    baker mayfield visits seed vault

  • Diciotto
    Diciotto 16 days ago

    she says theres no drugs in there but im 100% sure every drug that u can grow is in there. why wouldnt they be if someone deposited the seeds and they cant open majority of them.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 16 days ago

    They should shoot a new alien movie in this place

  • Jos Van Dijk
    Jos Van Dijk 17 days ago

    -4 or -5 Fahrenheit or Celcius?

  • nico
    nico 20 days ago

    it's totally stupid they don't allow cannabis , or things considered like drugs
    because even if you are against it , there is plenty of substance in those "drugs" who are very useful for medicine ad science like opium poppy seed which serve to make morphin

  • seenivasan ramasamy
    seenivasan ramasamy 20 days ago

    This will be like fossil. I don’t think these seed will helpful in future as , future will be evolved based on future situation

  • upstreamer
    upstreamer 20 days ago

    I'm a very ignorant person, so please enlight me. What's the point of this seed vault?

    • Jorge Johnson
      Jorge Johnson 14 days ago

      @upstreamer yes i know 500 seeds won't feed the entire population, i genuinely thought the facility housed those seeds to keep them safe in the event of, as Master Mirror Sung said, a crop going extinct or something or other. clearly i was wrong, now i'd like to stop having this argument, thank you very much. good day to you.

    • upstreamer
      upstreamer 14 days ago

      @Jorge Johnson I just asked a simple question. You was the one who came up with your own silly explanation. Then you continued with the same absurd scenario. What in the world can happen with our crops in the same time and what difference can do for the world population 500 or even 100.000 seeds/ sample bro?

    • Master Mirror Sung
      Master Mirror Sung 14 days ago

      I'm pretty sure it's scientific purpose, it's more likely for diseases to make a crop extinct than Doomsday. Or temperature/environmental changes evolves the plants.

    • Jorge Johnson
      Jorge Johnson 15 days ago

      @dude perfecto lmao you make it sound like it was me who came up with these ideas. "the world burns" was an exaggeration, i mean if something happens to our crops we can use those to replant. no need for the essay you posted.

    • dude perfecto
      dude perfecto 15 days ago

      @Jorge Johnson 500 seeds/sample will save the world from starvation? And you need to wait at least 1 year to have crops ready to be harvested for example.
      "Each seed sample consists of approximately 500 seeds sealed in an airtight aluminum bag. The facility has a storage capacity of 4.5 million seed samples." (source: Wikipedia)
      Even if all countries donated 500 corn seeds etc it will be not enough to feed billions of people around the world. Plus as I already mentioned the time factor.
      Al this "Doomsday seed vault"
      is pure BS because has nothing to do with the reality IMHO.

  • ImHighlySuspect
    ImHighlySuspect 21 day ago

    Dont worry world, Canada will supply the cannabis seeds \\//

  • Aggelos M
    Aggelos M 21 day ago

    Wait till genetics develop far enough.. the other two volts will be filled with frozen embryos from different species

  • That One Weird Channel

    Bente: "No genetically modified material goes in here."
    Me: Does that mean they have the disgusting green short bananas with giant seeds and the small watermelons with no red part?

  • Marcelo Serazzi
    Marcelo Serazzi 22 days ago

    talking of gene material, i wonder if they actually preserve the genoma of all species who are in danger of extintion, if not i really think it would be as important.

  • Paweł Jimmi
    Paweł Jimmi 22 days ago

    No cannabis, no coke, no opium it is ridiculous ..

  • Samy 2121
    Samy 2121 24 days ago

    So seed never gets wasted after long long preservation ??

    ADIDAS 27 days ago

    No marijuana seed ? What a world without a good blunt ? :c

  • Me reaper Lorenzo
    Me reaper Lorenzo Month ago

    What I though it was heavely secured

  • FinkipGirl
    FinkipGirl Month ago

    I wonder if they have seeds of extinct species of plants in the vault.

  • Jake Jada
    Jake Jada Month ago +3

    A vault system designed to remain functional after the end of modern society, post doomsday...with a reference system that requires internet access....adds up

    • Jake Jada
      Jake Jada 15 days ago +1

      @Potato Smasher A person can only come to a conclusion based on observable phenomena. The only reference system described within the video required a working internet. Faith is defined as a belief, that does not require an explanation. Do you have an actual explanation, or do you just have faith in a system you have no knowledge of?

    • Potato Smasher
      Potato Smasher 15 days ago

      Jake Jada you really think that people who made this are that dumb. Really.

  • Your Cup Oof Memes
    Your Cup Oof Memes Month ago +1

    Fallout shelter in real life😂

  • Julian Turner
    Julian Turner Month ago +2

    They should allow genetically modified seeds, that are modified to make plants survive better in different climates, that way if the earth dramatically shifts in climate we'll still be ok and all the seeds wont be useless

  • Randy Vines
    Randy Vines Month ago

    They need to do this with the DNA of all currently existing animals

  • M K
    M K Month ago

    Oooh thats why kim and trump are buddies now.
    Their seeds are frozen together

  • Aisha Stone
    Aisha Stone Month ago +1

    Its gonna be scp containment breach all over again...

  • sutil Al
    sutil Al Month ago

    cant believe that 90% of comments complain about no cannabis seeds in the vault, deluded much. and I guess we know from which country they are from. walmarties teens

  • salmon 77
    salmon 77 Month ago +2

    If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, go live there

  • Dino FNM
    Dino FNM Month ago

    Bruh this was on EQUAO 2019 I remember

  • Jerry Mae Perez
    Jerry Mae Perez Month ago

    They dont include cannabis seeds to be preserved for future use... when it's already proven to be used for as medicated drug.

  • Yungg Kieeef
    Yungg Kieeef Month ago +1

    I Dont believe that there is no cannabis, opium poppies etc inside there.. our medicine is based on pharmacology..

  • Alice Coward
    Alice Coward Month ago

    gr8 video!!!

  • nuclearping
    nuclearping Month ago +1

    The only reason they built it, was to protect the seeds from Monsanto.

    • Renan Barbieri
      Renan Barbieri 29 days ago

      No genetically seeds allowed?
      Hm, suspicious, since one of the factors humans can crop and feed the current world population is because transgenic seeds.
      I hope no crop plague survive after (if it happens) the doomsday, or the seeds gonna be rekt. 🌱

  • ProD Si man
    ProD Si man Month ago

    Leaked area 51 fotage

  • LettuceBeCool
    LettuceBeCool Month ago

    anyone else getting some outlast whistleblower vibes?

  • MPowerS Media
    MPowerS Media Month ago

    I have a video suggestion. Can you explain why some water melons are gritty and don't taste good. I would like the scientific reasons for this. Is there a way to know what I'm buying?

  • Da A
    Da A Month ago

    OH NO! Any grain could be used to make alcohol (gasp, a drug) not to mention sugar, corn, agave, and on and on... Alcohol beyond doubt causes more suffering and death than all the other narcotic plants combined. Utter nonsense!

  • danthor45
    danthor45 Month ago

    no weed seed... RIP post apocalypse world

  • Cancer Ford
    Cancer Ford Month ago

    After watching Clacktv facts?

  • Deafswans Official
    Deafswans Official Month ago

    Let’s take a minute to contemplate how sad it is that they keep absolutely no Cannabis seeds in this giant volt supposed to « preserve » the biodiversity of our Planet. Lmao

  • Josip Tumapa
    Josip Tumapa Month ago

    When most care about vip access to celebrities. I am so excited to finally see what’s inside this vault 😂😂😂

  • pubgm pingnoob7
    pubgm pingnoob7 Month ago

    Save Nature

  • supashley007
    supashley007 Month ago

    El da7e7 brought me here

  • Gayle Clanton
    Gayle Clanton Month ago

    Why is the floor wet??

  • Moe Shabbir
    Moe Shabbir Month ago +1

    Trust me, there's Marijuana, Poppy and Coca plant seeds in that vault, and plenty of them.

  • Utetopia
    Utetopia Month ago

    So no marijuana... but how about tobacco and the coco bean? Are they stored there?

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx Month ago +1

    I don't get it. Build three vaults, number them, and start filling number 2 first? Who does that? Defund this place, now.

  • taken_ name7
    taken_ name7 Month ago +1

    If dooms day event happens how are people suppose to use these seeds to re-populate? It's like a military bunker with security key cards etc. Survivors won't be able to get at um.
    Hell most people need GPS just to go to Walmart let alone Norway. Satellites will be gone. This is Only for heads of state and thier bunker choosen I guess lol

  • MetaDragon
    MetaDragon Month ago

    Opinions on the SGSV
    China: Enough food to fuel my population! Woohoo!
    North Korea: No more deadly famines! Yay!
    USA: 9.1 trillion hamburgers! Oh f*ck yeah!

  • Sergeant1990
    Sergeant1990 Month ago

    I hope they put seeds of the coca plant there

  • YeetThe Skeet
    YeetThe Skeet Month ago +2

    No marijuana lol, not keeping a medical plant what a waste