AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!


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  • wowzer 21
    wowzer 21 7 hours ago

    “Air pods are not that expensive” Bruh I cant even afford bread lol, I’m broke af

  • xtheBademeisterx Djjd
    xtheBademeisterx Djjd 7 hours ago

    With those informations the video could as well be 10 seconds long lol

  • dave handsoap
    dave handsoap 8 hours ago

    AirPods are bad. I’m sorry if you think otherwise, but they’re objectively much worse than the competitors, at twice the price. Same deal with ALL Apple products. Still, LOVE the vids!

  • sergey s
    sergey s 8 hours ago

    bla bla bla

  • Ha1frican
    Ha1frican 8 hours ago

    All I want is volume controls on the headphones themselves and slightly better noise cancelling

  • Ha1frican
    Ha1frican 8 hours ago

    You can already use Hey Siri with AirPods....

  • Snowdog2
    Snowdog2 8 hours ago

    Lol who’s watching this with AirPods??

  • Ha1frican
    Ha1frican 8 hours ago

    I work in a gym... pretty much everyone has either AirPods or Beats Studio at this point

  • Malik Ismail Ahmed
    Malik Ismail Ahmed 9 hours ago

    HAHHA my dad told me to wait till Airpods 2 and after seeing this im so waiting for the grey ones :)

  • Gregory Pabst
    Gregory Pabst 9 hours ago

    I literally just watched you repeat yourself over and over for 11 minutes.

    DYLAN GRAY 11 hours ago

    You can't use Bluetooth on planes

  • Malcolm Black
    Malcolm Black 12 hours ago

    11:19 - Apple probably won't do that because they would want more people to buy their wireless charging pad that they will have to release if they add wireless charging to Airpods. Or they could bump up the prices of the iPhones capable of reverse charging by about $100 to compensate for lower sales of the charging pad. Let's see how much money Apple can milk from the consumers before everyone realizes what Apple is doing...

  • lost man vlogs
    lost man vlogs 13 hours ago

    All most people has them right now

  • Louis Rachman
    Louis Rachman 14 hours ago +1

    elek is gay pls donate

  • Enpianisti
    Enpianisti 14 hours ago

    Hi! Can you do a video and impressions of Ticpods Free by Mobvoi please. I love airpods but they fall from my left ear only. I just didn't have luck with airpods. So i would appreciate a review of Mobvoi Ticpods Free from you cause I trust you man . I follow you for so long now. Thanks!!!!!

  • Brami Khados
    Brami Khados 14 hours ago

    Well I just went and bought the AirPods and was thinking fuck now the new ones have came out they will be heaps better but a hey Siri feature and a new chip to make them connect faster I think I can go without lmao what worthless features

  • Brami Khados
    Brami Khados 14 hours ago

    Siri is useless they should start by fixing Siri make her like google

  • Pia Sharp
    Pia Sharp 14 hours ago

    how do these things handle wind? With wired mics you can just hold and cover the mic when talking whilst walking.

  • • Tuchkov •
    • Tuchkov • 14 hours ago

    вулкасом лучший хазпхзпхп

  • Marcio Lopes
    Marcio Lopes 15 hours ago

    This video could have been 2 minutes

  • Ian Kim
    Ian Kim 16 hours ago

    peep that model 3 in the background

  • jullian willis
    jullian willis 17 hours ago

    I remember when everyone was talking s*** about air pods and now they all got them 💀

  • Lemon26
    Lemon26 17 hours ago

    So does anyone know the official release date for the AirPods in 2019 I know he said early 2019 but I just want to know but if they don’t release the ones with different colors I guess I will wait one more year until 2020

  • tony z
    tony z 17 hours ago


  • Ryan Vlogs
    Ryan Vlogs 18 hours ago

    How early can you say it would be released in 2019 I’m not tryna but some rn if I can’t get those let’s say next month if they release it that early, and how much of a price difference would it be

  • Pranav Suresh
    Pranav Suresh 18 hours ago

    How many ads?
    Please limit it. Too many right now!

  • Erick Ruvalcaba
    Erick Ruvalcaba 19 hours ago

    ugh he’s so cute

  • Melt
    Melt 19 hours ago

    Bruh I got an iPhone 6 and my first priority is to get AirPods before I get an upgrade

  • caeuk
    caeuk 20 hours ago +1

    I finally gave in and bought one like 3 months ago. I should've waited.

  • Brian Torrens
    Brian Torrens 20 hours ago

    I use beats solo 3

  • Dayten Jennings
    Dayten Jennings 21 hour ago

    Dude I’m watching this with AirPods

  • Bogdan Shumenko
    Bogdan Shumenko 21 hour ago

    Talking water

  • Brandon Farley
    Brandon Farley 22 hours ago

    Where did you get your matte black air pods?

  • Bill_Loves_Softness
    Bill_Loves_Softness 23 hours ago

    I hate these because I always misplace the case. NOT a good gift for someone who is clumsy or has a bad memory or a frequency to misplace things.

  • loneil patrick
    loneil patrick 23 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel!!!

  • Levi Barton
    Levi Barton Day ago

    You literally said nothing the entire time. Please delete

  • Ritjert Swaab
    Ritjert Swaab Day ago

    Hated this video! Here I am, enjoying all these wonderful ads and this AirPod video just keeps popping back in every 10 seconds or so.. jeez can a man watch some ads in peace plz

  • arabie2006
    arabie2006 Day ago

    It will get better chip. I just saved you 11 minutes. You’re welcome.

  • Morgan Kieviet
    Morgan Kieviet Day ago

    do you make it look like it's real by yourself?

  • NickDillman
    NickDillman Day ago

    just show butt

  • iiObi
    iiObi Day ago

    Does He Work At Apple xD

  • zila khaleesi
    zila khaleesi Day ago

    I always dream to have airpods

  • Karim Younes
    Karim Younes Day ago


  • Harry 8642
    Harry 8642 Day ago

    Apple, for those who want to pay an extra 50% for an Apple logo.

  • Mtr 02
    Mtr 02 Day ago

    jabra elites better

  • Mark Samia
    Mark Samia Day ago

    Ayiee I’m still dreaming that AirPods 😩😍😍😍💯 coz to experience I cannot afford 💔💔💔☹️

  • Jelly Fam
    Jelly Fam Day ago

    no space grey ugh

  • AIyEdits
    AIyEdits Day ago +1

    It better come before Christmas or close to Christmas so I can beg my parents to get me one.

  • AimBot
    AimBot Day ago

    Thank you for announcing this I was thinking about buying the first AirPods but I think I’m gonna wait til the second ones drop!

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. Day ago

    Hi filip

  • Johnny Tam
    Johnny Tam Day ago

    I really hate his ads

  • Sem Ruijs
    Sem Ruijs Day ago

    Should i wait for the new AirPods or buy the old ones?

  • Faior GAMING
    Faior GAMING Day ago


  • Wyte Kassle
    Wyte Kassle Day ago

    So, I've been having issues with my current pair of AirPods in that my left AirPod's volume is a lot lower than my right one. This has been an ongoing issue where I've replaced it THREE times and the issue keeps reoccurring every few months after being replaced. I was planning on buying a completely new set of AirPods through Best Buy but now with the possibility of AirPods 2 coming out, should I just hold out for an if/when possibility of these coming out sooner than later or buy the current version?

  • Horia Cristescu
    Horia Cristescu Day ago

    But can they make an AirPod that connects to MacBooks without glitch?

  • Rickster K
    Rickster K Day ago

    I was listening to this vid with my AirPods

  • alphabear
    alphabear Day ago

    Damn I need those black ones.

  • Chris McCallion
    Chris McCallion Day ago

    Pretty DANG cool!

  • Maxim Van de Wynckel

    How many times do you need to repeat yourself?

  • jay la elegancia

    Just get to the point. Thanks.

  • Spooky Lemon
    Spooky Lemon Day ago

    Don’t really see the hype with these. Don’t know anyone who says Apple earphones stay in their ears people. Soft tips are far better

  • Erick Castro
    Erick Castro Day ago

    When are you going to show us how to download Snapchat++ ????

  • Arve Nyberg
    Arve Nyberg Day ago

    airpods vs icon x pls

  • Drunk Gaming
    Drunk Gaming Day ago

    Why do you live with your parents?

  • Drunk Gaming
    Drunk Gaming Day ago

    To hell with apple and their $200 fucking earphones, I bough 3 pairs of i10 TWS clones and it still cost less and they are exactly the same, only difference is the siri

  • Kevin Gómez
    Kevin Gómez Day ago +2

    They're new cause they have new colors. That's it. Apple is not in the right way... They are not innovating anymore... So sad...

  • mtmiller1210
    mtmiller1210 Day ago

    I've never been a fan of the design. They have a stupid look to them making the people wearing them look dorky. There are better looking and sounding
    alternatives out there for a much lower price.

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043 Day ago

    They don’t fit my ears. I suspect that’s the main problem.

  • MccPlayzMC
    MccPlayzMC Day ago

    i want the 3... but i dont want to wait that long lol

  • NPC -30
    NPC -30 Day ago

    Censorship is also coming. Because sins and stuff.

  • 3gmatt1
    3gmatt1 Day ago

    per se doesn't mean what you think it means.

  • Eros Angelos
    Eros Angelos Day ago

    hahaha ooooh men ..who cares or gives Kssshhh Pssshh about Airpods 2 3 or for when its not happening now ??? what will happen in 2019 or 20 ? we need to enjoy life right now when Tecjmo;ogy is so cool and competition 2 years a new recession is kicking in and who cares about Airpods that tome specially no one knows how much will be the price))..
    Time is now ,,,,I was going to buy Airpods ,I have Ihpone X and love it but when it comes to Ear speakers I am very picky ,,Music Phone and in between phone calls and cut off music and so on I read the best reviews and finally guess what I bought 3 days ago ?)))...Jabra Elite Active 65t ($ 159)amazing sound and quality,,check it out people ...I Love Apple but Airpods is just not at the pick yet (( ,read the reviews and think twice ...Enjoy now and after 2 years we will see what kind of Airpods will come out and for how m$uch )).
    thanks for the video !
    God Bless America we all Love!

  • LA-Pino25 Gaming

    where i can get the overall black airpods??

  • Mohammad Maitham

    Am listening this vid in a AirPod

  • redX111t
    redX111t Day ago

    Why did I click this video, no idea... Not sure why people buy headphones from Apple, makes very little sense to me.

  • ekhsdee
    ekhsdee Day ago

    bruh everyone and their mother in my HS got these on

  • Fayette Patton
    Fayette Patton Day ago

    Not a good for gym and workouts and regular work

  • Kam B
    Kam B Day ago

    Every single person at my school including myself have AirPods can’t be that expensive

  • Jop Top
    Jop Top Day ago

    Lissening this with AirPods

  • Sebastian De la Rosa Miranda

    What about the volume ? Like can they just make the AirPods slide up and down to make the volume go higher or lower

  • Tyrone Lawlor
    Tyrone Lawlor Day ago

    i hate AirPods. I stuck with beats x they sound a-lot better.

  • Ishwor Sapkota
    Ishwor Sapkota Day ago

    I am just waiting for the 2

  • steve9348
    steve9348 Day ago

    The reason theirs not a lot of these around 1) cus their overpriced 2) theirs way better true wireless name brand headphones better then iPods for the same or a little more on the price

  • Cathy Allen
    Cathy Allen Day ago

    Will wait for the AirPods 3


    Damn the ads are real on this video! I just wanna listen to the new AirPods rumors but I’ve seen 10 advertisements before the video ended wtf lol

  • SpartanGuardian 2099

    Another cool concept is apple earbuds connecting to Apple TV if Apple TV ever gets that capability

  • DaReDeViL16 Hut
    DaReDeViL16 Hut Day ago

    Review the beatsx

  • Infovest
    Infovest Day ago +1

    Sucks. What's the point of expensive ear buds without noise cancellation?? *welp* Also, they shud create an optional cable that hooks to both earbuds around the neck so peeps wont lose them.

  • JayZilla
    JayZilla Day ago

    What would be the price of the AirPods 2?

    • Infovest
      Infovest Day ago +1

      $500. Courtesy of Tim Crook.

  • 花开春暖
    花开春暖 Day ago


  • amari ebbin
    amari ebbin Day ago

    The fact that apple can sell products like this shows how dumb humanity is getting buying 150 dollar headphones that are the exact same crappy 50 dollar headphones which really are 20 dollar quality. And plus they aren't waterproof they don't have a control button and don't have good sound quality they just

    • Infovest
      Infovest Day ago +1

      Jaybirds X3/X4's in tests have better quality than airpods. And waterproof. And has a cable so you wont lose them. And they sell for $150. And when they have sales you can get them for $70-80 bucks. What does CrApple give you?? A high fucking price.

  • Nick Goodwin
    Nick Goodwin Day ago

    What about the actual SOUND QUALITY

    • Infovest
      Infovest Day ago +1

      Airpods have shown to be ranked anywhere from 3rd-5th place in ear buds. Not great. Jaybirds beats them in quality. Apple beats them in price. #fact

  • d skrizza
    d skrizza Day ago

    How’d you get them matted?

  • kim namshook
    kim namshook Day ago

    BTS already has black air pods

  • Coin Buddy
    Coin Buddy Day ago +1

    Thanks for the video>>>

  • Catalyst
    Catalyst Day ago

    still no comments on increasing decreasing volume without using the phone! damn it Apple!!!

  • Ty'reeVon Smith
    Ty'reeVon Smith Day ago

    They should add a feature on the headphones where you can slide up and down on the side to turn the volume up and down

  • Chet 2000
    Chet 2000 Day ago

    So can anyone answer this. I bought AirPods about a month ago. I’m late lol. But I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if these have and are real time sound or no?

  • Carter Ford
    Carter Ford Day ago

    How did u get urs matte grey???

  • el unfortunate
    el unfortunate 2 days ago

    It kinda sucks they should release it on Christmas or this month 😭