By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

  • Published on May 11, 2019
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    Animator: Rei - reikenma_
    Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay are doing a test to see if they have any sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths, by definition, are people with personality disorder that presents itself as extremely antisocial or a lack of conscience.
    This is in no way an actual scientific test, people spend hundreds of dollars with psychiatric counselors to figure out a person's sociopath tendencies; this test won't do you justice. But, it is still a cool way of knowing how messed up you are inside and how cold/calculated you can be when you need to be.
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  • DanPlan
    DanPlan  5 months ago +21471

    The sponsors wanted me to pin their link, so here you go~ | Dragon City: |
    Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.
    p.s. Jay is big dumb.

  • My name is Yeehaw XD
    My name is Yeehaw XD 34 minutes ago

    Why’s everyone giving me blank stares- Jay
    I feel you dude

  • Viktor Nicula
    Viktor Nicula Hour ago

    If Jay,Hosah,and Dan were raise a child, Stephen would be the result

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 2 hours ago

    4am discovery : i'm sociopath

  • Mintii Ýen, Daughter of satan.

    Jay is the Zodiac Killer confirmed.

  • 羲羲g̶r̶e̶e̶c̶i̶e̶s̶s̶

    Dan said the serial killer made a phone call, but he never said who the serial killer made a phone call to.

  • Mini Plebs
    Mini Plebs 6 hours ago

    i srsly think that way the second question when i hate someone

  • Asia Stallings
    Asia Stallings 8 hours ago

    l like jay 😘😽😘😊

  • Emerson Harper
    Emerson Harper 10 hours ago

    Lets be honest we all know that Stephen is a sociopath.

  • recboy 28
    recboy 28 10 hours ago

    fu#, im a Sociopath

  • Vanessa Quinoñes
    Vanessa Quinoñes 12 hours ago +1

    You make me happy when lm sad :) thank you so much

  • y’all can suck my dick -3-

    Dan- Jay... Buddy
    Jay- I know where you live...

  • Incognito Animator
    Incognito Animator 14 hours ago

    Jay might be the son of the Joker. I mean he's smart, kills are well planned and is absolutely psychotic with his jokes.
    Think about it!

  • Rekt Warrior
    Rekt Warrior 17 hours ago

    I’m a sociopath, shoot

  • Kana Kinderly
    Kana Kinderly 19 hours ago

    The difference between a sociopath and a psychopath is that a psychopath is clinically insane and a sociopath is someone who basically lacks the ability to feel empathy


    The black floors was obvious for me. First thing I learned when I got my period was wear dark pants.

  • Emily에밀리
    Emily에밀리 20 hours ago

    I pretty sure every girl knows how to clean blood

  • Gamergirl312
    Gamergirl312 20 hours ago

    My brother plays dragon city or whatever

  • I am a Nugget
    I am a Nugget 21 hour ago +6

    Anyone: “exists”
    Steven: I’m bouta end this mans whole career
    Jay: I’m bouta end this mans whole life

  • Yazzy toube
    Yazzy toube 21 hour ago

    Lmao I got one right and it was the cereal killer one

  • rainbow kk
    rainbow kk 23 hours ago

    Hosa do not wach you're fan art.

  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis Day ago

    3:15 or to not give that much amount of money to the boss

  • Katie
    Katie Day ago

    I swear im jay

  • smokey sings
    smokey sings Day ago

    'whoever wins gets bragging rights and a mental disorder"

  • smokey sings
    smokey sings Day ago

    'whoever wins gets bragging rights and a mental disorder"

  • emma gacha
    emma gacha Day ago

    I believe this is one of your funniest videos ever specifically when jay sayd i know where you live 😂

  • First Name Last Name

    I got 3 right

  • Exotic_ Dummy
    Exotic_ Dummy Day ago

    The first question is why I leave my phone on silent

  • Pix3lGalaxy 12
    Pix3lGalaxy 12 Day ago

    OMG Shane Dawson lol

  • Animals Forever301

    And this is why I always have my phone on silent

  • Nitro_Ninja737
    Nitro_Ninja737 Day ago

    Before I see the answer of the last question I think it’s because blood won’t stain on black

  • UwU
    UwU Day ago +1

    *Jay comes back to danplan*
    Fandom: GO CRAZY

  • Chumi Chupa
    Chumi Chupa Day ago

    Daniel: To listen to the sound ringing of the phone...
    Me: What if my phone is in silent mode?

  • Lucas moon
    Lucas moon Day ago

    Steven x Jay
    Don't judge me it just how people see it

  • JV25
    JV25 Day ago

    8:14 I just realised that Jamie, Ivu, Shai and Pau are in the background (and possibly some of the other animators as well)

  • GIO ROEL Macaraeg

    They like

  • Insane Cass
    Insane Cass Day ago +1

    6:58 *-Can anyone appreciate how cute Jay with his ‘kid’ is?-*

  • Mly _Angel
    Mly _Angel Day ago

    I know where you live

  • Meow Myerp
    Meow Myerp Day ago

    *he painted the floor black to hide the bloodstains*

  • the bro gamer
    the bro gamer Day ago

    I had the same answers as jay.

    Shud I be worried?

    • Br Uh
      Br Uh Day ago

      Also, the first thing that Dan said before he started the quiz was “Is just for fun”.
      So you're fine.

    • Br Uh
      Br Uh Day ago

      A sociopath does not give sh*t.

  • Aquarium Bear
    Aquarium Bear Day ago

    7:30 "I know where you live"

  • Unstoppable Big Bro Dak

    4:53 Just eating her veggies

  • Fat_CS_King Turtle

    I got 4/6....

  • The Gender Fluid Bean

    I’m like a female version of Jay man...🤣🤣

  • Ivy GachaWolf
    Ivy GachaWolf Day ago

    I feel like Jay is my brother...... because he is basically me but older......probably 😏😏😈

    • Br Uh
      Br Uh Day ago

      Nah, you're innocent.

  • Madison Stark
    Madison Stark Day ago

    Jay and Stephen are my favorite

  • Sky Lionyt
    Sky Lionyt Day ago

    Dan try fighting me and my dragon team I WILL BURN Y O U

  • psycho_Oreo fangirl

    back to rewatch it cute pictures
    4:00 7:27 7:52 9:43 10:31

  • Briar Dauphinee
    Briar Dauphinee Day ago +1

    Video idea: By the way, are you an old soul? By the way, love your videos!!!

  • It didn’t Really matter

    How do you find such interesting people?!

  • Gamon G Shep
    Gamon G Shep Day ago

    Psychopaths is a more broad term for a set of mental disorders. Sociopaths are also psychopaths but psychopaths may or may not be a sociopath.
    Psychopaths are manipulative and may or may not feel empathy.
    Sociopaths are manipulative and feels NO empathy. They are good at hiding their feelings and they are compulsive liars.

  • Quokka Gaming
    Quokka Gaming Day ago +1

    I am I sociopath

    • Lots Funz
      Lots Funz Day ago

      You can't even English right.

  • eko uchiha
    eko uchiha Day ago

    the killing the kids one i answered that the parents were killing his friends so that no one would take their baby from them for even a second
    by stephen's logic of "a sociopath doesn't want to be revealed so gets them all wrong" hosuh's the most sociopathic

  • Hiro Davidson
    Hiro Davidson 2 days ago

    The difference between sociopath and psychopath is that if u a psyco its nature. If u socio its nurture

  • Mr Winchester
    Mr Winchester 2 days ago

    Sociopaths don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right

  • -COLD- Korudo
    -COLD- Korudo 2 days ago

    Is something wrong with me, i got all of these right in like 5 seconds

    • Br Uh
      Br Uh Day ago



    • Lots Funz
      Lots Funz Day ago

      This video is 11 mins long.
      How the fu** can you answer all of these at once.

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 2 days ago

    i know where you live
    wow what a random thing to say

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 2 days ago

    ding ding ding
    that gave me the chills
    that's the answer
    oh my god
    me hell no get away from me jay

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 2 days ago

    there stephen and me then theirs hosuh

  • Ender Dragon prince
    Ender Dragon prince 2 days ago

    kinda stephen kinda
    me he is you