• Published on Feb 17, 2019
    Hello everyone! I put the new Jeffree Star x Morphe brush collection to the test, comparing it with brushes from AliExpress. I also try out the Morphe Fluidity Foundation, Concealer, Powder and Primer, and to top it off I also try the James Charles Palette!
    This is a full day wear test, so stick around till the end to see how the makeup held up (as well as to hear how to enter the giveaway). Yes, that's right, i'm giving away the James Charles Palette and the Jeffree Star Makeup Brush Collection!
    Let me know your thoughts and which side you think won. I think that the $7 brush set performed really well for the price! I also realised that I forgot to update you guys on the concealer right at the end. It held up much better than the foundation, because the concealer was still there under my eyes at the end of the day, and the foundation around it was all gone. That could also be because of the setting powder though. I'll try these items out on their own as well so I can come back and update you all later!
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  • Pretty Pastel Please
    Pretty Pastel Please  3 months ago +625

    Shoutout to Kenzie for her amazing eyeshadow tutorial that I followed using the James Charles Palette! Check out her channel and show her some love 😍

    • Third Person Perspective
      Third Person Perspective Month ago

      Jeffree wtf!>:(

    • Jessica xx
      Jessica xx Month ago

      Why would you want rectangular brows? That's a very frowned upon thing. Ppl with brows like that are considered trash at makeup and cringy. It's also very bad when ppl overline their brows like when there is no hair there and you are just drawing on your skin is a sign of you don't know how to do makeup. Arches are a good thing and it's good you gave yourself those. Don't be ignorant and over line you look silly.

    • Amalia Rosa
      Amalia Rosa 2 months ago

      Pretty Pastel Please has the giveaway ended

    • cameron smith
      cameron smith 2 months ago

      Pretty Pastel Please I've always wondered what recipe you use for chop to feed your bird...

    • Joe Armel
      Joe Armel 2 months ago

      Pretty Pastel Please I luv u

  • TLKMuffin
    TLKMuffin Day ago

    you said the wrinkles dont show on the jefree side, it does .. on the video it shows as clearly as the other side

  • Casper
    Casper 16 days ago

    I am a guy and I have no reason to watch makeup tutorials. But i watch because of Archie. So the bird definitely stays!!🦜

  • Mermaid Girl
    Mermaid Girl 16 days ago

    You don’t even have eye brows Archie LOL

  • #1 Emo_cupcakelover
    #1 Emo_cupcakelover 19 days ago

    Please i want the Pallet. Or the brush set

  • Banette
    Banette 24 days ago +1

    I know this vid is old now but rose hip oil is sooo good for wrinkles and fine lines ! I'm late 20's and swear by it !!

  • Amber Sveinbjornson
    Amber Sveinbjornson 25 days ago

    Alex shading Jeffree for 52 minutes straight

  • TaraLee Smith
    TaraLee Smith 26 days ago

    I like your personality and Archie makes me laugh so much? do gifs or memes of Archie exist? Do you have Archie merch!?

  • Gacha_Midnight
    Gacha_Midnight 29 days ago

    I found these earrings I think you'd really enjoy .....

    I just copy and paste the title XD

    WEVENI Acrylic Colorful Resting Macaws Parrot Bird Earrings Big Long Dangle Drop Tropic Animal Jewelry For Women Girls Gift Bulk

  • Ella Jac
    Ella Jac Month ago

    Can you please please please do a Kat Von D makeup video would be great to see I love her stuff xx

  • moodi
    moodi Month ago

    Am I the only one that watches her videos just cause of Archie? HES THE CUTEST THING EVER OMG

  • Amy McKay
    Amy McKay Month ago

    If you didn’t receive the sponges and they weren’t on your invoice then you clearly DIDN’T PUT THEM IN YOUR CART! The amount of shade and sly comments that you keep throwing out are so immature. Just admit that you forgot to put them in your cart. Your mistake. So frustrating to watch. 🤔😒

  • Amy McKay
    Amy McKay Month ago

    Why does this bird annoy me so much? 🤬

  • duckphobia
    duckphobia Month ago

    I'm bingewatching your videos rn (I just discovered you and I LOVE YOU) and I DONT GET THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DONT LIKE ARCHIE LIKE SERIOUSLY HES SO AMAZING

  • Milta Miranda
    Milta Miranda Month ago

    Archie is so cute

  • Megan The Magnificent

    Love your videos! You need to design an entire look around Archie. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, bag. Become the Archie! 🤗⭐️💙

  • Lee
    Lee Month ago +2

    I’m not 100% positive but the Jeffree brush you were using for highlight is meant for blending eyeshadow

  • Third Person Perspective

    Hahaha I love that your a Birdy guru

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson Month ago

    Oh man i love that bird xxxx

  • Valeria Alexandra
    Valeria Alexandra Month ago

    I need archie in my life 🦜

  • Daddy V
    Daddy V Month ago +3

    The Morphe brow pomade was the issue not the brush
    I have both and it’s definitely the pomade

  • Kate Limeta
    Kate Limeta Month ago

    This is such a fun video hahahaha. I love Archie and you! 💚

  • Jess Wilson
    Jess Wilson Month ago

    Me and my oldest child lives watching your channel

  • sarahahaahhahaha
    sarahahaahhahaha Month ago

    hey I don't want to be an annoying person but your videos are way way too long :( I watch you all the time but I don't wanna watch a 30 - 50min video love you tho!!!!

    and Archie cuz he really funky such a cutie !

  • Mia Mango
    Mia Mango Month ago

    I ligit have those brushes

  • Mary Alaina
    Mary Alaina Month ago

    Every time I see Archie, I can't help but smile! I have always wanted a bird, so I'm living vicariously through you.

  • Izzy gutierrez
    Izzy gutierrez Month ago


  • Brianna Murkledove
    Brianna Murkledove Month ago

    I love when Archie is reaching for the handles 😊

  • Deppressed Wolf6599

    I hope the giveaway isn't over yet but I'd love to win! I've always wanted to try different things with makeup but I never have the money to purchase it myself.

  • Sara Crow
    Sara Crow Month ago

    You used his highlight brush wrong. Which is why the flatter one worked better for you. You're supposed to apply the product almost to the side of the brush and buff the side on your face. You don't use the direct tip like that. Also with foundation stipple to get rid of the streaks.

  • ida r
    ida r Month ago

    i didnt realize this was almost an hour long before the end wtf

  • Brooke Turner
    Brooke Turner Month ago +1

    Hi I love all you videos especially this on
    I love Jeffery and James
    Christen where are you ??!!!!!!!
    Christen !!!! I wonder whether Jeffery is watching this video .

  • Kennedy Montanye
    Kennedy Montanye Month ago

    His brushes use human hair and are in fact both vegan and cruelty free.

  • 2013dLo
    2013dLo Month ago

    Just like u don't want people to "come for you" for this video, I'm going to use it as an opportunity to speak my mind as well.... That bird is so annoyingly in the way....always. let Archie take a day or two off every now and than.

    • 2013dLo
      2013dLo Month ago

      But than again it's the same creepy, obsessive, wierdos wanting more of Archie. Or every video they make a suggestion on what he should do next... Boggles my mind

  • Ida Melien
    Ida Melien Month ago

    Pro tip! For a honest review you should use your daily makeup that you know works for you when you test out brushes/sponges. And brushes/sponges you would normally use to review new make-up. That way you know what product does or does not work. Right now it could be the powder, it could also be the brush. 🤷🏻‍♀️ we’ll never know.
    I love your videos btw! 😍 Archie too! I could never ever have a bird like that though, when I’m stressed out trying to put on my make-up.. girl
    I had a cockatiel when I was younger, and he was so light he just stood on my makeup brushes. Only problem, he only liked me.

  • Por_Qwa
    Por_Qwa Month ago +5

    The way your cute bird just nonchalantly destroys things fills my heart. ♥️♥️♥️🍓

  • nathan leonard
    nathan leonard Month ago

    And I just came across your channel and I can’t stop watching

  • nathan leonard
    nathan leonard Month ago

    How do I enter the giveaway

  • HomestuckGamer123 4

    3:14 *Holosexuals have joined the chat*

  • Johanna Jane
    Johanna Jane Month ago

    You are just back handed compliments all over!

  • Savannaha Parga
    Savannaha Parga Month ago +1

    That brush is to small for contour it was like made for only Jeffrees face only

  • Mz. Olivvs
    Mz. Olivvs Month ago

    Archie is too freaking cute what a silly little angel 😭💕

  • Anna Pettit
    Anna Pettit Month ago +6

    This channel is so high quality - I trust you more than any other beautuber on the platform!

  • Mexii
    Mexii Month ago

    Idk how people hate archie he makes me laugh so hard

  • Jessica xx
    Jessica xx Month ago


  • Jessica xx
    Jessica xx Month ago

    Why your brows look like this ➖

  • Jessica xx
    Jessica xx Month ago

    Honey those brows...

  • Evelina Bilinska
    Evelina Bilinska Month ago

    Idk how even someone cane hate arche but I love him

  • Heather Carr
    Heather Carr 2 months ago

    Here for the parrot

  • VIKYSEK1987
    VIKYSEK1987 2 months ago

    I have a question for you... I love Archie, don´t take me wrong... he is one funny bird and oh so cute. But... How on Earth do you ever get anything done? He is ALWAYS in the way :-D

  • Mikael X
    Mikael X 2 months ago

    Love you

  • Alice Hopton
    Alice Hopton 2 months ago

    Only just got to the point where you have laid down foundation with Jeffrey brush, is a perfect match of shade to your neck, good mix!!

  • Marianne Poulin
    Marianne Poulin 2 months ago

    M’y m’y plie

  • Yamino game
    Yamino game 2 months ago

    you audio levels are fantastic I'm hard of hearing but didn't struggle at all to watch your video. Good job :) I appreciate the effort.. Hope to win the giveaway, never won anything b4.

  • Yamino game
    Yamino game 2 months ago

    As a hard of hearing sub, I appreciate how accurate your CC's are.

  • Katt Chaos
    Katt Chaos 2 months ago

    All Beauty Gurus need to do reviews with a bird... it's the best!!!

  • Firemoon Redtalon
    Firemoon Redtalon 2 months ago

    saw pretty bird, watched for pretty bird, was not disappointed.

  • Emily Ribeiro
    Emily Ribeiro 2 months ago

    Yeah I never used such a long tapered brush for highlight like Jeffrees either, I’d prefer it for eyeshadow I think. I’ll have to try the contour brush for highlight too 😂

  • Misty Maxwell
    Misty Maxwell 2 months ago

    Your eyeshadow sucks!

  • Jasmine Gilley
    Jasmine Gilley 2 months ago +1

    I don’t k ow if someone commented this but Jeffree released a video back in 2016 I believe with a sneak peek of the brushes that he said he was working on but since then people have started using that style. I don’t know if he is the ‘creator’ of the diamond handles on the brush but he was probably one of the firsts

  • Kim Brett
    Kim Brett 2 months ago

    Do you worry about Archie inhaling powder make up? I'm only asking because I'm worried about my makeup around my pet reptiles and am thinking about using cream based makeups. I'd really like to know your thoughts 🤔😊

  • Gigi Reese
    Gigi Reese 2 months ago

    I really want to win!

  • Adrienne Seaton
    Adrienne Seaton 2 months ago

    New subscriber here. Your bird is just too cute 😍 love your video and will be a long term sub (:

  • Faith Star
    Faith Star 2 months ago

    I use a brush to l put on my foundation but finish it with a sponge to get rid of the streaks.

  • VunDrth
    VunDrth 2 months ago

    I haven't finished watching the video but the morphie brushes already seem better to me because I already know that they are quality amd the cheaper one literally had messy bristles and bristles falling out. So the morphie ones will most likely last you more than a cleaning lmao

  • Luna haddix Moon
    Luna haddix Moon 2 months ago

    I think Archie is the reason I watch your videos! XD

  • Inga Čuplinskaitė
    Inga Čuplinskaitė 2 months ago

    I have had this set from AliExpress for 3years or so:)) the only one I still use is angled eyebrow brush (at least I use it for eyebrows):))

  • MAR
    MAR 2 months ago

    I swear I only come to this channel to see that CUTE BIRD!!!!!!!

  • Layliah& JanashaTv
    Layliah& JanashaTv 2 months ago

    ~does this work~

  • Layliah& JanashaTv
    Layliah& JanashaTv 2 months ago +1


  • Layliah& JanashaTv
    Layliah& JanashaTv 2 months ago


  • Vikks Min.
    Vikks Min. 2 months ago

  • MidnightSting
    MidnightSting 2 months ago

    Haha Archie's like nuuuuuuu xD I do really respect that she is not just immediately saying that Jeffree's brushes are copies, and is actually looking at all the facts.

  • Einhorn Pinkweich
    Einhorn Pinkweich 2 months ago

    that eyebrow joke got me so bad XD

  • aHandfullOfSoup Cosplays
    aHandfullOfSoup Cosplays 2 months ago +1

    So it wasn't until watching this video..... that I realized why I love Archie so much. I have an Elf Ear Sphynx cat and she behaves JUST like him. Into EVERYTHING, trying to constantly 'help' me, opinions for days, and very involved in my videos. XDDD I love him almost as much as I love my cat.

  • Annette Garcia
    Annette Garcia 2 months ago

    I feel like your eyebrows look better with the jeffree side. The other side looks bushy and unclean. Overall the jeffree side looks better than the ali express side.

  • Anastacia Barreto
    Anastacia Barreto 2 months ago

    I have those brushes and they are really cool lol

  • i hate myself\:
    i hate myself\: 2 months ago

    I just watched an hour long video and I didn’t lose interest 😂 literally how????

  • Darkside Studios
    Darkside Studios 2 months ago

    Can I join the giveaway please

  • Rihanna Warne
    Rihanna Warne 2 months ago

    Omg I got the blue and pink ones

  • Michelle Stargaryen
    Michelle Stargaryen 2 months ago

    came for the tea, stayed for archie

  • Perla Rodriguez
    Perla Rodriguez 2 months ago

    7 ads omg girl no! I mean get your coin but holy 🤬 that's annoying lol

  • Tangerina
    Tangerina 2 months ago

    Came for the review, stayed for the bird. What a LOVELY fella!

  • Vanessa Jenner
    Vanessa Jenner 2 months ago

    For morphes brow pomade i find it works best when you moisturize before (if your brows are a little wet they soak the product in better and it looks more natural)

  • Morgan Hunter
    Morgan Hunter 2 months ago

    Jefree star has entered the chay

  • DragonStormGoddess
    DragonStormGoddess 2 months ago +19

    A few years ago when Jeffree originally was working on the collab with morphe to do a brush set he showed a quick sneak peak of them with those handles. He even shows that clip of the original sneak peak in the reveal video for this brush set. Not long after all these different sets started popping up with that handle design. Just like after the original unicorn brush set came out it didn’t take long for tons of of copycats, or any new unique beauty product that comes out, others are going to try to capitolize on it.

  • Alexandra Rieck
    Alexandra Rieck 2 months ago +1

    I just want a 2 minute video of Archie being tickled with a makeup brush now. I didn't know I wanted that till I watched this video.

  • I am a melon
    I am a melon 2 months ago +1

    Guys, she is a *Holosexual*

  • Dani Allen
    Dani Allen 2 months ago

    The brushes from aliexpress u can get at the dollar store, I have them

  • Milica Markovic
    Milica Markovic 2 months ago

    You can try the contour for cream contouring😁

  • MsMichelle31573
    MsMichelle31573 2 months ago

    Even if a brush performs not so great, I would literally slit my wrists before I spent $74 on frikkin makeup brushes

    S0ME0NE _ELSE 2 months ago

    Hey, may I ask you what's the parrots name like is it ringneck or what? Please answer I love you 💖

  • Candace Swanson
    Candace Swanson 2 months ago +3

    Archie seriously just makes my whole day. You too of course. 😘

  • Alex Khan
    Alex Khan 2 months ago

    Omg, we have the same name! The parrot is so cute, I actually love the color of his brushes and that James Charles palette looks bomb! 💗💜💖

  • Payton Cheek
    Payton Cheek 2 months ago

    Ever you river that does giveaways you always have to follow them on Instagram or snapchat and some people can't do that witch is sad

  • katieleighmakeup
    katieleighmakeup 2 months ago

    When does the giveaway end?

  • aHandfullOfSoup Cosplays

    I'm usually not someone who is about brand named makeup or 'special' eyeshadow, but I LOVE the James Charles palette. I do a lot of costuming in Cosplay, so I need colors and pigmented eye shadows especially in reds and pinks and purples and blues and blacks, and THIS palette is one I ACTUALLY enjoy. I love the colors and I love the pigmentation. And I'm hard to please.........

  • Bethany Rimann
    Bethany Rimann 2 months ago

    Just found your channel, loved the video!

  • Shannon Stepp
    Shannon Stepp 2 months ago

    OMG I love love love your bird. I just found your Channel a couple days ago and I am so happy I did. I think you're great at doing makeup, better than me 🤓 Oh yeah, I'm not happy with Morphe at all. I ordered the Jeffree Star brush set from morphe on Feb 8th & they DOUBLE CHARGED ME & I never got my brushes, my foundation, my js beauty blenders & setting spray. It was almost $200. I hate that store.. BTW I'm 46. I only said that cause you said you looked like a 40 year old 😏 anywho I really like your content &.the brushes I've been wondering about those as well, if they were the same cause I couldn't afford js brushes. I got that$$ for my birthday. Ok, I'm done🤓😂😂😂

  • Angela Drummond
    Angela Drummond 2 months ago

    Archie is absolutely gorgeous! A great video would be if he picked your makeup! 🐦💄! Jim carrying that foundation was sooo funny! I am dying to try the brushes aswell as that palette unfortunately there a bit out my price range. This was a great video! Archie makes a great co host and assistant. ❤️🐦