Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon - ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review

  • Published on Jun 24, 2019
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    This is the Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon and here is my review of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1....
    it's not for everyone....

    Link :
    Weight : 4 lbs. 4 oz
    Price : At the time of filming; $115 for the Blue / Green and $55 for the Clay /Rust. I paid $79 when I purchased this tent
    Colors : There are two colors of this tent; blue / green and the clay / rust.
    Measurements : 2'8 x 7'6, Center Height: 36",
    There is a Lynx 2, 3, 4 person version available.
    Design : Freestanding that really isn’t freestanding and I will explain this in a bit.

    This tent is an oddity of sorts as Alps Mountaineering describes the Lynx in the following way;
    What's especially nice about the Lynx is that the walls are mostly mesh, which helps increase ventilation.
    While the walls are of a higher percentage of mesh, this is by far not their most ventilated tent and in fact, for summer use I feel that there are better tent options out there when you are counting on air flow to keep you comfortable. In my opinion, this is more of a 3+ season tent and what I mean is this; this tent has more in common with a double wall, 4 season tent than a meshy 3 season tent and I see it being the best of fits in the fall, winter and spring use as the polyester material holds in more heat and blocks more wind than the average 3 meshy 3 season tent.
    To me, this tent seems confused; it’s part 3+ season and 3 season but it isn’t a matter of neither area. Too much polyester paneling for summer and not enough of it for holding in a lot of heat in the colder months thanks to the mesh which is present.
    Since AM has other tents which are a better fit for warm weather/summer use, I would like to see them leave a majority of the mesh behind for this tent and make it a fanstastic 3+ season.

    Pros :
    Excellent quality for the money.
    Tall; allows for sitting up as long as you are under 5’
    Waterproof; I’ve had no issues with leaking.
    Rain fly covers the entire tent.
    I don’t mind the rust color tent.
    Simple setup and break down
    Cons :
    Size : for an average size individual, this was fine but for tall and wide individuals, you may not like what you find with this tent. I had a buddy of mine hop in this tent who is 6’; he could lay flat but he couldn’t sit up straight.
    I dislike the blue green version of this tent; not my tastes at all.
    Narrow - might be a problem for larger individuals
    Tall- this is a pro and a con because of the height, you have to stake it out as it will blow away in a slight breeze unless it is anchored down. During mild winds, this tent is so tall that the force of the wind pushing on it began to pull the tent stakes out of the ground.
    Velcro pole straps are extremely long and because of that they don’t do a very good job of securing the fly to the pole.
    The good news is that the fly hugs the body of the tent closely so that isn’t be much of an issue when it comes to it being locked into place other than it being annoying to attach; that is why I generally don’t worry about attaching them.
    Because the fly hugs the body of the tent so tightly, air flow is restricted to main the door.
    Limited ventilation and air flow which means condensation is possible
    Can be a very hot tent to sleep in and will require a good breeze blowing through the door to feel it.
    Summary :
    This is a good quality budget tent that for myself is one that I would only consider using for cooler nights out on the trail and that’s because of the design. On the hotter windless nights, it has been HOT in this tent and at times, I have been miserable in this tent especially when it warm out and it is raining so the door is zipped shut. Uncomfortable for sure. If you need a budget tent which offers excellent ventilation, take a look at the Zephyr.
    AM continues to be one of those companies who in general makes good quality, budget gear which I have no problem recommending as I haven’t had any failures yet. The material choices with this tent and some of their others is questionable but maybe mesh is more expensive than the fabric.
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Comments • 245

  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  2 months ago +34

    This tent is going into storage and will be brought back out later this fall.
    See ya soon Lynx tent!
    - Luke

    • ryan rogers
      ryan rogers Month ago

      @Kenny H This is one of his buddies trolling him. LOL

    • D Ward
      D Ward 2 months ago +1

      Have you tried reorient the tent so the head (or feet) side is facing the wind? It may solve both the heat and stability issues

    • andy muir
      andy muir 2 months ago

      how much water proof is the outer shell

    • S. BH.
      S. BH. 2 months ago

      ❤️ If you weren't married I would be all over your muscles! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Robert Lange
    Robert Lange 3 hours ago

    Do you know want is the difference between the Alps Lynx 1 tent and the Alps Koda 1 tent? They look like the same item.

  • Noah Zork
    Noah Zork 5 hours ago

    First backpacking tent I've owned, used it exclusively during winter on many trips to the AT including heavy snow. Still going strong, still love it. Got it for $40 used on eBay. I'm 6'4", my large inflatable fits with room for my pack at the base.
    Used with a 20 degree bag in 10 degree weather and was perfectly cozy all night. Definitely adds weight to the pack but its great as a starter for the price.

    Wind can be a problem but you can usually determine the direction of the wind and align it strategically.

  • Jonnn O
    Jonnn O 7 hours ago

    I've had mine for a year and love it

    • Jonnn O
      Jonnn O 7 hours ago

      And I agree it's better in cooler weather and your pros and cons were spot on

  • Texas Survival Outfitters

    I've been using this tent for years and I love it!

  • Gee Speller
    Gee Speller Day ago

    So what do think how tall should it be I have REI quarter it's 3" Tall
    I don't like it

  • Marques Entzminger
    Marques Entzminger 8 days ago +1

    Awesome! I just bought one on sale for $71.99 :) Set it up in the back yard. Waiting on Winter (Rain here in NC) to test it.

  • R K
    R K 9 days ago +1

    That Alps tent is basically a clone of tents like the Kelty Salida 1P or Late Start 1P and the Marmot Tungsten 1P. They are all simple X-frame domes with 2 aluminum poles. The Kelty and Marmot can be found discounted for around $125. But the Kelty and Marmot offerings have a lot more mesh and a little lighter fabrics for a better overall solution in warm weather.
    I own a Marmot Tungsten 1P and it's not a bad tent at 3 lbs 12 oz. It's not the lightest option but it's relatively cheap and well made. They also make an ultralight version of the Tungsten 1P that is essentially the same design and knocks off about a pound with lighter fabrics but that goes for $270 and isn't usually discounted.

  • steve thomas
    steve thomas 12 days ago +1

    Great solo tent, incredible bang for the buck. Do you have suggestions for a small two person tent? Thanks

    • Ben Bates
      Ben Bates 12 days ago

      Nature hike cloud up 2. I've used for about 6 months. 1 week of that trekking through Peru and various wild camps in the UK. Very spacious, packable and lightweight. Also it's 3 plus season.

  • Duo Exia
    Duo Exia 13 days ago

    I have this tent ,,have this tent for over a year ,,, it’s good but yea it’s pretty heavy I’m going to start using it for car camping when I go with my friend but for backpacking I went ultra light now ,,, for me it worked good but I think the weight was killing me but I’ve had really nice nights in there ,, only once I felt really hot that I just slept on top of my quilt

  • Skyperoni
    Skyperoni 14 days ago

    I took this tent to Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon in early March. It was extremely windy at Joshua Tree and both places were in the 30's at night. This tent did just fine.

  • vickersonp
    vickersonp 16 days ago

    4 lbs 3 ozs.....who the hell wants to carry that. My 3 person triplex tent weighs 1.3 lbs.

    • vickersonp
      vickersonp 13 days ago

      Peter B
      Worth every cent when you’re 74.

    • Peter B
      Peter B 14 days ago

      Your tent costs $700, 3 lbs cost you $650.

  • SaltyDad
    SaltyDad 17 days ago

    "I have broad shoulders and am fairly muscular"......for an action figure maybe. You should cut those strings off of your sleeves.........oh wait....those are your arms. I'm gonna laugh about your comment for a while....thanks!

  • Henrik Von Fotze-Knaben

    #1 selling tent on Amazon. Must be pretty crap then!

  • Benjamin B
    Benjamin B 17 days ago +6

    Don't you take the rain fly off in the summer time when it is not raining, I mean, that's the logical thing to do? it wouldn't hold that much heat, and much more air flow.

  • Nicolas Solberg
    Nicolas Solberg 18 days ago

    Good review. I’ve had my Lynx 1 for 3+ years and used it 50+ times. I got it for around $70 at the time on Amazon. I can say that for my uses (hiking and motorcycle camping ) it’s been flawless for the price. I’m 6’ 250lbs of adventure motorcyclist, so the fit is tight, but not an issue even with essential gear in tent (the non-essentials fit fine in vestibule). I’ve used it in multi-way heavy downpours, sub-freezing, massively gusty (never had a stake blow btw) and hot 100+ weather (not humid though) - the tiny faux windows are lame for visibility, but nice if you have rain cover on to see light level outside. I take the rain cover off in hot dry nights and it’s plenty cool. I did buy the fitted ground cover, which I like. No seam, zipper, or issues to date. Certainly my favorite small tent ever. I bought their Alps Chaos 2 for 2-person, and it does offer better ventilation, but the Lynx is insanely quicker to put up or take down. I use a Klymit V sleeping pad and pillow to make it comfy, but remain lightweight.

  • johnyisfunny1
    johnyisfunny1 19 days ago

    I'm so glad I came across your. I'm going on a two-day hike with my son and you made picking this tent much easier for me.
    Any suggestions on hiking backpack. Preferably 3 or 5 day hike. We are scheduled to go south of San Antonio

  • Phillip Kapudija
    Phillip Kapudija 19 days ago +2

    I just wouldn't buy anything from Amazon as they're horrific to their worker and haven't shown any companion towards the environment?

  • atokeman
    atokeman 24 days ago

    The tent is hot, leaves the fly on. Okay bro

  • Christopher belcastro
    Christopher belcastro 26 days ago

    The gear caddy cost $20 dollars because the labor cost of making it, not the materials... :P Being able to answer that question cost me $40,000 to fannie may

  • Armychuck 2000
    Armychuck 2000 27 days ago

    Luke, I'm not sure where you got your pricing information but as of today it's $95.96 on amazon. Also, I found a better less expensive one man tent. Don't laugh, but a Wal-Mart/Ozark Trail 1 person backpacking tent. It has more room at base (3' x 7'6"), and much more shoulder room and is 40" high. It only weights 3.4 lbs (less if you replace the steel tent stakes with aluminum ones) and, best of all, only costs $26.98. It's not for hot weather, but camping in the mountains of New Mexico it works great.

    • Christopher belcastro
      Christopher belcastro 26 days ago

      Pricing changes on Amazon, depending on the amount in stock, so it can change multiple times per day. His video was done in June, 2019.

  • Saul Maddox
    Saul Maddox 27 days ago

    I have had the Lynx 1 person tent for two years in Texas. This hot season I am buying a different tent. I love it and it is great for winter but it does not breath at all. One thing I would say about the tent is it can handle wind and rain. I was in a storm 35+ mph. Many tents collapsed with broken poles but no the Lynx. I am keeping it for the colder months for sure!

  • t.b. smith
    t.b. smith 29 days ago

    Not sure if i'm correct or not but i think "free standing" just means it will stand on its own when the poles are in (NO guy lines required for it to stand). But obviously it will need stakes to hold it into place on the ground and not blow away. The guy lines come into play for the rain fly and for additional rigidity. If that makes sense, then this is indeed a free standing tent.

  • Shekhar Moona
    Shekhar Moona Month ago

    What if you made your own tent? I'm wondering how it would turn out.

  • goldenscales
    goldenscales Month ago +1

    As of 15-08-2019 the price is $93 USD! That's good! ($145 NZD).

  • Jim W
    Jim W Month ago +2

    $93.15 on Amazon today, 8/14/2019.

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson Month ago

    My marmot 2 person backpacking tent is 4 pounds and Much roomier being 4 feet wide and only a bit more expensive. Good review though, Thanks for your opinion.

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C Month ago

    A couple things to keep in mind, a couple you already mentioned:
    1) Some of us live in much cooler climates. 3+ season to you is 3 season up here.
    2) having a warm tent means you can carry a much lighter bag. When I travel to a warmer area, I have a very light fleece throw blanket. It's not the lightest tent, but it makes my other equipment lighter...
    3) compared to a high-end tent, the lynx is just ok, but at the entry level price point, people coming from coleman products will notice the increase in amount and quantity of mesh. As well as the quality of the materials in general.
    4)Even with 2 vents on top, and mesh on all 4 walls. You will die if you use this in California or Florida with the fly on.

  • Johnny Bond
    Johnny Bond Month ago +1

    Hey my name is John Yvonne. I just want to let you know I also like to hike and I love you Channel and I love to watch you all this videos

  • Brian Ferris
    Brian Ferris Month ago

    almost the same as my Midori-2 tent the rain fly is a tiny bit different no it is exactly the same... How do companies do that-?

  • John Ganshow
    John Ganshow Month ago +1

    Looks like a good tent for a PCT through hike. I have the same tent 2 person...

  • Walter Keen
    Walter Keen Month ago

    I've got the two person version, and I don't experience the instability he experiences with the one person. The angle of the poles differ, since the width is different.
    I use it when camping with the boy scouts in Washington state, and stay warm in winter months, but I do get hot in summer months at times

  • 2laughandlaugh
    2laughandlaugh Month ago

    Great content my got me back into camping/backpacking. I went to high school at Oak Hill Academy...not far from where you do a lot of you vids. Can't wait till winter to see you do another snow covered adventure. Keep up the good work bro.😀

  • David Moore
    David Moore Month ago +2

    They sell this same tent at wall mart with a different name for 40 bucks

  • badderthanyou
    badderthanyou Month ago +3

    Who the heck says this is light?

  • Chris Mccarthy
    Chris Mccarthy Month ago +1

    I would like to see the kiltie night owl tent 2-person and MSR hubba hubba two person tent. And your thoughts on both of them. Trying to decide which one to buy. In your opinion what colors stay cooler inside left tent during the day?

  • Kees Roma
    Kees Roma Month ago

    Great review, Luke!

  • kelly Johnson
    kelly Johnson Month ago

    I have the zephyr. I love it. Camped in the rain and never an issue. Stays warm. I vent it by opening fly and even unzipping the mesh door. But in the coldest weather I’ve never been cold and in the desert heat on a summer night I’ve never been too warm.

  • Johnny Curbelo
    Johnny Curbelo Month ago

    Awesome honest review brother as always. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Troy Church
    Troy Church Month ago +2

    One of the greatest, most comprehensive reviews I've seen. Bought the product, hope I don't bake in it. Haha

  • Liam Boggs
    Liam Boggs Month ago

    Glad i watched this video i was about to purchased this tent i guess not now. thank you

  • nseight
    nseight Month ago

    What a fantastic review* Very comprehensive & sound advice that can be applied to any tent.Well done* Thank you for sharing :-)

  • steve s.
    steve s. Month ago

    What do you do with all of your tents? I have a few, buy a few more but I really don't need more.

  • Khosrow Khazrai
    Khosrow Khazrai 2 months ago

    Luke, thanks bro.

  • dogenet
    dogenet 2 months ago

    Just bought the same tent and am waiting for it to arrive, but its called the "Koda". It appears identical. Can't find any info about why the name change. At $50 I thought I was getting a steal, since it was listed at $120. I guess that's not an uncommon price. But since I've seen how the tech has improved and price dropped over the years, I don't mind. I really like the idea of some head room with this guy once I get my hands on it. For decades you couldn't sit up in one man tents. I'm using it for car camping but have to fly internationally, so the weight is fine. And my destinations are quite cool, not too windy (or predictable ocean winds), and very wet, so sounds like I'll be alright.

  • WagonWheelsRX8
    WagonWheelsRX8 2 months ago +1

    I've owned this tent for about 3 years now. I have to concur, this is a good review. For the price, this tent is pretty solid. In regards to summer months, it works OK if the weather is nice and you don't need to use the rainfly, but the second that rainfly goes on you are not going to be happy. As far as condensation goes, I have not had any issues in mine. Same with windy conditions. It is not the most aerodynamic tent, so care should be taken when setting it up (don't orient the broad side with the wind) but as long as the guy lines are properly attached and anchored it stays in place. The guy lines might be the biggest hurdle for new tent owners, though. They can seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of setting it up they aren't too bad. As far as space goes, I usually leave my backpack outside in the vestibule when camping, I find the tent is not quite long enough to comfortably fit me and the backpack inside. I'm 5'-8" so not a tall guy. Definitely agree there is plenty of headroom (maybe too much honestly) but that makes changing inside the tent pretty trivial. So far, pretty happy with it. Its held up quite well, I'd definitely recommend it to someone getting started or looking for something that is good quality on a budget. The 2 person is almost the same weight, so that might be an option worth considering as well.

  • Darrin Nelson
    Darrin Nelson 2 months ago

    "backpacking tent" is kind of marketing ploy to squeeze greenbacks out of your pocket. any tent that you can pack or hang from your pack when in its bag is a "backpacking" tent.

  • Will Mcdonald
    Will Mcdonald 2 months ago

    Thank you Sir! I put this tent on my Amazon wishlist awhile back in prep for a Trans- Catalina Trail hike for 3-4 days later in the year. Looks like it will work out pretty good for the temps I'm expecting in mid-October near the coast.

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons 2 months ago

    i like c clips to pole, when i set up i am cooling down and fingers are at clumsy time wise. while it looks ok - i will pass it by!

  • Rick Timmons
    Rick Timmons 2 months ago

    great review now take it out in bad weather for sleeping and repacking in rain wind etc. Thanks

  • Philip Janek
    Philip Janek 2 months ago

    I live in my car! When I want to go to sleep, I want to go to sleep! Has anybody used a really good 4 person pop up tent? I hate setting stuff up. The weight doesn't matter to me ie crown victoria to carry it, but the quality does. Since I'm on a fixed income of 1200 a month non service-connected veterans pension I would like something that would last a while. If anybody can answer this question please and thank you? I figure I'll do this for a year if it works I'll keep doing it. If not I'll move to the Philippines. Been looking at that Coleman pop up pretty cheap looks good? United States veteran if someone can answer this it would be appreciated.

  • Avid40
    Avid40 2 months ago

    Luke how about reviewing this tent.

  • Linda Poore
    Linda Poore 2 months ago +1

    What tent would you recommend for hurricane afterwards when home gone and no electricity in hot summer. What is best emergency tent for a family.

  • Brian Soares
    Brian Soares 2 months ago


  • Echo Nomadic
    Echo Nomadic 2 months ago

    Hopefully they changed the condensation build up. I returned my Alps tent back to REI who stopped using the brand. I had a cold night and the dew plus condensation made the fly fail. I really wanted it to work. But I had majore issues. Even after working with the Alps Mountaineering team.

  • jmber27
    jmber27 2 months ago

    Great review 👍🍁

  • dr05guitar
    dr05guitar 2 months ago

    I have this tent, i paid the 79 i believe. I've camped once in the winter with it, and once in the summer, in Indiana. The summer night was pretty miserable, however, it was exceptionally hot and humid, not much breeze at all that I remember, and plus I had left the fly on the tent, since I was afraid of possibility of rain overnight/in the morning (without a wire pulling it away from the backside, which probably would have helped vent a bit--I only had the vestibule staked out in the front). The 2nd night was considerably cooler and went much better, and I think I still left the fly on that night. The winter camp I did though was fine, it was in the high teens for the low, and quite windy as i recall, but with good layers and heavy sleeping bag, this did well. I think fall time would be about perfect.

  • Joseph Kool
    Joseph Kool 2 months ago

    My ex wife bought me this tent for Christmas. I haven't used it yet, but I always take it with me as a backup tent for just in case. It's good too know it's holds up good in the rain and can work pretty good during a cold fall Michigan night.

  • D.A. Risse
    D.A. Risse 2 months ago

    Last September, I spent a night on Rock Island Wisconsin in a veritable monsoon in one of these. No leaks, and any condensation inside the fly rolls down to the ground outside the mesh.
    It did rock & roll a bit in the wind, but I know how to stake a tent.
    It's a bargain !!!
    The fly can be rolled up, and the vestibule flaps tied back to let the breeze in. I've three years of use on mine now & still holding up. The floor is a bathtub design, which I like, and for the price, well nigh unbelievable.

  • Hersh Johnson
    Hersh Johnson 2 months ago +4

    I have and have had several Alps tents and I will concur with you regarding good value if the tent fits your needs. I will also add their CS has always been very good to me. I had ordered replacement poles for one of my tents and they sent the wrong one. It was an honest miscommunication between both parties as they had recently made a change. They immediately sent out a replacement at no charge and didn't have me return the other set... which I would've done. Again.... very good CS.

    Lastly, I own or have own well over 20 different tents from Slumberjack to NF and am a gearhead too!!! I love your reviews.... keep them coming!