Markiplier Makes: Dog Toys

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Markiplier and FRIENDS try to make some Dog Toys!
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 11 034

  • Chloe P
    Chloe P 5 hours ago

    Hay i am a furry

  • Pagawn Gaming
    Pagawn Gaming 7 hours ago

    Who else thought that Mark was giving his dogs a dildo based on the thumbnail?

  • Sketchy Queen
    Sketchy Queen 9 hours ago

    Mark: The moustache is upside down
    Tyler: Yes.

    I don't know why that's so funny to me

  • Puppyhackerrulz Foss
    Puppyhackerrulz Foss 9 hours ago

    My dog just eats them 0-0 😲😒

  • Larry Bird
    Larry Bird 9 hours ago

    Tyler’s taking this seriously and marks over here creating lore for his worm infested zombie picachu

  • Marco
    Marco 11 hours ago +1

    Ethan: ADHD
    Mark: A.D.D.
    Tyler: Tyler

  • Jon Carson
    Jon Carson 14 hours ago


  • Aime The Lazy Worm
    Aime The Lazy Worm 19 hours ago

    you know what I will draw those dog toys

  • Dragon animator
    Dragon animator 22 hours ago


  • Ellé Azalea
    Ellé Azalea Day ago

    Tyler kinda looks like Noah Centineo.
    Just me?

  • Yato
    Yato Day ago +1

    Poor Pikachu, Mark severed his head off

  • Yuko Plays
    Yuko Plays Day ago +1

    8:50 Mark: What? That's a fact!
    PewDiePie: You are trying to steal my memes!
    Meme Poods: And that's a fact!

  • The Gaming Fox
    The Gaming Fox Day ago

    I'm drawing the dog toys right now your welcome

  • The Gaming Fox
    The Gaming Fox Day ago +1

    Imagine just Chica watching in the background

  • Lenny Gaming
    Lenny Gaming Day ago +2

    I just noticed that Mark made a Mimikyu.

  • Ashley
    Ashley Day ago +1

    Mark y u call Chica a slut?

  • Ashley
    Ashley Day ago +1

    "Oow fUuUuUuUuUck" - Ethan, 2019

  • Ashley
    Ashley Day ago +1

    And this is why i love Mark and them

  • SuperHeavyXD
    SuperHeavyXD Day ago +1

    *Video title: Markiplier makes dog toys*
    *Starts by having a spank war or a slap war*
    Me: Uh guys why are you...... You know what I'm not going to complain 🤣

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen Day ago

    it hurts me that you told chika the toy is dead when she clearly wants it

  • Bdeathlord
    Bdeathlord Day ago

    That decapitated pikachu head is very off-putting

  • Bdeathlord
    Bdeathlord Day ago

    Don't make heapass whip you with his belt

  • Afk 123
    Afk 123 Day ago

    That 1:00 to 1:40 scene is filipino thing that i do alot to scare my classmates away

  • Eleanor Narwhal
    Eleanor Narwhal Day ago

    *trying not to choke on yogurt* this is so stupid its funny

  • Leanne 2478
    Leanne 2478 Day ago

    I take no rules from no anyone but my mom thank you very much stupid

  • Lulu Camarillo
    Lulu Camarillo Day ago


  • Love sucks
    Love sucks Day ago

    4:24 Eathens friendship song XD

  • dash dahoogharg
    dash dahoogharg Day ago

    dem reflections doe

  • Hi_Buddy 3287/1139

    You gotta knock it out before you perform surgery.

  • DanTheRaccoon
    DanTheRaccoon Day ago

    1:31 *my last three brain cells, fighting over dominance*

  • JoeBob69
    JoeBob69 2 days ago

    Why did you say you miss Bob and Wade? Did something happen?

  • Bryan Quiñones
    Bryan Quiñones 2 days ago

    1:37 We will be right back!!!!!

  • UltanIsPotata
    UltanIsPotata 2 days ago

    and i also love it how tylers the inncocent one but the last place in most

  • UltanIsPotata
    UltanIsPotata 2 days ago

    i love how there all hassleing the dogs to love there toys

  • サキュバス GRIM サキュバス

    does anyone else listen to markiplier to fall asleep?? no?
    just me?

  • Meep Wagon
    Meep Wagon 2 days ago

    here come the mummies

  • Meep Wagon
    Meep Wagon 2 days ago

    markiplier i now your favrete song

  • August Campbell
    August Campbell 2 days ago

    Man called his dog a slut

  • skylynn tallon
    skylynn tallon 2 days ago

    for dog toys to last longer my famliy gets toys that are for horses and rope one toy i made for my pittbull i tide a rode to a old bike tire and tied to a tree

  • Justin Brandenburg
    Justin Brandenburg 2 days ago

    This is best diy vid

  • Annabelle Frick
    Annabelle Frick 2 days ago

    Pikachu Pokemon toy it also heck you hack you

  • Trinity Shadrick
    Trinity Shadrick 2 days ago

    I have one of the pikachu toy

  • Clawstar and Friends


  • Nick Henry
    Nick Henry 2 days ago

    "R.I.P in *s p e c i e s* "

  • Ixmyl Cats
    Ixmyl Cats 2 days ago

    Marks pikachu is how a mimikyuis born

  • Cool Buddy
    Cool Buddy 2 days ago +1

    5:10 when u cum for the first time

  • Ellory Walton
    Ellory Walton 2 days ago

    My favorite is Ethan's. It's the least terrifying

  • graylyn michiko
    graylyn michiko 3 days ago

    friends! friends! friends!

    *lOoK aT mE bAtHe My BoDy*

  • Synful Hybird
    Synful Hybird 3 days ago +2

    4:25 - 5:05 Ethan’s ‘Friends!’ Song

  • ihatebarsoap
    ihatebarsoap 3 days ago

    anyone else feel like ethan may have enjoyed this activity a little too much?

  • RachREC
    RachREC 3 days ago +2

    Mark: Talks about how poor he was as a kid
    Ethan: Puts random stuff into his creation
    Tyler: Works silently and makes a masterpiece

  • karole norris
    karole norris 3 days ago

    he didnt by hes dog a know so he spent more money to make his own

  • Edward Shalim
    Edward Shalim 3 days ago

    i dare one of you guys in the comments to drink from a you know twisty plastic straws and try not to laugh

  • explosion dragon dub

    You made a mikauay

  • sans the skeleton
    sans the skeleton 3 days ago +1

    are wade and bob really dead ;-;

  • Jon Clevenger
    Jon Clevenger 4 days ago +1

    Why is no comment about 0:20

  • Heather Galaxy
    Heather Galaxy 4 days ago +1

    So I have been watching m*a*s*h and I just realized something. Ethan looks like Corporal Radar O'Reilly... look him up. Maybe it's just the glasses. Hey if u want some good war comedy just watch M*A*S*H!

    • Lily
      Lily 2 days ago +1

      OMG he does though 😲

  • That one person
    That one person 4 days ago

    All of them yelling at Chica to take a toy
    Chica: Confused screaming

  • 13BubblesPlays
    13BubblesPlays 4 days ago

    "Rub and Tug all they want" Ethan Noooo

  • Boiii420
    Boiii420 4 days ago

    Nobody is gonna talk abt how mark made a mimikyu

  • KK9 FXY17
    KK9 FXY17 4 days ago +1

    Turn on captions and go to 1:29

  • xXsgtSNIPER66Xx Icup

    The dog in the back looks so sad😢😢😂😂

  • Isla Ponce
    Isla Ponce 5 days ago +2

    Mark: remember the last sene in toy story three? You cried
    Ethen: I cried
    Mark: you almost cried
    Tyler: ....

  • Frelene Kotze
    Frelene Kotze 5 days ago

    Just a warning on fluff. One of our dogs dies because they swallowed the fluff of their stuffed animals. The fluff gets stuck in their intestines of they swallow to much and that causes blockage. So just be careful

  • Yu Syuan Tang
    Yu Syuan Tang 5 days ago

    Just smushing the toys into chica's face

  • Kerstyn Glass
    Kerstyn Glass 5 days ago

    My last three brain cells in math class

  • infinite gaming
    infinite gaming 5 days ago

    how dare they destroy a pikachu plush! *SMASHES DISLIKE BUTTON*

  • Katchanplayz Jr
    Katchanplayz Jr 5 days ago

    This is an isperashon too furry to do more umm stuff

  • funtimebendy and friends

    Ethans friend song is very catchy man

  • Grace Kumpf
    Grace Kumpf 5 days ago

    My stomach started hurting when they did the doctor skit
    Count down from ten... boosh

  • colaramma book
    colaramma book 5 days ago

    You got a knock it out before you preform surgery 😂

  • Kara :D
    Kara :D 6 days ago

    Am I the only one that just wants to pet the very good dogs?

  • Bryan
    Bryan 6 days ago

    1:08 -1:09

    is it just me or did i hear Darkeater Midir from DS3 the ringed city?

    GAMERX Tv 6 days ago


  • wilder beast
    wilder beast 6 days ago


  • *•-Gäçhã Thørñ-•*

    Before reading the title, and before clicking the video, I thought they were making dildos. My mind needs to use a broom and possibly some Lysol.

  • bubble kitty 17
    bubble kitty 17 6 days ago

    We can’t do plushy toys for my dog. Hell we get him a horse toy a few times and he even tore into those with an hour alone with em.

  • William Rushing
    William Rushing 6 days ago

    Mark was right because when people had kids a long time ago the made them work hard because the parents thought that the kids owed them work because the parents created the kids

  • AnAceAssistant
    AnAceAssistant 6 days ago

    you can tell chica's a happy pubby because she's literally wagging her entire butt and it's so adorable and her smiles hhhhhh

  • Emilija Over Here
    Emilija Over Here 6 days ago

    Mark: *justifying child labor*
    Everyone: mark no

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person 6 days ago

    Imagine your a toy and you get sown to another toy.

  • Shiro Hayashi
    Shiro Hayashi 6 days ago


  • Cameron McClendon
    Cameron McClendon 6 days ago +1

    1:28 because you have'nt hit puberty yet, mark

  • Sushiboi14
    Sushiboi14 6 days ago +1

    5:52: God creating the me

  • William Rivera
    William Rivera 6 days ago +4

    The drunk angel who made me in heaven: I'M GONNA MAKE THIS BABY A FURRY!

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy 7 days ago

    I would also love to hear a full version of Ethans song.

  • Hallie Ramos
    Hallie Ramos 7 days ago

    Re-watching this reminded me that Mark was supposed to buy Chica like 70 dog toys - because of that thing he said in that one update video. Did he ever do that?

  • Shannon Austin
    Shannon Austin 7 days ago

    I hope the dogs , don't see this video

    Dear gosh

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly 7 days ago

    I know you will never see this but if you do i did your Pikachu and hotdog thing with worms its all one picture tho like you have your pikachu then the worm head popping out of the dress bottom so just wondering were I can send a picture to show you or like just really want you to see it im starting on Ethan's now☺️🤪❤

  • Mason Krabbe
    Mason Krabbe 7 days ago

    Nice roblox woody

  • LuigiDoll McShorts
    LuigiDoll McShorts 7 days ago

    Let's Go! Pikachu!

    *_Straight To Hell!_*

  • Danger Dash
    Danger Dash 7 days ago

    Tyler: makes a suicidal Willford Warfstache

    Ethan: makes a baby furry

    Mark: m̸a̷k̷e̴s̵ ̷a̵ ̴h̸o̴r̵r̶i̸f̴i̶c̴ ̶f̷a̷n̷ ̶f̷i̵c̵c̸̼̓.

  • Farrah Trail
    Farrah Trail 7 days ago

    I laughed so hard when Ethan slammed the baby on the Table🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RHIANNA PRIMROSE 8 days ago

    3:16 What are you doing to Pikachu!!!!

  • ember fluffy
    ember fluffy 8 days ago +1

    septiplier joined the chat

  • Jelly777- Brawl Stars

    Who else seen the dog

  • Jelly777- Brawl Stars

    Like dildos

  • Jelly777- Brawl Stars

    Mark makes Human toys

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy 8 days ago


  • Tartar Brad
    Tartar Brad 8 days ago

    I hope I spelled her name right.