MacBook Pro - Must Have Accessories

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • MacBook Pro - Must Have Accessories
    Buy theme here, - USB Type C to Lightning Cable - 18W USB-C PD Power Adapter - 48W Dual USB Charger - 87W USB-C Charger for MacBook Pro - 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock - 5-in-1 USB C Adapter/USB Hub - 6-in-1 USB C Adapter/Watch Charger - 10-in-1 Super HUB with 4K HDMI
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Comments • 425

  • Master Builder
    Master Builder Day ago

    RHAAA! My man lol thanks bro

  • ivorysteele
    ivorysteele Day ago

    Apple is so expensive

  • xiaoli chen
    xiaoli chen 2 days ago

    that's not making any sense to use a portable laptop with that many accessories which makes 10 times more complicated for travelling or even at home... not suggested like this way that the video showed, you will be bothered a lot for sure

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter  Day ago

      That's a pretty silly comment considering that anybody that actually owns a MacBook understands that they have NO choice but to use accessories if they want to use HDMI, SD Card Reader or USB A.

  • DJ Andrea T
    DJ Andrea T 3 days ago +3

    " lets keep it moving" is what I am going to use for the whole year of 2020 as motivation

  • B G
    B G 4 days ago

    3 power adapters for 1 device?

  • Woody
    Woody 5 days ago

    Definitely try charging your iPhone with the MacBook Pro power block, that thing gives out 96 wats

  • Mike Avelli
    Mike Avelli 10 days ago +2

    "Let's keep it movin!" love that part haha :D

  • Greg Kiatta
    Greg Kiatta 10 days ago

    they were great to have but why is apple making i so hard on us that's BS

  • StoneColdDemon *
    StoneColdDemon * 11 days ago

    the fact that a video like this is needed shows how pathetic apple is

  • Content Fishing
    Content Fishing 12 days ago

    or you can just get a windows laptop that has ports

  • Rael Emmanuel
    Rael Emmanuel 12 days ago


  • Manor Wood
    Manor Wood 12 days ago

    I can only find this 10 in 1 Super HUB with 1 x HDMI ? any more info

  • Armani Melendez Jr.
    Armani Melendez Jr. 13 days ago

    The way he just throws things on his MacBook and pushes them off is absolutely disrespectful.

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter  13 days ago

      Disrespectful to YOU because you're a broke Peasant. It's just a laptop dummy, it's not a newborn baby. I respect people, not gadgets🤣🤣🤣
      Do you worship and make love to your iPhone? Smh you sound retarded🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexis Gaboda
    Alexis Gaboda 14 days ago

    I wonder if they make a 3 in 1 wireless charging for Powerbeats Pro? Cause I don't have Airpods anymore!

  • Abhishek Makadiya
    Abhishek Makadiya 14 days ago

    Taari mano bhosdo......

  • Abdul Moniem
    Abdul Moniem 15 days ago


  • Bobby Solorio
    Bobby Solorio 16 days ago +1

    Anker has the best apple accessories too!

  • Angel Cavazos
    Angel Cavazos 17 days ago

    LOL, Dr. Squatch commercial came on during Floss's episode.

  • SG gr
    SG gr 17 days ago


  • Brittany Hairston
    Brittany Hairston 17 days ago +1

    I definitely need that charging pad asap!!

  • andsanp
    andsanp 18 days ago

    Im a simple man. I hear the white shoes theme music and subscribe immediately.

  • Alex Khadka
    Alex Khadka 19 days ago

    How much to all set

  • I love London
    I love London 20 days ago

    A question Why did you buy the macbook if you're not sattisfied?. Are you a victim which has to have anything new of Apple?

    • I love London
      I love London 19 days ago

      @Flossy Carter I am happy with my Iphone 4s and my Macbook and I still have them since I'm satisfied. I'd never buy a product if I were not satisfied. For example I'd never buy an Iphone 11 or X since you can't use the homebutton anymore and I dislike it.
      I've stopped working with Windows since I hate it.
      So I'm the best example that you're wrong.with your theory.
      A friend of mine, who works with an old Macbook air, would say that you're a victim of Apple. And to be honest I could laugh about such people.

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter  19 days ago

      I bought the MacBook because I wanted too. I don't like that I can't use iMessage on my windows laptop, does that mean that I shouldn't use windows anymore? Nobody likes everything about every product.

  • R X
    R X 20 days ago


  • Riu Ricefield
    Riu Ricefield 21 day ago

    White Shoes ❤️❤️❤️

  • John Ian Udang
    John Ian Udang 21 day ago +1

    Let's unbox this, "Rahhh" 😂😂😂 nice!!!

  • Adelwin Handoyo
    Adelwin Handoyo 22 days ago

    18w brick? to charge a macbook? how will that work? or how long it'll take?

  • Spencer Peters
    Spencer Peters 23 days ago +3

    Anyone else think 3 separate bootleg chargers gets a little redundant?

  • lost boys
    lost boys 23 days ago +1

    this is just too much accesories, we got to give it a more realistic approach

  • dav vad
    dav vad 23 days ago

    How can someone open such a small box so aggressively

  • e-net
    e-net 25 days ago +1

    why u throwaways all those and unboxing like drug addicts? its not calls fast,you are shaking. have patience

  • Dj Tucha
    Dj Tucha 25 days ago

    Side note: lol the video is not good for guys with OCD........ the way he's unboxing..... haha nice informative video tho.

  • Charlene
    Charlene 26 days ago

    Love your channel 💯

  • Sherice A Linton
    Sherice A Linton Month ago

    This just gave me life 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wilhelm Ringvold
    Wilhelm Ringvold Month ago

    Will a 87 watt charger mess up the battery on an iPhone?

  • 59BigWalt
    59BigWalt Month ago

    Timely Floss. Hope your trip was profitable.

  • Jordan Comstock
    Jordan Comstock Month ago

    MacBook Pro 16 real review?

  • Il Jair lI
    Il Jair lI Month ago +1

    6:05 did not expect that wallpaper

  • Disassembling
    Disassembling Month ago

    i think they give charger with iphone/mac book :)

  • Derek Watson
    Derek Watson Month ago

    Flossy Carter's wallpaper tho😂💀💯

  • MICH
    MICH Month ago +1

    Apple the accessories company

  • Geovanny Ayala
    Geovanny Ayala Month ago

    Bruh that iPhone wallpaper had me rolling. Then he’s like “this is pretty sick”😂😂😂😂😂. I have one of them new MacBook pros and they are annoying as hell what with all them dongles. Probably ganna buy some of these accessories though.

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 Month ago

    spend $2,500 on a macbook pro....have to buy a dongle to use basic ports

  • Shaneka
    Shaneka Month ago

    I’m hella excited about this.


    So as expensive as those mac books are they dont come with any ports? You gotta buy the separately?..enjoy appleheads

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun Month ago

    Framerate....heard of it?

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun Month ago

    Gotta love reviews about PRO items when the reviewer can't spell PRO.

  • Ged Paul Famorca
    Ged Paul Famorca Month ago

    Yo floss you must try the Huawei Freebuds 3

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    And 90% are Apple

  • Matt D
    Matt D Month ago

    You’re the only one left, Floss! You gonna call-out Unbox Therapy for his case thievery??? Stealing Pitaka’s case and calling it his own??

  • Black Bunny
    Black Bunny Month ago

    Somebody tell apple to bring back the old model back, they were making more money in my opinion

  • Jonyba Brusch
    Jonyba Brusch Month ago

    These actually apply to me now! Yay!

  • Nicky Jeanty
    Nicky Jeanty Month ago

    Will the Galaxy A70 work in the US/T-Mobile

  • sorruhc
    sorruhc Month ago

    I’m thinking of getting some headphones, but I want bass headphones. What are the best bass headphones out there?

  • David Weld
    David Weld Month ago

    Floss any updates on the fake pods pro

  • Centurio Numerouno
    Centurio Numerouno Month ago

    Dude we want to see new Products, not that old Shit from 2004

  • Stefan Vasiliu
    Stefan Vasiliu Month ago

    waiting for mate 30 pro review "the heavy hitter"

  • Doctor Catnip
    Doctor Catnip Month ago +1

    Thank god I still have my Macbook from 2013 with proper ports on it.
    This is some retarded dongle shit.

  • ADGRM _
    ADGRM _ Month ago

    not sure if i heard right, but i thought you said charge your Macbook with an 18w charger...gonna assume you meant iPad Pro but miss-spoke there..otherwise the 18w won't do much if at all.

    Whereas the 87w Fast charger won't technically charge your phone any faster than the 18W as tech (including phones) will only take as much as it can handle with the iPhone 11 Max peaking at 18w.

    The Bases hub seems quite large..probably something i'd be interested in does it go when most (or all) of the outlets are being used? surely thats too much power draw for one USB-C outlet?

  • Gary Chapman
    Gary Chapman Month ago

    That Pro’s a monster..