The No.1 Habit Billionaires Run Daily

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • This is the most important habit of the billionaires. IT TAKES 30 SECONDS.
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  • Be Inspired
    Be Inspired  4 months ago +1618

    This is science.

  • Kacper Gilka Art
    Kacper Gilka Art 14 hours ago

    Could you guys tell me exact titles of the music from the begging? I know it's audoo jungle but couldn't find it. Would be also grateful if anyone would like to share more song or artist names with similar piano inspiring wibe, that's ebst music for me to visualization :)
    Have a great day!

  • RichardE. Sears
    RichardE. Sears 17 hours ago

    Stop letting stinking thinking enslave you, set yourself free!!

  • Truyền Lương
    Truyền Lương 19 hours ago

    Thank you so much for an increcdible and fantastic video! Appreciated your time and your attempt, research to make it. Keep inspired!

  • Brandon Dyson
    Brandon Dyson 21 hour ago

    I'm document my journey to a billionaire.... Should be interesting 🙏🙏👐

  • Brandon Dyson
    Brandon Dyson 21 hour ago


  • M S R
    M S R Day ago


  • Lg Yton
    Lg Yton 2 days ago

    it all filters
    Our brain serves a great role into our lives.
    What you programmed into your brain, it will also be your actions and what was just have said to the video, of what you agreed with and dealt into your mind will become your behavior and eventually it will be your character. You need to understand the process of self making. So, feed your mind with good contents, inspirations, and wisdom to highly achieve that visualization. It all starts at visualizing! That's why the battle starts at your brain not on the situation in itself or at your surroundings.
    - that will be my goal this year. Rock your dreams fellas 🤘🏻I'm gonna reprogrammed my brain. This video rocks!

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 2 days ago

    Visualisation and affirmation

  • WrestlingJesus
    WrestlingJesus 3 days ago +1


  • Krishna Tripathi
    Krishna Tripathi 3 days ago

    Don't find your errors, find your skill & real strength. Strengthen your skill forget about weakness....
    Follow me to the journey of becoming wealthy and RICH.

  • Roman Petrenko
    Roman Petrenko 4 days ago


  • TJ Dignan
    TJ Dignan 4 days ago

    betterhelp. lol

  • sensei juan
    sensei juan 5 days ago

    This info is good but it has been shared by others for thousand years.

  • sensei juan
    sensei juan 5 days ago

    Where there is no vision the people perish// Safe guard your thinking. The Bible.

  • Joan Carroll
    Joan Carroll 5 days ago


  • D3fault
    D3fault 5 days ago +1

    Motivation will not work,if you do not work.

  • Pink Ladybug
    Pink Ladybug 5 days ago

    What she forgot to tell you is?! FOLLOW GOD AND HE WILL GIVE YOU ALL THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

    • Pratyaksha Singh
      Pratyaksha Singh 5 days ago

      God doesn’t work until you do. Not everyone believes in god.

  • waleedM_
    waleedM_ 6 days ago

    She said the same thing like 12 times over and over

  • Biak Tluanga Khiangte
    Biak Tluanga Khiangte 6 days ago +1

    Didik en ve rawh

    • d. demi
      d. demi 6 days ago

      Biak Tluanga Khiangte ka en zo tawh😍

  • Teresa pinheiro
    Teresa pinheiro 6 days ago

    Ultimately it’s about how you feel, it’s controlling your emotions, it take time and practice.

  • Karan Bains
    Karan Bains 6 days ago

    Dave Chappelle

  • Terry Diamond
    Terry Diamond 6 days ago

    Of course they run! I mean when you have that much money and have everything you want life gets boring! Because there’s Eternity on the line! There’s more then what meets the eye!

  • Kacper Gilka Art
    Kacper Gilka Art 7 days ago +1

    It works on every part of life. And it brings so much fun! I'm illustrator, I always wanted to draw heads, faces. I was strugling with it for a while and somehow I though "I will start to seeing myself, my hands drawing faces and things I want and how satisfied I am" . It comes to me after meditation, which I also reccomend you guys (and tapping) - and guess what happend? After a week I draw a first face that brings me happines, after two weeks it was really habbit, I wasn't even thinking how to do that. (I still have to learn some parts, but I'm already doing visualization). Things are amazing, our power is amazing. Wish you great day and great journey!

  • Timothy Flanigan
    Timothy Flanigan 7 days ago

    I feel so good about listening to you & that you are a blessing to so many lost people. 💛👍

  • WML911
    WML911 10 days ago +2

    I’m already at 800 followers on Instagram! William_logstrup, andi also got a sponsor! I love visualizing! 10k followers at the end of this year:)))

  • Anup Singh
    Anup Singh 11 days ago

    Ma'am you are amazing. It can change any body life.

  • Rachel Tan
    Rachel Tan 11 days ago +1

    Very powerful information! Thank you Mel Robbins

  • From the Futon
    From the Futon 11 days ago

    The number one habit of billionaires is pandering to the dirty "LGBT community." If you have any integrity, don't count on getting rich.

  • SergioXZero
    SergioXZero 12 days ago

    I sometimes go to bed thinking how much work needs to done at my job and end up stressed and with anxiety. I wake up worried im not gonna have the energy to finish.....i end up coming to work and finish everything in 30 minutes and think to my self "why do i overthink stuff." This channel has helped me alot to understand that i am able to do stuff and i shouldnt over think it.

  • Yamcha
    Yamcha 12 days ago

    Did she just mean meditation isn't backed up with science?

  • Aryan Patial
    Aryan Patial 13 days ago

    Jeetu bhai ne ho 21 din bola tha !!!!

  • Cosmo Silver
    Cosmo Silver 13 days ago +1

    Click-bait, title has nothing to do with content! Billionaires have money because they work hard and invest clever! But also because they take advantage of poor workers, its capitalism, not esoteric that drives them!

  • Laurel
    Laurel 13 days ago

    I think people are naturally slightly psychic. We don't manifest. We KNOW small things that are going to happen. If you think no one in your office likes you, they probably don't. You can't manifest people liking you who don't.

  • Pamela Donovan
    Pamela Donovan 13 days ago

    I know this works!

  • Chris K
    Chris K 13 days ago

    The only thing my brain got from this with its current filter is go to gym and get the raise.

  • Doris Chaney
    Doris Chaney 13 days ago

    B's that's all good if u have good credit I could change the way I think and feel for a year and I promise I would not be a billionaire in a year , you have to have good credit , can't open a business with bad credit , sorry just the truth.

  • Sou amy
    Sou amy 14 days ago

    She just explained the Neville Goddard theory in the most beautiful way... imagine with feeling plus live at tge end of your dream.. like if you are already there

  • FractalPrism
    FractalPrism 14 days ago

    the text on screen is immensely distracting.
    just put it in the CC layer so people can turn it off, thanks.

  • Kanti Patel
    Kanti Patel 14 days ago

    Thanks so much! Now I'm reinspired to use visualization for a successful life!

  • Ryan Anjalo
    Ryan Anjalo 14 days ago

    This is so true it has helped me improve a lot of skills in various aspects of life until now it hasn't failed me nor will in future. I believe this is a new beginning to a great life experience ahead of me. Wish you all take this serious, this piece of information is priceless.

  • Karran Kumar
    Karran Kumar 14 days ago

    I love Mel! She is absolutely amazing.

  • Income Vagabond
    Income Vagabond 14 days ago

    I learned about the R.A.S. via Tony Robbins. Think about if someone you know gets a new car. Have noticed that you start seeing that type of car all over the place? That is the Reticular Activating System

  • Raed M
    Raed M 14 days ago

    Master Visualization.

  • SunilKumar_Show
    SunilKumar_Show 14 days ago

    I have thinking of becoming researcher 10 years back but unfortunately I been gone in anxiety as it seems and I feels that I m a scientist every one laughs at me so after which I get treatment for 2 years doctors said there is a absence of a certain chemical in my mind due to which I am feeling sick and this all what I think is illusion or a fantasy of my mind in which I m living and I suffered a lot on social,personal and professional level so why this happens to me do you have any answers mam regards from India

  • ilove2929
    ilove2929 15 days ago +1

    Kinda abit annoyed with some pitchy tones, it activated the memory of my mom telling me what went wrong while sometimes she's just talking to herself 😊 esp the part when she said "there i am" and "how does it feel"

  • Savitha Dayananda
    Savitha Dayananda 15 days ago +3

    This is both science and art(visualising). After watching this video, which made a tremendous impact on me. I believe it works. Thank you

  • maher a
    maher a 15 days ago

    i like this women

  • Layman Fitness
    Layman Fitness 15 days ago

    Neville Goddard taught this years ago!!

  • Boeing Dreamliner
    Boeing Dreamliner 15 days ago

    Thank you Mam... Really inspiring video

  • American Viking
    American Viking 15 days ago

    Life is a act .

  • Denis Mutabazi
    Denis Mutabazi 16 days ago

    Is this a real thing, or just another one of those things?

  • Jessica Escobar
    Jessica Escobar 16 days ago

    your daily dose of motivation

    DAN THE MAN 16 days ago

    So what is that no.1 habit?

  • sigmanuguy
    sigmanuguy 16 days ago +5

    "We become what we think about; we become our Expectations."-Earl Nightingale (The Strangest Secret in the World... Check it out - a true classic)

  • Dev Dev
    Dev Dev 16 days ago

    Thank you !

  • Madeline
    Madeline 17 days ago +4

    This is my fourth time watching this in 2 days lol I love this video thank you so much. ❤️

  • Pritish Sai
    Pritish Sai 17 days ago

    If you're reading this right now, I have a few things to say to you.
    Scroll back up. Watch the video again. Don't go to another TVclip video. Spend the next 30 seconds visualizing where you want to be in 6 months (the best case scenario). Tell yourself it's either that or nothing. Make it your life's mission for the next 6 months. GET UP. GET OUT THERE AND DO IT NOW.

  • Affaiec Affaiec
    Affaiec Affaiec 18 days ago

    If your meant to be a billionaire etc you will if your not you won’t whatever you try or do !!!

  • Gangadhara Mariyappa
    Gangadhara Mariyappa 18 days ago +1

    I feel this will work out. But after watching this video content really it creates a positive thoughts in me about myself

  • Tim Strickland
    Tim Strickland 18 days ago

    I thought it would be screwing over poor people

  • Project Stronger Self
    Project Stronger Self 18 days ago

    Hey random person scrolling throught the comments. I just want to say: have a great day or night!
    Remember you are loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up in life and on your goals!

  • M E
    M E 18 days ago

    Sounds all materialistic, money isn't answer.

  • Dougie Dee's
    Dougie Dee's 18 days ago

    Visualization is magic.

  • Ruth MacClure
    Ruth MacClure 19 days ago +2

    From New Zealand - this is a great video, I've watched it and will watch it again and again!

    • ف. عزيز
      ف. عزيز 15 days ago +1

      From Morocco and I am the second to like your comment

  • Akshat Dubey
    Akshat Dubey 19 days ago

    Thank you so much for making this video.❣️🦋

  • TheSpektacular
    TheSpektacular 19 days ago +1

    Love you
    for this.

  • Pulkit Srivastava
    Pulkit Srivastava 19 days ago

    Good vibes

  • Si mon
    Si mon 19 days ago

    Everything said here is 100% truth and FACT. Visualization works, it really works. Practice visualizing what you want every morning and at night while you are in bed. It takes practice, and it's challenging at first but over time it will get easy, and will be the most powerful thing you will ever do. What you see in your mind and feel with clarity MUST manifest, guaranteed, absolutely guaranteed!! I worked closely with a wealthy inventor, in Europe who used visualization for everything in his life. If he was in a noisy place such as at a conference event or traveling on an international trade show, he would go to a quiet place and put on noise cancelling ear buds and go into deep visualization. He did it daily and religiously no matter where he was. He was convinced his success was based on his practicing visualizing. He also would get ideas and future visions in his dreams.

  • meyersonfire
    meyersonfire 20 days ago

    can't stand this person's voice--it sounds angry, and she copies what everyone else says, and google says her income is only 82K a year. She doesn't know anything

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 20 days ago

    I have been visualising fucking two lesbians for about 30 years now and nothing has happened yet ! I call bullshit on this theory

  • bharti khudania
    bharti khudania 20 days ago

    Wow. .that was incredible

  • MrLavender Valentino
    MrLavender Valentino 20 days ago

    What do I do about loved ones that seem trapped in the past? The women in my life are always thinking about what happened, not what's going to happen.

  • h3arty
    h3arty 20 days ago

    holy fuck. one of the most important videos i've ever seen. game changer.

  • Deepti Tripathi
    Deepti Tripathi 21 day ago


  • Turco949
    Turco949 21 day ago

    This made a lot of sense! You have to have a goal in everything you do, otherwise how can you accomplish anything, or even know where to start?

  • It's a New Earth
    It's a New Earth 21 day ago

    Money is an illusion.

  • It's a New Earth
    It's a New Earth 21 day ago

    We are put on earth to "know thyself". That's it. That's all. Dive deep within. Deal with the darkness. You will then be set free. You will feeeeeel Love. Peace. It's not about money. It's about meditation. Releasing the anxiety. Learning lessons. This is a learning planet. It's not about working harder. Don't be a slave to money. Set yourself free. Light your soul on fire. When your soul is on fire you don't neeeeeed to go to Disneyland. Your heart will be so filled with joy.

  • Farhan Pervaiz
    Farhan Pervaiz 22 days ago +4

    3 words Thoughts Become Things

  • ajay singh
    ajay singh 22 days ago +3

    I've always read about these visualising things...but I could never understand how its really gonna transform visuals to I know the science behind it......and I think that makes it easier to implement !!

  • kaushik gaekwad
    kaushik gaekwad 22 days ago +1

    That's what INDIA does in temples.

  • محمد ازهردين

    (6:30)Your brain doesnt know the difference between the things that are actually happened and your imagination s? Wait, how is that even possible. I can perfectly differentiate using my brain that the things that have actually happened to me and the things that I have imagined only. Is there anything I am missing here🤔

  • nile pharaoh
    nile pharaoh 22 days ago +3

    one of the most interesting, motivating, inspiring and simply had me from sec 00:01 in the video!

  • Kry Kry
    Kry Kry 22 days ago

    Thank you. I am at the bottom of my life and suicidal to the extreme. Everything I care about has betrayed me and I am in so much pain. I must incorporate this excercise despite all the odds being stacked up against me to have a taste of happiness for once in my life

    • Lynn Particka
      Lynn Particka 19 days ago

      As long as there is life there is hope! Keep fighting the fight and know that Jesus loves you!

  • af af
    af af 23 days ago

    wow amazing

  • Chintan Dave
    Chintan Dave 23 days ago

    It's funny how they show a chemistry lab assistant playing with a flask every time she says "Research"... :D :D :D

  • Alejandro Gutiérrez
    Alejandro Gutiérrez 23 days ago


  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 24 days ago

    You got it

  • David Love TV
    David Love TV 24 days ago

    Great work! Thank you :)

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar 24 days ago

    wht's new in this?
    law of attraction also suggest the same thing...

  • crypto knight
    crypto knight 24 days ago

    We are but sheep in the dream. There is no Nirvana it was never meant to be achieved. Then you are allowed to die. That is the cycle we are programmed. It is called life then death.

  • crypto knight
    crypto knight 24 days ago

    Why is a 30 second solution a 11 minute video?

    • Marcos Melo
      Marcos Melo 20 days ago

      To explain why you should do it? Or do you do whatever people tell you to?

  • iShOt
    iShOt 24 days ago +1

    Hey you ya you👇
    Dude stop reading the comments get on. Your work fast!!

    • iShOt
      iShOt 24 days ago +1

      Come-on ATB👍👍

  • TedGaming
    TedGaming 25 days ago

    I have this issue, when I always miss myself, but never am myself the current

  • Felix
    Felix 25 days ago

    Wow, great

  • Jayoh
    Jayoh 25 days ago

    Dam i think I was in the wrong state of mind to hear about my brain exploding lol

  • Jordy Beat
    Jordy Beat 26 days ago

    As a daydreamer I do something very similar to the visualisation you describe and it does not do any real good. What does good is to stop imagining and having the balls to act out there.
    BTW your brain (unless you got psicosis or so) knows the difference between something you imagined or visualised and something you actually lived. Remembering what you visualised are just blurred expectations whereas actual events are vivid memories.

  • Carolyn Spyropoulos
    Carolyn Spyropoulos 26 days ago

    Mel, I find it hard to pass plateaus in my career and life in general because my sleep quality is non existent. Any advice?

  • VictorNewman201
    VictorNewman201 26 days ago

    Very good content, but very grating personality.

  • padrote lopez
    padrote lopez 26 days ago

    So base on science, my brain can explode.