10 Most Amazing Guinness Records in the World

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
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    There are different ways to set a record and leave your mark in the Guinness World Records book.
    Some put all their effort into it, and some just set records unwittingly. In any case, when the new record appears, it instantly makes the headlines.
    In our today’s video, we will tell you about the most incredible records from all corners of the world. They are so amazing you could hardly believe someone actually set them.

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  • MrAlcuard
    MrAlcuard 5 days ago +3

    Felix Baumgartner is from Austria, not Australia.

  • Aliandra Yorgason
    Aliandra Yorgason 6 days ago

    I hold the worlds record for...

    the longest sleep. I slept for 48 hours straight.

    • dark demon
      dark demon 5 days ago

      i hold that record sleep 128 hours

  • OllieRoseB
    OllieRoseB 6 days ago +1

    *_pour the bees like a liquid_*

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    ashupashu 6 days ago

    3:29 *You don't want them to kill you, so you kill yourself along with the so-called/not so-called threat being slightly injured/not injured.*

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    he was so close to missing the bnet

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    Cameron Eischen 12 days ago

    What's my tongue game like? 7:35

  • supergaytor
    supergaytor 12 days ago

    Luke Atkin skydiving was called heaven sent. Who was kicked down from heaven? Luke = light giving. Who was the light bearer who descended from heaven. In the interview, Luke said he did a total of 18,000 practice run. (6+6+6)=18. He jumped at the speed of 120mph (1+2)=3 or 193kmph (1+9+3)=13
    It was a ceremony to signal the arrival of........ You can all guess...

  • Unkown User
    Unkown User 12 days ago

    Hawaii is not a country btw

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  • Craig Foster
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  • Christoph RubibuR
    Christoph RubibuR 25 days ago

    Baumgartner is from AUSTRIA and not Australia! 1 is a county and one is a continent!

    • Christoph RubibuR
      Christoph RubibuR 25 days ago

      @Marie P 🤔 shiat, true storry!

    • Marie P
      Marie P 25 days ago

      Australia is actually a country too.

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    The skydiver is Austrian 🇦🇹, not Australian come on 🙄

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    Brianna Dozark 27 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks the jump rope one was incredibly dumb and easy and not worth being in this video?

  • Elipido Espinoza
    Elipido Espinoza 28 days ago

    I want to beat the RedBull free fall. Do you really need experience? How do I achieve this goal? If RedBull is willing to take me. E. Espinoza 05/18/2019

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    Sri krishna yadavalli 28 days ago

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    I believe Felix is Austrian, not Australian! Thanks for the great video!

  • 1000 subs without a video Challenge

    6:55 can they do math if there are 110 people skipping the ropes but there is 110 ropes that means 1 person is holding one rope and have can you skip a robe with only one person more like 55 ropes

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    How can you fall faster than terminal velocity???...

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    Felix Baumgartner is Austrian, not Australian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Minist
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    it isn't a dive unless you actually dive, thats just a jump :P
    second video i've watched of people ''diving'' , when i see the word ''Diving'' i expect them fucking diving.
    Anyone with enough balls can just jump off a cliff. i don't have any balls because i identify myself as a clam.

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    What happened to the potato honestly

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    357km in 8hrs from drifting slowly?! I find that hard to believe. 357÷8=45 so hes drifting 45 kph

  • ErgoProdigy
    ErgoProdigy Month ago

    brain damage from holding breathe?

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    Got me waiting, like Edwardo from Foster's Home, to see that giant potato. :/

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    833.8801 mph felix was falling, thats crazy af.

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    I live in Simi, never heard of that record lol

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    You really should stop saying LET'S GET IT ON.... for these types of videos ..

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  • James Strong
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    Wait i thought everything reached a terminal velocity after falling for a certain amount of time no matter how far your falling as long as it's high enough to reach terminal velocity, and everything falling the same speed essentially depending on aerodynamics of course (like a flat piece of paper dropped next to like a padlock would glide to the floor long after the padlock hit the ground, but crumple that same paper in a ball and do the same thing dropping them them at the the same time and hight theybwill both fall at the same rate) will fall at the same rate at least I thought

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    I SUCK AT FORTNITE 2 months ago

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    Felix Baumgartner is Austrian..... the land without Kangaroos.

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  • Nghaka Beita
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    Cliff diving is invented? Are you so modernization that you forget about human behavior for hundreds of years children from my place use to do Cliff diving for fun and I'm sure we are not the first one certainly will not be the last, it's a human nature to dare life and dangers so Cliff diving is certainly not invented in Hawaii

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