How To Save On Used Gear and Find Good Deals - Part 1

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
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    Are you on a tight budget but don't want to buy garbage gear?
    Don't worry, I've got you covered and will show you how to save a lot of money when it comes to purchasing backpacking gear.
    In this episode, this is all about USED gear, how to find the deals and where to find them at. In the next episode, we will discuss new gear and how and where to find the deals.
    Remember, a good used piece of gear is better than a new bad piece of gear.
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Comments • 137

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  8 months ago +47

    Who is ready for a snowy winter cabin overnight adventure?
    - Luke

    • kyle fisher22
      kyle fisher22 8 months ago

      God... you need to update your lighting in your office...

    • Survival of the Fittest
      Survival of the Fittest 8 months ago

      Id like to see that.

    • miaminarc
      miaminarc 8 months ago

      Hell yes , on the over night Adventure !!

      Scott Baine TWISTED_KEEL_ADVENTURES 8 months ago

      Excellent tips for gear purchasing, thanks Luke for sharing

    • Howard Crowe
      Howard Crowe 8 months ago

      TheOutdoorGearReview Luke have you ever wrote a book ? Have you ever been to Maine? And when are you coming to Maine

  • Derek R Watson
    Derek R Watson 3 months ago

    In a word, eBay...

  • SwissArmy1984
    SwissArmy1984 7 months ago

    What military surplus sites do you look at? The quality of a lot of military surplus is just as good if not superior to many commercial brands. And you can get very, very good prices. Not just some fake percent discount below an already insane original price (Fjallraven at $200? No way - I've got a top quality German Army gortex jacket for $40). Sites I've used for military surplus and gotten incredible deals are , , and

  • Jeff Richards
    Jeff Richards 8 months ago

    Thanks for the info Luke, much appreciated.

  • SLC Outdoors
    SLC Outdoors 8 months ago

    Why don’t you like rei?

  • Robert Ewbank
    Robert Ewbank 8 months ago

    I always find good gear at military surplus or online and and a good price....also watching your show saved me time and money trying to find the right gear......

  • gliderrider
    gliderrider 8 months ago +1

    If walmart don't got it, we don't need it! That's what my daddy use to say. LOL Just wanted to make you laugh.

    • SwissArmy1984
      SwissArmy1984 7 months ago

      Keep away from the tents that are not 4 season. Those don't have a rainfly. I will say, though, that once in a while they'll have a pretty good 4 season one at a very reasonable price. Got a 2-person for $35 and last year got a one person for $30 (they don't sell this one any more).

    • Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs
      Enjoying The Sun 577-Jersey Customs 8 months ago

      Wally has alot of good shit,just stay away from their tents.

  • Below Average Hiker
    Below Average Hiker 8 months ago

    Great info! Thanks for the tips!

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 8 months ago

    Excellent topic with good info! Thanks

  • Osborn Outdoors
    Osborn Outdoors 8 months ago

    I picked up from ECWCS Gen 3 pants on eBay after watching your video. Can’t wait to try them out on late season hunts next year. Way, way cheaper than the hunting brand alternative.

  • Reg Billeter
    Reg Billeter 8 months ago

    Luke, another great video. I love the budget theme, there are so many people who dont get the chance to explore the outdoors, as they are intimidated by the price of the gear. Keep up the great work

  • Tan N
    Tan N 8 months ago

    you didn't go into your rant about REI. But they do have their "Tent sales" which sometimes you can score a great deal

  • Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

    If you need a lot of gear Moosejaw is great. They have sales periodically where you can get over 40% back in reward points, and you can combien that with a site called ActiveJunky to get over 10% cash back. On their black friday sale, I effectively got 62% back on all my stuff I bought

  • Jon Peeler
    Jon Peeler 8 months ago

    My bachelor party will be the foothills trail in sc this may. have you done it? any tips?

  • Signs of a Story
    Signs of a Story 8 months ago

    I miss something about millitary surplus gear. As an alternative.

  • Deep South New Zealand
    Deep South New Zealand 8 months ago

    facebooks marketplace is good these days too and sometimes they are close enough to be able to pick up

  • Absolute Veteran
    Absolute Veteran 8 months ago

    Good stuff as always man! You can also hit up your friendly neighborhood service member and buy off their extra crap 👍😎

  • Jeffrey Reardon
    Jeffrey Reardon 8 months ago

    Great useful advice. Especially for me. I am getting ready to try outdoor camping after a long hiatus from it. Thanks Luke. Jeff, Boston.

  • Leo C
    Leo C 8 months ago

    The app offer up is by far the best place for me to find new/used gear even cheaper than ebay. People who usually sell there not knowing what they have or not caring about how cheap they're selling it. Would recommend first before ebay.

  • Caleb_The.Filmer
    Caleb_The.Filmer 8 months ago

    Why do you not support REI?

  • Chris Cumming
    Chris Cumming 8 months ago

    Subscribed to you're channel yesterday watched 3 off your vids already,use to do a lot of camping when was kid but it's been a while,this year I've bought a lot of stuff already and going to get out in nature again (can't wait) already learned a lot from just u off three of your videos,can't wait to learn more, keep up the good work buddy we all appreciate it 👏🏻👍🏻

  • The stepping stone experiment.

    I just purchased a brand new baltoro 65L on campsaver for $183 plus free shipping.

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 8 months ago

    Hey, thanks for the vid. I haven't bought a second hand tent but didn't hesitate for other stuff. Heavy duty goretex layers, pack, down jacket, double boots... and 1/4 to 1/3 of full price for solid stuff. Aldi has provided all my merino layers and they're good. Ebay for polyprop stuff including layers, thin gloves, beanies. And around half the showroom retail price. WP hiking shoes from Amazon and zero issues. I paid out for the mattress and sleeping bags but bought them when reduced.
    Nice point about alerts. And the big thing I've learned in recent years for basically everything is to get your head around the topic over time. Scope for flights regularly and get tips from those free emails likes Scotts cheap flights. You'll get much better flights for like half price. Read hiking sites, watch ebay prices and catch some YT vids. Over time you build up an idea of what is what. And this is only slightly about prices. You learn a lot of stuff from little things people say that send you off googling. We need local shops and I buy stuff from them regularly. But by thinking ahead and maintaining an interest, it has been ages since I paid full price for anything.

  • James Williams
    James Williams 8 months ago

    Luke that is a great review and new insights of purchasing used backpacking products. Another camping gear source are local Goodwill and Goodwill warehouses, if you're persistent individual sometimes named gear camping products come available at low discounted prices there.

  • Raymasseyus
    Raymasseyus 8 months ago

    I'm searching but I can't find the second half of this.

  • TJ Ellis
    TJ Ellis 8 months ago

    Luke BuyWalker....ebay Jedi-master.

  • Starscreamlive
    Starscreamlive 8 months ago

    Thanks for the tips, Luke, even if the flicker in this video was almost trigger inducing. 😂

  • Doug Evans
    Doug Evans 8 months ago

    Sorry if already mentioned but there are several good gear swap groups on Facebook. Also there are "For Sale" forums on HammockForums and WhiteBlaze sites.

  • Buffy 1114
    Buffy 1114 8 months ago

    Could you do more army navy etc surplus gear

  • Greg Wicks
    Greg Wicks 8 months ago

    I guess you will always have the haters with the thumbs down! Lol Great info.

  • Mark Stanton
    Mark Stanton 8 months ago

    Check out

  • Robert Goodman
    Robert Goodman 8 months ago

    If I can thank you for at least one thing Luke, it's that you introduce me and I'm sure many others to new brands (brand names) that we never knew of before and can't find at our local REI or EMS or similar outdoor gear and sporting goods stores. For one, you introduced me to the brand "Fjallraven." With all the well known brands like Patagonia, North Face, Keen, Arc'teryx, Smartwool, Columbia, and dozens more, and not to forget REI's own store brand, it's great to learn about a brand that might be either "that much better" for spending just a bit more or even the same amount of money or, better yet, that much less. I've always been of the philosophy that "If you're going to spend a lot of money on something, spend a little more and get what you really want." With few non-memorable exceptions, I think that I've always been happy with my choice. My other philosophy has always been to go with trusted sources that do excellent reviews of products such as "Consumer Reports," for example. Please continue to suggesting all these great sites to purchase various used and new products.
    Also, please continue to introducing us to new brands in addition to "Fjallraven" because I'm sure this would be very welcome by your viewers.
    A final suggestion would be to give us your personal review on outdoor gear review websites besides your own that do various kinds of in the field and in the laboratory scientific examinations of the products similar to "Consumer Reports." For sure it's great to see a product used in the field, but it also would be helpful (perhaps more so for us "tech geeks") to know "what's behind the product," how it was designed, the materialized used, the intention behind those materials, and whether they actually work as described, e.g. explaining the science behind various outdoor gear materials.
    For the record, I'm not a backpacker. At most, I'm a local hiker into my nearby parks here in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I do a lot of outdoor walking and some bicycling.
    But where I spend the most of my free time and where I use all of my outdoor gear (all purchased at REI) is in working with and riding horses in my own riding lessons, volunteering with a therapeutic riding program, and sometimes volunteering with a horse rescue facility. I spend a lot of my free time since I was 12 years old (I'm now 51) outdoors in the extreme cold to the extreme heat, from rainy and stormy weather to snowy and sleety weather, from carefully stepping through thick mud that can easily pull off a loosely laced boot to standing and walking in 30 to 50 mph gusts that can blow off a brimmed hat or chill my bones while trying to get horses out of a pasture, and walking and standing on the cold ground and frigid concrete floors in the winter to dry and dusty riding arenas in the summer. When I ride, I can burn A LOT of calories and can stay warm in the winter. Layering up is essential here. But standing around or walking (even running) around a frigid barn or riding arena will make my bones cold. So having your reviews and introduction to new products really helps me to know "what else" is out there to make me more comfortable and more efficient and effective in my sport. Thanks!

  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill 8 months ago

    Great video, great tips. Please don't use LED lighting on video, it made the video difficult to watch.

  • TheKei42
    TheKei42 8 months ago

    Man you're looking pretty tired here in this video.

  • Michael Lindsey
    Michael Lindsey 8 months ago

    You seemed to be down on REI. I just recently discovered them in my area. Would love to get your opinion.

  • Todd Johnston
    Todd Johnston 8 months ago

    Like you do a Vlog on Chinese knock-offs and see how much quality it really has.

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 8 months ago

    What’s up Luke ? I would also really like to know what your issue is with REI or the full story. Thanks again brother

  • mark millham
    mark millham 8 months ago

    Really would like to hear from YOU Luke on REI. Politics aside i have had good experience with them

  • carmas54
    carmas54 8 months ago

    Great video

  • 21trips
    21trips 8 months ago

    What’s wrong with REI?

  • Julian Patterson
    Julian Patterson 8 months ago

    What are some good budget backing boots

  • Kari Gluth
    Kari Gluth 8 months ago

    Zpacks have deals sometimes right at their site

  • A Jaunt With Joy
    A Jaunt With Joy 8 months ago

    Thanks so much for putting this video out! I've been needing to do a complete gear overhaul and get all new items, but pricey new products will eat away at my adventure budget. I'll totally be spending the next few hours on these websites now lol. Can't wait for part 2.

  • andresta2you
    andresta2you 8 months ago

    Hey man, love your videos! Thank you

  • Wordsmyth8
    Wordsmyth8 8 months ago

    These sites are OK for clothing as long as you are average size, but I've never had any luck whatsoever finding outdoor clothing - which is quite expensive to buy new - on these kind of sites. I'm always disappointed. I also think it's harder to find women's outdoor technical clothing, in general.

  • Rudy O
    Rudy O 8 months ago +1

    Dang" Luke' Grizzly adams.......

  • James Donlan
    James Donlan 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for the tip in the video Luke I have been looking for good gear for cheap great deals☝️👍👌👏

  • Jungle Jim Outdoors
    Jungle Jim Outdoors 8 months ago +1

    Another awesome vid, learned a lot and shopping now 👍🤙🍻

  • Eric Rosbottom
    Eric Rosbottom 8 months ago +1

    I scored a Osprey volt 75L brand new for 50% off free shipping! Thanks Cool Hand

    • John Hogan
      John Hogan 8 months ago

      No man can eat that many eggs.

  • Drifus
    Drifus 8 months ago

    Yeah, my requested episode aired! Thanks Luke !

  • scott anthony
    scott anthony 8 months ago +1

    Hello Luke, thank you for the tip on getting gear on a budget, I appreciate all the hard work you put into making these videos, have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and your Family always. 🇺🇸☕️🔥

  • lexington476
    lexington476 8 months ago

    Why don't you like REI?

    • panzerabwerkanone
      panzerabwerkanone 8 months ago +1

      They are anti-gun. They stopped carrying gear from any brands that had any connection to shooting, guns, ammo or pro-gun groups like the NRA.

  • Dan
    Dan 8 months ago

    on ebay always check the buy it now priced equipment also. I've seen time you can buy now cheaper than getting involved with a bidding war. Just my experience

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 8 months ago

    STP FTW, been buyin from STP for over 25 years w/no probs

  • Zeljko Tomic
    Zeljko Tomic 8 months ago

    Great and very usefull video, as usual! Thanks for that, Luke

  • Norsefalconer
    Norsefalconer 8 months ago

    Definitely buy used, or borrow, until you know what you want/need, or decide Backpacking, Snowshoeing, Moto/Car camping, or whatever, is something you really want to do. After that, it makes more sense to buy new. Use brick and mortar places like REI, Dicks, Gander Mt., Bass Pro Shop, etc to try on things, and /or see them in person, even if, or maybe because, you don't want to support them. Example: We went in Gander Mt to check out some waders. The store wouldn't honor the company's internet price, so we had them shipped site-to-store for free.

  • Ronnie Shackleford
    Ronnie Shackleford 8 months ago

    Why don't you support REI?

    • panzerabwerkanone
      panzerabwerkanone 8 months ago +2

      After the Parkland, FL school shooting REI and MEC said they would no longer offer products from brands that had any connection to shooting, guns or ammo. Basically they hate guns and the NRA. Being a member of the NRA, GOA and having served twenty years in the military defending the US Constitution I find I can no longer give my money to REI.

  • Wandering Aloud With Mark

    Yeah I have had some good experiences and one bad one at rei.

  • ben rusnak
    ben rusnak 8 months ago

    Usually with ebay the price only matters on the last ten minutes of the deal because it usually sky rockets around that moment

  • Andrea Wunderlich
    Andrea Wunderlich 8 months ago

    I still have two expensive and important items on my wishlist: a larger backpack for Winter camping, and a Winter sleeping bag. Your tips will help me save a lot of money on those. Thank you.