What Do Europeans Really Think About Americans?

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • "Howdy partner"
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  • oncer889
    oncer889 57 minutes ago

    Just remember, there are people in America who have different personality then the ones who live in California and New York City!

  • Xhenoxic
    Xhenoxic 3 hours ago

    Seeing stuff like this kinda pisses off sometimes cause majority of them never been here in the states so there very uneducated on what's life really like here

  • Reomy
    Reomy 10 hours ago

    i dont like them at all , they are loud ,swearing alot, drama over drama , and then trump pfffff , another war goming ? and racism WOW

    • Xhenoxic
      Xhenoxic 3 hours ago

      You really need to visit the United States of you think that cause alot of are the exact opposite of what you said

  • Samuel Díaz
    Samuel Díaz Day ago

    What part of America? He said Americans’.not USA people. They really need to know about the big difference. Saludos desde el continente mexicano :/

  • MN O
    MN O Day ago +1

    If you live in Europe, Asia or Africa the. You need to call “America” United States of America. Because there are a whole lot of countries in America. From Canada all the way to Chile.

  • MN O
    MN O Day ago

    OMG my sister loves 5 Guys too, specially the black one she loves him. Lol

    SAMED DZ Day ago

    0:49 I think that's right "SUPERFICIAL"

  • Jean-Jaques Rousseau

    Cheap petrol, over controlled people

  • alberto cassinelli

    I am Italian I think positively

  • Rudo - Armějec
    Rudo - Armějec Day ago


  • evajorun
    evajorun 3 days ago +1

    As an European I feel bad for the US citizens because not everyone can have a decent Health Care treatment and Education is extremely expensive!!! If you are not rich or have a good income, you are abandoned to yourself living a real hell!!! In Europe in most countries we have all of those for free or way more affordable prices and standards are very high without spending a fortune or going bankrupt!!! That’s why I see a lot of Americans coming in EU all the time to receive health treatments otherwise inaccessible for them...

  • Adi Bosanac
    Adi Bosanac 4 days ago

    Owned by Zionist Satanists just like Russians and Saudis and Iranians...

  • EmptyWalletMultimedia

    gob less that irish lass

  • traveljetsetter87
    traveljetsetter87 4 days ago

    White Americans not all but most dont like people of color especially if your black in America

    • Kem 123
      Kem 123 3 days ago

      thats ok, becaus3 blk americans just like their cousins, white american. Are not like worldwide

  • Charlie Foxtrotsky
    Charlie Foxtrotsky 4 days ago

    i'm a bit of a euro-phile honestly...however I do have one critique. But I don't think its necessarily their fault. They seem to be provided their viewpoint of US politics from the media and don't seem to understand that the media in the US has "a horse in the race"...ie, its chosen a side and now is a propaganda machine....not a "watchdog for the people".
    Want to prove this to yourself??? Take a few minutes to google the number of countries and number of dronings and bombings done by Obama, and then to the same for Trump and compare the two. People have the opinion that Obama deserved a Noble peace prize and Trump is dangerous.....but the facts are quite the opposite but DO NOT take my word for it....look it up for yourself. And this will show you how the media works as a propaganda engine to misinform people.

  • Simon Peterson
    Simon Peterson 4 days ago

    " I'm going to ask Europeans" asks a black person. That's funny

    • Brozius
      Brozius 4 days ago +1

      So there are black people in the US but there can't be black people in Europe??? You are an idiot.

  • Highliter 99YT
    Highliter 99YT 5 days ago

    People talking about Guns and trump with no facts or logic is embarrassing to them

  • Highliter 99YT
    Highliter 99YT 5 days ago

    Trump is a great president

  • J J
    J J 5 days ago +1

    The very first chick, did a pretty realistic imitation / accent, except the "yeehaa" part.
    "Real" Americans = wage slaves.

  • Move Forward
    Move Forward 5 days ago +1

    As a Brit I think of Americans as fat in debt lovely teddy bears stuffed with guns and them teddy bears think that schools are shooting ranges

  • Ryan Bigelow
    Ryan Bigelow 6 days ago

    Except the whole gun thing .

  • Ryan Bigelow
    Ryan Bigelow 6 days ago

    The Irish lady is 100% right.

  • noplsno
    noplsno 6 days ago

    personally not a fan of the americans social media shows me

    • Xhenoxic
      Xhenoxic 3 hours ago

      Social media is never always true you only know if you met an American in person or been to the United States

  • Cavscout5096
    Cavscout5096 7 days ago

    Europeans I think, need to look at themselves before they cast stones... Sure we Americans got issues and we are warlike... But that's because our culture was forged in war. Our education is in the shitter because of people that don't want education want it so very dumbed down, and changed to not some bubbleboys feelings, or some loons beliefs... Somehow a lot of people don't take that into account, especially if our youth is on verge of brainwashing by people with agendas.

  • Emily Blackmon
    Emily Blackmon 7 days ago

    one quick question isin't eouapions speak there laguage and germons i guess germans in the 1900's they spoke there language but i guess they learned americans langage

  • Oxdox
    Oxdox 7 days ago +2

    I really don't like how most Americans always say their country is the best and that they're better than everyone else, and they're always bullying and harassing other people but when you point out anything negative about their country they get mad.

    • Xhenoxic
      Xhenoxic 2 hours ago

      @Oxdox maybe not but I've seen people from countries like Russia,France,Great Britain,German Etc. that sit here and glorify how great there country is than any other, and just like how you mention that if someone said one flaw about the United States an American gets pissed, well it was just like that for those people who weren't American to get angry for someone saying atleast one bad thing about there country

    • Oxdox
      Oxdox 3 hours ago

      Xhenoxic I doubt people in Mozambique think that that’s the best country and that they’re better than everyone else

    • Xhenoxic
      Xhenoxic 3 hours ago

      @Oxdox it really is and I've already seen it on a couple of other comment section in videos

    • Oxdox
      Oxdox 3 hours ago

      Xhenoxic it really isn’t lol

    • Xhenoxic
      Xhenoxic 3 hours ago

      It's same way with any country

  • aggressiveLag Lag
    aggressiveLag Lag 7 days ago

    "Food very fast" 😂😂😂 1:12

  • adam jacobson
    adam jacobson 7 days ago +2

    The majority of Americans suffer from NPD known as narcissistic personality disorder

    • adam jacobson
      adam jacobson 7 days ago

      Brozius well man I coudve said it better myself that also too

    • Brozius
      Brozius 7 days ago +2

      I thought they suffered from NRA known as Nonsensical Rifle Addiction.

  • Lityfun
    Lityfun 8 days ago

    They aren’t wrong

  • JR 712
    JR 712 8 days ago

    I was worried that the first american they'd mention would be Kim Kardashian...

  • Kyar
    Kyar 9 days ago +1

    I like how everyone said Americans were loud, then the next girl that spoke was loud 😂

  • Penguin Queen
    Penguin Queen 9 days ago +2

    All “White” people are European.

  • Javier DeLaRosa
    Javier DeLaRosa 9 days ago

    you do not want to come to america. lmao

  • hi my dudes
    hi my dudes 9 days ago

    Awww Europeans are so nice well most of them

  • sa72
    sa72 9 days ago

    They are being diplomatic, definitely withholding their true feelings.

  • My Gacha Life
    My Gacha Life 10 days ago +1

    Loud? I can take it.
    Fat? I can take that.
    Trump? I can take that.

    *Guns.... About our guns....*

  • avery_da_writer
    avery_da_writer 10 days ago

    I’m from and live in North Carolina and I don’t have an accent

  • King Kong
    King Kong 10 days ago

    I wish people could speak for themselves. I hate when people say things like "everyone in Europe is against Trump". No we're not! There are hundreds of millions of us that aren't.

  • FrostieTSM
    FrostieTSM 10 days ago +1

    "He's gonna start a war in this world"
    Me in 2020:

  • Pola
    Pola 11 days ago

    Europeans why are u so mean towards americans? Im european myself and i admire americans in general. Ive got a feeling theyre just jealous of you. But guess who listens to american music, watches american movies and stuff. Wait for a surprising answer - all of u Europeans. If you hate everything ab america then why do u want to go there soo badly? If had a chance to be interviewed Id say i see tolerance, development, successful people, tasty food, everything seems simple and just better? I appreciate Im European but id be super happy and proud if I was american and belive me most of us would

    • Pola
      Pola 10 days ago

      Brozius ik there is a big amout of fe European music. most of us listen to american music though

    • Brozius
      Brozius 10 days ago

      Did you also know that the Netherlands has a few of the best DJ's in the world?

    • Pola
      Pola 10 days ago

      Brozius and I got a feeling your not aware most of the songs come from america

  • Cowboy Animal
    Cowboy Animal 11 days ago


  • Unclaimed Apollo
    Unclaimed Apollo 11 days ago

    German lady: talks bad about Trump and says he doesn't know anything
    Americans: WTF

  • Agricultural studies
    Agricultural studies 11 days ago

    i m from india...i love europeans who have ruled us fr a long time...still they have created the basic structure of india....😙😙

  • RyZeD
    RyZeD 11 days ago

    0:38 😂 coming from a english person 😂😂

    • Brozius
      Brozius 11 days ago

      don't think white teeth are good teeth.

  • Alex
    Alex 12 days ago +1

    The first thing that comes in my mind when I hear word 'America' is oil.

  • unlokia
    unlokia 13 days ago +1

    When I think about Americans *overall* then I think that they can be (and are) TOO loud, TOO much of the time. I think many Americans like to ride along on the wave which is their historical reputation of "confidence", and try and disguise arrogance and showing off (CALIFORNIA!!) as that, and it absolutely is not.
    I can't speak for "Europeans" but as an Englishman, I can speak for myself when I say... nah, you're okay - you keep murrrrica, I love England and the worldwide admiration we have.

  • Justin Plant
    Justin Plant 13 days ago +1

    I feel there were a lot of omitted opinions in this video.

  • Taylor Whaley
    Taylor Whaley 14 days ago +1

    About the gun thing, I’m southern and we use guns for protection...if someone broke into your house and you call the cops, the cops is gonna take 80 hours to get there and if they bring out a knife or some weapon you better get a gun and shoot that mfer

    • ratman
      ratman 9 days ago

      "we use guns for protection"
      I guess that's why the US has the 16th worst gun homicide rate on the planet...

    • Brozius
      Brozius 13 days ago

      Maybe you should live in a country that has not so much crime!

  • MrSaxbb
    MrSaxbb 14 days ago +1

    There’s better quality of life in Europe, Europeans don’t think that America is that great, if I could get a chance to move to places like Germany or the Netherlands I would totally do it, better quality of life and PEOPLE!

  • dont subscribe
    dont subscribe 14 days ago +1

    Those germans have no accent it's weird

  • Idea Boy
    Idea Boy 14 days ago

    im European and I think America is selfish and thinks they own the word and are obsessed with guns and F words

  • The Morning Sage
    The Morning Sage 14 days ago

    Yeah the Europeans are starting to like Trump because the things he's doing is making positive changes over there.

  • sub to pewds
    sub to pewds 15 days ago

    I hate how Brits get mad when we call them tea drinkers but assume were all cowboys

  • Kiu Chi
    Kiu Chi 15 days ago

    I'm sure that people don't like US so much like you can see in this video...

    • Xhenoxic
      Xhenoxic 3 hours ago

      That's cause they're all brainwashed by what there media is saying instead of seeing it in person

  • USER_NAME1429
    USER_NAME1429 16 days ago +1

    We've stopped caring about Europeans ever since 1776

    • Brozius
      Brozius 14 days ago +2

      @USER_NAME1429 So what every developed country does.

    • USER_NAME1429
      USER_NAME1429 15 days ago

      @Brozius the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance and teaching self-reliance

    • Brozius
      Brozius 15 days ago +1

      @USER_NAME1429 worry about high taxes????? No I don't, these high taxes improves our quality of life, good healthcare system, one of the best infrastructures in the world, good education system etc.
      Extremists are all over the world even in your country.

    • USER_NAME1429
      USER_NAME1429 15 days ago

      @Brozius you have to worry about extremists entering your countries and high taxes. The enemy is the state

    • Brozius
      Brozius 15 days ago +2

      @USER_NAME1429 Your country is the only one with enemies, non of the other western developed countries has enemies.
      We don't have to worry about anything, your country on the other hand...

  • Jzarielle Reese
    Jzarielle Reese 16 days ago

    I dont know how to feel about this

  • Aaron Crawford
    Aaron Crawford 16 days ago +1

    Americans are really racist towards Asian people

  • Kaden Shumway
    Kaden Shumway 16 days ago

    America is the best. They don't understand guns because we used guns to kick their British Empire ass out. Americas culture is guns and whiskey, that American dream is still kept alive that they talk about because guns are able to keep the government in check. The Constitution is what sets us apart from every other country.

    • Brozius
      Brozius 15 days ago

      @Kaden Shumway check the freedom index, other western developed countries are more free than you. guns don't make you better. your freedom of speech has limits (words are beeped out on tv, you can also sue someone for slander). Every country has patriotism.
      Most charitable nation in the world??? your country spends 750 billion on defense, most charitable my ass!

    • Kaden Shumway
      Kaden Shumway 15 days ago

      @Brozius freedom, free market Enterprise, right to bear arms, freedom of speech which protects hate speech which is important, patriotism, and America is the most charitable nation in the world.

    • Brozius
      Brozius 15 days ago

      Best at what?

  • bendyneck timberboots
    bendyneck timberboots 16 days ago

    i think of school shootings and that’s coming from an italian

  • Jumpy
    Jumpy 16 days ago

    i like trump