1969 Dodge Daytona 440: Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 227 V8TV

  • Published on Nov 3, 2017
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    From the Super Speedways to the streets of your home town, the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona is a wild ride indeed. Come along as we spend some time with this orange and white 440-powered “wing car” from The Brothers Collection.

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  • C Smith
    C Smith 2 months ago

    I met a friend of a friend that had one in the 80s, we went to see, I think he paid about $4500 for it, that was a ton of money back then, considering I was driving a 70 Le-mans that I paid about $500 for, I only ever saw it that one time.

  • Kevin Harris Sr
    Kevin Harris Sr 6 months ago

    This was the beautiful ugly car ever. Absolutely stunning.

  • DatAustralianMatt

    I hope I have the Charger

  • Mean Green R/T 392
    Mean Green R/T 392 Year ago +1

    The winged cars aren’t my flavor but damn you’ve got to love Chrysler for their engineering! 200mph in that in 1970 takes some stones!

  • The slightly more offensive Mel Gibson

    I'd let Daisy Ridley sit on my Daytona wing... if I had a Daytona... and if daisy would stop calling the cops.

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 2 years ago

    Nice chem trails in the sky!

  • Phil's Midwest Classic Cars

    One of the project managers please pm me plsskipper66@aol.com. I have a question & am broken hearted.

  • Phil's Midwest Classic Cars

    Did anybody the price tags on one of these "Cruise Missles" lately?

  • Phil's Midwest Classic Cars

    Thank you folks, I've been waiting a long time for something like this..:}
    Lets talk about the Dodge Daytona. Back in the day, the boys with the hot rides would never have touched such a thing. They feared the wings would fall off once you hit 100 MPH. LOL. They were outlawed by NASCAR, because they were so fast that they were not competitive with the other cars. Need we say anything else. USAC ran them for a number of years. What did that speedometer go up to? I know that I did not see a 220 MPH in there. LOL I never owned a Dodge Daytona, but I did own a Dodge Charger. A 1970. No it wasn't race ready, with a 440 Hemi. I had a scaled down model with a 318. It was a big car and that engine handled the Charger gracefully. Very comfy, with power seats, windows, AC. I also owned a Plymouth Fury. 440 CUI stock under the hood. No Hemi, no nitro, no magnum. A straight 440. The first thing I did when I bought the car, (I had it 2 days), tires..... There wasn't nothing left but steel-belt hanging off the back tires. 20 minutes after I put a set of tires on there, I sold the car as somebody really wanted that ride bad. Bad enough to pay me about 10 times what I had stuck into the ride. Dodge, Chrysler & Plymouth held the key to success back in the day. It had something to do with Speed, power, & performance. I Loved them wing warriors. My 1st ride a 1970 Dodge pickup up truck. Once again 440 CUI. Holley 780 DBL. You did not drive that truck in the rain. The NHRA has already outlawed the 2018 Dodge Demon from Bracket Racing for 2018. Could it mean that they are making a comeback?

  • Robert DePonceau
    Robert DePonceau 2 years ago +2

    First thing that came to mind is this was the first car to break the 200 mph barrier

  • Doug Flegel
    Doug Flegel 2 years ago

    I hope you can search out a Class A title Datona,unrestored in Arora, Colorado. Had the pleasure of riding in it, 426 hemi. My cuz Bob bought it we he got out of the service, still owns it. Freaking sweet piece of history.

  • Lucas Arthurs
    Lucas Arthurs 2 years ago

    So... What's the top speed on this beauty?

  • Robert Wade
    Robert Wade 2 years ago

    I liked the tachy tach time gauge.

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker 2 years ago

    Cool car , but like a lot of Mopars, rare for the wrong reasons.

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina 2 years ago

    Beautiful car i could myself having one of these cars if i had about 100k or so and no i don't think i would let anybody sit on the wing or even the car itself love it on orange

  • Scootosan
    Scootosan 2 years ago

    That statement of couldn't give them away is true. A guy in my High School grad class bought one with his paper route money (saved over the years prior) and still has it today...true survivor ....survived a divorce that is.

    • BashMonkeyRC
      BashMonkeyRC 2 years ago +1

      Even if it was saved over a decade on a paper route job, that's truly a sign of how the times have changed

  • Richard Gill
    Richard Gill 2 years ago

    Hey Kevin
    Great channel

  • Home of the Mad
    Home of the Mad 2 years ago +4

    The automatic ruins it.

    • Auto Young
      Auto Young 2 years ago

      I disagree...

    • Richard Gill
      Richard Gill 2 years ago

      Home of the Mad your right again

    • Home of the Mad
      Home of the Mad 2 years ago

      Richard Gill I wonder how many of those lazy self-righteous morons will complain that manuals aren't fun.

    • Richard Gill
      Richard Gill 2 years ago +1

      Home of the Mad I agree

  • Old Town
    Old Town 2 years ago +2

    I always look forward to these shows. Thanks.

  • Tom
    Tom 2 years ago

    Ugh, put me in the group that stayed away back in the day

  • David Pietersen
    David Pietersen 2 years ago +10

    I remember listening to an engineer who designed and built these glorious things... and the person interviewing them described some some super-complicated theory they they had about the aerodynamics of the wing etc... and wanted to know if it was correct. The guy just nodded sagely, thought about it for a second, and then said 'We just kept making the wing taller and taller until it was tall enough that we could get the boot open'.

  • BubbaSmurft
    BubbaSmurft 2 years ago +13

    Kevin in a bikini on a Daytona wing... now there's a picture I'd pay to see :)

  • Cosmic
    Cosmic 2 years ago +6

    Such a beautiful car.

  • JackFlemingFan
    JackFlemingFan 2 years ago +3

    Great video and thank you for posting it! Love those Dodge & Plymouth Wing Cars!

  • Snoopy the ace
    Snoopy the ace 2 years ago

    I have heard people who raced them saying that because of the wing acting like verticle stabilizers that you can't spin out with the car at speed. It would keep you going strait.

    • Snoopy the ace
      Snoopy the ace 2 years ago

      BashMonkeyRC ya both of those cats are amazing. Even today they could beat most races. I say make one out of carbon fiber and titanium and see if they can beat some of the supercars.

    • BashMonkeyRC
      BashMonkeyRC 2 years ago +1

      Petty said the same thing about the Superbird

  • orange70383
    orange70383 2 years ago

    They sure consumed the gas, my buddy has a Plymouth Superbird 440+6 and in perfect tune on the highway at 65 13mpg was the max, around town you could expect 7~8 mpg.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 years ago +2

    Trivia tip. You couldn't get the SIX PACK on a 440 Daytona, that option was never offered from the factory. You could get the 6BBL option on the 70 Superbird however.

    • Tom Jones
      Tom Jones 2 years ago

      Back in the day I drove a 69 Nova SS 396/375 4 speed just cruising down the road 50-55 MPH I could actually watch the gas gauge needle moving towards empty. My very 1st car was a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner, it didn't get much more than 10 MPG on the highway, and was a slow ass pig at the drag strip. The 383 Road Runner engines though equipped with a few 440 parts from the factory were still slow as sin.

    • Richard Gill
      Richard Gill 2 years ago +1

      Tom Jones exactly right

    • haleydog8
      haleydog8 2 years ago +1

      Tom Jones that’s pretty good. Back in the day the cars I drove got about 5 mpg.
      Maybe it was just the way I drove it.

  • Observer
    Observer 2 years ago +7

    "Tire Roasts" should be the new unit of torque.

  • William Matthews
    William Matthews 2 years ago +6

    I wonder how the Ford Torino King Cobra's would have done against the Daytona's and Superbird's if Ford had gone through with their plans to put wings on those cars for NASCAR. How many prototypes did Ford actually build before NASCAR changed the rules and said they had to build more than in previous years (with the MOPAR's)?

    • Jeremy  Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson Year ago

      One of them was a Mercury Cyclone and two were Ford Torinos. Not sure what they called the Mercury though

    • Jeremy  Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson Year ago

      I think Ford built 3 of the King Cobra Torinos. I'm pretty sure

    • bobba68
      bobba68 2 years ago

      BubbaSmurft-between 1969(the year the Daytona came out) and 1971,Chrysler won 91 Nascar races...Ford ONLY won 54....

    • Richard Gill
      Richard Gill 2 years ago

      William Matthews Have you ever seen the Talladega Torino?

    • BubbaSmurft
      BubbaSmurft 2 years ago +2

      3 King Cobra's, 2 Ford, 1 Merc' and it doesn't matter as Ford won most of the races against these anywho.

  • Dave
    Dave 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if the street versions of the Daytona and Superbird came with longer gears to acheive a better top speed or they came with the same gears as the other versions of the cars?

    • Richard Gill
      Richard Gill 2 years ago

      Dave's Garage not sure but graveyard carz has a channel. He can answer that question. He used to be on the Velocity channel

    • Jay Craig
      Jay Craig 2 years ago +1

      Dave's Garage i'm sure you could get them with up to 391 like any other charger.