Nigella Lawson's Tom Yum Soup | Nigella Bites

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Nigella shows us how to make one of her favourite temple foods, Tom Yum soup with prawns and mushrooms.
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  • Hibiscus Angel
    Hibiscus Angel 8 days ago

    That’s how I do it too !

  • Your awesome
    Your awesome Month ago

    My Thai friend made this for me once but in her way. She used coconut milk, no coriander and added lime in the end. She also added enoki mushrooms and squid. It was so friggen good

  • halfthefiber
    halfthefiber 2 months ago

    I love how she switches from using a soup spoon to a ladle when she tastes the Tom Yum.

  • TheThelandofsmiles
    TheThelandofsmiles 3 months ago

    Fish sauce is used to add saltyness.......not sour 🤔

    BRYAN BELSHAW 4 months ago

    Not even close.

  • Hassan Musa
    Hassan Musa 6 months ago

    This is KL Malaysia,
    Nigella, I don't know you like Durian or not but I would love to see how Durian porridge is made.
    It is Durian paste +coconut milk +baked green beans +brown sugar
    and pandan leaves for added fragrance.
    Mmmm lovely, I have not been to paradise. BYE !

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King 6 months ago +5

    Beware of the man who does not partake of soup. There is no more communal meal. Name me another meal that epitomizes convalescence. Show me another dish that is an instant comforter. To turn away soup is to announce yourself to the village as a destroyer.

  • randy lalrinsanga
    randy lalrinsanga 8 months ago +1

    Looks absolutely delicious...

  • mark tony lindo
    mark tony lindo 10 months ago +6

    SHE like a beautiful witch with lots of spells lol

  • Ytanythinggoes
    Ytanythinggoes 10 months ago +7

    The chilli is hot but she is most definitely hotter . Lovely Tom yum 🥣 😋

  • Jon West Sr
    Jon West Sr Year ago +1

    Phew!! Nigella cd feed me hot fried goat turds, and I wouldn't bat an eye.

  • Pinkishini
    Pinkishini Year ago +9

    team this with hot rice and omelette - heaven

  • jaymee ningthemcha
    jaymee ningthemcha Year ago +2

    Does mushrooms cook that soon?

    • but ton
      but ton 8 months ago

      Mushrooms are nice raw, they don't lose their earthy flavour

    • dojomojo27
      dojomojo27 9 months ago +1

      jaymee ningthemcha you cook them to whatever texture you want. She specifically said it’s a barely cooked fresh dish, plus they continue cooking off the heat.

    • halfthefiber
      halfthefiber 10 months ago +1

      It doesn't. It needs longer to actually cook, but then again, Nigella has added raw mushrooms in a dish (recipe is called linguine with lemon, thyme, and mushrooms) in the past.

  • June Mark Madrio
    June Mark Madrio Year ago +2

    i love Tom Yum and this is not it. lol.

  • gakingsnake
    gakingsnake Year ago

    Can you do this topless?

    • but ton
      but ton 8 months ago

      You need a drink of water

  • MsFus08
    MsFus08 Year ago

    What is the thing in the jar?

    • dojomojo27
      dojomojo27 9 months ago

      MsFus08 don’t you people have ears? 🙄

    • Melody Mel
      Melody Mel Year ago

      Tom yum paste..

  • waleed A
    waleed A Year ago

    Oh Hell NO thai and i don't approve this ..lime should be last thing to add so it wont cook and taste better ..No coriander it will mess up the limon grass and lime leafs aroma 🚫

    • dojomojo27
      dojomojo27 9 months ago

      waleed A she didn’t use lemongrass. People can make their own versions of shit ya know and it still be called the same dish

    • June Mark Madrio
      June Mark Madrio Year ago

      lol. i know right! Im not thai though, im Filipino. i myself cook tom yum every now and then but this just wrong. lol

  • Darmok
    Darmok Year ago +13

    Your voice is ambrosia; and cooking as elegant as your diction. I could listen to a monologue of the growth of carpet fibers were you the narrator. (I might just become a good cook yet). Oft I find myself looking for soup and shellfish recipes, here we have them joined, and this certainly sounds appetizing.

  • Joshua James Yap
    Joshua James Yap Year ago

    I'd still bang Nigella! Large tits!

  • M
    M Year ago

    Has anybody ever made this and would like to give brief feedback on how you thought it tasted?

  • Lee Flesher
    Lee Flesher Year ago +8

    Why are you so aggressive when you cook????? Like calm down and stop throwing everything

    • Ron Si
      Ron Si 6 months ago

      Lee Flesher Bitch. Stop. Otherwise she’s going to throw nutella on you!!

    • chany
      chany 11 months ago

      Frog Woman lol...

    • De’Wanna Glow
      De’Wanna Glow Year ago +8

      Lee Flesher you’re annoying.

    • MsFus08
      MsFus08 Year ago +2

      Lee Flesher I think in these series she is trying to portrait a working mother that just needs something easy (without bother to measure and cut perfectly) but also delicious not just frozen pizza. She is all about mKing coocking easy for the modern sorking mother class

  • openskies11
    openskies11 Year ago +5

    Made this MANY times. Helped me through many a hangover. :)

  • Tom Sparks
    Tom Sparks Year ago +9

    Having battled lemongrass in soups as fibrously inedible, it will behoove you to wrap it in cheesecloth, same with the Kaffir lime leaves. Still imparts the flavor. Galangal is also part of the "Thai Trinity" of flavors. I love this soup. It can be done with chicken, too.

  • Madeha Yasmeen
    Madeha Yasmeen Year ago +1

    U didn't add corn flour n salt?

  • crimsonspice72
    crimsonspice72 Year ago

    I know what I'm having for dinner tonight

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin Year ago +1

    Should be called Yum yum soup 8-)

  • Gary Henzler
    Gary Henzler Year ago +3

    It looks wonderful, I'll have to make a batch once Pittsburgh gets hit with snow and ice. I don't care much for mushrooms, so I'd probably substitute bok choy.

    • dojomojo27
      dojomojo27 9 months ago

      Gary Henzler me too go Shitsburgh!

    • Jamie Marsh
      Jamie Marsh Year ago

      Gary Henzler watching from the Burgh as well ☺

  • Par N
    Par N Year ago

    Yummi soup. Yummi Nigella :P

  • Jeneral28
    Jeneral28 Year ago


  • vandana chandra
    vandana chandra Year ago +1


  • Carrie Hampton
    Carrie Hampton Year ago +44

    I love that you are posting these clips from Nigella Bites ---- that series will always be my favorite cooking show series of all time. It's my go too. To this day! XO

  • Cynthia Huffman
    Cynthia Huffman Year ago


  • Khiry Palmer
    Khiry Palmer Year ago +1

    Nigella!! You’re amazing!!

  • Thomas van Dun
    Thomas van Dun Year ago +15

    Only wonder how it works with the lemongrass and spring onions being cut identically and being left in the soup though only the spring onions are edible

    • L P
      L P Year ago +3

      I was just about to say the same thing. Maybe put the lemongrass in cheesecloth, therefore giving off its flavor without having to fish it out of each bite of soup?

  • Nocturne22
    Nocturne22 Year ago +28

    If this was something uploaded onto a modern food channel, 90% of the comments would be snarling at Nigella daring to use bottled stock concentrate and jarred flavor base

    • halfthefiber
      halfthefiber 2 months ago

      Nigella would probably look at them and say, "Ok...and your point?"

    • Babicka Fantastica
      Babicka Fantastica 9 months ago +5

      Nigella was always about affordable everyday quick cooking. 90% of normal people use canned/ jarred sauces and seasonings.

  • Giorgia
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  • ibtesaam chaudhary
    ibtesaam chaudhary Year ago +6

    Really missed you.

  • Mark boy
    Mark boy Year ago +1


  • maurice
    maurice Year ago


  • Suzie the Foodie
    Suzie the Foodie Year ago +2

    This has my name written all over it!!! Except for the chillies. You are a beast with heat Nigella. I wish I was as tough as you are to the spices of life!

    • Pritam Bhattacharjee
      Pritam Bhattacharjee 10 months ago

      To me, as an Indian, with only that much 'heat', this is like dessert😂

  • Cliff Allen
    Cliff Allen Year ago

    Hi Nigella ❤
    That soup looks so good, but, not as good as you!
    I wish I had some right now!

  • royal alajily
    royal alajily Year ago +1