Fortnite: Slippery Slapping Sludge

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The remaining pieces of my humanity burn away as I make another Fortnite video. Welcome to chapter 2. Let's get silly. Let's get slaughterous. SHHHLLRRPP
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    ♩ F-Zero - Big Blue (Eurobeat Remix)
    ♩ Gourmet Race
    ♩ Mario Kart - Koopa Troopa Beach
    ♩ Metal Gear - Plant Sneaking Theme
    ♩ Metal Gear - Encounter
    ♩ Mega Man - Snake Man Stage
    ♩ Kirby's Epic Yarn - Vs. Yin-Yarn
    ♩ Enter the Gungeon Theme
    ♩ Kazoo by me
    The critically acclaimed sequel to Fortnite: Kooky Crazy Carbide, Fortnite: Silly Slaughterous Sludge
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  • Beaverlög
    Beaverlög 11 hours ago

    i clicked macro's video top 100 overwatch heroes and carbid popped out

  • Kevin Gaffagan
    Kevin Gaffagan 12 hours ago

    5:07 Did nobody notice it says he was killed by a wall?

  • Ridwan Ahmed
    Ridwan Ahmed 15 hours ago

    His is cope me

  • Dat 1 Black guy You Know

    2:48 i need to know what that song is lmao

  • Cript isn't here

    Why chug jug when you can chug me. I SENSE VORE INCOMING or more like INVORING. Haha thats why im disowned

  • Pierre-Luc Lapointe

    Fortnite bad minecraft good

  • Loverboy
    Loverboy 2 days ago

    9:30 Bodysnatcher. Like if you get it metalheads

  • PerksDonald
    PerksDonald 2 days ago

    "they may have found nemo but they're never going to find you."

  • Aquarius Gaming
    Aquarius Gaming 2 days ago

    5:07 what is that weapon

  • Monzore
    Monzore 3 days ago

    What’s up guys look at my new car

  • Rippley the Slurp Monster

    Soon i shall be a Slippery Slapping Sludge. It will be in December.

  • Babariankyl
    Babariankyl 3 days ago +1

    everybody is just gonna ignore the sniper at 8:53?

  • Gengar51 Yeet
    Gengar51 Yeet 3 days ago

    Watch mojo: Top 10 best anime sequels, number 1 kooky crazy carbine 2

  • Dundar878
    Dundar878 3 days ago +1

    One does not simply

    Use the same stock image twice

  • Ben Furness
    Ben Furness 4 days ago


  • Nerfwiddy _
    Nerfwiddy _ 4 days ago

    Is it shit?
    Well that’s the plan
    Best part of

  • Eduardo Perez
    Eduardo Perez 4 days ago

    I love your content and any game you play you make it funny.keep it up!:):)👌

  • Elliptical Gaming
    Elliptical Gaming 5 days ago

    Bruh he sounds like kwebbelkop 3:41

  • Killzone 188
    Killzone 188 5 days ago

    My dumbass thought that he re uploaded his old fortnite video

  • Jacob deLeon
    Jacob deLeon 6 days ago

    Great god

    KRYTON WEK 6 days ago

    So yeah i am gamer

  • Aspect's 2nd account

    Y chug chug when you can chug me

  • rvargas1076
    rvargas1076 6 days ago

    If only they made a green version of that slime skin

  • sceptile spector
    sceptile spector 7 days ago

    Why didn't he use the sludge skin

    DYLAN BASS 7 days ago

    also the enter the gungon theme

    DYLAN BASS 7 days ago

    wait is that a fucking borderlands costume

  • Daniel Mercado
    Daniel Mercado 7 days ago +3

    "They may have found Nemo, but they won't find you"
    -slimecicle 2019

  • Duckingotaku 69
    Duckingotaku 69 7 days ago

    Dude go back to minecraft
    You're better then this

  • King Bonnie
    King Bonnie 7 days ago

    This is funny

  • incognito
    incognito 7 days ago

    not a fan of fortnite but this vid was to funny not to leave a like

  • Brandon Tollin
    Brandon Tollin 7 days ago

    1:54 that's the face of a gamer with nothing left to lose

  • Lyric Tufts
    Lyric Tufts 7 days ago

    *my computer captures fortnite AND I CAPTURE PEOPLE*

  • smollBeans
    smollBeans 7 days ago

    Sub to me

  • Slendergun 6074
    Slendergun 6074 7 days ago

    They got us in the first half I’m not going to lie

  • Wayne Jean
    Wayne Jean 8 days ago

    That’s rippley

  • Apollo_ 909
    Apollo_ 909 8 days ago

    **catches purple tactical shotgun**

  • Sausscery
    Sausscery 8 days ago

    Use creator code Slimecicle,
    To instantly get laid.
    Here, I'll send you back to the store,
    With this grenade.

    ASHTON DEYO 8 days ago +1

    4:38 that’s me when I lose to a defult skin

    ASHTON DEYO 8 days ago

    Me when I lose to a defult

  • Apollo_ 909
    Apollo_ 909 8 days ago

    I will alway die at “FUNNY FISH”.

  • Sedow Eteral
    Sedow Eteral 8 days ago

    You do some SLIMEY puns!

  • Super Samuel
    Super Samuel 8 days ago

    f o r t n I t e

  • Michael Xavier
    Michael Xavier 8 days ago

    He got a grave stone at where he died in the intro

  • missingindy
    missingindy 8 days ago

    Do one for eon

  • Autumn_Sparrow
    Autumn_Sparrow 8 days ago


  • Shadow TheShadowWhoArtz

    Respect the drip.

  • Charlie Dawson
    Charlie Dawson 8 days ago

    enter the gungeon music when playing fortnite...nice

  • Blizzard 89721
    Blizzard 89721 8 days ago

    Side note: when is macro going to comment on this video?

  • Blizzard 89721
    Blizzard 89721 8 days ago

    Use creator code slimecicle to save the trees

  • khan 608
    khan 608 8 days ago


  • khan 608
    khan 608 8 days ago

    ARE U 0DD 1S OUT

  • Backseat Britain
    Backseat Britain 8 days ago

    What was the music at 10.46

  • Tanuck Production's
    Tanuck Production's 8 days ago

    Do an enter the gungeon video 💙

  • Alpaca
    Alpaca 8 days ago

    I am ashamed for laughing at a fortnite video

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee 8 days ago

    Why the hay

  • ZacTheConqu erer
    ZacTheConqu erer 9 days ago

    I was just watching the carbide video so I tought it glitched out

  • Izaak Vechera
    Izaak Vechera 9 days ago

    Fortnite but every four seconds there's a bot, and it's TRYING TO SNIPE MEEEE

  • Hayden Holt
    Hayden Holt 9 days ago

    When futnut dies I’m gonna go and yell “What in Tarnation

  • Bryn Horton
    Bryn Horton 9 days ago

    Me enjoying a peacfull day at the park :
    A giant slurp thing: i will destroy you

  • Huskygamer 2010
    Huskygamer 2010 9 days ago

    2:48 creep but hilarious😂😂😂