Can The Chiefs' Offense Beat The 49ers' Defense?

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  • Mysterious Mystery
    Mysterious Mystery Month ago +2

    It’s always fun rereading comments after the Super Bowl.

  • Vanessa JazP
    Vanessa JazP Month ago +1

    Chiefs offense is too 1-dimensional for a talented defense like 49ers.
    49ers rush game will keep Mahomes on the sidelines.
    I don’t see how Chiefs win.

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal Month ago

    The universe has a way of achieving balance , the Chiefs have not been to the Super Bowl in 50 years. I would look for the Chiefs to start making up for a long dry spell, i expect them to win not only this Super Bowl, but quite a few more in the next 10 yrs. The Chiefs have put together a very effective offense, with a exceptional QB and a defense that has become surprising improved as the season progressed, the only thing is they will just get better, when they learn how to read a offense and shut it down. This young QB is unquestionable one of the best of reading a defense, and adjusting to it, and has the the ability of doing what is necessary to defeat it and score. If Andy Reed can shut down the 49ers run game and it becomes a game of of offense, then the speed of the receivers and who has the best QB will determine the out come.

  • DaltonThomas
    DaltonThomas 2 months ago

    The 49ers defense was second to only one team this year and that was the Patriots. Chiefs beat the Patriots.

  • Bob Gillis
    Bob Gillis 2 months ago


  • CharlieConwayFTW
    CharlieConwayFTW 2 months ago +1

    Who’d kc dominate that were allegedly “dominant?”

    • Drew Chamberlin
      Drew Chamberlin Month ago

      The 49ers lmao

    • Mt201
      Mt201 Month ago

      xx cc we really will see tomorrow

    • xx cc
      xx cc Month ago +1

      beat the titans in the playoffs who beat patriots and ravens, and Chiefs beat ravens in their last tao regular season matchups nd the patriots in foxboro. and soon, the 49ers will lose to them too

  • Gage Crooks
    Gage Crooks 2 months ago

    Sherman is a twat

  • Brandon Robinson
    Brandon Robinson 2 months ago

    The Niners offense is going to stop Patrick Mahomes.

  • J McMath
    J McMath 2 months ago +2

    I want the chiefs to win.
    I think the 49ers will embarrass them

  • John PALMER JR
    John PALMER JR 2 months ago +1

    Congrats to the Kansas city Chiefs Superbowl win!!!!!!!

  • D L
    D L 2 months ago

    Y’all said the same thing both times Aaron Rodgers went against that defense. Talking bout he’s the goat. He’s gonna rip that defense to shreds. Y’all better watch your mouths 😂

  • TheConspiracy Realist
    TheConspiracy Realist 2 months ago

    Short answer to the question on top: No

  • Loanword Eggcorn
    Loanword Eggcorn 2 months ago

    Matt LaFleur never worked at the 49ers. He coached under Kyle at Redskins and Falcons. Matt's brother Mike LaFleur is currently the pass game coordinator at the 49ers.

  • gary hubbard
    gary hubbard 2 months ago

    I think they should just go ahead and give Patrick Mahomes a yellow coat and the super Bowl trophy and don’t forget the mvp too I mean they talk like he has won 10 already just another one to add to his collection I guess very disrespectful to guys before him that has earned their stripes 49ers just go home the fix is in !!!

  • Football Coach
    Football Coach 2 months ago

    Ok gentlemen, I am not quite sure what the Mahomes stuff is all about. How did the Colts hold the man to 13 points?

  • cookie 2118
    cookie 2118 2 months ago +1

    The Packers started to beat 49ers defense in the second half. So I bet the chiefs can beat their defense in first half

    • cookie 2118
      cookie 2118 Month ago +1

      @Mt201 well, look at that.

    • Mt201
      Mt201 Month ago

      cookie 2118 lol I bet the niners just started chilling out since the game was basically over but ok

  • James Menard
    James Menard 2 months ago

    Time of possession will be key for the Niners to win. Speed kills and the Niners will need to be full speed on defense for 4 quarters. Can KC get the Niners off the field.

  • Abby The Werido
    Abby The Werido 2 months ago

    I think saleh goes out of character and dials up alot of different blitz packages early in this game.

    • Loanword Eggcorn
      Loanword Eggcorn 2 months ago

      No, because blitzing opens up an easy weakness for a decent QB to exploit. 49ers don't need to blitz since they can get tons of pressure with 4. A much better approach is the rush 4 and disguise coverages with 7 in coverage.

  • ron men
    ron men 2 months ago

    they also said that about the Rams' greatest show on turf. what happened ? the Pats D. contained it to 17 pts. they said that about the manning broncos Offense , Seattle destroyed that offense.
    they said that last year about the Rams' offense. 3 pts against the Pats D...
    the niner pass rush will humble mahomes and the Chiefs offense.
    and the niner running game will pin that offense on the sideline and tires out that chiefs marshmallow run D....and the niners can play big time offense too, 35+ points in the 2 GB games....48 on a good saints defense...
    niners by a TD or 2....

  • Robin Björlin
    Robin Björlin 2 months ago

    it will come down to if chiefs can stop niners run-game.

    • BiskitCountry
      BiskitCountry 2 months ago

      Same was said about the Titans and Henry. And the chiefs did exactly that.

  • Josh Gault
    Josh Gault 2 months ago

    seahawks broncos? even though the broncos offense was Evan better on offense

  • Keller Anderson
    Keller Anderson 2 months ago

    Rip Kobe Bryant

  • chase tucker
    chase tucker 2 months ago

    rip kobe

  • Paul Rippy
    Paul Rippy 2 months ago

    How is everyone forgetting what the chiefs D has done the last 8 games against the run? How have they forgotten about the 1500m relay team chiefs have for receivers? At least one will be open almost every play. Chiefs can run the ball when they have to and they have. 49ers are good I like them. But screens and RPO’s will defeat a good pass rush. 49ers can’t cover all that speed. Mahomes will pick apart that zone D 49ers run 60% of the time and man D. Forget it niners. Kelce best TE four the past four years. Kettle number 2 at best. I respect and like the niners but.......

  • PIZZA 827
    PIZZA 827 2 months ago +2

    The 49ers are so underrated all the time

  • Matthew Joseph The Common Sense American

    Chiefs are a buzzsaw. Even the niners defesne doesn't stand a chance against them. Tyram Mathieu is also a very unheralded part of the chiefs formula. He has a Bob Sanders factor that helps put the chiefs over the top.

  • Lawrence Grijalva Palmisano

    I think kelcke need s to run the five alarm fizz

  • Lawrence Grijalva Palmisano

    The new age of football in a pocket poot

  • mary wynn
    mary wynn 2 months ago +1

    Rip Kobe man :(

  • Joel Dykman
    Joel Dykman 2 months ago

    Can Kansas city's offense beat the niners defense? Sure
    Can the niners offense beat the Kansas city defense? Sure.
    Honestly, this is an interesting match because I would wager the chiefs have the advantage at offense while the niners have the advantage on defense at equal margins. This game really comes down to if Jimmy G can rise to the occasion if the run game is stuffed. If he can do that, then I'll give the slight advantage to the niners because they are a more complete team.

  • The Matrix7
    The Matrix7 2 months ago

    Broken plays is what I’ve been saying the whole time. Flag football plays. Weak

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 2 months ago

    Knowledge is power, the more you know the more you can do.

    • Penland1234
      Penland1234 2 months ago

      It is but only few know that the greatest knowledge is hidden.

  • Chiefs 2020 Champs
    Chiefs 2020 Champs 2 months ago

    Can't Wait‼

  • HILifeBoys
    HILifeBoys 2 months ago

    49ers haven’t struggled against Jackson and Wilson. If Gould was healthy 9ers would have been 2-0 against the Seahawks. Then losing by 3 to the ravens in a weather heavy road game. That is not a struggle it’s called a toss up. Those anyone could have won them. Stop acting like the 49ers got blown out by the ravens and Seahawks. Calm down. The packers got blown out by 49ers. That’s struggling.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Ask Russell how he got shut Down..!

  • AshGod
    AshGod 2 months ago

    My gameplan if i was Andy Reid: Lets just line hill up on sherm’s side all game, run him into the ground, comeback routes at high speeds, some plays short routes, keep sherm on his toes and get hill open early.
    Then, same side of the field, play Kelce, use a 2WR+1TE on sherm’s side, and keep pressure on him all game to play the right decision in his third or half of the field

  • BeefPapa
    BeefPapa 2 months ago

    Niners have the D plus the running game. Deadly combo.

    KAROON BOOMIE 2 months ago +2

    GO CHIEFS #1

    • GoKart Mozart
      GoKart Mozart 2 months ago

      KAROON BOOMIE there isn’t any team 🤦‍♂️

  • Drew Obert
    Drew Obert 2 months ago +2

    How many different ways can they mispronounce “Saleh”

    • Loanword Eggcorn
      Loanword Eggcorn 2 months ago

      Agree. And it's not exactly hard to pronounce: SAW-luh

  • John Van Warrebey
    John Van Warrebey 2 months ago

    Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson beat these same niners. And the hawk's defense is bottom third in most categories. Even fully healthy, these niners can be beat, and mobile QBs are their bane. Mahomes might get hit more than he's used to, but he will keep doing what he does: make ridiculous passes, scramble and extend plays, launch it for Watkins and Hill to catch where only they can get it. Sherman is still good, but he's old. And mobile QBs beat pass rush. And while the niners' offense has put their fair share of points on the board, they are heavily dependent on their fun game. Running takes time off the clock. It speeds the game up. The chiefs' offense can score fast, and if the niners fall behind, the chiefs will keep the pace fast, and pull away real quick.

  • Joe Barrera
    Joe Barrera 2 months ago

    Mahones hasn’t faced a def like these killer 4

  • Joe Barrera
    Joe Barrera 2 months ago

    F... them chiefs!

  • steviekeas
    steviekeas 2 months ago

    It’s always fun to see lazy people essentially playing phone tag.
    If you go watch the course of the whole season, you’ll notice the evolution and augmentation of the Chiefs’ offense. The Mahomes injury-and the injuries to LT Eric Fisher, LG, Andrew Wylie, and RG Laurent Duvernay-Tardif-forced the Chiefs to go to a short, quick passing game. They had no choice as Mahomes had a hobbled ankle, then coming back from a dislocated knee cap. They found success playing a variety of offenses.
    Looking at Patriots tape last year? To begin with, that Patriots gameplan only worked for half of the game. Bill Belichick-you know, greatest defensive mind in NFL history-has tried to stop the Chiefs offense now 3 times in the last two years. Surely Lombardi isn’t really suggesting Mike Shanahan and Saleh is smarter than Belichick.
    They can practice any of the beaters they want, but those things aren’t the same thing as stopping the speed of the Chiefs offense.
    And since they mentioned the Packers, two points:
    1) The Packers came back and scored 20.
    2) The Packers have an older Rodgers and one receiver. ONE! They only really have Adams.
    20 points with just Adams.
    Now let’s listen to Lombardi be rational about how a smart NFL coach like Andy Reid can take two weeks to gameplan for anything Kyle Shanahan can do. There’s a reason Andy Reid is in the top 5 or 6 of all-time wins.
    But hey, don’t forget about Spagnuolo and how he managed to ruin Lombardi’s Patriots perfect season in the SB with the Giants...

  • 49ers win
    49ers win 2 months ago


  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson 2 months ago +2

    We scored 35 points against the 49ers def last year (in the 1st half) 👀

    • Brian Carroll
      Brian Carroll 2 months ago

      Randy Johnson 6 of 11 starters are different from that game.

  • C F
    C F 2 months ago

    Should be a great Superbowl, Go Chiefs

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago +1

    I guess it is play specific but it seems the beater plays he is comparing to plays that attack the rules of coverage are the same thing. Beaters "beat" the coverage specifically because of the way they attack the zones. In the same sense the plays that attack zones are successful because the coach got the look he the wanted from the D and "beat" that coverage with concepts (and variations/wrinkles)

  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt 2 months ago

    No they can’t and the 49ers will win no doubt

  • Eric Owens
    Eric Owens 2 months ago

    That works for the first half but what happens when the chiefs adjust? last year it went to overtime with Patriots and that was a coin flip

  • m
    m 2 months ago

    Well one thing not being talked about is that the niners totally out gameplanned the Pack, not to mention Rogers misfiring. They’re good. But Andy Reid and crew are a different level of chess player, and the smartest player on the field is Mahomes with literal photographic memory on every play and tendency of each key player. That’s why Reid targeted Mahomes over Watson in the draft. Out chessmatching Andy Reid is a steep challenge without a guy like Mahomes.
    The niners have to game plan well and definitely will. But that won’t be the same edge it was in other games. They are just flat going to have to beat that (now healthy and clicking) KC o line all game.

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 2 months ago

    Michael lomb🤦🏻‍♂️ Lol you saying it all depends if the 9ers dline can keep Mahomes in the pocket means that’s a better thing lol. Nope! Mahomes in the pocket is JUST AS DEADLY compared to him being on the outside of it. He’s a TRUE QB. He’ll only scramble if he absolutely has to. If he’s got time in the pocket, you’re still finished. The 9ers have to sack my guy like 8 times in order to make the outcome go into their favor.

  • 1320 Jedi
    1320 Jedi 2 months ago

    Do people not know Mahomes is as good if not better in the pocket as he is outside? Lol

  • Marcus Watson
    Marcus Watson 2 months ago

    Throwing for pass interference is what I think indicates a great QB with a great mind. Over a guy who can really throw it. Love seeing those plays

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 2 months ago

    Lol I think it’s hilarious to hear nfl analysts say that you get the same vibe from Mahomes, and then they rattle of QB’s like Luck and Rodgers, when I actually didn’t have vibes like that for ANYONE ELSE. My vibe was WE HAVE THE NEXT BRADY ON OUR TEAM. And I gotta say, I bet I’m not too far off.

  • Mark Ballard
    Mark Ballard 2 months ago

    That has to be the worst GD cartwheel I have ever seen.

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 2 months ago

    As a diehard Chiefs fan I can answer that question the only way I know how.....YES. YES we can beat their defense because there hasn’t been a defense that has EVER truly stopped us. ESPECIALLY when our offense is as healthy as it can get. I think the REAL QUESTION everyone should be asking, is can the 49ers run game, penetrate through our dline on a consistent basis? Cuz my guys have stopped the #1 rushing attack of ALL TIME, that being the Ravens. They’ve ALSO just stopped the guy who won the rushing title, Henry. So yeah the 9ers have a good run game, but we proven we can stop whoever’s doing it, which falls to Jimmy G having to keep pace with the still REIGNING MVP....that ain’t happenin’ lol.

  • Projekt 6
    Projekt 6 2 months ago

    You can tell Pat hasn’t been watching the 49ers all year and is hoping Michael Lombardi is going to straight up pick the Chiefs.

  • Danny Blau
    Danny Blau 2 months ago

    Can the chiefs middle to lower 3rd of the league defense stop the niners top 5 offense? The niners spent the last two months putting up an avg of like 32 points. They were doing that in the roughest part of their schedule. The chiefs defense improving since week 12 has been largely against garbage teams. The patriots were the only “good” team in that stretch until the playoffs and in the playoffs Houston and Tennessee were both middle of the road offensive and defensive teams. Game is likely going to come down to which defense can get a few stops and at this point, the niners defense is a way better bet than the chiefs.

  • Mark nelson
    Mark nelson 2 months ago

    Really Pat you're asking the ex GM of the Browns for an "expert" opinion? Lol look dude don't sit here and tell us that Pat Mahomes can't throw the ball from the pocket, he'll pick you apart just as bad as he would running from the pocket. What everyone is failing to see is that KC's defensive front is pretty damn good too, they haven't allowed a 100 yard rusher in the last 8 games and that includes Derrick Henry. Go ahead and try to convince me that you would rather have Jimmmy G instead of Mahomes. The 49'rs will be lucky to put 24 points up and that's not going to be enough to bet the Chiefs.

  • Young Noble
    Young Noble 2 months ago +1

    Chiefs is close to last against the run !!!! Question should be , Can the Chiefs stop the 49ers run game !!!! I dont think so !

    • Penland1234
      Penland1234 2 months ago

      come on Henry was haus. They will need to do it again or SF spanks.

    • Crimson Dawn
      Crimson Dawn 2 months ago +1

      Sure, tell that to the Dolphins that beat the Patriots. Statistics means dick when on the field.

  • Naythin
    Naythin 2 months ago +2

    The 49ers are gonna get spanked. No big convo needed.

  • PMS Store
    PMS Store 2 months ago

  • J.P Sensational
    J.P Sensational 2 months ago

    We’ve seen some really good offense crumble in the superbowl but this chiefs offense really fast

  • Franco Costanzo
    Franco Costanzo 2 months ago

    The 9ers offense is better than the Chiefs

  • qfast817 qfast817
    qfast817 qfast817 2 months ago

    I wonder if pat can do a video on stupid stuff players have bought or scams players fell for.

  • Nick K
    Nick K 2 months ago

    just another tool that's doubting the 49ers. That's fine keep doing your thing. And for the record, I don't think we're going to stop Patrick Mahomes, but I do think we're going to slow him down enough to win the game. He has not seen a defense like this in the NFL in any of his me, he's going to be more comfortable in this game than he's been in any other game. that in tune with our run game and our past game, I think it will be more competitive than people are giving us credit for. But then again we've been doubted all year long so this feeling is nothing new.

    MELLO JELLO 2 months ago

    The one who doesnt fumble will win....

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 2 months ago

    Normally I take the defense and running game n the playoffs. As be seen so many great offenses go down. Pats, Packers, Saints, Vikings over the years have had all time great offenses and all lost!
    That said, even after making a million mistakes and giving up 300 yds to one running back, Arod was one bad call from being able to pull it within 7. Brees put up 46. That will NOT win them a SB.’s all on how Mahommes handles the pressure of 4 ppl. If San Fran has to blitz, KC will win.

  • Michael Donovan
    Michael Donovan 2 months ago +1

    the real question is will the chiefs defense be able to stop the niners offense...the answer to that is a resounding NO! niners 38-34....

    • Penland1234
      Penland1234 2 months ago

      wow I am not even a niners fan and know that if the niners win it will be a low score. You can't win a shootout against mahomes bro. I am not a Chiefs fan either.

  • SuperSteelers
    SuperSteelers 2 months ago +1

    Mahomey has not played a defense like the 49ers defense all season long. 49ers will win.

    • Penland1234
      Penland1234 2 months ago

      if you go by season stats your right. If you go by playoff stats you are wrong.

    • Crimson Dawn
      Crimson Dawn 2 months ago

      Sure, says a guy who's team went nowhere this year. Those rings didn't help you did they.

  • Michael Amador
    Michael Amador 2 months ago +1

    chiefs haven't played a good defense. Defense wins championships. mahomes and hill are the only key players.

  • Ellison Lowrimore
    Ellison Lowrimore 2 months ago +1

    Easy Answer!!! NO!!!!!

  • Tajh Flowers
    Tajh Flowers 2 months ago

    4:33 Pat did not laugh 😂

  • olEke29
    olEke29 2 months ago

    Says they don't run beaters but describes running beaters. Running a concept to Beat coverage is a coverage beater it's just excuted differently than commonly known coverage beaters for whatever the coverage is.

  • Heavensgirl74
    Heavensgirl74 2 months ago +1

    I think the 49ers defense can get home fast, that front four needs to Hit Mahomes early and often. I am just concerned if Mahomes scrambles and throws and that secondary is not ready, those speedy receivers are going to burn them. We will see!

  • King Jones
    King Jones 2 months ago +1

    But it's as much about great coverage as it is about great pass rush. If the coverage is there on the longer developing plays the pass rush has time to do work. The more I think about this game the less chance I think the chiefs have of winning.

  • Macky Mode
    Macky Mode 2 months ago

    Mahomes will walk all over Jimmy G, don't care how good 49ers defense is, a one man team in Seattle almost beat them, Mahomes and his weapons are so much better than Seattle, it's not even a debate for me

  • olEke29
    olEke29 2 months ago +1

    Aaron Rodgers 2nd half showed a preview of what will happen in the Super Bowl minus that last interception.

  • erick dunn
    erick dunn 2 months ago +7

    I think everyone is forgetting about the 49ers offense . They have a top 3 offense this year. If the defense can’t get it done because mahomes is a beast. Jimmy g will come up and be locked in just like the saints game

    • Big Mike
      Big Mike 2 months ago

      Definitely Not A weeb dude, the chiefs gave up 26 ppg. This playoffs, the chiefs are giving up, you got it 26 ppg. Tennessee backed in to the playoffs and Houston was mediocre. I’ll be glad when the game is finally played and the world can see how dynamic the 49ers offense is.

    • xDeodorantofDoom
      xDeodorantofDoom 2 months ago

      @Penland1234 Won't do them any good. SF has been underdogs all year and destroyed pretty much every team. Number 4 offense and number 2 defense compared to number 6 KC offense and number 17th defense

    • Penland1234
      Penland1234 2 months ago

      @Definitely Not A weeb Finally I see why the Chiefs are favored.

    • Definitely Not A weeb
      Definitely Not A weeb 2 months ago +1

      I think everyone is forgetting about the chiefs defense . They have a top 5 defense since week 8.

  • RiderMike
    RiderMike 2 months ago +8

    Pat has been doubting the Niners all season my dudes

    • Ren ren
      Ren ren 2 months ago

      Just like every other talking head. Took every team against the niners.