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  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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Comments • 60 653

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 6 hours ago

    Shut up georgians

    ONLY GAMING Day ago +1

    Best TVclipr in a history of youtube

  • 1doyle1
    1doyle1 Day ago


    GAMING LIFE 2 days ago

    My fellow Pinoy players can best your worst nightmare in e-sports. Especially males, they constantly trashtalk and sometimes they blame girls for their defeat. Good thing they toned down sexism a little..

  • Doctor CykaHD TV
    Doctor CykaHD TV 2 days ago

    *aNd ThAt'S a FaCt*

  • Lucid Nightmare
    Lucid Nightmare 2 days ago

    Now THATS a quality camera

  • TDogB404
    TDogB404 3 days ago

    what about transgender people?

  • Sofia Babli
    Sofia Babli 3 days ago


  • AchmodinIV SWE
    AchmodinIV SWE 4 days ago

    i think the point was how people could judge a person just becouse it was a ´girl´ and that she was a pro gamer and so ´she´ could join a team so easy becouse it was a girl

  • Fatema’s Kitchen USA

    If women aren’t real then Felix is gay U^U

  • Donald Orr
    Donald Orr 5 days ago

    Ricegum does it for the money then flexes it he's a bitch that lots of people started looking at badly then idubbz decided to speak up cough cough pewdiepie to and boyinaband pewdiepie is so helpful and not clickbait he has great content to

  • Donald Orr
    Donald Orr 5 days ago

    Weres mrbeast

  • Donald Orr
    Donald Orr 5 days ago

    Loserfruit uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you right

  • TheGoodyGames
    TheGoodyGames 6 days ago

    And that’s a fact :)

  • D wizzle
    D wizzle 6 days ago

    Its official even fictional characters get morr respect than gamers lol

  • peachyoongi
    peachyoongi 6 days ago

    who’s watching this after mary ham?

  • Essence10001
    Essence10001 6 days ago +2

    haHAA its funny to mock Christians in 2019. -10000000 Respect.

  • Christopher Rajecki
    Christopher Rajecki 6 days ago

    If pewds has sex with marzia in the gloria borger persona does that make marzia bi

  • Wasteman Stuff
    Wasteman Stuff 7 days ago

    Is that a sponge for a mic?

  • Maddy
    Maddy 8 days ago

    This is like weird reverse Mulan

  • Harvey
    Harvey 8 days ago

    pewdiepie am from Georgia პუდიპაი მე ვარ საქართველოდან

  • QueenTreehuggerr
    QueenTreehuggerr 8 days ago

    Pewds got them jokes here! Hilarious summary of the stupidest drama. :D

  • cement
    cement 9 days ago


  • Nirvana Gaming
    Nirvana Gaming 10 days ago

    Long Live Gloria Borgia 👏

  • IslandDude
    IslandDude 11 days ago

    Mr beast is a jake pauler

  • Rick Astley my overlord

    Pew News is more reliable than Fox 😂😂

  • Xero The Almighty
    Xero The Almighty 13 days ago +1


  • Me Anonymous
    Me Anonymous 13 days ago

    It says the video was published a few days ago but the comments are months old???

  • Rika — Chan
    Rika — Chan 14 days ago

    Felix: "... and buy all of my merch! You'll get that one on that TV, and *that's a fact* !"
    Me: ... and *that's* a meme.

  • Dxddy Katw
    Dxddy Katw 14 days ago

    Why should I feel offended bc I am actually good at games😂😂😂

  • felicia cesya
    felicia cesya 15 days ago

    8:24 gamer girl don’t exist.
    then what am i?

  • Rajid Mohandas
    Rajid Mohandas 15 days ago

    Ricegum is like Simone Giertz's brain tumor... It's an awful thing that keeps popping up.

  • Elise whitney
    Elise whitney 15 days ago

    As a female Im damn great at video games n I play almost everyday, and I've beat pretty much all my bfs friends in mortal combat. I know most girls suck at games tho and the ones that really suck usually love sims lol 😂👏

  • ava mckinley
    ava mckinley 15 days ago

    Just remember thirsty haters, this wasn’t Pewds who said girls aren’t good at anything, it was Gloria Borger.... don’t get them confused

  • 미움Hatelyn
    미움Hatelyn 16 days ago +50

    Pewdiepie : "Girls don't even exist"
    Me : *I don't feel so good*

  • Sansa Anastasia
    Sansa Anastasia 16 days ago +11



    9-year-olds: yeh sounds about right :)

  • Ma.ki_ Chan
    Ma.ki_ Chan 16 days ago +1

    as a wamon i agree that we cannot do anything

  • Marissa Smith
    Marissa Smith 16 days ago +2

    Lmao as soon as you said "Jesus Christ needs your help", I got a Hebrew bible ad

  • Muchacha De Barrio
    Muchacha De Barrio 16 days ago +5

    Wahman aren't real ...
    So are they a myth or a legend?

  • Cringey_Buffsuki_Bish
    Cringey_Buffsuki_Bish 16 days ago

    Reporter: girls aren’t good at anything
    Pewds: ResPeCt tHE whaMeN!

  • NeonSquirt2675
    NeonSquirt2675 16 days ago +3

    Whamen aren't real........
    And that's a fact!!

  • rvrphnx
    rvrphnx 16 days ago


  • Ankan majumder
    Ankan majumder 17 days ago +1

    Rip Gloria Borga

  • mark boribor
    mark boribor 17 days ago +1

    I miss Gloria Borger :(

  • Brady Tribble
    Brady Tribble 17 days ago

    Videos like this show why Felix is extremly wholesome and is a whomans who is to be trusted. Just ask me, I have 54 views

  • Jaime R
    Jaime R 17 days ago

    alrighty welp

  • Jaime R
    Jaime R 17 days ago +1

    "Girls aren't good at video games."- They aren't really good at anything. :PewDiePie
    Me: ... *scrolls down, and thinks, *stay subscribed or unsubscribe?* hMmMmMmMm Well if he says anything more stupid.. I unsub :)

  • CyberAlpha - Edits
    CyberAlpha - Edits 17 days ago +2

    Lmao, I’m a girl but I generally don’t care. , anyways. This “this is a strange thing happening

  • dwl
    dwl 17 days ago

    I hear 'Poo-News' every time and I don't think of honey-addicted bears wearing t-shirts.

    NATTU MUTTA 18 days ago

    Poods:wamen are good at nothing
    Me: recalling 'for legal reason thats a joke'

  • ya boi
    ya boi 18 days ago +1

    😭😭 I miss 🎶borger borger borger borger🎶

  • james sayshi
    james sayshi 18 days ago

    Defending an non existent player wow haha sounds like a gotcha bs trend👅

  • Maxy_ Husky
    Maxy_ Husky 18 days ago +1

    Yay I love being not real!
    Wow much wow

  • NightWingPlays :P
    NightWingPlays :P 19 days ago +2

    Losing to T-Series is inevitable

  • oldschool1987
    oldschool1987 19 days ago

    As someone who was a girl when first convieved then gained the XY chromosomes during development, I can't confirm wahmen do not exist.

  • Schreeching Quills
    Schreeching Quills 19 days ago +2

    You will be missed, Gloria Borger 😭😭😭

  • Zen-kai zoydac
    Zen-kai zoydac 21 day ago +2

    As a woman i can confirm that i am actually a male

  • sushi roper
    sushi roper 21 day ago

    Mr.beassstttttt we need you to help Jesus!!!!

  • Depositron
    Depositron 21 day ago +1

    RIP Gloria borger

  • X-90
    X-90 21 day ago +1

    This comment section: I’m a woman and I...

  • Zubbbz
    Zubbbz 21 day ago +1

    Hey guys boria glorger here from pew news.

  • Jaden Thompson
    Jaden Thompson 21 day ago +87

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly
    We want her bacc

  • Dan Dagn
    Dan Dagn 22 days ago +1

    Rip glorya

  • CraterMaker w
    CraterMaker w 22 days ago

    if women can't do anything, why can i play the tuba better than the boys on my band class?

  • Christophe Roberge
    Christophe Roberge 22 days ago +1

    10:21 thank me later

  • goodiesohhi
    goodiesohhi 22 days ago

    Women aren't the real.

  • SophieGrace Xx
    SophieGrace Xx 22 days ago

    R.I.P Gloria borger

  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed 22 days ago

    And that's a fact

  • Frida Kristianne Haugen Varskog

    RIP Gloria Borger

  • Amine Games
    Amine Games 22 days ago

    wait , jesus needs ur help ? isnt it the other way around according to christians ?

  • Scarlet Wolvesbane
    Scarlet Wolvesbane 23 days ago

    felix: "there are no gamer girls"

    me a girl on my 2,500 pound computer: *smashes my keyboard over his head* smh jesus would be disappointed..

  • Eka Smith
    Eka Smith 23 days ago

    georgian jumper!

  • Diamondarrow 3121
    Diamondarrow 3121 23 days ago +1

    Is Gloria lesbian because she is a she and she has an anime wife

  • Corrupted
    Corrupted 23 days ago

    he go to heaven

  • Leaper
    Leaper 23 days ago

    I don’t have the money to buy merch. Have mercy on me Pewds!!!

  • Samer Abukhousa
    Samer Abukhousa 24 days ago +1

    Hey Pewdiepie!!! give me a like, like i gave you one. Is that too much to ask for???!!!!

  • Isaiah Jester
    Isaiah Jester 24 days ago +2

    Smash the like button if you exist

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 24 days ago

    the reason people didnt hate on Zane and Heaith because they are not a kida channel and they weren't sponcered

  • WeShouldHaveNukedJapanAThirdTime

    9:22 I ask myself the same thing everyday....

  • pparadise .m
    pparadise .m 24 days ago +1

    Rip Gloria borger

  • Kayla Ojeda
    Kayla Ojeda 25 days ago +179

    I’m a woman and I approve this message
    Women aren’t real

    • Kayla Ojeda
      Kayla Ojeda 5 days ago +1

      stxrry did I do an oopsie

    • stxrry
      stxrry 5 days ago +1

      ??? So glad to hear that thank you for making my depression more worse for telling me I do not exist

    • Nocturne
      Nocturne 6 days ago +3

      If women were real then I wouldn't be able to pass through walls, and I wouldn't trade this convenience for the world

    • ToastySNXZ
      ToastySNXZ 7 days ago +2

      @Muchacha De Barrio *more visible confusion*

    • Muchacha De Barrio
      Muchacha De Barrio 16 days ago +11

      @Yuo Liu your hand or a wahman robot who's not a wahman because wahman don't exist

  • ThatsJamesTurner -
    ThatsJamesTurner - 26 days ago +15

    I miss Gloria borger, rip legend

  • Anthony Zhang
    Anthony Zhang 27 days ago +1

    when you buy pants off Borger, GLORIA JEANS

  • sietze monge
    sietze monge 27 days ago


  • AAS
    AAS 27 days ago +1

    i miss her

  • Hughie Gabalski
    Hughie Gabalski 28 days ago

    Don't you know that your insulting police officers and Olympic players who are females

    • qw erty
      qw erty 27 days ago

      Hughie Gabalski its a joke

  • Cescafied
    Cescafied 28 days ago

    As a wahmin I can confirm that we do not exist.

  • Roach DoggJR
    Roach DoggJR 28 days ago

    Save Jesus, that's what Jesus would've want.

    THE DOG ARMY 28 days ago

    Best pick up line

    Get in the f**king in van

  • Nikolai Slater
    Nikolai Slater 28 days ago +1

    Pewds, you should copystrike ricegum for including clips from your video.

  • LtCmdrMaximus
    LtCmdrMaximus 29 days ago

    Rice gum is insane

  • BuzzLyrica
    BuzzLyrica 29 days ago +2

    Anyone remember Roo? The female who joined a professional League of Legends team. Then, proceeded to suck worse than anyone in the esports scene and dropped out a season later. I am going to go ahead and bump the sentiment that women do not exist.

  • Daareon Demon
    Daareon Demon 29 days ago +2

    RIP Gloria Borger 2018-2019
    "I'm not supposed to give my opinion.... But..."

  • Joe Hannon
    Joe Hannon 29 days ago

    Love how earlier in the video(maybe a different pew news) Gloria bother says “as a woman I think...” then later “woman aren’t real”

  • Daivat Pandya
    Daivat Pandya Month ago

    You refer any country and you will get swarmed the people of that country

  • Aces & Cards
    Aces & Cards Month ago +2

    I play over watch
    But I’m bi soooo

  • Emily Pearson
    Emily Pearson Month ago

    No one:
    Gloria borger: I’m not supposed to give my opinion but…

  • Joseph Andrea Nietszche

    Some trans-women have penises too Pew, not everyone goes through surgery.

  • kumar saarthak
    kumar saarthak Month ago

    ricegum more like riceSCUM
    ricegum more like riceCUM

  • Tyler Hood
    Tyler Hood Month ago

    I'm playing video games right now