#2020 Don't Be Late

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • G7 leaders gather today in Canada with #ClimateAction high on the agenda. We have made a little film to show the speed at which we need to accelerate reducing greenhouse emissions and what the huge economic, social and health benefits will be for everyone.

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  • JACOB1556
    JACOB1556 Year ago +1

    The people want a detailed plan of how the government is going to reach the goals. And how this is going to effect peoples lifes. You can't just show the summerys , if you are trying to get the people to help save the planet then you will need to be open to the questions and ideas,

  • JACOB1556
    JACOB1556 Year ago +1

    Will it make a difference. Because methane gas that has been trapped in the ice has been leaking out while the ice is melting. And then we have an increase in earth quakes and volcanos. So something tells me its not man made. Its been used as an excuse to push a agenda to control the people. Some of the crazy laws that are realese just prove that. Controling the people by fear in the mean time centering what is really going on. People are so gullible and they don't learn. Yes the Climate is changing. Is CO2 the cause, when earthquakes and volcanos are also increasing.we live in the age of the internet people can get both sides of the story and think for them self. If this was a fact then there should not be a group of people that a different conclusion than the other side.

    • MrANTI_Eggman
      MrANTI_Eggman 11 months ago

      YUP you've got it. It's all another one of these people's niches to put people into action to push forward a one world government that pushes universal basic income to essentially place everyone into a form of 'peaceful' slavery.

    • JACOB1556
      JACOB1556 Year ago

      Sicentific evidence is what you want but now people are now questing the sicence. As there is a cancer in sicence as exsplained in this video. tvclip.biz/video/RAV-3PhGU7k/video.html