Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • After we made a video about how to survive your first hour in Japan, the next thing all of you wanted to know was how to get food. So in this video, we'll teach you about how you can still order food even if you speak no Japanese.
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  • John Q. Citizen
    John Q. Citizen 11 hours ago

    I subconsciously expected the pagers/beepers to play "twinkle twinkle little star" like my zojirushi rice-cooker.

  • Marko Stalker
    Marko Stalker 22 hours ago

    Bruhhhh in Japan U have Vending machine every few meters lol

  • Mrinank Gogoi
    Mrinank Gogoi 2 days ago


  • Anna Brown
    Anna Brown 2 days ago

    This video reminds me of when I was kid. We lived in Japan and we were ordering by randomly pointing at things. I pointed at a item the older waitress kept shaking her head at my parents. She finally came over with the item it was beer my dad had to drink.

  • abhi subu
    abhi subu 3 days ago +2

    I literally started learning japanese so that one day when i actually go there, i can get by without too much of a hassle...
    I really would love to visit this country.

  • Frank Magana
    Frank Magana 4 days ago

    Short answer: yes. I was in Japan for 3 weeks and went to some pretty rural places and was still able to get food. Point and thumbs up boys point and thumbs up

  • phantomhieve
    phantomhieve 4 days ago

    "Hello, world!" a programmer lol?

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke 4 days ago

    This was enjoyable to watch
    Thank you for sharing.

    FUCKME 4 days ago

    Step1: mobile Translator

  • Real Salica
    Real Salica 4 days ago

    The answer is yes , they have good food in convenient stores !

  • this aint treyway chief

    Why is japan so perfect

  • Masaki Quiogue
    Masaki Quiogue 6 days ago

    Are you guys really Canadian? You’re brother looks look like half Filipino

  • ConnorHD
    ConnorHD 6 days ago +2

    That lighting mcqueen plate though 😍3:53

  • xUmbrellaCo
    xUmbrellaCo 6 days ago

    ...T_T… I wanna go to Japan!!

  • MorgaineRiddlePrince

    Tak for denne video.

  • عنترة بن شداد

    2000 yen for that lunch? isn't that like 20 dollars?

  • CmrdDarius Sapphire
    CmrdDarius Sapphire 8 days ago

    When I try to speak or order in Japanese, I away see them smirk a little but they seem to appreciate the fact I tried.

  • masaaki1969
    masaaki1969 9 days ago

    Google translation is terrible.

  • DarKKfAiRy
    DarKKfAiRy 9 days ago

    Haha This video is great, thank you

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson 9 days ago

    Okay. I've been to Tokyo many times on business. I know several Japanese words and phrases, several of which I've forgotten since I've retired. Whenever I went to Japan, I'd brush up on words and phrases. But do you know what *really* helped? I had on my smart phone an English/Japanese interpreter app. First, from a menu I'd snap a photo of a Japanese description of food, and the app would translate to English for me. Second, when the server arrived, I could speak English into the app and it would immediately translate to Japanese, and simultaneously give me readout in English of what it said in Japanese. If the English readout wasn't correct, I would repeat until the English readout was correct. Know what? The Japanese absolutely *Loved* that app. They were very *enthusiastic* about. The Japanese love high-tech, and they were thrilled we could communicate together via my phone. It was much fun!

  • Majestic Mojo
    Majestic Mojo 10 days ago +3

    I really like your videos. Thanks for the info. I love learning about other countries.

  • ananya lakshmi
    ananya lakshmi 12 days ago +1

    I think it's going to be more difficult for vegetarians like me to order food...

  • Ron Zee
    Ron Zee 12 days ago +1

    7/11 and even McDonald’s has much better food than their US counterparts.

  • 火をつけるージKumaKuma

    Love from Kyoto japan!! (●´ω`●)
    Sorry for bad english

  • Tytan Havok
    Tytan Havok 14 days ago

    Y'all ordering food in japan without japanese and getting better results than me going to my local mcdonalds

  • ping Wai
    ping Wai 14 days ago

    *i speak english but try to make a japanese accent*

  • Crystal Yeow Ching Ching


  • TeeThePenguin!
    TeeThePenguin! 16 days ago +1

    Plot twist: Japanese people in this video were actors.

  • sera
    sera 16 days ago

    Love Japan but the plastic waste is unreal

  • Gobarber2
    Gobarber2 17 days ago

    Super super helpful! Thanks!

  • Zach Bloomquist
    Zach Bloomquist 17 days ago +1

    Tempura is the best, no wonder he wanted alot! Lol. I love tempura especially prawn or shrimp tempura with veggies. So good. Great video. It made me hungry.

  • Harv3y Quinn
    Harv3y Quinn 17 days ago

    8:17 Anywayyyy PepeHands

  • Kikuyumoja
    Kikuyumoja 18 days ago +1

    When we lived in Japan in the 1970s, NO ONE spoke English. So glad this has changed!

  • Mark
    Mark 18 days ago

    Yeet go to a buffet

  • Talk-sick Tryhard
    Talk-sick Tryhard 19 days ago

    11:26 *heavy slavic breathing*

  • Izzy Wizzy
    Izzy Wizzy 19 days ago

    I like how helpful he is cos I’m not confident or at least was until I found him

  • G00B3R91
    G00B3R91 19 days ago

    I only know
    "Omae wa mou shindeiru"
    Is that a prob.

  • Chris 673
    Chris 673 20 days ago

    Yes you can. Use google translate if its that complicated. Menus have images. Japanese are pretty dam smart. Regardless of language barriers. Japanese are awesome!!!!

  • chaoschief
    chaoschief 20 days ago

    Basicly, all i need to remember is bring money and say "Kore, onegai shimasu!" (this, please) and i'll be good =D

  • george babov
    george babov 20 days ago +1

    Too bad you don't have subtitles in real life.😢

  • Lara Amro
    Lara Amro 20 days ago

    and now I'm hungry!

  • かずなべ
    かずなべ 20 days ago

    kore onegaishimasu

    This is one please でも伝わるだろ(笑)

  • SunPacBrolyGo KuZu
    SunPacBrolyGo KuZu 22 days ago

    If you're going to any foreign country. How about learning some of the language. Out of respect for the people, I'd get at least a month of learning the language before going.

  • Clips
    Clips 24 days ago

    wow japan 7e so awesome

  • Apoorva
    Apoorva 24 days ago +1

    7:51 when no one gives you icrim

  • Chris
    Chris 24 days ago +1

    Tip #1: For the love of GOD eat real sushi while you're there....

  • Emma Berg Channel
    Emma Berg Channel 25 days ago

    Your video

  • Emma Berg Channel
    Emma Berg Channel 25 days ago

    Nice to know some other countries and learning what they are.. enjoy watching

  • yvrelna
    yvrelna 25 days ago

    Couple things not to be surprised when in Japan:
    1. Robot cashier in restaurants
    2. The money tray
    3. The money and changes counting ritual that cashiers do
    4. Vending machines
    5. The packaging of food items, e.g. single banana in plastic wrap
    6. Trains, trains, trains

    • yvrelna
      yvrelna 25 days ago

      +Alina Maris It's the small tray in cashiers where you are expected to put your payments to, and where the cashier's will put your changes to. In Japan, it's considered more polite to never give or receive money hand to hand, but to use this small tray. Supposedly, this avoids physical contacts and prevents coins from getting scattered.
      You'd sometimes see this tray in other countries, but they're rarely ingrained into the cashier custom to the same degree as in Japan.

    • Alina Maris
      Alina Maris 25 days ago

      yvrelna Whats the money tray?

  • Itz Brooklyn
    Itz Brooklyn 26 days ago

    How come you have to wear mask outside. I just wanted to ask.

  • mike honcho
    mike honcho 26 days ago

    Yes, u can feed urself breast milk

  • Jercy Justice
    Jercy Justice 26 days ago

    Great video. I learned a lot =)

  • Senor Sniper
    Senor Sniper 26 days ago +1

    You can absolutely. I know from my vacation experience.

  • Let Go
    Let Go 27 days ago +1

    Be respectful and friendly , you will get by in almost every country 👍

  • philaw123
    philaw123 27 days ago

    I know this thread is kinda old and I don't know if you've been called out on this already but, you totally cheated and bailed your brother out on the tonkatsu ramen ticket order. The cook was asking him which of 3 flavors he wanted and he had absolutely no idea what the guy was asking him. And you picked the option without even asking him which he might prefer. Lesson learned. I'm staying away from dishes without pictures.

  • NekoGirl 808
    NekoGirl 808 27 days ago

    I get this Problem all the time at my part-time job! I'm so glad that I spent two years in the US so I know English decently I guess you can say, I have this one Co-worker who failed English in school so I'm the one translating for them most of the time, Honestly When they give me a tip I simply tell them "We don't take tips." "We" as in the entire Waiting Staff at the Restraunt.

  • Anchor Cat
    Anchor Cat 27 days ago


  • Lakeshia Brymer
    Lakeshia Brymer 27 days ago

    I really like Japanese Foods🍱🍲🍘🍙🍛🍜🍣🥟😋😋😋

  • Rania BAbar
    Rania BAbar 29 days ago

    dang now I wanna go to Japan

  • Sibidzol
    Sibidzol 29 days ago

    It's embarrassing when you don't understand a lot of things there 😔

  • ayngemac
    ayngemac Month ago

    Some restaurants will not even let you in if you're not Japanese.

  • G. E.
    G. E. Month ago

    There is no tipping in Japan?!

  • Marco Pothuizen
    Marco Pothuizen Month ago

    i really like this video, because you don`t speak fast and take your time to explain what is happening.

  • Carlos Filipe da Silva Oliveira

    Just came back from Japan with 4 words in my pocket. My advise is: no picture together with no English menu don't try or be ready to get surprised.
    Also they sometimes have a table charge (nothing major and accompanied with some appetizer). It just makes ticket confusing at the end

  • decentradical
    decentradical Month ago

    Google has real life camera translation these days. It works.


    Wooooooowww....JUST AWESOME!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Raii Macklemore
    Raii Macklemore Month ago

    This is bamboo noodles.. No.. 😂 google please..

  • Beaker Cummings
    Beaker Cummings Month ago

    Great video! Someone in the comments said you have a soothing voice, gotta agree. Easy on the ears. lol. I doubt if I'll ever get to Japan but, I still check out vids like this. (c'mon lottery!!) I saw another vid on what not to do in Japan. More than a few had to do with the trains. How quiet and clean they are. Again, great vid.

  • Rezzmari
    Rezzmari Month ago

    I saw that little "creeper" text and your reflection, and had a good laugh. 🤣

  • Get Medicated CBD
    Get Medicated CBD Month ago

    Florida 7/11 needs to step up the game

  • 123OGNIAN
    123OGNIAN Month ago +3

    Instructions were unclear, ended placing a ad for a maid in the newspaper

  • Jackson Le
    Jackson Le Month ago

    What is the song name at 3:00

  • Anneth
    Anneth Month ago

    Isn't "kore o kudasai" correct too? Or "mizu o kudasai" for like ordering water.
    Anyways, thanks for showing this. I feel more confident about going to Japan by watching videos like this ^^

  • Samikshya Satapathy

    Hey.. I just want to go japan or south korea😂😂

  • Goitske
    Goitske Month ago +3

    Theyre lucky the lady at 5/6 minutes speaks English so well

  • Frost Ak
    Frost Ak Month ago +1

    Me in Japan : *Where are the subtitles* 😅

  • Alexis Sarabia
    Alexis Sarabia Month ago

    i have an easier way to find this out hear me out! go to any fast food place in your country pick any one. it doesn't matter what restaurant or even what country you are from either. walk in like you would normally would at an eating establishment and before ordering look at the menu. pick something visually appealing to you. walk up to the register and don't speak at all. not a word is to leave your mouth. just speak one number and that is the number that corresponds to what you wanted and a quick gesture pointing at the menu. and remain silent. and that's it. everything else they ask you from that point on just nod your head in affirmation. when it's time to pay just pull out all your money, lay it in front of the individual assisting you and let them break it for you and boom you are fed like a newborn calf suckling on the bosom of beautiful nourishment and sustenance! Boone apple tea.

  • Dorohedoro
    Dorohedoro Month ago

    What about going to Bars in Japan?

  • Christian O
    Christian O Month ago

    Yes about 95% of the time

  • grogtgs
    grogtgs Month ago +34

    I wish N. America had restaurants like this:
    No tipping.
    No server bothering you. (because they want a tip)
    Did I mention no tipping ?

    • Haley Clark
      Haley Clark 24 days ago

      It’s not the servers fault tho because here in America servers get payed about $2.80 an hour and they rely on tips it’s a broken system but there’s nothing the servers can do about it

    • XCodes
      XCodes 26 days ago +1

      +Ricky Yeah, honestly, tips are nice income if you work in food service or something, but in a lot of places either the restaurant itself or the owner will take part of the tips for themselves or institute shared tipping so they have an excuse to underpay the kitchen staff in addition to the wait staff. At the place I worked my boss (also the owner) got into an argument with his nephew (the #2 at the shop) over about $2 in tips which were made during my shift.

    • Ricky
      Ricky Month ago +2

      I do not tip personally and if i do, everyone gets the same amount, look up statistics about it, its origin, and you will think again about tipping, inequality is part of America still and its sickening in this day and age.

  • BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus

    When the Japanese servers know English like that's how you know it's bad and that there's probably so many Americans that don't bother to learn the language or anything and just go to Japan

      UIJIVUIVUI Month ago

      BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus, we could turn this into a boxing fight if you like... jk I just wanted to see the point you was making that’s why I was asking those questions lmao. I’m glad you as an American pointed out the flaw of other Americans. Hehe 🤣

    • BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus
      BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus Month ago

      +UIJIVUIVUI yea I am and I'm glad this didn't turn into a fight haha

      UIJIVUIVUI Month ago +1

      BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus, okay I see what you mean, you kinda have a point there. You from America btw?

    • BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus
      BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus Month ago

      +UIJIVUIVUI yes I didn't say that was bad! I was just pointing out how Americans tour the world like a playground and they don't bother to learn anything before they go that's all.

      UIJIVUIVUI Month ago

      BelleJaneKidaBarbieZeldaSamus, it’s good if they adapt though because it will help them in the long run. Don’t you think so?

  • Divyam Madhok
    Divyam Madhok Month ago +1


  • James Hewitson
    James Hewitson Month ago

    Even with My limited Japanese it was very easy to order food in Tokyo, im coming back in June to see my favorite idol group and some delicious Yakiniku.

    OG S.A. FUNKATEER Month ago

    God I miss Japan

  • BuZz Shiro
    BuZz Shiro Month ago

    Learn how to read Japanese if you want to eat good.
    ラーメン = Ramen

  • PCPSavedMyLife2013
    PCPSavedMyLife2013 Month ago +1

    I can't believe how amazing their 7-eleven's are with all the variety of tasty foods. Throughout this I got more and more hungry. The trash that comes out of my states 7-eleven is limited variety and is absolute crap.

  • A Sh
    A Sh Month ago

    It would be respectful if you learn more words before you travel to non-English spoken countries, generally speaking. Thinking that the Japanese would understand chicken and noodles, I think is quite selfish. or at least she can learn to say chicken and noodles in Japanese accent because they are different. Many Japanese have mindset of omotenashi. The core meaning of it is to treat guests well so that guests will feel comfortable and will enjoy their stay in Japan. We Japanese tend to feel bad if we don't make sense to non Japanese travelers when they are talking to us looking like they need help or just talking to us in a friendly way. It is funny, but it is not right that we feel bad when they speak to us in English and we don't understand, IN Japan. but, it is Japanese people's tendencies.
    I have met many foreign travelers and non-Japanese residents in Japan. but, it always looks the more Japanese words they know or the more fluent they are in Japanese, the more welcomed they seem to be. there is no wonder about it, right? It is because those non native Japanese speakers are putting effort to show respect to them. so, write down 10 words and phrases you usually speak in your language, and try to learn how to say them in Japanese before traveling there.

  • random293
    random293 Month ago

    knowing me if i got into this situation i would probably eat at mcdonalds

  • Do na ka
    Do na ka Month ago

    I’m always amazed with your video

  • Saia Sailo
    Saia Sailo Month ago

    With no japanese?????? What, does all the japanese migrate....????

  • Harry Avatar
    Harry Avatar Month ago +1

    mann ur too gr8 with ur videos, i love watching them,just dunno why,i feel gr8 after watching them,u r just gr8 ,as if ur teaching something like a good ol frnd.

  • kate s
    kate s Month ago +2

    In America, eating salmon out of a 7/eleven is REALLY risky 🤣🤣

  • mivecturbo 4g63
    mivecturbo 4g63 Month ago

    I would love to visit Japan someday is in my bucket list I love so many things from Japan anime, cars, video games, cosplay, technology, food and the culture. your videos are great they help me connect in a way like I am almost there.... I hope someday I can visit Japan!

  • chase Kennard
    chase Kennard Month ago +3

    why this man barefoot at 11:22 hahaha

    • kim yatee
      kim yatee 26 days ago

      You are not allowed to wear shoes in eating areas

  • Roger Lu
    Roger Lu Month ago

    yes. You're welcome

  • MrCollectorsEdition

    I was thinking they play the Xmas song 6:18 dididi dididi di diii di didiiiiiiiiiii 😁

  • Suad Mohamud
    Suad Mohamud Month ago

    What is Google translate doing I travel alot and this is my friend

  • Jay_ Animates
    Jay_ Animates Month ago

    I swear never go to family mart unless you wanna get some water

  • DeputyDark
    DeputyDark Month ago

    I have the same shirt as the guys its my favorite

  • Lunaamir29
    Lunaamir29 Month ago +2

    Is there an american restauran such as McDonald or kfc?