10 Wonders of the World You Didn't Know Exist

  • Published on Apr 3, 2018
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Comments • 926

  • Legendary Squarepants
    Legendary Squarepants Year ago +368

    finally after 9999 years I finally get it wonders I’ve never knew

    • ConCroucher
      ConCroucher 7 months ago

      So money likes for this comment yet I cannot work out what they're trying to say.

    • jjammmees
      jjammmees Year ago

      Alright spongebob

    • Dahsy Ekeap
      Dahsy Ekeap Year ago

      Shaun Perez

  • Joe OG Dinero
    Joe OG Dinero 9 days ago

    Dude your gay. But your videos are ok. lol.

  • Sci-Shastra Q
    Sci-Shastra Q 29 days ago

    These grass terrace you are telling you can see every where in Uttarakhand India

  • Patrick Cahill
    Patrick Cahill Month ago

    Who’s this guys’s cocaine dealer? Looks like good stuff 😂

  • Min Yoongi lover, Seonghwa lover

    I don't know nan madol. Army will know

  • Michaelmini Man
    Michaelmini Man Month ago

    Yey Philippines terrace's

  • Peter Mcstinker
    Peter Mcstinker 2 months ago

    its pronounced banawe not banawey

  • Cheshire Fred
    Cheshire Fred 2 months ago

    You should've added Nan Madol

  • Jacy Raynebow
    Jacy Raynebow 2 months ago

    Hello bucket list! ❤️

  • Ren Gren
    Ren Gren 3 months ago

    i miss matt's humor

  • Gamer PandaGPDigital
    Gamer PandaGPDigital 3 months ago

    Isn't the vid a little unsynchronized?

  • zahria
    zahria 3 months ago

    Nenn Medoul is pretty!

  • zahria
    zahria 3 months ago

    That Lashan Buddha is definitely in danger.
    The party destroys all larger religious figures in the whole of China.!
    Seriously. They do not give a fluke about art. Just chop them up

  • Maje Price
    Maje Price 3 months ago

    I thought NAN MADOL was cursed?

  • Prabhul Krishna
    Prabhul Krishna 3 months ago

    Please give some respect to Buddha

  • Fred Pepe
    Fred Pepe 4 months ago

    Why can’t any of the names of these places ever by in English

  • Blue kid
    Blue kid 5 months ago

    Your teeth are owesome

    ITZ MADMAN 5 months ago

    The duomo was featured in assassins creed

  • Sara v
    Sara v 5 months ago

    Hi Matt!! Please do this video: 10 butterfly effects, i.e. small incidents that caused huge circumstances!

  • Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

    I just lost in his sexyness.. I'll never have love so this kinda makes up for it

  • Caroline Bracken
    Caroline Bracken 6 months ago

    More things to add to the bucket list.

  • Philip Turner
    Philip Turner 6 months ago

    Bood ist ???? boodaaah ?????

  • TB VR 2019
    TB VR 2019 6 months ago

    Ezio auditore went to that church in florence

  • Bob G
    Bob G 6 months ago

    I've been to the ziggarat of ur when I was deployed in 03

  • Pete Camacho
    Pete Camacho 6 months ago

    I hated wonders in age of empires.

  • Daen Easton
    Daen Easton 6 months ago

    Matt, seriously. Let's go to Spain? No?

  • Amanuel Yemane
    Amanuel Yemane 6 months ago

    Matt may have nothing ON his head...
    But we have to admit he has alot of information down under... 👏👏👏 Keep it up matt👍

  • Panos Pands
    Panos Pands 7 months ago

    Newgrange tomb looks very similar to Mycenaean chamber tombs in Greece even though is much much older. And the spiral carvings? You can find identical in Ancient Greek sites and artifacts. Who knows? I know for a fact though that even in stone age people had commerce and boats.

  • Ybnafem Pubglord
    Ybnafem Pubglord 7 months ago

    How about the Ethiopian church name lalibla

  • Keshav Kharka
    Keshav Kharka 7 months ago

    I think kilash temple of india should also be included in the list

  • Ashleigh Stratmann
    Ashleigh Stratmann 7 months ago

    I been to Italy and tried their pizza, and let me tell you, they are great, but you better make a clear order of slice of pizza other wise you'll get a full family size pizza. That is if you don't have someone to share it with.

  • Deepak Kumar H L
    Deepak Kumar H L 7 months ago

    Golgumbuz is the biggest tomb. Y don't you people know before claiming it

  • The Real Stephano Universe


  • pamela andrea bahre ebensperger

    My dear, the “duomo di Firenze” it’s actually the dome of the Santa Maria dei fiori church. And the Borobudur temple is in Yog-Jakarta, not Java, and houses some bones of Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha, which, by the way, means the enlightened or awaken one)

  • jyotish sagar
    jyotish sagar 8 months ago

    Many other things u 4got
    Like karni Mata temple , bedar Narsimha temple , and others

  • Jacksil Jackson
    Jacksil Jackson 8 months ago

    I knew newgrange, CAUSE IM IRISH, AAAAAHHHHH

  • Savee Vangora
    Savee Vangora 8 months ago

    Ah i loved how he pronounced Sigiriya.....it sounded so cute.....Being a Sri Lankan I'm quite suprised it's actually a forgotten wonder of the world... well it also had a water pump system, which is amazing for the time as no one even knew what a water pump was or how to build it....so i guess it is a wonder.

  • Tepotita
    Tepotita 8 months ago

    You can actually enter the dome of il duomo fi firenze , climb up to the top between the 2 walls. It's amazing, but if you are clastrofobic...do go.

  • Random guy
    Random guy 9 months ago

    assassins creed 2

  • Abcd abcd
    Abcd abcd 9 months ago

    Cambodia Buddhist temple?

  • Noemi Marchiotti
    Noemi Marchiotti 9 months ago

    I watch several channels similar to yours. You're a natural and you're funny. I like you!
    And let a local teach you something you didn't know in return; meatballs aren't really a thing in Italy. They probably are among the Italian community in the New World. In Italy itself, not so much. Also, if you wanna try pizza better than Italian, just swim across from Italy to Croatia :)

  • Brock Tingley
    Brock Tingley 9 months ago

    Pizza and meatballs ain't Italian that's American food lol

  • SuperStandard
    SuperStandard 9 months ago +1

    Mamayev Kurgan, awesome statue!

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 9 months ago


  • Jon Haugland
    Jon Haugland 9 months ago

    2:43 Dude you act like you forget the fact that you're of ITALIAN! Your Surname is only off by THREE LETTERS: *SANTORINI!!!*

  • Angela Cowie
    Angela Cowie 10 months ago

    Keep these shows coming & entertaining thx 👍👍💜

  • Amani Windon
    Amani Windon 10 months ago

    He was a lot more hyped in this video than usual

  • HolsappleArt Studios
    HolsappleArt Studios 10 months ago

    I went to Florence 10 years ago and saw the cathedral

  • Sora
    Sora 10 months ago +1

    Its funny that kali ma literally means a word in arabic

  • alex luna
    alex luna 10 months ago

    I take that comment back

  • I own Far too much macaroni, but

    Your name means Matthew Saint Bull (San Toro)

  • I own Far too much macaroni, but

    4:Our statue company makes enormous profits from enormous prophets

  • sharon Igbokwe
    sharon Igbokwe 11 months ago

    Check out the great wall of Benin

  • Wes Troop
    Wes Troop 11 months ago

    Matt....did you put suntan lotion only on your forehead again?

  • New America Tow Guy
    New America Tow Guy 11 months ago

    His last name is BADA - LANDA - BAD

  • Knighty Night
    Knighty Night Year ago +1

    Is it Feet or Metres? WHICH ONE‽

  • Adrian Eduardo Ramirez Morales

    ......now its a ghost town

  • jjammmees
    jjammmees Year ago

    #1 wonderwall by oasis

  • Jacy Raynebow
    Jacy Raynebow Year ago

    New grange is my favorite thing in the whole world older than the pyramids and every winter solstice it still works. It's so special.

  • Lorenzo Montenegro

    Banaue Rice Terraces

  • Ashley Blalock
    Ashley Blalock Year ago

    My daughter loves watching you so do I keep up the awesomeness

  • Verloria Yami
    Verloria Yami Year ago

    THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING BOROBUDUR!!!! It's actually one of the official 7 wonders of the world yet no one actually talk about how amazing it is :""

  • Carl Michael harrington

    Andre the giant

  • Sara Jöhammar
    Sara Jöhammar Year ago

    #3 is an airtemple judging by the symbol. The bones who shine on solstice is to help the air munks, including the avatar, to get to the sprit world for the first time during meditation.

  • Remy LeBeau
    Remy LeBeau Year ago

    Thank you 4 ur channel, I love things of the Unexpected, the wonder of the world , egptian, etc. Thanks 4 doing them.

  • chris masters
    chris masters Year ago

    I visited the ziggurat of or when I was deployed with the army and Iraq in 2004 to 2005 it was on part of the main base we were at it was a pretty neat place to climb up into

  • Wandering Soul
    Wandering Soul Year ago

    It's actually pronounced bana- (like banana) whe (like whey without the y) . And eefoo-gow (like wow)

  • Brandon Houn
    Brandon Houn Year ago

    Cigarette of yours?

  • wildmtnhoney69
    wildmtnhoney69 Year ago

    you shouldd make another video that includes the door that cant be opened.

  • Ramona Evans
    Ramona Evans Year ago

    Thank you for having this wonderful site. I am basically home bound. Please keep your 10 ***** show coming. You need to have a your own weekly TV shoe named " Santoros' Did you know?". Anyway thanks for having the best site on TVclip.

  • Adnan Khalifeh
    Adnan Khalifeh Year ago

    you forgot ( Mekkah ) in saudi arabia, it is the cleanest place on earth, it has a miraculous water source which source is anonymous ,and it’s water is different in it’s construction from normal water, also it has one of a kind stone that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world, it has millions of visitors in short periods of time.

  • Zamira Arts
    Zamira Arts Year ago

    Underground cities plzzz

  • Secure The keys
    Secure The keys Year ago

    Matt I hope you’re well

  • Catherine McClain

    I remember finding out about Newgrange when I was surfing the web. It predates any Celtic people who moved in I think.

  • Laura VanDyk
    Laura VanDyk Year ago

    Would you say the Buddhist temple was stupa-fying? 😜