10 Most Amazing Guinness Records in the World

  • Published on Apr 7, 2019
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    There are different ways to set a record and leave your mark in the Guinness World Records book.
    Some put all their effort into it, and some just set records unwittingly. In any case, when the new record appears, it instantly makes the headlines.
    In our today’s video, we will tell you about the most incredible records from all corners of the world. They are so amazing you could hardly believe someone actually set them.

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  • dawaby1
    dawaby1 7 days ago

    Near the surface of the Earth, an object in free fall in a vacuum will accelerate at approximately 9.8 m/s2, independent of its mass. With air resistance acting on an object that has been dropped, the object will eventually reach a terminal velocity, which is around 53 m/s (195 km/h or 122 mph) for a human skydiver. bs on last story

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  • Angelo Dela
    Angelo Dela 28 days ago

    When I was third grade in 2013 I broke a record of young and longest breath hold ever my record is 30 or 1 hour breath hold under a pool it happen by accident when I was knock down under the pool but in the end I jump in the pool and look for clock and shock that I find found out I been knock down over 30 min or 1hour so I broke the record basically I deserve to put my name in a world record book because I almost die at the time and I'm lucky enough to survive at the time.

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    RedCube Gamer 29 days ago

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    Good video...even if a little misleading with the potato thing. I'm afraid o won't bother with any more though. Too many adverts....

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    Chris Gold Month ago

    Felix Baumgartner is Austrian. We have Mointains and Cows but no Kangaroos

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    "Australian Skydiver Felix Baumgartner".... Ehm??? He is from Austria, dont think that "Tree Gardener" is a common surname in Australia and Felix prolly not a really common first Name.

  • Pyromane 6604
    Pyromane 6604 2 months ago

    Baumgärtner was an Australian?

  • Unique Pro Nub
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    Falling around at the speed of sound

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