• Published on Feb 5, 2018
  • Testing out fake makeup from the black market with miss Spankie Valentine. These are direct copies of existing makeup products sold at an extra cheap price- we go buy some to test out the differences and wether they're worth it or not.
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  • Salty Cucumber
    Salty Cucumber Month ago

    You used the shade + light pallet for Marilyn Monroe

  • Galaxia pastel Films
    Galaxia pastel Films Month ago +1

    Wait is that where safiya nagard went?!?

  • glenn Sarka
    glenn Sarka Month ago

    If it has a barcode scan it

  • Sarah MaeSings
    Sarah MaeSings Month ago

    Somewhere Chinese Makeup Criminals are laughing at Californians paying to be poisoned by fakeup?

  • ScreamQueen
    ScreamQueen Month ago

    So many of the fakes have actually really dangerous ingredients

  • birdgirl3357 love
    birdgirl3357 love Month ago

    Fake makeup is also sometimes made with animal feces

  • Kristina Bruner
    Kristina Bruner Month ago

    Okay but why was she playing an air guitar for Careless Whisperer? It’s supposed to be a sax😂

  • Alysa Natarte
    Alysa Natarte 2 months ago

    Totally off topic, is spankies hair naturally like that or did she crimp it or curl it or somthing?! IT LOOKS FLIPPING GORGEOUS!!

  • Jesusa Dingle
    Jesusa Dingle 2 months ago +1

    wish i’d known this 5 years ago 😭

  • Rachel Jade
    Rachel Jade 2 months ago +1

    FBI is really FAKE BLONDE IDEA!! You had us fooled completely!!!

  • Bailey Gibson
    Bailey Gibson 2 months ago

    I was actually really concerned that they were gonna put that shit on their face 😌

  • Ja B
    Ja B 2 months ago

    You could have swatched the fake-up next to the real thing on paper.

  • yvonne savoy
    yvonne savoy 2 months ago

    You don't have Swoops videos listed under your collab section, or did I totally miss that somehow??

  • EL onthehill
    EL onthehill 3 months ago

    Rewatching. Important, but also the first video I watched with either Mykie or Spanky. So much great content since

  • Yourwith Kitty
    Yourwith Kitty 3 months ago

    I can’t believe this video is a year old!

  • Kelsey Hatton
    Kelsey Hatton 3 months ago

    **Spanky while Mykie is ranting about not using these fake make-ups**
    -nods nods nods nods nods nods nods- 😐😐😐

  • misty 4116
    misty 4116 3 months ago

    It’s probably safe (puts it on friend)

  • hopelesscindy
    hopelesscindy 3 months ago

    thank god you did that psa i actually thought you were excited about trying out counterfeit makeup

  • Becca Becca Emry The Fabulous

    U scared me! I thought u were gonna hurt poor spankieeeeeeeeeeee😫😫😫

  • Elisabeth
    Elisabeth 3 months ago

    You got me. I was sitting here watching this like “wtf there is no way Mykie, of all people, is going to tell people to buy this unregulated crap!” And when you said for a MUA kit my heart actually stopped! Jesus that was my scare for the year. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪

  • Rebecka Mullard
    Rebecka Mullard 3 months ago +1

    Sylvia gani,laura Lee etc have all done this

  • Rebecka Mullard
    Rebecka Mullard 3 months ago

    fake makeup has been found to have rat shit etc , superglue etc thanks but no thanks

  • El Jo
    El Jo 4 months ago

    Thank you for caring for humans and pets ! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!

  • 0XwaffleX0
    0XwaffleX0 4 months ago

    what was up w/ her nails

  • Vikki Viau
    Vikki Viau 4 months ago

    Just LOVE Mykie, she is a riot.

  • kaci Stephens
    kaci Stephens 4 months ago

    Spanky reminds me of jungle Julia from deathproof😍

  • Victoria Lacoste
    Victoria Lacoste 4 months ago +2

    Spanky Valentine is just on a whole level of pretty

  • Briana Danielle
    Briana Danielle 5 months ago +1

    I have the Jaclyn hill morphe palette and I can tell the difference between the real one and the fake one

  • Maddy Creed
    Maddy Creed 5 months ago

    Obsessed with your lipstick colour in the intro😻

  • Phoebe J
    Phoebe J 5 months ago +2

    I have Mykies necklace! 😍😍😍

    • Catherine Boland
      Catherine Boland 2 months ago

      Phoebe J Where did you get it? I absolutely love it!

  • Alice rogersnyc
    Alice rogersnyc 5 months ago +1

    if you don't have the money, don't buy the make up ladies

  • katherine w
    katherine w 5 months ago +2

    the big problem here is capitalism. like people shouldn't blame others for buying these products, or even just the casual workers selling them. capitalism and the beauty industry is a whole hole of hell. especially towards young girls, and those who cant afford these big popular brands.

  • Laurie B
    Laurie B 5 months ago +2

    The intro has me so mad at you, I hope you’re joking. Have to be cause I know you know better.

  • Courage DeLeon
    Courage DeLeon 5 months ago +2

    Ooohgirl, you KNOW LAPD found a ton of fecal matter in the makeup at Santee Alley!

  • Duckman1616
    Duckman1616 5 months ago +1

    Just because something is cheaper doesn't mean it's dangerous.

  • heaven del real !
    heaven del real ! 5 months ago

    her nails 😬😬

  • Shani Semah
    Shani Semah 5 months ago +1

    Waaaait I wanna know if those nyx products are real!!!! 😭😭😭

  • Firefox1526
    Firefox1526 5 months ago

    at the beginning I was thinking "no mykie don't you know that's unsafe?!" so I was so glad to see how this video turned out! thank you mykie!

  • Kiki Coco
    Kiki Coco 5 months ago

    I make medicine for a living....think generic drugs sold in europe...biological...makeup isn’t 1/8th of it. You should question everything you put in or on your body. Even in America.

  • Ashley Stack
    Ashley Stack 5 months ago

    MYKIE!!!! Up until 7:30 I was like.... Why... Is... Mykie... So.. excited about this?!? Those are dangerous! And terribly made!! And people will believe you! People trust you! Don't promote it! 😳😳😳

  • Rose C.
    Rose C. 5 months ago

    I use Poshmark for discounted/secondhand clothing, and occasionally there will be makeup for sale as well. Usually the makeup seems legit - and I only ever consider the new-in-box, sealed items. Is there a good way to tell what is a fake-up/unsafe dupe online? The clothing sellers I have purchased from all represent their products honestly and effectively, so I figure those who sell makeup would also be reputable. From the descriptions I've seen, they sell only legitimate makeup items they don't want/were given, which are otherwise safe/sealed/regulated.

  • Lourdes Gabriela Sotelo Flores

    Could it be dangerous to buy fake brushes. I mean they could last less and work not so good but is it dangerous?

  • me_myself_and_i
    me_myself_and_i 5 months ago

    i love mykie so much( i feel like she looks like dove cameron tho lol)!

  • Carli Nininger
    Carli Nininger 5 months ago

    I was expecting to see what fakes people sold and stuff in this video, but I'm honestly glad I didn't see that. The true point of this video was great. I think it's really important that people like you with such a large outreach are warning against the use of potentially harmful products, even if they are much more affordable than the real, though strictly regulated products. Thank you so much for putting this out so people could understand why they should always be careful about using fake & illegal items.

  • Hannah Fuhlhage
    Hannah Fuhlhage 5 months ago

    I was so relieved when this turned into a cautionary video--the first half of the video had me so freaked out and concerned that Mykie had been replaced by a body snatcher or something

  • AmboRox360
    AmboRox360 5 months ago

    honestly i don't care if they're dangerous because i already have so many health issues and i get so many chemical burns, that i can't even care anymore. I'll look pretty.

  • Indigo Kate Diekmann
    Indigo Kate Diekmann 6 months ago

    Could you do this but for Amazon? I've noticed some really weird differences when I order products on Amazon like the packaging is off or the smell is different. I know clothing products have an issue with counterfeits on Amazon but skin products seem like a serious public concern. Thank you!!!

  • Danielle Jeffrey
    Danielle Jeffrey 6 months ago

    Lol i love how encouraging she was in the beginning like this could be the best discovery yet and then 8 min in and shes like Do NOT BUY IT. which i was saying to my bf the whole intro like ohh noo mikey dont do it! Glad she did her research. I just hope people qatch the whole video lol

  • AleNehEs
    AleNehEs 6 months ago

    wow i watched this before i knew who you were and I'm just realizing it know lol

  • Crystal Luna
    Crystal Luna 6 months ago

    Girl your at the callejones😂

  • BlueEyed BamaBeauty
    BlueEyed BamaBeauty 6 months ago

    A lot of the make-up that we think is safe is Mass produced in a whole other country and they don't go by our so called safety rules

  • Angelina Benbeneck
    Angelina Benbeneck 6 months ago

    Oh, I'm only 12 and I did not know that. I've never bought fake makeup. 🦄💅💋👝💄

  • Tortuga Queen
    Tortuga Queen 6 months ago

    Why couldn’t you go when I was there ._. 😭😭😭

  • Samantha Harris
    Samantha Harris 6 months ago +1

    **Alexa play careless whisper**

  • Ana Ramirez
    Ana Ramirez 6 months ago

    I was panicking , I thought you were going to put that on your face! Thank god you didn’t and use your plant form to educate ppl

  • Dawn2Dusknback
    Dawn2Dusknback 6 months ago

    "You don't know what's in these things, you don't know where they're made." Does anyone actually know what's in their name brand makeup or where it comes from? Or are they just trusting that because something has a name brand that it's automatically safe? Genuine question since I only ever buy cheap makeup and rarely pay attention to ingredients.

  • Joli Blythe
    Joli Blythe 6 months ago +2

    Safiyah Nygaard has a video where she compares fake makeup to real makeup and looks at them under a microscope to show the differences between them which I think is an interesting video. Also Spankie is so beautiful ugh 😍 I just had to say that haha

  • Erika Lowry
    Erika Lowry 6 months ago

    If she did not tell how this the worse thing to do I was about to make a huge ass rant but since she did I’m very thankful and she helped me not to type too much. Thank you Mykie!!!

  • Becca Reigh
    Becca Reigh 6 months ago

    I have super sensitive skin so I’ve never wanted to risk using fake makeup I always just save up for my makeup, I sadly don’t have as much makeup as I would want but hey. It’s worth it

  • Kiki Todd
    Kiki Todd 6 months ago

    Alright dude, I need to know your lip color!

  • caitlin macdonald
    caitlin macdonald 6 months ago

    Ok I was watching this video getting annoyed until the middle 😂

  • robyn X456
    robyn X456 6 months ago +2

    17.50 for one lipstick that is to do with animal cruelty?? Yeah no I won’t be doing that at all

  • Hope Thill
    Hope Thill 6 months ago

    this is click bait to the max like i wanted to see it!!!!!!!!!

    • Hope Thill
      Hope Thill 6 months ago

      like you could have swatched it on ur arm

  • Cat Maroquin
    Cat Maroquin 6 months ago

    That necklace though!! 😍

  • Hannah Ritchie
    Hannah Ritchie 6 months ago

    Serious public health problem!! kinda sad that real makeup doesn't have that many regulations either.

  • a v a !
    a v a ! 6 months ago

    i don’t support any of this fake makeup, but maybe you could get it for decoration.

  • B B
    B B 6 months ago

    Hahahah I was freaking out the whole first half of the video thinking that Mykie would buy fake-up!

  • Laesneniel Nordrassil
    Laesneniel Nordrassil 6 months ago

    I'm really glad this turned out to be a psa because I was really worried you were putting that on your skin

  • CyberneticPanda
    CyberneticPanda 6 months ago

    Federal beauty investigator

  • Dylana Lynch
    Dylana Lynch 6 months ago +1

    Mykie is the only person I've seen spend money to share a lesson 😍

  • Cora Close
    Cora Close 6 months ago

    That subscriber count button is crazy... less than 300k and now you're at 3.3 million. Damn

  • T
    T 6 months ago

    I was getting so mad lol I’m like why are you defending perpetuating this :/ trolled me

  • Johnna Martinez
    Johnna Martinez 6 months ago

    Marshalls and TJ Maxx always have the real stuff for cheaper. :D

  • Alyssa L
    Alyssa L 7 months ago

    So should I assume the makeup dupes sold on hush beauty are Fakeups and as equally dangerous?

  • Drucilla Jones
    Drucilla Jones 7 months ago

    it's not just the colors and/or packaging to fake make up, They include metal particles and other shit like that

  • Al M
    Al M 7 months ago

    Ok but the title should just be "buying" or "comparing" fake makeup. The "testing out" is misleading. I agree with the sentiments though.

  • Kelli Peed
    Kelli Peed 7 months ago +1

    Damn, I was worried about you Mikey! I’m so glad you switched it up

  • Elaijah White
    Elaijah White 7 months ago

    Alexa play careless whisper

  • Michelle Torralba
    Michelle Torralba 7 months ago

    Look at the background in 3:26

  • Amber Reedy
    Amber Reedy 7 months ago

    Lol I spent 27 for my shade and light pallet. Yay tjmax for the win and no chemical burns on my face balls lol 😂

  • Martina Alarcón
    Martina Alarcón 7 months ago

    Lol I know but im broke, and dont tell me that some make up is not that expensive becayse it is a Morphe palete in my coin irs arround 1.400 argentinian pesos if I want to buy a legit one

  • Annika Sammis
    Annika Sammis 7 months ago

    Henry update pls

  • Rebecca Louise
    Rebecca Louise 7 months ago

    I was in a full panic for the first 5 minutes of the video, when you said to put it in your MUA kit I almost died! Thank you for being responsible Mykie 💜

  • Yeee Tea
    Yeee Tea 7 months ago +2

    Spainkies sweat shirt it the begging tho 🤣🐱

  • supitzsash _76
    supitzsash _76 7 months ago

    Spankie could be in Hamilton.

  • Ruby Silva
    Ruby Silva 7 months ago

    Santee is French for moneybags 💰 💰 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

  • emil6491 emil6491
    emil6491 emil6491 7 months ago

    Mykie please do a full face of fakeup

  • Bre Grieco
    Bre Grieco 7 months ago

    is this legal.

  • Briana Johnson
    Briana Johnson 7 months ago

    You trickster!

  • xvgh _07
    xvgh _07 7 months ago +2



  • shishtur
    shishtur 7 months ago

    They say Blondes with blue eyes are dumb. But you the smartest. Prettiest blonde I've ever seen. :)

  • ItzJustCqdenza
    ItzJustCqdenza 7 months ago

    Nyx moved to being a drug company I thougjt

  • Hailey Potato
    Hailey Potato 7 months ago

    Umm i got a party city add b4 this. Lol

  • Nails Are Life
    Nails Are Life 7 months ago

    I love Mom&Gore lol!!

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan 7 months ago

    Dupe products in general usually fund other shady business endeavors like drug and sex trafficking.

  • Womp Pomp
    Womp Pomp 7 months ago

    I used to work down there and I was constantly reminded that if I was asked if I worked there to say no. Very sketchy.

  • Girl Unrepentant
    Girl Unrepentant 7 months ago

    Spanky's hair looks so gorgeous!

  • Prachi Simpson
    Prachi Simpson 8 months ago

    You sound so much like Miranda Sings 🙈

  • The Heathen
    The Heathen 8 months ago

    I’ve seen people mention that the makeup palettes that Mykie considers sage aren’t actually safe either and that’s wrong. If you do your research when comparing the ingredients of knock off palettes to the real things, the real things did have what they said was in them and nothing else. Ingredients that (unless you have an allergy to or specifically states that it is only safe in certain areas and not in others) are considered safe for the areas it is designated for. Now when it comes to fake palettes they have found arsenic, fecal matter, and whole host of other things that are VERY far from safe or hygienic stop trying to make everything a conspiracy theory. Do your research and while you’re at it read about Occams Razor.

  • Loubna OU-TAIK
    Loubna OU-TAIK 8 months ago

    Here in Morocco, This type of "fake makeup" is called Chinese makeup, and it's been around since the dawn of time. You can buy a palette for 2$, lipstick for 1$ or less (our currency is weaker than the dollar sooo)