Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • After we made a video about how to survive your first hour in Japan, the next thing all of you wanted to know was how to get food. So in this video, we'll teach you about how you can still order food even if you speak no Japanese.
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  • Anonymous Toes
    Anonymous Toes Day ago

    I see people in the comments calling people arrogant to assume a foreign country knows English but you can’t just call tourists arrogant fir that and Japan actively promotes tourism from English speaking countries. They probably enjoy people looking up to their culture

  • The Video Critic

    Lets get them to 1 milion in the end of this year!

  • Video Ninja
    Video Ninja Day ago +1

    6:19 I was really thinking it was going to play "jingle bells" HAHAHA!

  • L Mercan
    L Mercan Day ago

    My advice to people visiting Japan ...kudasai (please), sumimasen (excuse me) & domo arigato gozaimashita (thank you very much for what you've done) I say be more polite than usual & tipping can be considered an insult. When I went there my 1st time these things actually got me a couple of extras no charge for coffee refill ...😀 & at one point I was lost (everything looked the same @ night with all the neon lights - my daytime landmarks vanished) the takushi (taxi) driver didn't charge me ...I was only 6 blocks from where I needed to be!!! Remember to smile (no teeth) & bow. Have fun adventures are the ultimate life experience ...I want to go to Hokkaido next time😀😀😀

  • Patrick MCP
    Patrick MCP Day ago

    I want to travel to Japan and hire a Native with good English skills so I can tour the best restaurants and sites . I can speak a little Japanese but I want to make sure I can order what I want down to the last spice without just haphazardly pointing at things

  • Alyssa Robinson
    Alyssa Robinson 2 days ago

    This was disappointing...I’m a teen and Ik more Japanese than these ppl xD

  • Brooke Stop
    Brooke Stop 2 days ago

    Thanks for the video! I was in a remote area in Italy and found that I could eat, very easily by knowing very little of the language as you have found in Japan. Most things had photos and if you know basics, like what fish, pork, chicken, beef and such are, you can get around. I find this is true for most countries.

  • Amir Kad
    Amir Kad 2 days ago

    Sooooo useful .... Looking forward for next episode like 'how to breathe' or 'how to smile'

  • Mr Gagarin
    Mr Gagarin 2 days ago

    What a magnificent topic. But can you feed yourself without any money?

  • bloodstar
    bloodstar 2 days ago

    In dept. stores, the closer it's to closing hour the more the takeaway food gets discounted. Of course you risk it's sold out if you are too late, but you will usually find some nice discount, even up to 75% for all the sushi plates, tempura, etc..

  • NicoleB Beauty Box
    NicoleB Beauty Box 2 days ago

    This was a great video! Thank you :)

  • Mr.PoopyButthole
    Mr.PoopyButthole 2 days ago

    You told the lady goodnight

  • pacsungirls
    pacsungirls 3 days ago


  • Cloud N9ne
    Cloud N9ne 3 days ago

    My phone speaks japanese fluently

  • In Touch
    In Touch 3 days ago

    Each time I see westerns in Japan they are ugly as hell ...

  • rjjello
    rjjello 3 days ago


  • mi Re
    mi Re 3 days ago


  • zengseng
    zengseng 3 days ago

    Wow I’ve never been to any mall in Japan where the food court workers could speak English!!!

  • Hey Man
    Hey Man 4 days ago +1

    No, trust me you cannot.

  • john woodworth
    john woodworth 4 days ago

    I think I'd just eat her . Nice cans

  • scarredsoul1
    scarredsoul1 4 days ago

    The more popular sauce please

  • Deadeye313
    Deadeye313 4 days ago

    Family mart actually saved me one day. My tour group broke up for lunch and I was wondering where to go when I remembered Hatsune Miku's family mart commercials and they were right on the corner.

  • Torri B
    Torri B 4 days ago

    I get so sad to think as someone with celiac disease I couldn't eat very much 😭

  • christoffer jerstell

    Idiots, you think you wont eat cause you dont speak japanese? American logic

  • Mário D.
    Mário D. 5 days ago +2

    Thank you for this video. My trip to Japan is due in May 2019 and I’ll stay for 22 days. I can hardly wait.

    KINO JAPAN 5 days ago

    Thank u for coming to Japan! Love ur style and editting!

  • Milan van der Leest
    Milan van der Leest 5 days ago +2


  • Etherious Jackal
    Etherious Jackal 5 days ago

    This doesn't feel that different from any other Asian country...
    I've never been to Japan before but have been to Thailand... And from what I'm seeing in this video, it doesn't seem that different...

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 5 days ago

    lot of hard work & effort to make your videos :) nice
    god bless you

    EL MECHE TV 5 days ago

    In Japanese places they don’t sell guacamole. My mom found out that the guacamole was actually WASABI.

  • Ben Hinman
    Ben Hinman 6 days ago

    Luckily most of the japanese words i know relate to food; shoyu, unagi, kappa, nori, takoyaki... I basically just want to go to japan to eat everything

  • Herbal Giles
    Herbal Giles 6 days ago +2

    Quick answer: *g o o g l e t r a n s l a t e*

  • Hello Melo
    Hello Melo 6 days ago

    Very helpful

  • ZpG Killua
    ZpG Killua 6 days ago

    i didnt know feeding requires the knowledge of japanese, well guess what, no one gives a fk

  • failtolawl
    failtolawl 6 days ago

    Hah isn't being naturally born into English amazing. You can literally go all over the world

  • FloboPlay
    FloboPlay 6 days ago +3

    People: Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?
    me, an intellectual: O S U S U M E W A ?

  • ryukoros
    ryukoros 6 days ago

    good to know!

  • Yu S
    Yu S 6 days ago

    Wish they could speak “ I can’t speak Japanese sorry “ First in ENGLISH. I think kinda rude

    • Hey Dude
      Hey Dude 5 days ago

      Its rude for a country that doesnt have english as the national language to not know English? 😑

  • Haru you
    Haru you 7 days ago

    People are getting super triggered at the people traveling to japan on a vacation... "They should speak some Japanese" "don't speak to the Japanese in English ever" HONEY THEY GOING ON LIKE A ONE WEEK VACATION not living there!!! That's just ridiculous! SURE maybe some basic greetings, but seriously...

  • EGElsaGaming [Mcpe and more!]

    I want a curry live ball warm ball😂

  • EGElsaGaming [Mcpe and more!]

    Im in HK rn and everyone here seems to know english so thats great lol (im only here for 2 days)
    They have the same concept,you dont have to talk when you get to the cashier,or they will ask you if u speak english.

  • lyun Z
    lyun Z 7 days ago

    uuum its hiragana?

  • ArualBlack
    ArualBlack 8 days ago

    It's pretty improbable that one would end up hungry in a foreign country because of a language barrier.

  • StevenL
    StevenL 8 days ago

    No tipping? America can learn from this.

  • Vanity
    Vanity 8 days ago

    going to Japan is a dream of mine haha,, good to know that I could get around without learning. (although I am learning lmao)

  • Mike Johansen
    Mike Johansen 8 days ago

    You are a cool man!

  • KzMiz
    KzMiz 8 days ago

    when people go to international travel, we need to know its moeny, like which bill is 1,000 yen or 10,000 yen. I was taking care of foreign girls and some girls were too lazy to memorize Japanese coins. What they did was to use 1,000 yen bill for each shopping and get the exchange. Then, they didn't know which coins is 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, or 500 yen at all. I can imagine how heavy thier wallets were. However, thier wallet (purse) became lighter every weekend because they go to the Japanese post office or bank to exchage them to bills. According th the lazy girls, they didn't speak a launguage to the Postal or bank worker and they just put all coins on the desk and they gave bills and leftover coins back. OMG

  • The Fomads
    The Fomads 8 days ago

    lol nice representation of ordering in japan dude

  • Simone Neufeld
    Simone Neufeld 9 days ago

    I might have skipped past this part of the video, but I don't know if you mentioned about when you are paying you put the cash on the little tray and then the employee will pick it up from the tray. This confused me the first time I paid for something in Japan because I tried to hand them the money at the store and they wanted me to put it on the tray so they could pick it up.

  • Felix LEUNG
    Felix LEUNG 9 days ago +1

    Make them try to take the subway in Japan, it’s actually a maze

    • bell
      bell 8 days ago

      Felix LEUNG 間違いない 特に都内

  • Wayne Artmann
    Wayne Artmann 9 days ago

    And if your vegan? Omg!

  • Mrwannabepro
    Mrwannabepro 9 days ago

    Haha nice. He was nervous when he order.

    Very respectful.

  • Kira Lee
    Kira Lee 9 days ago

    I love the woman's sons' reaction - he's like wait what? What should I be doing... you're teaching me then you say don't do that...

  • L
    L 10 days ago


  • Petroox
    Petroox 10 days ago

    i learnt this word SAKANA it's fish have a good day lol

  • BubbleTea
    BubbleTea 10 days ago

    Lol no

  • Jen
    Jen 10 days ago

    I remember the little girl from a video. I think that was her who was eating Japanese breakfast.

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 10 days ago

    Do you get halal meat in Japan?, because we can eat only a specific type of meat

  • Alexander Odder
    Alexander Odder 10 days ago

    no, every tourist that goes to japan dies

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny 10 days ago

  • Dat Vk
    Dat Vk 10 days ago

    Wow I didn't expect the answer to be no!

  • Fardad Hasanzadeh
    Fardad Hasanzadeh 10 days ago +20

    Anime has prepared me for this day

  • Brodiesbumvideo
    Brodiesbumvideo 10 days ago

    My tip for eating in Japan is don't worry too much about what you order, EVERYTHING is delicious

  • bosshogg 35799
    bosshogg 35799 10 days ago

    11:22 they have no shoe's on and one had no socks either, is this normal in restaurant's?

  • john johney
    john johney 10 days ago

    It's funny how our 7 eleven has slurpees and mostly unhealthy snacks while over there they have proper food

  • Twisty Christie
    Twisty Christie 10 days ago

    Amazing! Arigato!

  • Lonely Traveller
    Lonely Traveller 10 days ago

    of course you can. Most main restaurant chains have English menus set aside just in case. OR you could point to the menu or get to a restaurant that uses the vending ticketing system. Maybe learn a little Japanese before heading over. This video is absolutely stupid and a waste of time.

  • Simson Chowdhury
    Simson Chowdhury 11 days ago

    Why didn't they say Itadakimasu even once? 😬😬😬

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee 11 days ago

    1:20 lol u are not wearing shoes or socks?

  • Manicha cha
    Manicha cha 12 days ago

    very nice video :)

  • Nic Mic
    Nic Mic 12 days ago

    Culturally speaking, Japan has the U.S. beat by a long shot. It isn't even close.

  • GungHo
    GungHo 12 days ago

    No tipping in japan!? ha isnt that nice

  • James MacColl
    James MacColl 12 days ago

    Did it not even occur to them to learn the Japanese words for 'chicken' and 'noodles'?

  • Conor Meeking
    Conor Meeking 12 days ago

    Try no money

  • fluckey
    fluckey 12 days ago

    pls bomb japan donald trump thanks

  • Cmptrvir
    Cmptrvir 12 days ago

    Super easy, barely an inconvenience. Just point at something and look sad. Then point at it again, and look sad again and somebody will help you.

  • Ardent Dfender
    Ardent Dfender 12 days ago

    Just point and people easily understand what you want. As well Seven 11 are everywhere in Japan.

  • John L
    John L 12 days ago

    thank you man...this was helpful

  • Mattias Alexander
    Mattias Alexander 13 days ago

    If we had that kind of food in our swedish 711 then I would stop make food myself for a long time xD

  • Kevin L.
    Kevin L. 13 days ago

    If this ground-breaking knowledge to you -- you might consider never leaving your trailer park!

  • Roli Pande
    Roli Pande 13 days ago

    Can vegetarians feed themselves in Japan ? I would like you to make a video about that....onegaishimasu

    • Kevin L.
      Kevin L. 13 days ago

      Does the Pope protect pedophiles?

  • boulderman64
    boulderman64 13 days ago

    i just pointed at things lol

  • Nikolaij Brouiller
    Nikolaij Brouiller 14 days ago

    Didn't have any trouble with a basic Japanese dictionnary and some hand gestures. Luckily of all the Asians, Japanese seem to be the best at guessing what you want.

  • MrMonocleGaming
    MrMonocleGaming 14 days ago

    Been to japan two years ago, for two weeks, my tip would be to spend more time in each place as you will leave forgetting to do half the things there are. (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka) in two weeks was too many places and i didnt get to do everything i wanted because of that, i should have done one place tops two.

  • deel ak-ss
    deel ak-ss 14 days ago


  • arsnakeheart
    arsnakeheart 14 days ago

    Your sister in law was lucky , the attendant spoke pretty good English

  • sakurai ryoji
    sakurai ryoji 14 days ago


  • Sanjeev Jaggi
    Sanjeev Jaggi 14 days ago

    Thanks, I am going to Japan very soon. I hope your lingo will work.

  • Link Chen
    Link Chen 14 days ago +2

    Japan is a great place deserving you to travel many times. If you messed up in your first time, that's fine.

  • Brandon Muller
    Brandon Muller 14 days ago

    in my experience, its easy to survive 2 weeks in japan with no understanding of Japanese

  • Oliy
    Oliy 15 days ago

    Lmao when she put the seven spices on the noodles I died

  • SecretAgentJames
    SecretAgentJames 15 days ago

    I want to go to Japan!

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee 15 days ago

    Wish there was a video like this for korea 😭

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 15 days ago

    You know what. If I went to Japan I probably would know a decent amount of Japanese but just choose to look ignorant of it.

  • alize0623
    alize0623 15 days ago

    I’ve been planning to have a honeymoon to Japan with my fiancé, mostly for the hot springs (maybe Tokyo but we haven’t decided). What is a good place for tourists to go in Japan (as tourist spots typically have more English speaking staff)? Are there any “must see” sights that even a native to that town/city would appreciate?

  • oh shit it's me
    oh shit it's me 15 days ago

    2:52 1,375円 an hour for night shift (I'm assuming thats per hour). Well goodbye everyone I'm moving to Japan to work at a restaurant. A/C and heating life here I come

    • Lonely Traveller
      Lonely Traveller 10 days ago

      At a supermarket during day time operation it's 900 yen per hour. The pay rates aren't that good in Japan.

  • Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher 15 days ago +4

    Am I the only one who thinks the sister in law is absolutely HOT STUFF???

    • Deon Bekker
      Deon Bekker 13 days ago +1

      yes you're the only one

    • Yaxley
      Yaxley 15 days ago

      she's Lana del Rey

  • Zak B
    Zak B 15 days ago

    A FULL decade ago I was living in Okinawa and completely lost. It was a wild trip, but I left with some Japanese skills and a whole ton of awesome food in my belly. If I can do it, anybody can.

  • dacasman
    dacasman 16 days ago

    I have enough anxiety as it is ordering from restaurants in my own country.

  • Julian McNeil
    Julian McNeil 16 days ago

    Absolutely! I just did it for two years! Lmao point at what you want and nod! Caveman technique never hurt anyone.