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  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Trevor wants to interview YOU right here on The Daily Show set! Plus, you’ll get to sit in on our writers’ room, observe the production day and watch a taping from VIP seats. Support the Trevor Noah Foundation and ENTER for your chance to win:
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Comments • 463

  • Xiluva Maswnganye
    Xiluva Maswnganye 9 days ago

    I am coming. Bet.

  • dboy
    dboy 27 days ago

    Trevor are you GAY ??? Or just a SHIT-NIT ????? or both ? OK NEXT !!!!!

  • Elaine Struthers
    Elaine Struthers Month ago

    You should meet some indigenous people and interview them... you should check out youtube channel for emanuel webb. He should be on your show!!

  • Sivosethu Ndubela
    Sivosethu Ndubela Month ago

    My name is Sivosethu Ndubela ,19 years old from South Africa in the Eastern Cape. I'm the Author of the book called "Miracle Girl"life stories from a Xhosa Girl.
    I'll be honoured to be interviewed by you👏

  • FlamingAtheist
    FlamingAtheist Month ago

    I dont even know me that well but I do know a thing or two about sausage!

  • R Pitt
    R Pitt Month ago

    Eish! My friends are spread across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and a few U.S states, this could get expensive. 😁

  • Nicklaus Goo
    Nicklaus Goo Month ago

    Aw man. Singapore isn't one of the available countries:((

  • Siki Dlanga
    Siki Dlanga Month ago

    I bet everyone on these comments who claims to be boring is most probably quite the opposite. You are all very sweet. Please donate. We want to watch you. ❤️ & Gratitude from SA in advance 🙏🇿🇦

  • Yaya
    Yaya Month ago

    ogmash I hope I never see you on the streets I might rip your hear drum out ahahhahahha!! that is awesome

  • Cynthia Delgado
    Cynthia Delgado Month ago

    I couldn't even get past hello....

  • michael Smith
    michael Smith Month ago

    I want to go!!!

  • kgblackout1
    kgblackout1 Month ago

    Still will donate. But no interview

  • kgblackout1
    kgblackout1 Month ago

    Yeah, gonna pass on this.

  • Daniela Araiza
    Daniela Araiza Month ago

    I hope I get picked...heheh

  • zephdes
    zephdes Month ago

    I wish

  • John Ernst
    John Ernst Month ago

    A few thing need saying... "I sit and watch social gradients, like ebbs and wanes of the tides they happen. I find that we are in a massive tide of actions laying in our current social gradients that encompass nothing of honor, compassion, and truth telling. If a great deal of our country listen, follow and unquestionable support a man who pushes this agenda, are we not following evil? Are we not be untruthful on so many levels? Are we not being deceived? It has become fashionable, trendy, even more so the modus operandi of a people. If we kill a man who may be wrong in our eyes are we not a murderer? If we attack the weak are we not bullies of a evil nature? If we follow a man who is evil in so many ways and we condone that evil are we not complicit in his actions? I see it everywhere. The action of lying like it is not wrong. The action of subterfuge to achieve ones goals is not wrong. Do these thing not pull us all down? Evil. Primary evil's hand can be seen in every thing this man does if by intent to disrupt the very core of the citizens of this nation. I don't think the founding fathers who wrote the the ethos of the constitution and instilled in us a yearning for 'Life, Liberty and Freedom' based on the excerpt "All men are created equal>" foresaw a time when a man like this would become president, but it is here now and we are all less because of it. I see a nation rotting away and our voice in the world losing all its compassion, it greatness, its very heart and we fall closer and closer to the hell we have accepted as normal. Trump didn't do this all by himself. We did. We all did in some way. We all are to blame for letting our fellow brothers and sisters our fellow citizens down and watching as our humanity is stripped day by day and year by year. It is too late for us now for we have let the devil into our house in hopes of riches and keeping what some might consider the unholy out. In doing so we have turned our backs on Jesus and what he taught us and shall continue to bear this cross for years to come. A whole generation will pass before the light returns I fear unless Jesus in spirit comes again to set us right to a time of honor.He is the great redeemer and I still believe that spirit lay within us, but as long as fear gripes us we a doomed to live and fall deeper into this deprived state that dose not herald who we are as a people. I ask as this time of year and as the Christmas season falls that we take some long looks at our selves, and give our selves the courage to change this path we are on. No fear. I ask, I pray this for loves sake and the care needed for our very souls." #THOR

  • Sabrina Robert
    Sabrina Robert Month ago

    I live in mauritius

  • Reinout Debergh
    Reinout Debergh Month ago

    lol, why are Belgians not allowed to participate :/

  • Claudia Belanger
    Claudia Belanger Month ago

    Why the hell are so many of the daily show videos not available in Canada ?

  • Wilson Davis
    Wilson Davis Month ago

    Nothing Goodwin donations nope really it's old

  • Alexander Dean
    Alexander Dean Month ago

    he has to have a real mustache

  • Owl The Ninja
    Owl The Ninja Month ago

    I'd love to be interviewed by someone who is so unfunny and irrelevant

  • G Vincent Voltaire
    G Vincent Voltaire Month ago

    Oh my goodness, someone hijacked my idea. I thought about trying to contact you in regards to something along the lines of regular folks on your show, I got the idea from when Anna Kendrick popped up poin your show unexpectedly; I referred to it as, "Pop-Up Guest Segment!"
    I was so amazed by your reaction when Anna appeared (unless that was staged) I saw an opening for this suggestion.
    I am 69 a years young black person.
    I've written comments in the past, but they were just positive comments.
    Thanks for being one of my favorites!!!

  • Helen Thomas
    Helen Thomas Month ago

    So...I have to give you money to enter your contest? Money that goes to "your" foundation that lines "your" pockets? Um...#naw Trev.
    (Always scamming Americans.😡)

  • cryptnick
    cryptnick Month ago +3

    I'm from Switzerland and I'd like to see your sausa---- erm studio and show, Trevor. 😏😁

  • Asma Siddiqui
    Asma Siddiqui Month ago +1

    I once had a dream, after a night of binge watching, that he would do something like this 🤤

  • shawna paddyfoot
    shawna paddyfoot Month ago

    Trevor .. Me me me .. exchange student

  • Persiansweetcat1
    Persiansweetcat1 Month ago

    Would you fly me to NY from Frankfurt? I even bring deutsche Leberwurst and Bier with me 🤪

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Hey Trevor - your jokes have became a little forced since the Thanksgiving - some changes in the comedy writing team? Still loving your persona but I kinda not laughing as much anymore watching your show :(

  • Kristina
    Kristina Month ago

    Is the flight on Spirit Airlines? 😜

  • Frederick Thomas
    Frederick Thomas Month ago

    I'd love to but I'm internet dumb I can't see where to donate any money at on the site

  • Vicat
    Vicat Month ago +2

    Me: Have you got a good bail guy on speed dial? Because you & me in NY? Heyyyyy...

  • Terence P
    Terence P Month ago +1

    I wish I could take part in this. As an educator, it would be nice to share what I'm doing and to learn what other people are doing.

  • kenna163
    kenna163 Month ago +5

    Even if I could enter I probably wouldn't because I am incredibly boring.

  • Lanyard09
    Lanyard09 Month ago +3

    He’s one of my favorite men in this world. I don’t need an interview just let me hug him for ten minutes straight!

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen Month ago +1

    I wish this was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I was Charlie

  • Maithili Desai
    Maithili Desai Month ago

    I will DIE if I ever come face to face with Trevor Noah... Like my heart will just simply go like, ok, that's it! We've done everything. Nothing can top this so let's just quit while we are ahead... And that will be the end of me!

  • Mohannad Barakat
    Mohannad Barakat Month ago

    So what if I'm student from Africa... I can't afford the money but I still want to be interviewed

  • Qais Al Bulushi
    Qais Al Bulushi Month ago

    Nice 😬, but is there any girls 🤔

  • Bb Dd
    Bb Dd Month ago +1

    I want to be interviewed

  • Olabanji Daniel
    Olabanji Daniel Month ago

    Will i be flown on spirit airline?

  • myown wreckage
    myown wreckage Month ago +1

    That'd be a really boring interview if I did 😂😅

  • MartinSwitzer
    MartinSwitzer Month ago

    You had me on sausage...

  • Krasus Dumat
    Krasus Dumat Month ago

    In this I don't think the presidents views on European nations such as France are unwarrented

  • Felix Thoen
    Felix Thoen Month ago +1

    We’re sorry.
    Omaze is unavailable in your location.

  • Tuff Honesteaa
    Tuff Honesteaa Month ago +1

    Trevor: I want to interview you
    Me: So what's the catch?

  • Breza Illyria
    Breza Illyria Month ago +17

    Travor: So welcome to the show.
    Me: I'm high, I mean hi....

  • Herobrine 6463
    Herobrine 6463 Month ago +2

    The anxiety in this comment section is real

  • Walter Ingle
    Walter Ingle Month ago

    I made less than $15k last year. $20 is at least a week of food, for me... Depending on stressors for Mexican Former NAFTA stuff, I'm sitting on lack of good citrus, medical issues that have me on medicaid, and an addiction to NPR because I know how south things are going.

  • Atang Seemule
    Atang Seemule Month ago +1


  • Deän Dhadwal
    Deän Dhadwal Month ago

    Interview me

  • Souleymane Dembele
    Souleymane Dembele Month ago

    Interview me

  • Queen Hart
    Queen Hart Month ago


  • Babysah O
    Babysah O Month ago

    Terms and conditions apply: offer open to US residents only.....:-(

  • Normand Cormier
    Normand Cormier Month ago

    Hey Trevor, does it work if I’m French Canadian? 😉

  • LetsBeClear
    LetsBeClear Month ago +1

    “Education Change Makers”
    For a chance at a fabulous day on set, and a personal moment on tv w/the killer fox : ba bab ba byaaaaaaa!! Trevor noahhhhhhhhh

  • Mike taerte
    Mike taerte Month ago +1

    Okay so I have to find a friend first

  • Erica Edie
    Erica Edie Month ago +4

    Trevor: welcome to the show
    Me: ---

  • Hector Lalalala
    Hector Lalalala Month ago

    This is a great idea

  • Sadia Ahmed
    Sadia Ahmed Month ago

    I would love to do it.