Bradley Cooper Speaking French | Last French Interview | True English Subs Available

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • French Interview on Quotidien TV Show
    Bradley Cooper speaking French
    Interview en français de Bradley Cooper dans Quotidien
    Bradley Cooper parle français couramment
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  • johnmcnatt1
    johnmcnatt1 4 hours ago

    Great...speak the word of men and women who let down their guard and let the Americans save them from WW1 and WW2. But yet were supposed to be admired by them??? No.... my sister is American and lives in Paris. They hated me when visiting even though I was a french student. Spoke it amazingly. But now....I hope we save your stupid asses again for the 3rd time. Quit surrendering and fight back you cowards!!! This time I'll be there. And I'll save your asses again. Cowards

  • Anna synner
    Anna synner 6 hours ago

    dude his accent is perfect, I'm impressed

  • Z
    Z 2 days ago

    I really want him to fuck me in the French style.

    • imobeus1
      imobeus1 Day ago

      Ok, ok calm down!! ..And wait your turn.

  • pax43
    pax43 3 days ago

    Do the presenter have asian ancestry somehow?

  • Yvonne Bannon
    Yvonne Bannon 4 days ago

    The only guy that I can call Beautiful...he is beautiful, inside and especially out!!!!

  • ivi Diouf
    ivi Diouf 4 days ago

    Il est mignon

  • Francesco Scarfi
    Francesco Scarfi 5 days ago

    So he is half italian and doesn’t speak a word italian. But lived for 6 month in france and is fluent in french? Comon man

    • imobeus1
      imobeus1 Day ago

      No, it's true. I, too, lived in France for 6 months, and have eaten every delicious dish they have to offer. ...Can't speak a lick of french tho...wait...

  • alassane sanou
    alassane sanou 5 days ago

    Est-ce que toutes les stars sont fragiles?
    - Tous les humains sont fragiles (Brad)

  • Byron
    Byron 7 days ago


  • Sheila Keilty
    Sheila Keilty 7 days ago +1

    If he can sing "Ne Me Quitte Pas" I think I'll just die right there.....

  • Dream
    Dream 8 days ago

    J'ai pas apprécier les personnages car j'arrivais pas à m'attacher et à comprendre leurs relations et leurs mentalités mais je compris la symbolique de l'étoile mourante qui donne tout sa lumière à l'étoile qui nait et Shallow m'a toucher donc je le mettrais dans un film moyen, j'ai nettement plus apprécier American thérapie ou American sniper car je comprenais les personnages et leurs chute, bref Bradley cooper est un acteur formidable et Lady gaga est une chanteuse de talents c'est ce que j'ai retenue.

  • Dali Ma
    Dali Ma 10 days ago

    It is not just fluent. The accent and intonations are perfect. And he commands quite sophisticated usage of the language rather than slang. Bravo.

  • Vanessa Rae Baculio
    Vanessa Rae Baculio 10 days ago

    It's fun to learn French when the one who speaks is the hottest man alive! I love u Bradley!

  • misswilliams74
    misswilliams74 12 days ago


  • Joyce Bohan
    Joyce Bohan 13 days ago

    So sexy

  • Robin Soysa
    Robin Soysa 13 days ago


  • gretty haqim
    gretty haqim 14 days ago

    Bradley cooper is super handsome
    Yann barthes is super cute

  • Frederic Patenaude
    Frederic Patenaude 15 days ago +5

    He speaks at a roughly B2 level (upper intermediate, although with a fair number of basic mistakes but they don’t impair communication.).

  • Francine Sanscartier
    Francine Sanscartier 15 days ago

    Je suis agréablement surprise de l’entendre si bien s’exprimer en français. Tout comme lui, j’aime communiquer et m’exprimer en une autre langue. Allant au Portugal, l’an passé, j’ai appris à me débrouiller en portugais en 6 mois. Je suis québécoise et je parle en plus du français, anglais et espagnol. C’est vrai que les américains ne voyagent pas beaucoup à l’extérieur de leur pays et comme tout le monde parle anglais ou presque dans le monde, ils n’ont pas d’efforts à faire. C’est peut-être la raison. Ce qui est tout en l’honneur de cet acteur de maîtriser si bien le français en tant qu’américain.

  • Thélesson de Souza
    Thélesson de Souza 16 days ago

    Acho que ele anda tomando a pirula do filme kkkk

  • Prapti G
    Prapti G 16 days ago +3

    I been taking French for nearly 2 years and I’m no where good as he is .

  • Hannah Stein
    Hannah Stein 16 days ago +1


  • Lucas Zhao
    Lucas Zhao 19 days ago +2

    People like him just makes you feel bad about yourself huh

  • k. g
    k. g 23 days ago +1

    Well, he says she has an extraordinary heart that is given by God.. (actually he mispronounces the word heart= 'coeur' which makes it sound like 'corps'= 'body' .. and he starts laughing... M'KAY...

    • k. g
      k. g 23 days ago

      Just say that you love her already!

    • k. g
      k. g 23 days ago

      And the whole time the French guy is looking at him suspiciously.. haha.. I can't

  • Sandy Vuemba
    Sandy Vuemba 24 days ago

    Je ne l'ai jamais vu comme ça c'est incroyable parler français le rend plus sexy

  • Amanda Bunce
    Amanda Bunce 25 days ago


  • Ramy Emad
    Ramy Emad 27 days ago

    I am super happy😁 Just 3 weeks ago I couldn't understand anything from this interview now I am actually watching it without any subtitle (I don't understand everything of course but enough to watch and enjoy it)

  • Denise Déchène
    Denise Déchène 29 days ago

    L'animateur est un super imbécile!

  • loiba
    loiba 29 days ago +2

    Only a few mistakes but his accent is pretty good and he speaks very well. To be able to speak on TV and understand at that level is amazing. He's functionally bilingual. An impressive man.

    MIKO BOUVIER 29 days ago +1

    respect man, awesome

  • MargoLouiso
    MargoLouiso Month ago +4

    WOW I also studied at the University in Aix en Provence for 6 months. Afterwards, I was able to ask for a cup of coffee and the check. He is one smart cookie!

  • Guia MOMOTOMBO Nicaragua

    C'est incroyable ! Son niveau de français est vraiment bon! J'étudie le français à Montréal, alors je sais qu'apprendre cette langue n'est pas facile. Il m'inspire et c'est la première fois que je regarde une interview de lui dans ma vie (je parle aussi anglais).

  • Natalie Salt
    Natalie Salt Month ago

    So you're think BC is sexy...let's speak French... He'll fucking show you sexy

  • مشاعل الحربي


  • Dylan Phaneuf
    Dylan Phaneuf Month ago

    I'm gonna get hate for this, but his French isn't that good :/ props for giving it 100% though. I'm a native english speaker and it took me 9 years to learn that French consonants aren't aspirated (p, t, c, k). A lot of the vowels are a bit off as well.

    • Soda Deconstruct
      Soda Deconstruct Month ago +2

      What are you trying to work as a spy or something? way to waste your time, accents are fine.

  • PIRONSK1986
    PIRONSK1986 Month ago

    El diantre!!!. Sí que habla francés el tipo este!

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    Muy guapo

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    Y le enseña ruso a la hija que maravilla

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    Ostras que control de francés y lo de Russia👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    No pega nada con la Gaga, lo siento por ella que es estupenda ,pero no pegan ,les he visto en fotos y jo

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    Ostrasss que nivel de francés macho👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • happy I care
    happy I care Month ago

    Ostras y el Cooper habla bien en français aussi uuuuuu😍😍

  • kmgirl1967
    kmgirl1967 Month ago +2

    I love him speaking French!!!

  • Hawk S
    Hawk S Month ago

    Yeah because he had nothing going for him before

  • qasion
    qasion Month ago

    Don't get it why people are so taken by him speaking French, try Julio, he speaks 5 fluently.

  • Nate & Adriana
    Nate & Adriana Month ago

    when he asked bradley "You said to yourself she is the one," he almost said YES

  • Dianne Nevarez
    Dianne Nevarez Month ago +1

    He melts my heart! Il "melt" mon coeur!

  • jasmine 's
    jasmine 's Month ago

    Tu as dit un mot non !!😂😂😂😂😂

  • jasmine 's
    jasmine 's Month ago

    I'm in love with him after this movie. 😪😪😪😪

  • Jones Tours
    Jones Tours Month ago +1

    That's absolutely gorgeous
    Thanks for sharing
    Bradley is a amazing actor
    Greetings from Morocco
    God bless USA

  • brian law
    brian law Month ago

    an american speaking french wow

    • Dera Kio
      Dera Kio Month ago

      Americans speak all kinds of languages. They're diverse and all different. I am from France and I am married to an American and he speaks French, too.

  • Shia Labeouf
    Shia Labeouf Month ago +2


  • Michelle Le
    Michelle Le Month ago

    Lol I'm laughing like crazy tho I don't understand what this interview is about

  • Bella ChatBox
    Bella ChatBox Month ago +1

    wowwww!!! I would NEVER guess he speaks French so well.. and his accent is so good!!!

  • Yasmine Ballal
    Yasmine Ballal Month ago +4

    Il est modeste, intelligent et plein d’esprit, des qualités extrêmement appréciables!😍

  • Sabina Arrey
    Sabina Arrey Month ago

    Je suis juste gaga de Bradley Cooper. Il est la version américaine de mon seul et unique Hrithik Roshan. Ils pourraient jouer le rôle de frères dans un film

  • Juan
    Juan Month ago

    What's the problem the french have with Celine Dion? I wouldn't know where to start guessing.

  • Luke96w
    Luke96w Month ago

    I think native english speakers don't realise quite how much it means to foriegn countries when we go there and actually try to engage and speak their language. I have been to quite a few different countries and I always get a much better experience when I try to speak the native language, even if you're terrible, even if you just learn greetings. I think native english speakers are seen as quite arrogant and entitled by foreigners and when they (we) go to another country and don't even try to speak their language it just further adds to our stereotype, even saying hello in the langauge of the country you're in will get you off to a better start with natives

  • Martin Perron
    Martin Perron Month ago

    Quel niveau de français!

  • Maria Carabin
    Maria Carabin Month ago

    Swiss language teacher here (English, French, German). How French is really good! Am impressed!