10 Hiding Places To Store Your Valuables


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  • raul yanez cortes
    raul yanez cortes 23 days ago

    Well, just great... Now thanks to this video people are gonna know where I hide my shit.

  • raul yanez cortes
    raul yanez cortes 23 days ago

    Oh, belive me... Where I live they would steal the vacuum cleaner.

  • raul yanez cortes
    raul yanez cortes 23 days ago

    Lol? What criminal is going to even open your fridge? XD

  • H. Collier
    H. Collier 2 months ago

    The fake lettuce is probably better than the fake turd I've been using. But what burglar would squish up a turd in hopes of finding valuables?

  • Donald Quinn
    Donald Quinn 2 months ago +2

    Who hides a toothbrush in the wall???

  • Janford Lyle
    Janford Lyle 3 months ago

    There one more place is ! If you lowed your sealing with tile you can hide small light Weight thing up there

  • kjm27434
    kjm27434 9 months ago

    Looters and burgers always look in these same places. Theres 1000s of videos telling people to hide things just like this and so burglars already know to look there. Although hiding items from potential robbers is a good idea, I wouldn't store anything too important in any of these places. None of these places are fireproof, waterproof (fire hoses) or disaster proof (tornadoes, etc). No one wants to think they're house would ever catch on fire and burn down, or a tornado/hurricane will hit their house, but it happens every day. The average person is more likely to lose their important items to a house fire then to a looter. To truly protect valuables not just from theft, but fire, flood, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc etc - your better off burying it underground. You won't have easy access to your items, but they will literally survive anything nature throws at it, and most burgers won't spend a lot of time digging holes around your house to find your cache of cash lol.

  • Roger Autry
    Roger Autry 9 months ago +1

    Hey honey how was your day?
    Good I worked hard at the office
    How was your day?
    Good. I threw out that old lettuce head that had been sitting in the fridge all that time.

  • Titch Moynihan
    Titch Moynihan 10 months ago

    Wotta bout da bank?

  • Bill Lee
    Bill Lee 10 months ago

    Some of these are good, but the locations like the paint cans or vacuum seem really dumb. Anything that might be perceived as garbage has a good chance​ of being thrown away, especially if you don't live alone..

  • Billy LC
    Billy LC 10 months ago

    "If the intruder opens the fridge" just needed a midnight snack maybe?

  • Sreelakshmi Adusumilli
    Sreelakshmi Adusumilli 11 months ago


  • Dubs J
    Dubs J 11 months ago

    For the cost of #9, one could easily buy a combination lock key holder. We have one for an extra house key, it cost about $25. It has served us well over the years. Plus, we don't need a screw driver to get to our key...js

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie Year ago

    I don't understand the lettuce?😉😉😉😉😉

  • Darkkaili
    Darkkaili Year ago

    re-title: How to launder money.

  • Jeanmarie Morell
    Jeanmarie Morell Year ago

    Wow never would think about that

  • Johnny Duke Carroll


  • Enderk1dd
    Enderk1dd Year ago

    I break into house. I steal outlet, air vent, lettuce, picture, vacuum, cupboards, paint cans, electrical box, and tennis ball. Then I go.

  • Mr. Bleach
    Mr. Bleach Year ago

    Any stoners watching?

  • American GI 1967
    American GI 1967 Year ago

    There is no safe hiding place once broadcast on the net.

  • Ayda Patriarca
    Ayda Patriarca Year ago

    No longer secrets someone out there watching your tips. Hehehe😀😀😀

  • Eric Tran
    Eric Tran Year ago

    Buy a SAFE just in case your house burns down.

  • Dat One Guy TBH
    Dat One Guy TBH Year ago +1

    Or u can keep ur money in a old pair of shoes what robber would look there

  • marisse o.
    marisse o. Year ago

    If your mother throw your old vacumm cleaner.

  • Randi Bass
    Randi Bass Year ago

    Hey, the real issue is that one has to REMEMBER where all their hidey-holes are....and what if a truck runs them over....did they tell their wife, or will the cash get thrown out when they dump the paint cans and sell the house??

  • BijouLover8
    BijouLover8 Year ago

    Better be fireproof or all is lost!

  • V0RTEX You
    V0RTEX You Year ago

    out lat?

  • ΧΑ ΧΑ
    ΧΑ ΧΑ Year ago

    ε...!!!! ναι.οι κλεφτες ειναι ΜΑΛΑΚΕΣ...και δεν τα βλεπουν ολα αυτα.!!!!δε μας χαιζετε ....λεω εγω!!!!!!!

  • Joanne Sears
    Joanne Sears Year ago

    If a burglar happens to see these videos, then all is lost.

  • Buldog Aero
    Buldog Aero Year ago

    No wonder peoples houses become wrecks ,as thieves really enjoy knowing hew tricks, I do not use these , but peoples homes that may get burgled maybe in for More than they bargained for in Damage

  • Buldog Aero
    Buldog Aero Year ago

    Burglars and thieves now noted, why bother its been made public....

  • A Nobles
    A Nobles Year ago

    If I was going to rob someone home. These are the fist places I would look. (LOL)

  • Russ G
    Russ G Year ago

    Using some of these hiding places you have to be very careful that someone doesn't accidentally discover the goods, or toss away the container while housekeeping. So if you share your living quarters with others, some helpful person may toss out your cash or your stash.

  • Monika Smith
    Monika Smith Year ago

    Now these are better.

  • Setareh Derakhshan

    i never hiding my cash at home just in the bank...

  • Bry
    Bry Year ago

    Under floor tile or under carpet

  • Farisha Mohammed
    Farisha Mohammed Year ago

    love your vid

  • popinmo
    popinmo Year ago +1

    if i used a expensive vacum cleaner they will steal

  • Og Bubba mannen
    Og Bubba mannen Year ago

    What if u but the key in the wrong electric socket

  • Alex Nieves
    Alex Nieves Year ago +1

    Now i want to eat a salad and play tennis!!!

    Will BECKMANN Year ago

    In South-Africa they plunder and rip things apart because there must be money, jewelry inside ...

  • TrueLegendGamer
    TrueLegendGamer Year ago +1

    I have a safe but I have 2 great hiding spots that I hid my keys that nobody will ever find lol

  • manifest 73
    manifest 73 Year ago

    Umm not a secret anymore thanks for letting the thiefs updated.

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 Year ago

    toilet paper roll; envelope stuck under drawer, cereal in bottom. books. only put small amounts and hide all over clothing. i do ot hide, since i shop online, so not any need for money.

    WARPHEAD Year ago +3

    Reminds me of an old joke. Where is the best place to hide a (insert ethnicity of your choice here) welfare check where he'll never find it?
    Answer: Under his work boots.

  • gear master
    gear master Year ago +1

    you should not make videos like this like now everyone will look in that spot first

  • gangster no 1
    gangster no 1 Year ago +2

    your just giving burgalers hints mate wtf

  • JedHurricane
    JedHurricane Year ago +4

    what if the burglar likes making sandwiches?

  • de ganni
    de ganni Year ago +1

    although i've heard a some you mentioned, others were quite unique and may try them depending on how my home floor plan is situated. thanks for sharing

  • João Leitão
    João Leitão Year ago +2

    Then make video, and put in youtube for the whole world to know!

  • hungry african child
    hungry african child Year ago +12

    i'm a robber so i only watched this video to know where people hide their valuables.
    thanks for the tips

  • Underworld Raps
    Underworld Raps Year ago

    thanks dumb shit now all crooks know where to look

  • BunnyTrailPro
    BunnyTrailPro Year ago +1

    not a bad list

  • #2F0B3AJude_Blackstatik

    Don't mind me just a common burglar watching this video.

  • Phyllis Simon
    Phyllis Simon Year ago +1


  • snakeking072 king cobra

    we'll now they do look in vacoom

  • Rico Jiron
    Rico Jiron Year ago


  • Master Race Fellah

    You can also hide it on a trash can.

  • Joseph 11
    Joseph 11 Year ago

    Thx, now all the burglars that watch this video will look in those places

  • David Bronze
    David Bronze Year ago +3

    Now the intruder will know all of this. He will check on lettuce if he can find something. How about? Hid a small explosive right enough for the face of the burglar to the obvious place like fake SAFE sticking on the wall with phony dial .When he tries to listen and dial "KABOOM", his head nowhere to be found. And the message after the smoke subsides says" WE DON'T CALL 911. lol!

  • Nadia Lourenco
    Nadia Lourenco Year ago

    What if they steal the fridge coz they stole my grandmas fridge.

  • don faltermeier
    don faltermeier Year ago

    A robber will watch this video and knows better then

  • JD D
    JD D Year ago

    good tips.....the tennis ball tricks been used for years they used to throw them over the walls in prison out west at one my uncle did a bid at

  • Jane Wiery
    Jane Wiery Year ago

    I sometimes hide ice cream treats in a bag of veggies. Nobody goes there! Oh no! Now everybody knows.

  • Nick Cox
    Nick Cox Year ago +23

    I also hide my tooth brush from thieves.

  • Captain Heinie
    Captain Heinie Year ago

    Maybe OK for some, but in a case of a fire, it would all burn.

  • Blue Carbon
    Blue Carbon Year ago +15

    And then you forget where you hid it.

    • Bill Wilson
      Bill Wilson Year ago +1

      Stormprobe: That's funny ... but not. I've told my loved ones that when I pass, check EVERYTHING. I've found money between the pages of a book that I hadn't read for decades. I must have used the bill as a bookmark.

    • acajudi100
      acajudi100 Year ago +2

      write in code where you put stuff.

    • NYX
      NYX Year ago +3

      You too?

  • Aiden c
    Aiden c Year ago +2

    You mean
    10 places to hide stolen goods

  • 1996 - 2017
    1996 - 2017 Year ago

    but now people who are burglars can just watch this video and look around where you just told them so yeah

  • thatsnumberwang100

    Pretty damn good, but the best I've known growing up (and which has a lot of space) is a compartment in the garden with a stone over the top and just one stone among others that are part of a path. Every time there is rain any signs you opened it up disappear.

  • MDR 17
    MDR 17 Year ago +1

    Now everyone knows.

  • Tara S
    Tara S Year ago +2

    Hey no more secrets now they'll know thanks to you.

  • ants mirez
    ants mirez Year ago +1

    Great video I really wasn't it expecting it to be

  • bucketrobbert
    bucketrobbert Year ago

    under the bath back panel ;)

  • Grace Hall
    Grace Hall Year ago

    well it's not a secret anymore over 77,000 viewer's has seen these. I'd find new places.


    lol 10 most silly places thieves look for

  • Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

    Or you can just bury your valuables.

  • MsLegacyishere
    MsLegacyishere Year ago +4

    What if a burglar wants to play tennis

  • tiarnan
    tiarnan Year ago

    I put a vortex behind my front door - so if and when a burglar enters, he's immediately transported to the 1600's... I'm writing this message to thou with a quill by the way, as one forgot to turn the blasted thing off.

  • Shawn Latour
    Shawn Latour Year ago +22

    Over 3000 robbers👍🏻'd this video

  • Toby's Guitar
    Toby's Guitar Year ago

    These are great ideas!!!! 👍👍👍

  • Chandlerscott
    Chandlerscott Year ago +2

    Hides gun in paint can, some time later during the night a intruder comes in then you sneak to the paint cans "crap which one did I put the gun in?!?!"

  • CommonCentsRob
    CommonCentsRob Year ago

    2:40 PVC Cantex outlet body

  • matilda decroti
    matilda decroti Year ago

    verry in sight full you say no burgular would think of theese thing,s but what if they watched your video. ya never know

  • krista lynn
    krista lynn Year ago

    lol well im at it ill hind my money in my cars headlight or inside or under a chair

    • krista lynn
      krista lynn Year ago

      ha lol good one

    • Grace Hall
      Grace Hall Year ago

      no don't hide it in your car, what if you get in an accident, your money will go flying.

    • krista lynn
      krista lynn Year ago

      and also in everyday shoes

  • June Hendeson
    June Hendeson 2 years ago

    You can use the plug in only if you own the house. You night forget if you rent .

    • June Hendeson
      June Hendeson 2 years ago

      Same with all ideas your showing but you told burglers what to do

  • HarmonyKaro -07-2003
    HarmonyKaro -07-2003 2 years ago

    sorry but how do u know if robers are watching like really

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl 2 years ago

    Dis could fool my mom

  • BOKT Bros
    BOKT Bros 2 years ago

    These r horrible except for 1. Which is the tennis ball one

  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez 2 years ago

    What if the robber wants the vacuum

  • 1gypsywolf
    1gypsywolf 2 years ago +2

    Hello??? Alot of us live in Apts. we can't cut holes in walls. Oh! There's the lettuce, where can we buy a fake lettuce head?

    • Dallan
      Dallan Year ago

      Yes but you know who my neighbours are. Not so lucky now.

    • 1gypsywolf
      1gypsywolf Year ago

      Lucky for you Squidward.

    • Dallan
      Dallan Year ago

      I live in a house. Not that poor.

  • acajudi100
    acajudi100 2 years ago

    Excellent and thank you.💯❤️😊
    Google: Judi Grace StoryCorps.

  • Tiny Hippo
    Tiny Hippo 2 years ago

    so cut a hole in the wall and......

  • dj kid
    dj kid 2 years ago

    your videos are the best

  • Hateshin Gaming
    Hateshin Gaming 2 years ago

    put them inside your socks !

  • Ella Friend
    Ella Friend 2 years ago

    who the heck would do that

  • Dantastic
    Dantastic 2 years ago

    I don't put much faith in fake wall outlets anymore simply because everybody knows about them. They're featured on like every show/article/website about burglars.

  • Luka Božić
    Luka Božić 2 years ago

    I sure will stay alive. 😂😂😂

  • Peterade
    Peterade 2 years ago +2

    An old lady had to have a few days in hospital. Her family tidied up her home and got her a brand new mattress throwing away the old one. Life savings!!! What happens when someone throws away the old paint tins?

  • Forgotten Dreams/Limerence

    0:20 Who on earth would hide a toothbrush?? O.o out of all their "valuables" they chose like a two dollar toothbrush *facepalm*