By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

  • Published on May 11, 2019
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    Animator: Rei - reikenma_
    Daniel, Stephen, Hosuh and Jay are doing a test to see if they have any sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths, by definition, are people with personality disorder that presents itself as extremely antisocial or a lack of conscience.
    This is in no way an actual scientific test, people spend hundreds of dollars with psychiatric counselors to figure out a person's sociopath tendencies; this test won't do you justice. But, it is still a cool way of knowing how messed up you are inside and how cold/calculated you can be when you need to be.
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  • DanPlan
    DanPlan  4 months ago +19706

    The sponsors wanted me to pin their link, so here you go~ | Dragon City: |
    Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.
    p.s. Jay is big dumb.

  • Spookychan UWU
    Spookychan UWU 19 hours ago

    Tell me why I got all these questions right

  • XxGhostxX
    XxGhostxX 20 hours ago

    Two months later:
    *can you survive Stephen and jay*

  • Ashley Jones
    Ashley Jones 20 hours ago

    Jay_Pie would you kill the world for me cuz I would ♥w♥

    • Ashley Jones
      Ashley Jones 20 hours ago

      And Hosuh_Chan you better not get in my way --__--

    • Ashley Jones
      Ashley Jones 20 hours ago

      I guess Stephen and jay are my love mach ♥w♥

    • Ashley Jones
      Ashley Jones 20 hours ago

      oh and Stephen_pie I would Kill to be your senpie ♥w♥

  • Shoshana Rosenbaum
    Shoshana Rosenbaum 20 hours ago

    "Wait, why'd it turn from 'husband' to 'I would'?"
    Me: Awkward!

    "Just for fun."
    Me: Uh . . . I'm gonna go . . .

    "And therefore, the kid won't be bullied anymore."
    Me: WHAT is WRONG with these parents!?

  • A Roblox Boy
    A Roblox Boy 20 hours ago

    Stephen: BuLlyInG cHiLdReN gEt KiLlEd

  • Andres Espinoza
    Andres Espinoza 20 hours ago

    You paint the floor black so blood is not really visible

  • Truc Bui
    Truc Bui 21 hour ago

    ok lets all admit that jay is a sociopath and we want him to go to a therapist

  • Yes! i'm disgusting!
    Yes! i'm disgusting! 21 hour ago

    Damn! Those colored pictured are so hot!! 😍💕

  • Marianette gaming 184
    Marianette gaming 184 21 hour ago

    My floor is black

  • Neko141212
    Neko141212 21 hour ago

    That drawing of Jay and Stephen at the end was sooooo good!

  • korn poppers
    korn poppers 22 hours ago

    "am I the only one thinking that"
    " y e s"


  • Illusions Master
    Illusions Master 22 hours ago

    While everyone else is commenting about the sociopath title and what not. Allow me to draw your attention, dear reader of comments, to 10:33.

    Do you also find this pose attractive? Like I- I wanna know I'm not the only one.

  • Koneko Cat
    Koneko Cat 22 hours ago

    Dan: Ok Jay what's your answer.
    Jay: *activates silence of the lambs mode*

  • NanWoo 43v3r
    NanWoo 43v3r 23 hours ago

    I'll be honest... I'm a Sociopath

  • josh eilish
    josh eilish 23 hours ago

    sad thing is, my phone is always on silent mode, and whenever my dad calls me and I don’t pick up, he always gets mad.

  • Sleep Is for the weak
    Sleep Is for the weak 23 hours ago

    8:09 because blood doesn’t show up on black stuff

  • Frilley!
    Frilley! Day ago

    "Sociopaths would get the wrong answers so they wouldn't be found out!"

    Hosuh- got the least answers right

  • MegaPhycoKiller
    MegaPhycoKiller Day ago

    What was probably the “normal person” answer in each question
    1) creep out with breathing noise (the call)
    2) cheaper knife
    3) either old job or new job is/was illegal
    4) cannibal
    5) “stop being mean to my son”/revenge
    6) decorative

  • DTDC
    DTDC Day ago

    a sociopath is a psychopath is that is more impulsive

  • Cleo ClearWater
    Cleo ClearWater Day ago

    6:35 me: Stephen My best friend: Jay Everyone else at school: Hosuh

  • FrostGacha TV
    FrostGacha TV Day ago

    Hosuh’s too innocent

  • G ae
    G ae Day ago

    at 5:52, i actually thought that the parents and the son were actually knitted together. like their bodies are actually put together and when the son gets bullied the parents also get hurt and that's why they had to kill the kids.
    *_oh god am i creepy_*

  • Dots Kim
    Dots Kim Day ago

    I can smell some Mr. Beast

  • foxydeath trap
    foxydeath trap Day ago

    Yes I am a sociopath and a phycopath and a explosive freak and a insane serial killer

  • When Art Is Life

    I’m so scared- whyyyy do i do this )))):

  • paladab
    paladab Day ago +1

    Day 1 of requesting DanPlan to play dnd.

  • Senae Wilson
    Senae Wilson Day ago

    Am i the only one who pause tbe video everytime a really good drawing of jay pops up

  • Akbar Ramja
    Akbar Ramja Day ago

    If you're bankrupt, why would burn your house? That seems like a waste of what little money you have.

  • Emiko Fujimi
    Emiko Fujimi Day ago +1

    I NEED to see more of Jay in the videos

  • Ty Jay
    Ty Jay Day ago

    I got too many of them right, I can't tell if I should be proud or worried 😅

  • Chan _101
    Chan _101 Day ago


  • Cayden Bong
    Cayden Bong Day ago

    Jay: I KNOW wERe yOu LIvE
    Me: *laughs really hard*

  • I'm Fell
    I'm Fell Day ago

    6:15 Im really thanksfully that he didn't a school shooting yet

  • Jadynn Kotch
    Jadynn Kotch Day ago

    Why do we have a serial killer's number though?

  • The Diamond Boy
    The Diamond Boy Day ago

    7:30 0w0

  • Jen Army
    Jen Army Day ago

    Jay is just a genius 😂😂😂

  • SilvSune
    SilvSune Day ago

    HA! I got the last one right!
    oh god I got the last one right.

  • BoulderGaming
    BoulderGaming Day ago

    I think Stephen is trying to hide the fact that me might be a Sociopath.

  • Potatolot
    Potatolot Day ago +1

    Jay = Brock from pokeman

  • Scrubby Alien
    Scrubby Alien Day ago

    wanna go get a grub?

  • Megan Goddard
    Megan Goddard Day ago

    Dan: the boss who's bad at pranking people

    Hosah: The small innocent bean

    Stephen: The psychopath

    Jay: The sociopath

    ann: The cute kid

  • JustABoxer
    JustABoxer Day ago

    I got the same answers as jay, mom pick me up I'm scared

  • S t r a w b e r r y g l o s s

    I wish I could draw for them =-(

  • S t r a w b e r r y g l o s s

    Wait...why is this in my recommended

  • A potato passing by

    I got the school one and some other

  • Aeres Jackson
    Aeres Jackson Day ago

    I wish I could find someone like Jay to be friends with. I’m 12, and I have tHoUgHts and I can’t find anyone to relate with. It gives me big sads

  • Just Why thou
    Just Why thou Day ago

    Sociopaths and psychopaths have differences. Sociopaths can form emotional connections to others. Psychopaths aren’t capable of this (fact check this)
    Oh and of course psychopaths and sociopaths are not killers by default. It’s a mental disorder like any other

  • ImCazyMage
    ImCazyMage Day ago

    “i know where you live” 🤣🤣

  • Comic Fox Alt
    Comic Fox Alt Day ago

    I like Jay, he thinks like Stephen and I.

  • I Drink Water
    I Drink Water Day ago

    I haven't seen this yet here are my answers
    1:to make you slow down
    2:maybe because it would be more enjoyable to watch and do. So they got a smaller and blunter one
    3: I'm pretty stuck. But he could lie and get money from his wife and house. Soooo
    4: sister was probably crazy and wanted to be with her sister
    5: 0-0 how are the parents not caught. Ahem anyway. Well because then the parents would go to school with their kids to keep them safe
    I feel like this is fake because I'm getting same answers as a sociopath so far
    5:OMG TOOK ME A WHILE BUT I THINK I GOT IT. Ok so we are a series killer? Then if our floor is black what is the chance of you seeing blood if you look through the window. You wouldn't know that someone died
    I'm officially scared of myself

  • Claire Lister
    Claire Lister Day ago +3

    If I was playing a game like this and I don't want people to know that I'm *ACTUALLY* a sociopath then I would answer the questions wrong.......
    Hosuh, how you doing bud hehe....

  • 00Sunburn00
    00Sunburn00 Day ago

    With the one who calls, I was immediately thinking "it's because it's someone you know". I mean who else would have your number so fast (except a stalker, but then it'll be an unknown number). Besides my phone is *always* on silent so I didn't think about the option "to listen to where the victim is hiding" 😅

  • Bash Bros
    Bash Bros Day ago

    Jay and Stephen have and will always be the best part 😂😂😂

  • Unnamed INK
    Unnamed INK Day ago

    9:57 he is basicly saying that Hosuah is the sociopath

  • Ecenur Sanatçı

    The last time before the ad, i think dan ask out to hosuh .. am i the only one thinking this ??
    Also i think hosuh is smart maybehe is a little bit sociopath or psycopath, but because he is like Dan says so cute for being an evil, he is pure ...

  • Galaxy-Chan Ara
    Galaxy-Chan Ara Day ago

    I'm rewatching a bunch of vids from you because I'm bored

  • INGRID Marie
    INGRID Marie Day ago

    " Just for fun "🤔

  • Atina Burger
    Atina Burger Day ago

    i have 4 right yyyyaaaayyyy🎶

  • Atina Burger
    Atina Burger Day ago

    the perants killed every month a kid so the other kids who are still alive will be so afraid that they will also go with there perants to school