Hannah B Gives Chris Harrison A Hometown Date! | The Bachelorette US

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Chris Harrison heads to Hannah B's hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see what life is like for our next Bachelorette!
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    Season: 15 Episode: 0
    Bachelorette: Hannah Brown
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Comments • 220

  • john wick
    john wick 16 days ago

    I love Roll tide... but i don't trust the people in Alabama.

  • Kayla Michelle
    Kayla Michelle 20 days ago

    hannah is such a relatable bachelorette and she doesn't try to hard, and she's just really likeable.

  • Bété You
    Bété You 25 days ago

    I love Anna she nice humble and fun!!!

  • Cess Cess
    Cess Cess 26 days ago

    Mahussler Nani ameona job advert Kwa mlango ya restaurant. +254

  • Jiarui Ye
    Jiarui Ye 29 days ago +1

    she sounds like a country star

  • K T
    K T 29 days ago

    They are so cute I wish she would choose him

  • Jewel Thompson
    Jewel Thompson Month ago +1

    I think both should get marry instead of hidden in the dark.

  • Eye. stupid Benny Spy

    In the end she is going to pick Chris...he is hot for her...he is the reason she is on the show this year.

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith Month ago +1

    Why do I love this so much lol

  • Ta
    Ta Month ago

    She must be the queen of the town now.

  • Rosemary
    Rosemary Month ago

    Thanks for sharing this video, its appreciated. Congratulations

  • Vanessa T
    Vanessa T Month ago

    I'm not gonna lie at first I didn't like her being the bachelorette, but after seeing this she is really down to earth and keeps it real.

  • Gracie Bray
    Gracie Bray Month ago

    Hannah B is the representation of obnoxious people from fukn Alabama

  • Len baoc
    Len baoc Month ago

    not all of i watch that smiling makes me smile, but hannah does.I can sense her purity, i love her total package.May she find the right guy.Sorry to say this, but the two of you look good together, just saying..

  • Nam 23
    Nam 23 Month ago

    she's so fake .. lord have mercy

  • Robin Prestridge
    Robin Prestridge Month ago

    Amie Dodd! Your hubby was in the video!

  • Shriya Khanna
    Shriya Khanna Month ago +8

    What kills me the most about this video is that Chris thinks Joey Fatone was a Backstreet Boy...

  • mary impercies
    mary impercies Month ago

    They look so good

  • Jaclyn
    Jaclyn Month ago +6

    Kinda get a weird vibe from this...looks like Chris has a little crush! haha

  • Nikki Thompson
    Nikki Thompson Month ago

    Joey isn't a Backstreet Boy. Lol 😁

  • Mereiza Garcia
    Mereiza Garcia Month ago +1

    They make a great couple he needs someone too!

  • PS
    PS Month ago

    What aside from country ham, eggs and biscuits are they eating?

  • Mallory Hendrickson

    Wait how does she know Joey fatone

  • thestaceofspade
    thestaceofspade Month ago +1

    I ship her with chris

  • Patricia Singh
    Patricia Singh Month ago +1

    Hanna b worst choice for BACHELORETTE, wish it was CAELYN....

  • Haha Huhu
    Haha Huhu Month ago

    I have no reason but I wish I would watch other bachelorette this season. I have a neutral feeling
    no hate/no like.

  • The Jevi
    The Jevi Month ago +1

    This video is here to clear up any doubt fans had especially after what caelynn said about her on the bachelor, and my friends she is awesome and I love her. Chris does a good job here of showing she's great.

  • Addie Mack
    Addie Mack Month ago +2

    My baby picture is in that restaurant because my dad coaches there and Hannah used to babysit me

  • get a life
    get a life Month ago +1

    It's funny how she can talk and make conversation maybe it was just Colton she couldn't talk with?

  • TheMamspoker mamp
    TheMamspoker mamp Month ago

    The men need to know that Hannah will look like her mother in 10 years or so. If they are okay with that, then go for it dudes! But she's not my taste .. and strange for me to say this, she actually smiles TOO much.

  • Dwayne Bontrager
    Dwayne Bontrager Month ago +1

    I love you Hannah❤

  • Vanessa St Louis
    Vanessa St Louis Month ago

    Am so in love with her accent.

  • Jimmy Carolina
    Jimmy Carolina Month ago

    Her legs & butt could start WW3. Also, Chris seems like a great guy. I’d make a complete ass out of myself, within five minutes, if I had been in his shoes during this video.

  • Casey Lemoine
    Casey Lemoine Month ago

    I can't wait for Monday night. Hannah seems to be the best bachelorette in a long time. Now I won't say RTR BUT I WILL SAY GEAUX TIGERS (LSU)!!!

  • Ashley Hope
    Ashley Hope Month ago

    So ready for this!!

  • Eula Kaye
    Eula Kaye Month ago

    bAcK sTrEeT b0y??!!!!

  • Nicole Lollipops
    Nicole Lollipops Month ago +2

    Southern girls are the very bestest 💗😝

  • Alexis Bentley
    Alexis Bentley Month ago +5

    I love Hannah! lol and Su-su means something completely different in a lot* of languages around the world hahaha...I'd stick to calling that sweet lady just- Sue.

  • G Money
    G Money Month ago +1

    I like that she doesn’t impress anyone. She’s like I’m messy. So what. Of course when you share your life later, that won’t be the case. But she’s gold!!

  • MsJustJenna
    MsJustJenna Month ago +4

    I think Chris has a bit of crush on our Hannah...

    • Sarah Drake
      Sarah Drake Month ago +1

      Me too and I wasn’t even looking for it.

  • Jessica Joanne
    Jessica Joanne Month ago +3

    Definitely should pick Chris haha

  • a m
    a m Month ago

    i hope chris doesn’t like her...he’s too old for her you guys, i mean cmon 😂

  • P.S.ItsApril
    P.S.ItsApril Month ago +10

    The way Chris looks at Hannah when they are talking to her dance instructor is gold.

  • Brenda Esparza
    Brenda Esparza Month ago

    I’m excited for Hanna’s season. She’s so cute and fun.

  • Beautiful Life
    Beautiful Life Month ago

    The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are always wealthy😉She is a spoil little brat😼

  • Athenas Nova
    Athenas Nova Month ago +20

    Why is she so cute I can’t handle

  • Rose Thompson
    Rose Thompson Month ago +1

    Chris Harrison likes hannah as person, outside like a eldest brother or a dad for her..his favourite,.. Shes real

  • J T
    J T Month ago +6

    I love her accent "RammaJammers" she says it so cool.

  • Mario Vautrin
    Mario Vautrin Month ago

    Hannah ..... choose wise , choose wise :-)

  • Alyssa Pastore
    Alyssa Pastore Month ago +41

    Honestly...I’d LOVE to see a plot twist where one of the women pick Chris Harrison...

  • Nikki D
    Nikki D Month ago +9

    I think every young girl should be raised like her ! This how a community should be ! She is such a solid person. God bless 🙏

  • Jayne Karinova
    Jayne Karinova Month ago +6

    If bachelor producers visited my hometown and started asking about me, they’d either get met with “Uh, who??” Or “Never really liked her.” Lol this is why introverts don’t really make for good reality tv.

  • john lones
    john lones Month ago +3

    Hannah picks Chris harrison

  • Leah Guillory
    Leah Guillory Month ago +1

    She’s so cute!

  • Bonnie Bryan
    Bonnie Bryan Month ago +1

    3:45 omg is it not so obvious he LOVES HER?!?!

    • Jayne Karinova
      Jayne Karinova Month ago

      Bonnie Bryan 🤣 stop lol. Chris has gotten to know tons of beautiful women over the years and has always remained a professional. He ain’t gonna bend for Hannah B lol. Besides, isn’t he with Lauren Zima? 🤔

  • Iki n
    Iki n Month ago +19

    Chris such a gentleman opening the doors and all. They would make a good couple 🤗

  • Brian Scott
    Brian Scott Month ago

    Love Hannah G. Chris is a disturbed man. I hope Hannah finds someone.

  • champagne mami
    champagne mami Month ago

    hannah hasn’t aged damn i didn’t look like that as a teen oh wait i’m a teen...

  • champagne mami
    champagne mami Month ago

    based off of the analysis of the trailer i think she’ll end up with jed/jedd and tyler will be that bachelor MARK MY WORDS

    • J T
      J T Month ago

      Ok your on! Lets make a bet, where do I find the guys profiles?

  • Andikate Williams
    Andikate Williams Month ago

    I live right by her and ramma Jammas is my fav everrrr

  • Krystal D
    Krystal D Month ago +8

    Chris Has some sexiness going on! I'd pick him!

  • Jackie Mccrorey
    Jackie Mccrorey Month ago +1

    Lol I like Chris and her together too I know he’s dating that other girl but wow that’s too funny🥰😅

  • Alise
    Alise Month ago +2

    Southern Baptist? Ok to hore around with 30 men!

  • Anna D
    Anna D Month ago +12

    Maybe it will be most shocking in B history when she picks CH❤

  • Shani Pottinger
    Shani Pottinger Month ago +1

    Is she wearing a bag?

  • Madison Rose
    Madison Rose Month ago +5

    Hannah is such a genuine sweetheart. So happy she’s the bachelorette and I hope she finds her happy ending.

  • Sophia K
    Sophia K Month ago +4

    Am I the only one who wants her to date Chris Harrison lmaoo

    • Rebecca Cross
      Rebecca Cross Month ago

      I don’t know if he’s good enough for her 😝 but there is undeniable chemistry. I could see them being great friends long after the show

    • Jayne Karinova
      Jayne Karinova Month ago

      I don’t think he’s contractually allowed to do that lol. If he ever did he’d have to keep it on the low for real.

    • Anaeis Boghzian
      Anaeis Boghzian Month ago +1

      Sophia K yes and no

  • Judah Neese
    Judah Neese Month ago +1

    Lauren is QUAKING

  • Chris Cook
    Chris Cook Month ago +1

    there's a love match already! lol

  • Alaina Segovia
    Alaina Segovia Month ago +3

    Chris needs to be the bachelor!

  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates Month ago +7

    "Of course you did" lol! I said that too. So cute

  • Miss damarii
    Miss damarii Month ago +5

    Hannah B. Makes me smile all the time. 😁 I’m so happy watching her.

  • Gabrielle Desouter
    Gabrielle Desouter Month ago

    Wow 😮 so sweet I r my favorite bachelorette so far! U r so real and beautiful ❤️

  • zoe g
    zoe g Month ago

    Joey Fatone is NSYNC lol

  • dlovesyoutube
    dlovesyoutube Month ago +1

    Joey fatone was in NSYNC not BSB... Come on Chris.!!! hehehe

  • Jessica Lyngkhoi
    Jessica Lyngkhoi Month ago +1

    I love her dress and her jacket

    • J T
      J T Month ago

      Yea I was thinking the same thing modest dress. The jacket and heels made a touch of class.

  • jillys art on youtube art

    Heart of dixie had a rammer jammer,,,

  • Mara Willman
    Mara Willman Month ago

    I loved this!!!!!

  • Controllered YT
    Controllered YT Month ago +3

    Why did Chris go through her clothes lol. Weird

  • Kathy Victoria
    Kathy Victoria Month ago +10

    🤦🏽‍♀️Joey fatone is from N Sync not BSB. Oh Chris my heart just broke

  • Drucilla Smith
    Drucilla Smith Month ago

    Love you Hanna ! Can’t wait to watch your journey!

  • Drucilla Smith
    Drucilla Smith Month ago +13

    I think Hanna and Chris will make a good couple

    • Nasus Yad
      Nasus Yad Month ago +1

      I agree and noticed some chemistry before I read the comments ! Nice twist

  • Mitchell Mahoney
    Mitchell Mahoney Month ago +22


  • Bcdf 1930
    Bcdf 1930 Month ago +5

    It took so long for Hannah to just put on an extra coat after Chris came! And did her dad cut even one strand of hair from Chris's head? Does not look scripted at all! Lol!

    • Ananya
      Ananya Month ago +1

      @Jayne Karinova lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jayne Karinova
      Jayne Karinova Month ago +2

      Bcdf 1930 producers probably said “if you mess up one hair on his precious head this whole thing is off.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • zoe g
      zoe g Month ago +1

      Yeah that's not a high and tight cut lol

  • Minh Phung
    Minh Phung Month ago +77

    I have a feeling Chris Harrison really likes Hannah as a person, i don't see that with every other bachelor or bachelorett; like i don't think he like Kaitlyn, Becca, Arie, Nick, even Rachel very much

    • G Money
      G Money Month ago

      Kaitlyn was an idiot when I met her. But Kaitlyn did say in a pod cast how she was going to take it slow after Sean break up and you can tell Kaitlyn has a lot of self reflection. Kaitlyn has improved. Like Kaitlyn is willing to get to know herself. That is a good indicator you’re being responsible for you.

    • Tiffany Daniel
      Tiffany Daniel Month ago +4

      He and Kaitlyn are actually very close friends.

  • wickedly4
    wickedly4 Month ago

    This is dumb.

  • Silia Hasia
    Silia Hasia Month ago

    Chris, this is so overrated we need something new.

  • Kali Lane
    Kali Lane Month ago +1

    Omg I ship them!!!!

  • Tasha
    Tasha Month ago +2

    How old is she again? 23?

    • Jayne Karinova
      Jayne Karinova Month ago

      Too young for Bachelorette imo, but I’ll give her a chance I guess 🥴

    • Country Girl
      Country Girl Month ago

      Tasha she turned 24 while filming Colton’s season!

    • Tabitha Johnston
      Tabitha Johnston Month ago

      24. www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Who-New-Bachelorette-2019-45895995

  • JM
    JM Month ago +4

    I love her! Can't wait for her season to begin!♡

  • Angel Wu
    Angel Wu Month ago +7

    she has the sweetest smile :)

  • Jwala J
    Jwala J Month ago +1

    This girl is real!

  • Jia Yue
    Jia Yue Month ago +1

    Hanna is such a sincere and sweet person. Love her!

  • Phuong Vo
    Phuong Vo Month ago +32

    She is shy but she is real ,not acting like the others girls

    • Lavenue Cc
      Lavenue Cc Month ago

      @Lulu maybe shy isnt the right word but I get what they mean. It's more like a coyness.

    • Lulu
      Lulu Month ago

      Phuong Vo how is she shy

  • melrose795
    melrose795 Month ago +12

    I love her personality.. She is strong and well spoken and seems like a lot of fun!

  • Gabriella Dallas
    Gabriella Dallas Month ago +9

    Joey Fatone is from Nsync Chris ! 😂😂

  • LeeDizzle
    LeeDizzle Month ago +7

    Aww what a supportive Dad! So sweet.

  • A K
    A K Month ago +17

    She’s adorable and yet has a strong 💪 woman quality to her!! They should do this with every bachelorette and bachelor.

  • Whosur Caddy
    Whosur Caddy Month ago +255

    He’s like a second dad to her lol you can tell he genuinely likes her as a person

  • Mariah Mclean
    Mariah Mclean Month ago +6

    It's really hard to take her seriously because she comes off as such an airhead/ditz.

    • Ny Nuon
      Ny Nuon Month ago +1

      Mariah Mclean Its not that serious, this is The Bachelorette.