Feed the Change

  • Published on Dec 13, 2018
  • How do you know your new workout is working? YOU FEEL IT. And thatโ€™s a good thing. Special K has the nutrients your body needs to answer those feelings, so you can FEED YOUR CHANGE.

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  • TheFishWhat
    TheFishWhat 7 days ago

    as a woman this commercial makes me feel powerful and amazing!! love it!

  • Jennifer Yager
    Jennifer Yager 12 days ago +1

    Chick at the beginning looks like Miles Bennett Dyson.

  • Yvo Scott
    Yvo Scott 13 days ago

    I usually do not u tube. In fact; my last update was December 2010.

  • Terrance Maddox
    Terrance Maddox 13 days ago

    I dont think real dieticians recommend this slop

  • Tony Wong
    Tony Wong 14 days ago

    Shire Eng Mui deal or no deal

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 14 days ago

    Lich 2019

  • anthony damato
    anthony damato 14 days ago +1


  • Iconic Slug
    Iconic Slug 14 days ago

    I clicked because she looked like the woman from Storage Wars with the annoying voice.

    AWESOME DUDE 14 days ago

    Joe swanson looking ass

  • BraedenRox
    BraedenRox 14 days ago

    0:25 she got lord farquaads chin

  • Hosers Paradise
    Hosers Paradise 14 days ago

    cereal is CANCER. maybe make building material out of it or something

    • Arganti Corsi
      Arganti Corsi 14 days ago

      Your such a turd you sound stupid.... What the fuck raised your dumb ass

    • General Kenobi
      General Kenobi 14 days ago +1

      Are you ok?

  • Manuch Farrokhi
    Manuch Farrokhi 14 days ago

    Iranian video
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  • O_o magic
    O_o magic 14 days ago +1

    They say this stuff to everyone but their has not been a single male actor in their adds.

  • Jayant Sheth
    Jayant Sheth 14 days ago +1


  • Isabel Figueroa
    Isabel Figueroa 14 days ago

    Ola rremedios caseros

  • lakia beckwith
    lakia beckwith 14 days ago


  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet 14 days ago +1

    It hurts to sit on my d

  • Samuel Macias
    Samuel Macias 14 days ago


  • Colt 604
    Colt 604 14 days ago +1

    Look at all the small weights

    • Jayant Sheth
      Jayant Sheth 14 days ago


    • Maria Dontchange
      Maria Dontchange 14 days ago


    • Maria Dontchange
      Maria Dontchange 14 days ago

      +Chris Briscoe alvaro pina

    • Chris Briscoe
      Chris Briscoe 14 days ago

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  • Isabella Sophia and William


  • Ja Wi
    Ja Wi 15 days ago +2

    Was that a big clit ring or what

    • Michael Reed
      Michael Reed 14 days ago

      +carey dick rghhbn. 776uuuyy88

    • dasky17
      dasky17 14 days ago

      do you mean the purple kettle bell at :04?

    • carey dick
      carey dick 14 days ago

      Foreals, you on another perception level, did not see that.

    • Marisol Gonzalez
      Marisol Gonzalez 14 days ago


  • Esmail Safri
    Esmail Safri 15 days ago

    ุณฺฉุณ ุฎูˆุจ

  • deku uchiha
    deku uchiha 15 days ago +24

    Anyone else click on this cuz of the chick in the thumbnail? lol

    • Jennifer Yager
      Jennifer Yager 12 days ago +1

      +Flex Seal Man! WOW dude nice pic!! That thing could make ANY dyke go straight! See you in about 30 minutes...hurry up dammit!!!!๐Ÿ˜œ

    • Flex Seal Man!
      Flex Seal Man! 12 days ago +1

      +Jennifer Yager Holy SHIT girl!!! Your friend is pretty straight too! You're definately NOT Bob Hoskin's sister lol. Be over soon! By the way, the only thing I see with the same dimensions as a manhole cover is...my special D.๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    • Jennifer Yager
      Jennifer Yager 12 days ago +1

      +Flex Seal Man! Oh nonononono. I forgot to email a pic lol. Hold on...

    • Flex Seal Man!
      Flex Seal Man! 12 days ago +1

      +Jennifer Yager Heck yea your right around the corner from me!! Hey, your jawline isn't perfectly circular and wider than the top of your skull is it?

    • Jennifer Yager
      Jennifer Yager 12 days ago +1

      +Flex Seal Man! YES PLEASE!! We love the D! Ill email you the address.

  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet Month ago


    • Delano Browm
      Delano Browm 13 days ago

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    • Ana Mendez
      Ana Mendez 14 days ago


  • Whitley's Dollhouse
    Whitley's Dollhouse Month ago +2

    I totally gonna need that