Inside the Svalbard Seed Vault

  • Published on May 4, 2016
  • A rare look inside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which is closed ~350 days a year
    Check out Audible:
    More info on the seed vault:
    My trip to Norway was funded by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and Genepool Productions as part of a new project. More information soon.
    Special thanks to Bente Naeverdal and the Crop Trust:

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  • Orri
    Orri Day ago

    I was thinking about a different seed vault

  • biggreenleaf
    biggreenleaf Day ago

    Damn it, I don't think they would let me put my marijuana seeds in there

  • Metastate12
    Metastate12 Day ago

    Don't preserve hemp because it can make you high ? Wow, that's really fundamentalistic.

  • Smoky Bacon
    Smoky Bacon Day ago

    *inhales deeply* CYKA GEMME DEM SEEDS BLYAT

  • Cut The Chit Chat Productions

    be carful of the virus vault right next to it

  • Bhawana Mehra
    Bhawana Mehra Day ago +1

    Wonderful video. FunFact:There is a seed vault in India as well at Chang La (Ladakh) in the Himalayas, at a height of 17,300 feet.

  • spacekitt3n
    spacekitt3n Day ago

    ....and its melting....

  • abhinabh
    abhinabh Day ago

    I thought nobody was allowed there 🥵

  • alienkeee
    alienkeee Day ago

    For once, the comments aren’t flooded with norwegians when the video is in a place in Norway :)

  • XRynxMusicX
    XRynxMusicX Day ago

    I thought it said speed vault

  • Leg3nd Assass1n
    Leg3nd Assass1n Day ago

    Let chuck Norris store in there. Need super soldiers?

  • MSP
    MSP Day ago

    Bet I'm the only one who read about this on dogonews.

  • Karsten Beich
    Karsten Beich Day ago

    Why don’t they label what seeds are in the box? What if the world is ending and the internet is down. How will you find out what seed is in what box? You might grab a grass seed when you need watermelon seeds.

  • Nick X
    Nick X Day ago +2

    No genetically modified seeds but then goes and says "who knows what will grow later on because of climate change". Irony

  • Lloyd Nix
    Lloyd Nix Day ago

    Why not "illicit" seeds or GMO. Apocalypses don't care about law, and GMOS are perfectly safe. And they don't check or sort them? Why. Seems like a pretty backwards system all in all. Not very useful if an apocalypse does happen.

  • Sarah MacQueen
    Sarah MacQueen 2 days ago

    Tryna prevent Interstellar situation

  • abhiroop singh
    abhiroop singh 2 days ago

    People in north korea are starving because they sent all their stock here.

  • Betheonlyone 17
    Betheonlyone 17 2 days ago

    This reminds me of futureama

  • Slacker Magician
    Slacker Magician 2 days ago

    Can't believe all the people here crying about weed.

  • MTDL3χ
    MTDL3χ 2 days ago +1

    I recognized this place from the DuckTales episode lol

  • Dalton Lang
    Dalton Lang 2 days ago +1

    Reminds me of Hoth from Star Wars with all the frost covering the pipes.

  • Look Look
    Look Look 2 days ago

    They should add GMOs and drugs

  • Brett Black Plume
    Brett Black Plume 2 days ago

    And two years later, the melting of permafrost caused the vault to leak - which continues to this year, so no 'vault-tec' coming soon

  • FallingShells
    FallingShells 2 days ago

    If there are orange carrot seeds in there, then the vault contains a GMO. Carrots were originally purple and from Vietnam. The dutch breed them to be orange in honor of the last name of one of their leaders. You're welcome, organic only people.

    • FallingShells
      FallingShells Day ago

      @Madison Zeno While I by no means claim to be a geneticist, selective breeding and evolution by random mutation arising as changes in phenotype are, I believe, the only two non direct (resequencing of code) ways to modify an organism. I think most crops have been modified in that manner. Corn has grown from little grains like wheat to full cobs by selecting the biggest for being replanted, strawberries were approx. a centimeter in diameter at their widest until breeding made them bigger and juicier. Same for tomatoes, beets, radishes, potatoes, and broccoli. Broccoli, caulifower, kale, brussels sprouts, collard greens, savoy, kohlrabi, and gai lan all originate from the same plant but have been bred and modified for differing traits. They are genetically modified as seen by their phenotype, but they weren't modified in a lab per say. Not sure what definition of GMO the seed bank is using, but by a similar technicality to a tomato being a fruit, most crops are GMOs.

    • Madison Zeno
      Madison Zeno Day ago

      FallingShells that just selective breeding though right? It’s like natural selection but with plants? I don’t know much on the topic but

  • Tiny feet
    Tiny feet 2 days ago

    So what if the drug plants that are used for medical use

  • carlos reyes
    carlos reyes 2 days ago


  • SpeedyHungarian
    SpeedyHungarian 2 days ago +1

    Rename this video to Why Are There 1.500.000.000 Seeds Stored in this Vault? for infinite views

  • Harrison Powell
    Harrison Powell 2 days ago

    Are there any coconuts in there?

  • EleegY
    EleegY 2 days ago +4

    weed is not a drug its a plant you bafoons

  • Sam Baggins
    Sam Baggins 2 days ago

    No one needs insurance until they need insurance. It’s good to know seed banks exist. Maybe a follow up story about the ones in Canada, US and GB.

  • BoogB
    BoogB 2 days ago

    norge norge norge norge

  • Hikarmeme
    Hikarmeme 2 days ago

    No weed huh? Post apocalyptic lung cancer rates are practically halved based on that decision alone!

  • cralix thegameking
    cralix thegameking 2 days ago

    He’s from Canadia

  • Magic Smoke FPV
    Magic Smoke FPV 2 days ago

    I went to Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, then Peking.

  • Bad Films
    Bad Films 2 days ago

    Welcome to normal home in finland

  • Magic Smoke FPV
    Magic Smoke FPV 2 days ago +1

    No seeds that are drugs???? WTF??? I think that people will need drugs for pain management if they have to rebuild the world lol I think that is BS lol! You know their are poppy seeds in there lol!

    • Alex Texis
      Alex Texis 2 days ago +1

      Yeah it would be a complete lose if they didnt allow that, too many benefits from specific seeds like that lol

  • the hatred 94
    the hatred 94 2 days ago +13

    i mean, don't some "drugs" are also used as medicinal plants... in a uncertain future, i think all plants should be accessible, not only because they are medicinals, but also because they are here for a reason. everything exist for a reason.
    asside for flea... and a few other insect i wish would just not exist >..> but meh xD

    (oh, and i don't support drugs in anyway, nor do i support any form of smoking at all. But the future is uncertain, and one day what used to be dangerous or bad could be usefull.)

  • Jorge Bibiano
    Jorge Bibiano 2 days ago +48

    I guess I'll keep my weed seeds in my freezer since they dont want too

  • Biscuit doge
    Biscuit doge 2 days ago

    Omg he went to Hoth in the Star Wars galaxy.

  • Wolfs Edg3
    Wolfs Edg3 2 days ago

    Cannabis has been proven to help many medical issues yet it's classed as a drug...
    Government: If we can't get rich of it we don't want it!

  • Pure
    Pure 2 days ago +8

    No weed? Cool, I’ll stay out of there.

  • SK8InDE
    SK8InDE 2 days ago

    2 to the 1 to the 1 to 3 I like good pussy and I like good tree, smoke so much weed you wouldn't belive

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 2 days ago

    So no weed when the world is rebuilt?

  • nikibowe
    nikibowe 2 days ago

    slightly disappointed by the lack of test tubes

  • Shrecc
    Shrecc 2 days ago

    rip weed

  • Guna selan
    Guna selan 2 days ago

    how u can access down there??? or any1 can go with proper application?

  • micheal Menakaya
    micheal Menakaya 2 days ago

    ducktales got the idea from that

  • Eric Cartmen
    Eric Cartmen 3 days ago +1

    Of coarse, the most useful plant marijuana isnt allowed

  • behnamasid2
    behnamasid2 3 days ago +1

    I don't blame them. All men want to to find a way to preserve their legacy.

  • Darius Allison
    Darius Allison 3 days ago

    It seems awfully unscientific to not store marijuana seeds because the public has deemed it an evil plant. Silliness like that should be reserved for politics, it has no place in the effort to ensure the survival of mankind.

  • Bios Demelo
    Bios Demelo 3 days ago

    thank you Troy have indicate this site

  • Patrik
    Patrik 3 days ago

    I love Dirk from Veristablium.

  • romist64
    romist64 3 days ago

    This exists?

  • Sanat Sachdeva
    Sanat Sachdeva 3 days ago

    Great stuff.Great video

  • steve ellis
    steve ellis 3 days ago

    Feels a little stupid they wont let marijuana seeds in their special little vault. Is Norway vehemently anti weed or something? ahaha its a natural plant let it in stuck up buggers ahaha I wonder if they have Tabaco seeds.....

    • steve ellis
      steve ellis 3 days ago

      I looked up that database the nice lady mentioned and they do very much have marijuana seeds! So perhaps they've lightened up since this video was made. Or she just didn't know either way its a cool place. Regardless of what's in it. a big arse permafrost freezer is pretty schweet.

  • Brick Powell
    Brick Powell 4 days ago

    Imagine how nice her garden must be haha!

  • bpdubb
    bpdubb 4 days ago

    I know a lot of people think weed is a drug. Let’s just say hypothetically all the world agrees with that. But it is still absolutely retarded not to have marijuana seeds in there. What if one day they do find something about weed that is beneficial to humans. And then you don’t have it. You should have every god blessed seed on the planet in there. Idiots.

  • Kunsang Bhutia
    Kunsang Bhutia 4 days ago

    Now I know where i should be if whole earth land mass gets submerged due to melting of glaciers....

  • Keshava Aumritum
    Keshava Aumritum 4 days ago

    the very weak link it all this is the same organization that built the facility does not take the next logical step and stock it with seeds. Instead, anyone can store their stuff there and who is to say what is being stored there. They operate as a bank safety deposit box. The depositors' contents are not verified. crazy.

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 5 days ago +2

    Looks like the vaults I make in Minecraft ❤️

  • Top Sun
    Top Sun 5 days ago +10

    Am i the only norwigan here hello!! Hei alle norske♥️♥️

  • Cesniper
    Cesniper 5 days ago +1

    Marihuana is known to be used in medicine, they should keep some inside

  • StopyArts
    StopyArts 5 days ago

    so in 50 Years there is no Wallie and eve searching live on earth right ?

  • 1234 abcde
    1234 abcde 5 days ago +2

    I had outlast-flashbacks when I saw those white tunnels

  • Yukou Kenbeshi
    Yukou Kenbeshi 5 days ago

    Outlast ?

  • Sayo man
    Sayo man 6 days ago

    And where are the bees stored?

  • Lane Welch
    Lane Welch 6 days ago +3

    Only -18°C? Dressed like it's -50°C

    • Bianca Amaya Hernandez
      Bianca Amaya Hernandez 5 days ago

      You look the same when you dress for -18 and -50. The insulation is what is different.

  • MrEvan312
    MrEvan312 6 days ago +5

    We have found the Rebel base. General Leers, prepare your men

  • that1guy 121
    that1guy 121 6 days ago

    wheres the germ warfare repository? who gets that reference.

  • CubeTV
    CubeTV 6 days ago

    so nice that this place is exist

  • mazen ezou
    mazen ezou 6 days ago

    So when we gonna die?

  • cha0s_dvl11
    cha0s_dvl11 6 days ago

    only muslim will put explosive inside. damn, why muslim are so crazy?

  • Fieses Möp
    Fieses Möp 6 days ago

    I am 95 % sure, somebody deposited weed :D

  • Matthew Keating
    Matthew Keating 6 days ago +1

    No pot seeds? What's the point of a future with no pot?!

  • 1ns0MNla
    1ns0MNla 6 days ago

    only $9 million? we in denmark spend $50 million on foreigners doing nothing in their homes

  • Andrew Bellinger
    Andrew Bellinger 6 days ago +23

    Vault no 1 is full of Ben & Jerry's, vault no 3 contains dead rock stars.

  • g panmy
    g panmy 6 days ago +12

    7:17 His reaction to "it has been bombed" 😂😂😂😂

  • Alexander [CHALLY]
    Alexander [CHALLY] 6 days ago

    So basically those are all unborn baby’s ...

  • your bruv Joey
    your bruv Joey 7 days ago +79

    Wow no weed! What's the point of surviving the apocalypse?

  • woolley
    woolley 7 days ago

    it looks nothing like I have imagined on the inside

  • Sailei
    Sailei 7 days ago

    So now you know how cold its in finland every winter lol

  • md salman
    md salman 7 days ago

    With all these seed still one eyed can't rule
    Not getting me #illuminati

  • AxelWolfis
    AxelWolfis 7 days ago

    Basically a Noah’s ark 2.0

  • Kristina Tykhonyuk
    Kristina Tykhonyuk 7 days ago

    Cannabis is legal in Canada so why can't we store weed seeds there

  • SoulSniper 124
    SoulSniper 124 7 days ago


  • Ezz Aldeen
    Ezz Aldeen 7 days ago +25

    That means when a disaster happens we all have to be vegans

  • Its Daniel
    Its Daniel 8 days ago +1


  • Wadwizard ZOL
    Wadwizard ZOL 8 days ago

    They say no drugs but does that include hemp? Isnt hemp also used for clothes and food and so on? Honestly thats all a little dissapointing really, they are just plants, drugs are human made, there are plants related to them that are used for more productive uses, and even those drugs are sometimes used for perscribed medication and to help with drug rehabilitation.
    Gotta say though im glad theres a place where monsanto cant stick their grubby little fingers, even though im not really against genetically modified foods.

  • Larsboy727
    Larsboy727 8 days ago

    Yeah Canada

  • Inhuman Assassin
    Inhuman Assassin 8 days ago

    I wonder what North Korea stored, Genetically modified Uranium and Plutonium! And probably the semen of Kim Jong Un, because he is a God 😁🤔

  • Maria Galluzzi
    Maria Galluzzi 8 days ago +4

    OOoooook. I thought this was a representation of ALLLL the seeds types (all-not just 95%). I didnt know it was a storage room, and they dont even know what is in the boxes. What a let down. I thought it was like an arc, and there are representations of all seed life.

  • Rj Pena
    Rj Pena 8 days ago

    I wanna be in there!

  • Roan Zaid
    Roan Zaid 9 days ago

    The question we should all be asking is why on earth Syria is being bombed instead of being relieved that we’ve got backup seeds to restore its agriculture! The only doomsday we’ll have is where people kill one another and, eventually, this planet. Want a sustainable solution? We need to stop funding dictators and get money out of politics!

  • Eric Treter
    Eric Treter 9 days ago +3

    No narcotic plants? Government screwing things as always

    • Kerbin5150
      Kerbin5150 6 days ago +1

      I know right. If we really want to preserve all seeds you cannot exclude weed and other narcotics that are produced by narcotic plants. For all we know there is narcotic plant seeds in the vault. Considering they do not confirm what you say you put in there.

  • Skmanga
    Skmanga 9 days ago

    proof that beyond the front we put on, humans need to cooperate with each other.

  • Guyton Thompson
    Guyton Thompson 9 days ago +5

    -“No modified seeds”
    -“due to climate change we may need genetically modified seeds”

  • munu numu
    munu numu 9 days ago +2

    Why Canada's using just cardboard boxes for this doomsday selection of seeds?

    • Ze Rubenator
      Ze Rubenator 6 days ago

      Pretty sure there's different containers within.

  • Batim Armstrong
    Batim Armstrong 9 days ago

    our seeds are safe, with the sea full of plastic and pollution

  • 555salt
    555salt 9 days ago

    explain this one flat earthers

  • Neha Manandhar
    Neha Manandhar 10 days ago

    They should store books there, some great technology based books.