Why Bikers Are Questioning Harley-Davidson | NYT News

  • Published on Aug 13, 2018
  • This is Sturgis: A massive biker rally in South Dakota. Harley-Davidson has always been a mainstay here, but since the company announced that it’s moving some production overseas, some die-hard fans are questioning their loyalty.
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  • Dave
    Dave 2 days ago

    My next Harley will be a evo

  • Lucy j
    Lucy j 4 days ago +1


  • Motorcycle Mayhem
    Motorcycle Mayhem 15 days ago +1

    I love how Donald Trump crosses his eyes and sticks out his lips when he talks.

  • Motorcycle Mayhem
    Motorcycle Mayhem 15 days ago +1

    Old people are the only thing keeping Harley Davidson alive.

  • The Box
    The Box 16 days ago

    Mean while in japan they are tired of cookie cutter motorcycles .

  • Levyiathan! 2026
    Levyiathan! 2026 Month ago

    Bike: made in america
    Fruits and vegetables: from china

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton Month ago

    matt L was fired. sales down 50% plus !! matt incorporated a NO WARRANTY policy to save money . people do not purchase products without warranty , many people lost their entire engine with that 117 stage 4 kit ...broke valve springs, head bolts, bent valves and took out the engine....no warranty even with $3000 extended warranty ! harley dont care who they screw

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton Month ago

    harley is manufactured ...India ! harley has a no warranty policy in canada. many arguments with reps, dealerships, american head office that never returns calls, harley dont care ...NO WARRANTY in canada

  • Njoroge
    Njoroge Month ago

    Its business they are looking for a way to survive and it will no longer be made in "USA".

  • John Texas
    John Texas Month ago

    Fat, hairy, ignorant Trump supporters. No wonder they're hurting.

  • Muhammad adeel
    Muhammad adeel Month ago

    One of my friend from new York he is riding a bike and wear safety gear buy from endogear.com.

  • Muhammad adeel
    Muhammad adeel Month ago


  • GEN ゲン
    GEN ゲン 2 months ago

    If Harley Davidson stays in the US they are going to sell way less world wide, since the price tag+export makes Harley's a luxury those in the EU can't afford. They need to make bikes in the US for the US, and then have a factory in Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece or Turkey to sell in Europe.

    SARGE BULLDOG 2 months ago

    The company dropped the DYNA line, so I don't have any use for them anymore.
    I'll ride my DYNA till the wheels fall off an just use S&S and other aftermarket parts. I don't have to deal with the douchie dealers and the attitudes anymore, so it's a win-win.

  • Lucronik
    Lucronik 2 months ago

    I love the new fat bob but i think this convinced me to stay away.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 3 months ago

    Not to try to sound like the 60 year old guy that's been riding for 60 years and working on them for 59, but you can get an S&S engine. A Kraft tech frame, a baker 6 speed, hunt down a bunch of other made in the USA parts, assemble them and have exactly what you want with 90% or better US made parts.

  • Jeffrey Ponting
    Jeffrey Ponting 3 months ago

    Inferior motorcycle. That's a good one. That is like a pilot in a WW2 era propeller plane sitting next to a stealth bomber saying ( I'd never fly an inferior airplane).

  • danny evans
    danny evans 3 months ago

    Harley hasn't been produced in USA for a long time,it's made all over the shop.not USA prime anymore suckers

  • ITZ Bryan
    ITZ Bryan 3 months ago +1

    Harleys are a waste of money I can buy a motorcycle for 2000$ and it be faster then these trash bike

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 4 months ago

    BIKERS..don't fall for trumps bs! Harley Davidson wouldn't be able to do that if trump would've eliminated NAFTA AS PROMISED instead of renaming and burying it..HES PLAYING YALL!

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 4 months ago +1

    I agree

  • Paul Autry
    Paul Autry 4 months ago +1

    When the guy says "if I have to explain, then you wouldn't understand"...that says it all.

  • Joygernaut M
    Joygernaut M 5 months ago +1

    But Harley Davidson IS an inferior motorcycle😂

  • metallurgy
    metallurgy 5 months ago

    i've been riding since the 80's. Back then when a Harley riders were the real deal, they knew how to fix a bike (out of necessity I suppose) and they weren't posers. They made fun of my bike calling it a "rice burner". Now the tables have turned; Harley riders are whiny chrome queens that have minimal riding skill and zero mechanical knowledge. They say things like "torque wins races" and "there is no replacement for displacement" without have any clue or context. In general terms, most Harley riders are nubie's that cashed in their home's equity to but an outrageously overpriced under performing motorcycle. I'd much rather be labeled a rice burner and ride a bike with twice the performance and half the operating cost. Is it fair to paint all Harley riders with one brush stroke? I think it is fair to say that my assessment covers 80% of all Harley riders. When this generation of cosplay Harley owners retire from riding the price of these bikes will plummet; the younger generation see it for what it is.

  • Ned Wood
    Ned Wood 5 months ago

    Owning and riding a Harley is the ultimate experience. There is more to riding than just going somewhere. A Harley gives you a feeling of pride and belonging to a unique clique of people who may not be able to explain their loyalty to this American icon. It's about tradition and owning the original symbol of freedom on a powerful machine that is without a doubt the most well made motorcycle in the world.

  • Bassman Dan
    Bassman Dan 5 months ago

    South Park brought me here

  • Mile High Jedi
    Mile High Jedi 5 months ago +1

    Notice that not one of them mentioned the quality of the bike, just all the BS "heritage", "tradition", "american made" buzzwords that surround it. I want a motorcycle, not a 'click' to belong to. How can these guys put Trump patches all over their leathers and not understand anything about capitalism or the free market at all? At this point I hope Harley dies just to save other bike companies from making the same mistakes.

  • Sheridan Isashitstain
    Sheridan Isashitstain 5 months ago +1

    They haven’t been made in America for over 25 years. Hardly Davidson...

  • JustMe9
    JustMe9 5 months ago +1

    If they did IQ tests on motorcycle owners, Harley owners would come in dead last

  • The Last Rebel Show
    The Last Rebel Show 5 months ago +1

    I own two Harley’s but gotta admit the bikes are so far behind what’s out there now it’s really stupid.

  • Kriluck0 PS4
    Kriluck0 PS4 5 months ago +1

    Seems like motorcycles are becoming racist now.

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty 5 months ago +2

    Harley is a poorly run company with no future vision. They consistently disappoint their core customers and turn away new customers. They drove away young men in their 20s-30s by removing Buell from their showrooms. Additionally, they continue to discourage current riders by offering no variety in their range and continually increasing their prices.

  • ecylla88
    ecylla88 6 months ago

    Lol this is a direct result of trump introducing tariffs. They are blind and deaf

  • Togo Burrows
    Togo Burrows 6 months ago +1

    Harley’s are no longer made in the U.S.A.

  • James Cowan
    James Cowan 6 months ago

    As if Harley doesn't have a huge profit as it is. They traitor on us I will traitor on them!

  • Jari Haukilahti
    Jari Haukilahti 6 months ago

    why do they love when us companies buy and lay down companies abroad .. unedjucated people

  • Mark Marsh
    Mark Marsh 6 months ago +1

    Harley Davidson is the POOREST QUALITY motorcycle ON THE PLANET! ... I used to run The Toronto Motorcycle Show. .... I regularly visited all the bike dealers in Ontario. .... I saw four salesmen at Honda and Suzuki Dealers I had previously met at Harley Dealers so I asked them why they migrated. ... All four told me the SAME story. ... As Harley Salesmen their first job every morning was to wipe up the LEAKING OIL from underneath the brand new show room models --- Harley's American-produced gasket seals LEAK RIGHT FROM THE FACTORY!. ... Twice the price and not even HALF the quality and value of Japanese bikes. ... "Bikers" are dumb willing FISH, devoted to over-priced poorly-made garbage

  • Jeff Staley
    Jeff Staley 6 months ago +1

    Love my vrod, but will never buy another Harley garbageson.

  • Andrew Imhof
    Andrew Imhof 6 months ago +1

    This is what's wrong with America. These people that are afraid of change.

  • Depcom
    Depcom 6 months ago

    Harley is a victim of the Con Man Trump.

  • Mick
    Mick 6 months ago

    Another HUGE problem for Harley-Davidson is their customer base is dying. Younger bikers are not buying HD's. Very few bikers under 50 are buying a Harley-Davidson.

  • Michael Stoddard
    Michael Stoddard 6 months ago

    Only 100% American Made....
    I don't support ANY move to make Harley's outside the USA!

  • Erik Jensen
    Erik Jensen 6 months ago

    Ughh…. these guys and their Harley's, Zippo lighters, Nazereth songs, Jack Daniel's T-shirts, and Sons of Anarchy hoodies ..…. It's like the Republic of White-trash-istan.

  • Nick Georgoudes
    Nick Georgoudes 6 months ago

    Idk wtf these guys r on about, I bought one cause I liked how it looked, I really dgaf about the details.

  • Xaq Fixx
    Xaq Fixx 6 months ago +1

    Oh look, economically ignorant bikers riding protectionist and inferior bikes

  • Timothy Lewis Bullock
    Timothy Lewis Bullock 6 months ago

    Harley's are as American as apple pie.

  • John K
    John K 6 months ago +1

    Harley Davidson sucks Kawasaki motorcycles are far superior and are better built then Harley Davidson motorcycles it’s a fact.

  • Mark Laymon
    Mark Laymon 6 months ago

    Harley's are just like Honda cruisers, except for the power, comfort, reliability, and cost.

  • bisquitnspanky
    bisquitnspanky 6 months ago

    Real HD bikers don't ride stock or new bikes. Where they're made is irrelevant.

  • Elan Thompson
    Elan Thompson 6 months ago

    Or we could just tax them

  • Flyanb
    Flyanb 6 months ago

    There are plenty of far more cool far better performing bikes at Sturgis for sale. There’s tons of customs if you have the cash. Those bikes are more built in America and fit the Sturgis rider ideals better than the totally sold out big corporation, HD. I don’t ride any more but parked in Deadwood at the DQ and watched lots of cool customs.

  • alex stewart
    alex stewart 6 months ago

    Why would Harley build bikes in the USA for the world market. These morons will always be able to buy a made in America piece of crap. I'll take a better engineered bike any day.

  • kim bye
    kim bye 6 months ago

    Wow the stupidity on display is mind blowing!

  • synthstatic
    synthstatic 6 months ago

    "This is my last Harley Davidson." Yeah 'cause you're gonna die of old age in a few years.

  • leojoshua21
    leojoshua21 6 months ago

    Harley fan boys are some of the worst. Just goes to show you it’s 90 percent image and 10 percent actual performance of the bike itself.

  • Cameron Stout
    Cameron Stout 6 months ago

    Trumps fault

  • kerbside motors
    kerbside motors 6 months ago

    Crap Milwankee cack

  • Edward st.antoine
    Edward st.antoine 6 months ago

    harley davidson is a joke

  • abdili I.
    abdili I. 6 months ago +1

    Harley bike are pieces of junk. Over priced on selling and service not mentioning the noise pollution. I ride a Honda.

  • D. Hunter
    D. Hunter 6 months ago

    Not saying I’d turn my nose up at a Harley if I was given one, but my neighbor’s Harley always seemed to require another $1,000 every time something went wrong.
    Also, seeing some dipstick in dealership leathers with their brand all over them and more leather than a BDSM bar makes me kinda think ‘nah’. I also think Harley hurts long term motorcycle investments in general as new riders don’t know how to control crap and they buy a barge of a bike for their maiden voyage...
    That said, I have friends who love them and don’t even look at other bikes.