Venice floods: 70% of historic centre under water

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • The high tide in Venice has peaked at 154cm (5ft), with around 70% of the city centre under water.
    St Mark's Square was blocked off and closed to tourists as it was covered in knee-high water, while shops and hotels were once more submerged.
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Comments • 374


    Sea and nature vs people and city...see who win...

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed 3 days ago

    Very sad

  • ghopeigetit
    ghopeigetit 6 days ago

    Zero chance I want in water contaminated with dead people, sewer and trash

  • Cindy Rolle
    Cindy Rolle 6 days ago

    America’s coastlines will suffer the same faith.

  • Cliff MacFarlane
    Cliff MacFarlane 6 days ago +1

    Christmas is coming, no one's interested.

  • mason resendes
    mason resendes 7 days ago

    why is it flooding?

  • michael moore
    michael moore 7 days ago

    Sorry Siri doesn’t recognize the southern accent read below

  • michael moore
    michael moore 7 days ago


  • michael moore
    michael moore 7 days ago +1

    Why don’t they text the tourist tourist tax so that way they’ll slow down common and the ones that come will make money and that tax go toward repairs also there needs to be laws to preserve the bloodline of people that are from there never been out of the US but I’ve always like Venice this really breaks my heart. Praying for y’all

  • Sua Bhu
    Sua Bhu 8 days ago

    Should have had a clan Wednesday game technology to keep this water out and underground pump system

  • Aniko Pancok
    Aniko Pancok 9 days ago

    Obviously not preventable dummies

  • The Rock Bronx
    The Rock Bronx 10 days ago

    English and American pricks

  • Shelbymaldita
    Shelbymaldita 11 days ago

    I've been there in summer don't get me wrong it was breath taking but too crowded. I was turned off by the Italian people I went to a cafe the lady who sold me cappuccino was snotty. I wanted to go inside a church but a lady charged me money so I walked away so as the public bathroom but I didn't have a choice. A lady with the mask asked for money when I took pictures beside her. It was a money pit. I was so turned off plus too many tourists from the cruise ships. I didn't like the vibe so this is the karma sorry to say.

  • Sebastiana Matthews
    Sebastiana Matthews 11 days ago +6

    Well, greed has always an end.many construction in the world . From Brazil

  • Clinton Liu
    Clinton Liu 12 days ago

    spider man will save the day

  • Cat Lady
    Cat Lady 12 days ago

    This is of concern regarding black mold is it not?? Or any mold - this is disastrous!!

  • Jose Gutierrez
    Jose Gutierrez 12 days ago +1

    New Orleans is literally built below sea level but invested billions to make a sea wall. I know Venice could do the same but Italy doesn’t want to spend the money. So sad.

  • Khalil Bhayo
    Khalil Bhayo 13 days ago

    Azab illahi

  • 羅德夫
    羅德夫 13 days ago

    Italian government decided to deepen the waters for cruise ships to enter. Islands are built in front of Venice for industrial development. Jobs, the economy, all this ruins in the long run as it ruins the whole earth and humans are to blame. (In Regensburg locals complain about American tourists using diesel cruise boats, polluting the city).

    • GiDiA
      GiDiA 12 days ago


  • Sushma Chopra
    Sushma Chopra 13 days ago

    Very sad 😢 we just came from Italy three weeks ago but weren't in Venice .

  • DNA onuiqa
    DNA onuiqa 13 days ago +5

    The floodwater is cleaner than ours here in PH

  • Mike will
    Mike will 13 days ago

    The Fact that the government failed to build a protection system to prevent this, wasting money on trying to build a "New" system that was untested and unproven and failed and NOT! going to the Danish to build a system, that they have installed themselves, that works, not trying to "prove we can do it", is proof of the stupid people in charge. The Danish have been controlling floods for years. Get a proven system and people that know what they doing, stop letting idiots waste money

  • Mike A. Garza
    Mike A. Garza 14 days ago +1

    Wow venice flooded about over 70% right now and poor people who own business damage over millions cuz we are in End times !

  • Stop Go
    Stop Go 14 days ago +7

    $20 per head by 20 million tourists per year equals 400 million dollars per year . Problem solved.
    EASY. That is unless Rome takes the lot.

    ΔΕΣΠΟΙΝΑ ! 14 days ago


  • Jam Tree
    Jam Tree 15 days ago +2

    Let me guess -Climate change?

  • Azureecosse
    Azureecosse 15 days ago

    Who would have thought building a city in the middle of a tidal marsh lagoon, supporting in on wooden stilts, would cause it to flood under its own immense weight.

  • Honk Honkler
    Honk Honkler 15 days ago

    Death to islam my friends.


    And that's only the beginning the poles are shifting and that will. Make Venice dissappear

  • Kimberly Me
    Kimberly Me 15 days ago

    I was just there on holiday in October and I walked , ate and loved every moment of my days there... Just seeing all the amazing buildings and Italian history and water at that time that was only in the lagoon.. 🖤
    . My heart hurts knowing that this is what it looks like now.. The same streets that I walked on only a few weeks ago... 💔

  • Alfredo Monzalvo
    Alfredo Monzalvo 16 days ago

    God bless Venice.

  • E Irving Diaz
    E Irving Diaz 16 days ago

    it's going to happen more, expect it, global warming.

  • Lebohang Machaba
    Lebohang Machaba 17 days ago +3

    There goes my holiday plans

  • Damien Tong
    Damien Tong 17 days ago

    The bearded man on a cloud doesn't care enough to stop this

  • Wassihun Jember
    Wassihun Jember 17 days ago +1

    Realy Sad about italia am so Sorry God Help Italia Please

  • rogerio santos lima
    rogerio santos lima 17 days ago

    Eu resolvo este problema!

  • Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan

    Wow,spa baru ke ni?..bandar baru untuk tarik pelancong strategy baru

  • Jani Liebenberg
    Jani Liebenberg 18 days ago +4

    This is just as sad as the Notre Dame burning down. I pray to God for help and wisdom for these dear people.

  • Vanburen Studios
    Vanburen Studios 18 days ago

    Another opportunity to grab money off people, just like Notre Dame

  • King Mufasa
    King Mufasa 18 days ago +2

    Pagan buildings, i don't give a crap!

  • beth m
    beth m 18 days ago +1

    Man made city.

  • Kaleem S
    Kaleem S 18 days ago

    All day punting everywhere

  • Crystal Yeow Ching Ching
    Crystal Yeow Ching Ching 18 days ago +4

    See my prediction is right, Shanghai China will get it soon, Singapore too. No fake news, its truth !!!

  • Annie Annie
    Annie Annie 18 days ago +1

    God will angry about transgender

  • Annie Annie
    Annie Annie 18 days ago

    Yuck!! Water mix from toilet

  • Kaynat Fouzia
    Kaynat Fouzia 18 days ago

    One allah one kalema save us.

    • Marwan Khalifa
      Marwan Khalifa 17 days ago +1

      what an elaborate way to say "Im a clown"

  • World Travel Rafhat
    World Travel Rafhat 18 days ago

    Wow 😳

  • Stop Go
    Stop Go 18 days ago +1

    Why aren't tourists charged to enter Venice to be put toward flood relief. ?????????????
    Not rocket science.

    • Stop Go
      Stop Go 14 days ago

      @Hailey Williams Tat is 400 million per year at $20 per head . EASY

    • Hailey Williams
      Hailey Williams 15 days ago

      For real!!👍🤦🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️

  • Sanzida akter mukta Sanzida akter mukta

    The.. End of the... Near...!

  • Charlotte Warren
    Charlotte Warren 18 days ago +2

    It's judgement time for y'all can't y'all see that from Almighty God.🔥

  • Charmaine Eaton
    Charmaine Eaton 18 days ago +2

    Jesus is the way the Truth and the life, Jesus is coming back very soon,dont be left behind, give your life to him now....

  • thiery572
    thiery572 18 days ago +3

    I feel angry to the people who wasted billion $ for the useless Venice water gate.😡

  • G M
    G M 18 days ago +1

    Adiós 👋🏽

  • Paul D
    Paul D 19 days ago +5

    It's a perfect excuse to promote the lies of "global warming" aka "climate change". It's also an attack on the Catholic Church.

  • Dora Williams
    Dora Williams 19 days ago +7

    God fury, he is tired of sinners keep breaking his law.

    • Marwan Khalifa
      Marwan Khalifa 17 days ago

      @King Mufasa what an elaborate way to say "Im a clown"

    • Marwan Khalifa
      Marwan Khalifa 17 days ago

      what an elaborate way to say "Im a clown"

    • King Mufasa
      King Mufasa 18 days ago +3

      Dora Williams i agree. Buildings are full of Paganism. I don't care

  • dmwmm
    dmwmm 19 days ago +5

    imagine building a city so closely surrounded by water lmao. poor people there but it shouldn't have been built like that

    • Robert Borowski
      Robert Borowski 19 days ago

      I agree it's like putting a lake front home two feet from the shore line it will flood unless it's 6 feet above the lake.

  • Judith Jackson
    Judith Jackson 19 days ago +6

    The Titanic in a city form...Venice is sinking like Titanic

    • Robert Murray
      Robert Murray 18 days ago

      Yes, an ice berg broke off the Arctic ice shelf and drifted through the Mediterranean and collided with Venice. I heard that from some extinction rebellion protesters.

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 19 days ago

    Is it not followed by an earthquake

  • Ayhan Cetin
    Ayhan Cetin 19 days ago +1

    I told them about Islam and they all laughed

    • Ayhan Cetin
      Ayhan Cetin 17 days ago

      Most of them women but I doubt that is an interest for Christian

    • Ayhan Cetin
      Ayhan Cetin 17 days ago

      @Jani Liebenberg 90 % so called muslims will go to hell

    • Marwan Khalifa
      Marwan Khalifa 17 days ago

      what an elaborate way to say "Im a clown"

  • White Thread
    White Thread 19 days ago

    That's life.. ALL of the earth will end up like this.. I wouldn't worry about the dead and I'd concentrate all efforts on the living affected