Why Disney’s Involvement In Oscar Changes Should Concern Us

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about the Academy Award Show changes. What is Disney's and ABC networks involvement?
    Matt Makowski writes, After seeing that ABC, which is owned by Disney, ordered the academy to change itself and release the information about the changes. It all makes sense now, Disney wants Oscar's because they know they have no chance of winning any. SCREW DISNEY. What are your thoughts?
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  • Kor The Dahar Master
    Kor The Dahar Master 9 months ago

    The oscars is irrelevant already, I have not paid it any attention or credence in years.

  • David Conway
    David Conway 10 months ago

    i love this,s topic on here ,my self

  • Stevo C
    Stevo C 10 months ago

    I think the new category is a good thing. The best picture nominees and what your average movie goer considers the best movies of the year have never been further apart. The Academy obviously has got to the point where they won't even consider nominating blockbusters for best picture anymore like they used to in the past.
    So this new category solves that to an extent and should generate more interest from the casual movie fans.

  • Mr Genius
    Mr Genius 10 months ago +1

    Black Panther hand out is all it is. If you think otherwise.... you're full of it.

    • Mr Genius
      Mr Genius 10 months ago

      jokesterr119 yea basically that....it’s hard to deny even for their fans

    • jokesterr119
      jokesterr119 10 months ago +1

      Leron Aavine you mean a Disney/Marvel handout.

  • Brus HikesHollywood
    Brus HikesHollywood 10 months ago

    Let's not forget that the whole nomination process is corrupt. People who never watch the films vote on the nominations. Old people who are influenced by studio advertising. I would like the awards to be about high quality entertainment not about what a small group of eggheads make decisions on films that no one wants to see.

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford 10 months ago

    Ok this is all just speculation about disney being involved about the oscar changes.

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 10 months ago +2

    No one studio should have all that power.

  • Joonbug Films
    Joonbug Films 10 months ago

    Hail the mouse

  • Austin M. Small
    Austin M. Small 10 months ago

    Disney could push the Academy Award for best animated feature to extinction, which means that there would be no reason to see foreign animated films.

    DIPANJAN MUKHERJEE 10 months ago +6

    Disney are big
    but Oscar should remain impartial

      DIPANJAN MUKHERJEE 10 months ago


    • Dark&Twisted
      Dark&Twisted 10 months ago

      *clears a throat*
      Really? The Oscars? Impartial?
      You are referring to same Oscars are you?

    • Dantinus
      Dantinus 10 months ago

      For you.

  • Umar Hasan
    Umar Hasan 10 months ago

    The people who love movies and are film enthusiasts love to watch the Oscars. Though it might feel boring at times but still.

  • muddvillemaniac
    muddvillemaniac 10 months ago +1

    But what sounds better?? Disney’s infinity war or Oscar nominated Infinity war??.... therein lies your answer

  • Brandon Morris
    Brandon Morris 10 months ago +1

    Is it really possible to make the awards less relevant than they currently are? I can imagine in the New York and L.A. areas people may care about them, but I can honestly say it has been nearly decade since I've heard a person even mention them in casual conversation. It's pretty rare for people in fly-over states to go to the theater outside of the event movies, and while I may have seen all of the winners of the last 2 decades almost no one I know has seen any of those outside of LOTR and small chances for American Sniper, million dollar baby, and the departed.
    I guess what I would say is I don't think it could hurt, and who knows, maybe it could actually get people to watch them again. I'll say for me at least it would be nice to hear a name of a movie I think deserves to win announced for something other than sound design every now and then.

    • Brandon Morris
      Brandon Morris 10 months ago

      Ah, yes. Birdman was one of the few times in the last decade where I at least genuinely enjoyed the winner. Winter soldier, guardians of the Galaxy, wild, edge of tomorrow, whiplash, gone girl, and nightcrawler we're all better imo, though. With Winter Soldier being the movie I believe deserved it by a pretty good margin, maybe a distant close second and third race to probably gone girl and whiplash.

  • Dan Morgan
    Dan Morgan 10 months ago +11

    Does anyone really care about movie awards anymore, we all know Disney are abusing their power

    • MetallicNole
      MetallicNole 10 months ago +1

      I lost interest when these award shows became political. There's way too much Hollywood elite liberal virtue signaling when it's supposed to be a time when people from all sides of the political spectrum can come together and honor and appreciate the movies.

    • Sdking87
      Sdking87 10 months ago

      Dan Morgan I know Idk why John loves the Oscars so much. Those award shows have always been gross to me. A bunch of rich celebrities putting themselves on the back just feeding into each others narcissism haha

  • Kannon
    Kannon 10 months ago +20

    Disney is really becoming a monster

    • Kannon
      Kannon 10 months ago

      Ulubatlı Hasan well after buying Fox and that he is almost has the monopoly of the main blockbusters i that theor power now is really scary

    • Ulubatlı Hasan
      Ulubatlı Hasan 10 months ago

      Kannon How could people be so sure about Disney pressuring Academy?? I mean,Academy doesn't need ABC. Other channels such as CBS,NBC etc.. could broadcast the ceremony. I am pretty sure Academy won't kneel before Disney anytime Disney wants.

  • Isaac Ibanez
    Isaac Ibanez 10 months ago +7

    I use not to believe Disney wasn’t doing bad stuff but after star was James Gunn and Oscars I’m starting to believe Disney has too much power

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 10 months ago +4

    I dont really mind it becuase I mostly care about blockbusters. I'm not into indies and the small films that win oscars

    • Lita Keaton
      Lita Keaton 10 months ago

      Some Guy But indies and small films are the best.

  • Sully Uddin
    Sully Uddin 10 months ago +7

    The problem with "Best Popular Movie" as well is; what does "Popular" even mean anymore? Are they looking at Audience ratings (via IMDb and/or Rotten Tomatoes or CinemaScore)? Are they looking at Box Office Gross? Are they looking at overall hype?
    The word "Popular" no longer means what you think it means. I agree 100% with John, this decision is idiotic, and Disney is gaining too much control right now. I love Disney as much as the next guy, but this cynicism they bring needs to stop.

    • cw0080
      cw0080 10 months ago

      I guess they will put some hard-line rule like, movies only qualify for the award if they made a minimum amount of money at the box office. For example: movies that made $250 million or more worldwide would qualify for the nomination, the number would be arbitrary, but at least it would be easy to filter out the majority of BP contenders that don't appeal to most of the general audience.
      I'm okay with the award being there, but the name is dumb. They should have called it "Best Blockbuster Film" of the year.

  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres 10 months ago +7

    STILL no love for stunts category.........& no fixes for animation category of course.

    • LadyiSh09
      LadyiSh09 10 months ago

      that's what I want, categories for stunts and even motion capture work and voice acting

    • Nichole The Otter
      Nichole The Otter 10 months ago

      eduardpo torres And if there is a Disney film in Best Animated Feature, it almost always wins. That's why I'm betting Incredibles 2 will get nominated and win solely because it's a Disney (and Pixar) product. Disney films, whether it be Pixar or Disney's own studio, has won this category every year for the past 10 years, except for 2011... and that was because Cars 2 was a trash film even by Pixar standards.

  • Lukman Hakim
    Lukman Hakim 10 months ago +12

    "they know they have no chance of winning any"????
    In live-action movie departments, maybe. But Disney (through Pixar and their own Disney Studios) has been getting a lot of Oscars. In fact, they've been winning Best Animated Feature Film for 6 years in a row now, and since 2007 with Ratatouille, they've won every single one of them, except 2011. CMIIW
    I don't think they've worried about not getting any Oscars. I think this is more about ratings.

    • Austin M. Small
      Austin M. Small 10 months ago +1

      The reason why the category is so pointless is because it shouldn't be in existence. The only reason it was created was because of a failed attempt to get Chicken Run nominated for best picture.

    • RottenAppleNY
      RottenAppleNY 10 months ago +1

      Lukman Hakim yeah whoever said that is a complete moron lol

    • Nichole The Otter
      Nichole The Otter 10 months ago +2

      Lukamn Hakim This is why I hate Best Animated Feature. The category has become so pointless because Disney ALWAYS WINS. And with Disney controlling the Oscars, they'll rig that category even more.

    • Lukman Hakim
      Lukman Hakim 10 months ago +1

      That's not my point. I never said the movies winning Best Animated were rightfully chosen, or that they're the best in their respective year or anything like that. Because, to be honest, I wouldn't know. I don't really watch Disney's animated movies. I haven't even seen Frozen. lol In fact, I haven't seen *at least* 90% of the movies that won Best Animated.
      My point is, Disney isn't having any problem getting Oscars. They've been getting it quite consistently. That's why I don't think the reason behind the ABC push is because Disney is worried about not getting any Oscars.

    • Potatro tatro
      Potatro tatro 10 months ago +2

      Lukman Hakim best animated film always goes to the most well known films. A couple of years ago they interviewed several Academy members who said they couldn’t be bothered watching the nominations so just voted for Frozen because their kids like it. Yeah I’m still salty about The Wind Rises not winning.

  • Pravyn Dyze
    Pravyn Dyze 10 months ago +1

    It is too much.. it is not fare .

  • M567dk
    M567dk 10 months ago +9

    Then what do you suggest that could help the Academy Awards gain more viewers than the usual and get various people talking about it ?

    • LadyiSh09
      LadyiSh09 10 months ago

      lol stop the politics in the Oscars cuz its liberal leaning but when it was conservative leaning it was totally fine right? honestly fuck conservatives if they need a safe space to get away from facing the TRUTH about how unpopular their views are TOO DAMN BAD! they don't need to cut it, just dial it back cuz some of the films ARE political commentary. you lost me w that 1st statement

    • Sully Uddin
      Sully Uddin 10 months ago

      I agree with KissMyAsthma; I dislike Donald Trump as much as the next guy, but all this “Hey, Trump!” jokes needs to stop! Also, the #MeToo conversations are getting tiresome.
      We get it, bad things have happened, but the Oscars are about having a good time, not about constantly reflecting on the world turning to shit which has nothing to do with i.e. ‘The Shape of Water’ winning “Best Picture”...

    • cw0080
      cw0080 10 months ago +1

      This is a good answer. No one wants to watch 4 hours of rich people lecturing the audience about politics, it gets boring really fast. They cut their potential audience in half right off the bat because politics can be divisive, especially in the last 10 years.

    • KissMyAsthma
      KissMyAsthma 10 months ago +18

      M567dk The Oscars need to cut the political talk as in recent years the increasing politicisation of the Oscars has been turning millions of viewers away, especially the conservatives. Furthermore the host needs to be entertaining and most importantly *comedic* (unlike the bland Jimmy Kimmel). Also I think shortening the Oscars is unnecessary as in the past they have always been long and still consistently maintained high viewership. And finally I agree with everyone else in that adding a best popular film Oscar is just plain stupid.

  • plo617
    plo617 10 months ago +21

    This is why I'm perplexed at anyone actually happy about the Fox/Disney deal. They have enough power as it is.

    • LadyiSh09
      LadyiSh09 10 months ago +1

      its just marvel fanboys that want this instead of pushing for fox to just sell the properties back to Disney they want a full buy out of the studio which is just stupid

    • Ben1159a
      Ben1159a 10 months ago +8

      Anyone who gave the merger any serious critical thought had to know Disney was going to use this to start squeezing the other studios and theater chains. I am a little surprised it was this soon and this blatant.

  • tom Phillips
    tom Phillips 10 months ago +27

    disney is getting to powerful in that worries me

    • eduardo torres
      eduardo torres 10 months ago

      Yet plethora people want it & that’s really bad.

    • Jovany Marquez
      Jovany Marquez 10 months ago +5

      big mike
      Yup . Their everywhere .

  • koopa159
    koopa159 10 months ago +1

    Well said, John. Voice of reason as always.

  • woolbe8
    woolbe8 10 months ago +28

    Make it non political and I might watch again

  • ThatHalfLatino
    ThatHalfLatino 10 months ago +33

    Disney is going to rig things

    • DNICE41
      DNICE41 10 months ago

      natanael murga everyone knows nobody watches the Oscar's because very few have seen or are interested in seeing 90%+ of the movies nominated. This all goes back to generating interest not a naked attempt at getting an underserved Oscar. That is a pretty strong allegation to make. The Academy recognizes this to and has made changes to the make up of the voters.

    • nate murga
      nate murga 10 months ago +2

      DNICE41 but the fact that disney who owns the other company was the driving force for making a new category that coincidentally has to do with popular movies and what movies are popular these day's. ......marvel and who owns marvel disney I mean it would be one thing if they wanted to air more of there content during commercials for the Oscars but to influence the academy to make a category so that there movies have a chance of getting an Oscar is kinda weird I mean can you at least admit it's a little strange?

    • DNICE41
      DNICE41 10 months ago +1

      Don't be ridiculous, if they were interested in winning Oscar's they have the money and know how to make those types of movies. This is about ratings .