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  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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Comments • 72 664

  • laurynraemusic
    laurynraemusic 2 hours ago

    Um im actually very confused at all the women actually making fun of themselves. Thanks for the dismissive behavior

  • Lexi Eckert
    Lexi Eckert 3 hours ago

    Don’t forget the nasty stuff Ricegum said about Ethan and Hila. Even if you don’t them, the stuff he said is disgusting in general.

  • Jessica Vincent
    Jessica Vincent 8 hours ago

    Step down from the protein.

  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 9 hours ago +1

    For the longest time I thought the dude's name was "ricecum" cause the 1st time I heard of him was through Pewds. Still duno what his content is supposed to be about lmao.

  • Blinky Ghost
    Blinky Ghost 10 hours ago

    Pew News is obviously the most reliable news source on the internet. As well as Minecraft Parodies being the best music genre.

  • preston Lucas
    preston Lucas 12 hours ago

    feminist reaction:

  • Vortex Gaming
    Vortex Gaming 12 hours ago

    PewDiePie: There are no such thing as gamer girls
    Me: I guess I’m never gonna get a girlfriend now.

  • Katy Bagley
    Katy Bagley 12 hours ago

    Girl. Can confirm, we don't exist.

  • TobleRune
    TobleRune 13 hours ago

    Why the hell did i get a “trinity bible chapel” add? About how god has forbidden anxiety, and why you shouldn’t worry about clothes... this is stupid 😂

  • Catlover1324 Aj
    Catlover1324 Aj 15 hours ago

    yay I don’t exist ;))))))

  • AVENTURAS urbanas
    AVENTURAS urbanas 15 hours ago

    Putos alv

  • UltraInstinctZ
    UltraInstinctZ 16 hours ago +1

    უფალო შეგვიწყალენ ✝️

  • Live Death Art
    Live Death Art 17 hours ago

    Thought he was Brad Wotto aka fake Marzia xD LOL

  • Panda Psyche
    Panda Psyche 19 hours ago

    I think the issue is male gamers that are good don't have to prove they are men, people just accept it.. but if a woman was good at video games the immediate reaction would be; 'is it a real woman, prove you're a woman' ...God forbid a girl be good at something that is male-dominated. lol

  • mountain lion 2242
    mountain lion 2242 22 hours ago

    my mom play's plants vs zombies

  • Emil Bubev
    Emil Bubev Day ago

    Big ups for supporting JC! Kuddos on the kitty thing! And that symbol on your collar proves you are a straight up xylophone!

  • lagi demam
    lagi demam Day ago

    try visit kimi hime channel
    she is a gamer form indonesian

  • Summer Walker
    Summer Walker Day ago


  • LiteBerry Yt
    LiteBerry Yt Day ago

    Fun fact i did not know about rice gum or jake paul until 2017

  • Beretta
    Beretta Day ago

    Почему в описании всё на русском?

  • Cylas Kawika
    Cylas Kawika Day ago

    How much rice could a rice gum scam if a rice gum could scam kids

  • Panda G
    Panda G Day ago


  • Vitero
    Vitero Day ago

    I love Jesus

  • Ruby Fox
    Ruby Fox Day ago

    I tik tok compilation with a girl with a stupid amount of freckles, braces, black hair, and a dog toy with ‘fetch!’ On it

  • 2222elizabeth
    2222elizabeth Day ago

    I am good at video games

  • Iris Cherry
    Iris Cherry Day ago

    What the freak is this.I’m so confused

  • angel
    angel Day ago

    Teri ma ka bhosada

  • GoldFishBoy1337
    GoldFishBoy1337 Day ago

    This is honestly such a good news series. lol

  • Infamous
    Infamous Day ago

    “Jesus needs your help!”
    *Ad: “What does jesus think about people that don't pray?”*

  • Adam Blade
    Adam Blade Day ago

    This made me unsub. Promoting false idols. Im glad your losing to T-series.

  • LizZardChanger
    LizZardChanger Day ago

    Where my brothers at

  • Lil Squirt
    Lil Squirt Day ago

    Why is the quality shit

  • Khaledoti_ خالد

    Gloria borger how do women don’t exist if you’re a woman

  • Chris Mursch
    Chris Mursch Day ago +1

    I got a pewdiepie ad on a pewdiepie video... hmmmmmm..........

  • Rufioh
    Rufioh Day ago

    I got an advert for pewds on this video

    RAJA BABU Day ago +1

    you bludy dogs puwdiepie

  • Deepak Narang
    Deepak Narang 2 days ago +1

    #STOPGIRLABUSE (I am a boy btw)

  • Artica Spring
    Artica Spring 2 days ago

    Pewdiepie QuackityHQ got banned on discord from a bias fur.

  • bat plays
    bat plays 2 days ago

    Where is Mr beast when you need him

  • ChrisWalkerTalker
    ChrisWalkerTalker 2 days ago

    felix please. No.

  • Define Quirky
    Define Quirky 2 days ago

    Tbh. I’m a woman. I wish I wasn’t real.

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 2 days ago

    FYI I HAVE 99999999999 WINS IN FORNITE...

  • Ghazbaran
    Ghazbaran 2 days ago

    Jesus fricking Christ! Im so tired of people using the term "social experiment" as an excuse to do whatever the fuck they want. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT AN EXPERIMENT IS?

  • Omar S. AlFaqeeh
    Omar S. AlFaqeeh 2 days ago

    whatt I got a PewDiePie 80M club merch ad on this that's crazy

  • Christian macedo
    Christian macedo 2 days ago


  • aurora dean
    aurora dean 2 days ago

    how dare you say women don’t exist. i am shocked and upset.

  • WingedQuartz
    WingedQuartz 2 days ago +1

    As a wamen noodle I can say that your right mr pewds Felix boi...we suck at everything...EXCEPT FOR MAKING THOSE SANDWICHES

  • TheAnimatedGamer
    TheAnimatedGamer 2 days ago

    C’mon! 29M subs till 100M!

  • Ronan Peixoto
    Ronan Peixoto 2 days ago

    The English subtitles does not show almost the entire video (few seconds in few points in the beginning).

    The news from the "Ellie", the fake female gamer, arrived here in brazil, unfortunately, with the fake version, at first. In a matter of a single day, with the comments session active in the various news websites, the community here was saying that the news source was lying, and the true was revealed this fast to me.

  • Slayed quayzz
    Slayed quayzz 2 days ago

    Attention all you tubers Jesus needs your help so save him subscribe to him

  • only 2 genders
    only 2 genders 2 days ago


  • mountain lion 2242
    mountain lion 2242 2 days ago +1

    we won't poppy Gloria

  • daniel mason
    daniel mason 2 days ago

    If you ever meet a girl on the internet. Remember guys. Girl on the internet stands for

  • cookie monster
    cookie monster 2 days ago

    Pewdiepie is wearing georgian shirt

  • katie
    katie 2 days ago

    Punisher just ruined it for whamen

  • Bugeekman
    Bugeekman 2 days ago

    What's overwatch?

  • Join the revolution
    Join the revolution 2 days ago

    How to play your part in the war against T-Series:
    1-Change your profile pic to Pewdiepie's
    2-Comment on all videos you watch
    3-Like all comments from comrades with the same profile pic
    Godspeed Comrade

  • Adam, Gowen
    Adam, Gowen 2 days ago


  • DairiuX
    DairiuX 3 days ago

    Oopsie Review

  • Pulse
    Pulse 3 days ago +1


  • Matty Love
    Matty Love 3 days ago +1

    Can't believe you featured my cringe video in your angry challenge thanks heaps man! I made a reaction to it!

  • iPink Era
    iPink Era 3 days ago +1

    I played Crossfire, Counter Stike (all kinds) Global Strike, Troy Kuch, I don't pay money just to play games.
    I have accounts that are master sergeant in Crossfire..... But all of them got hacked after not using for about 3 months.
    We girls play too, but the problem for me is hacking! Every server I see Cheaters EVERYWHERE!! Like autoscope, invisibility and melee hack.
    Melee hack is the most frustrating hack ever! It's like auto clicker..... When your enemy with melee hacks comes near you.... AUTOMATIC DEATH... Because of the spam click of the melee.
    I can feel a lot of hate coming for the comment now...

  • iPink Era
    iPink Era 3 days ago +1

    Girls: Selfie/Makeup Experts
    Boys: Gamers
    Me: Random weird videos/Barely uploads after a year
    That's how mafia works

  • Kristi R
    Kristi R 3 days ago

    Damn pewds....I seriously get the overstatement of harassment. That being said, I've been gaming since I was 21 (Im a 38 yr old female now) and continue to feel uncomfortable using mic. It's ridiculous to feel I can't call out enemy location to avoid "ohmahgawsh is that a grill?" Im not sure what the "real" issue with female gaming is, but I know I would love to just play like everyone without worrying my voice will set off an entire server.

  • r tay
    r tay 3 days ago

    Why are you a multi millionaire and look like you're filming in my apartment

  • Yan Lin
    Yan Lin 3 days ago

    y tf i just got ur ad

  • RenaRaidGaming
    RenaRaidGaming 3 days ago +1

    Hey pewds- ah never mind I won't mention that one inappropiate game you played 😅

  • Twitch WING
    Twitch WING 3 days ago

    I like me beast more than pew die pie LOL DAB

  • StormTrooper Plays
    StormTrooper Plays 3 days ago

    What you wear georgoan shirt?

  • noobletwill
    noobletwill 3 days ago

    Jesus called Felix a saint... does that mean that he will be martyred soon? :|

  • it'smabeanz bro
    it'smabeanz bro 3 days ago

    You have to do a pew news and talj about boo the dogs death

  • Rack Jatigan
    Rack Jatigan 3 days ago

    I’m a video gamer which means your gonna get a lot of revenue from me

  • xydydh dnkrk
    xydydh dnkrk 3 days ago

    Georgia btw

  • Kuma
    Kuma 3 days ago

    It is like the audio is not synced with the video

  • Cotne Kakushadze
    Cotne Kakushadze 3 days ago

    We are You from

  • Twitch_StarLord_
    Twitch_StarLord_ 3 days ago

    "Gamer girls don't exist" Proof: 8:20

  • VlogsBeautyAnd More
    VlogsBeautyAnd More 3 days ago +1

    When he said girls weren’t good at video games I was like boy have u seen me play gta 🤔

  • Mx Of despair
    Mx Of despair 3 days ago

    I know I'm not supposed to give my opinion **but**

  • shai's videos
    shai's videos 3 days ago

    Do Sanicball again

  • Lgthrfwy Ggtr
    Lgthrfwy Ggtr 3 days ago

    Anyone notic glorai looks like pewdiepie

  • Noel Shannon
    Noel Shannon 3 days ago

    T-series is recommended.
    *Face palm*

  • Xylia Cymbeline
    Xylia Cymbeline 4 days ago

    that "poob" sound at 2:24 is cute

  • Human Thingy
    Human Thingy 4 days ago

    As a girl, I can confirm that girls doesn't exist. Sorry, they are not real.

  • bluefavorites
    bluefavorites 4 days ago


  • Sophie Senpai
    Sophie Senpai 4 days ago

    Hey I'm Christian. I don't find this too funny😑

  • Casual Unboxing
    Casual Unboxing 4 days ago

    Thats Awesome Felix, Good on you to help Jesus Christ. Guess you have a Golden ticket to heaven now, Awesome !!!

  • anxietyquack
    anxietyquack 4 days ago

    why is gloria in pewds room

  • Sr. Nika :3
    Sr. Nika :3 4 days ago

    Why is on his t shirt print “უფალი„[upali] this means god on one Language.

  • Dorian Baldwin-Bott
    Dorian Baldwin-Bott 4 days ago

    As a woman I can confirm women don’t exist

  • HalfBAKED potatoe
    HalfBAKED potatoe 4 days ago

    There are more fake girls on social media than on games

  • RedEyedSx Ø.o
    RedEyedSx Ø.o 4 days ago

    its Ellie from the last of us.

  • Yep That`sTrue
    Yep That`sTrue 4 days ago

    I'm not supposed to give my opinion,but I always do sooooo

  • Nick V channel gamer

    Pew on you jacket words is უფალო შეგვიწყალენ my language yay

  • Rz Daenerys
    Rz Daenerys 4 days ago

    I am a girl gamer #swag

  • Laz Iz Awesome
    Laz Iz Awesome 4 days ago

    Well. I loved this channel till now. Goodbye.

  • Jaimee Jurcic
    Jaimee Jurcic 4 days ago

    I’m a girl, we do all the work

  • CashT
    CashT 4 days ago +1

    Girls aren’t video games

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 4 days ago

    ”Nobody cared who punisher was until he put on the mask”
    No Felix, nobody cared who punisher was until he put on the TITS.