Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • After we made a video about how to survive your first hour in Japan, the next thing all of you wanted to know was how to get food. So in this video, we'll teach you about how you can still order food even if you speak no Japanese.
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  • Optional Opinion
    Optional Opinion 2 hours ago

    p a n c a k e y

  • Metal Yellow
    Metal Yellow 2 hours ago +1


  • BBAO X
    BBAO X 13 hours ago

    You probably already know this but there's a translating device that was invented in Japan for tourist. It might help in cases like this but it looks like pointing at images is also useful too.

  • Alex kaneh bosm
    Alex kaneh bosm 18 hours ago

    Next should be "How to score weed in Japan with no Japanese"

  • Niels Dewitte
    Niels Dewitte 18 hours ago

    In my honest opinion, a tourist should not learn honorifics, or any polite language whatsoever. Even sentences border on being useless. Way more useful is to spend time learning words which on it's own or given some context explain a lot. kore and pointing yes, but how about some wasei-eigo words? ビール、エレベーター for example are way more usefull to know than お願いします. or どこ, after all エレベーターどこ is perfectly understandable and exeptable japanese in a casual context, and 10 time easier to learn and understand than エレベーターはどこですか。

  • must i choose a name?
    must i choose a name? 21 hour ago

    no japanese food? no japan? no japanese people? no japanese language? no use of the word "japanese"? the title could mean anything and that's the beauty of it :D

  • Rudy Serrano
    Rudy Serrano Day ago

    For a first-timer, learning to say "sumimasen" to get attention (like "excuse me") and also to apologize (to say sorry) and arigatou (to say thank you) will be a good headstart. For the items, you can use your finger to point them and show your finger the number.

  • Latry Howard
    Latry Howard Day ago

    Sis in law low key thick.

  • randy bowen
    randy bowen Day ago

    i expected that foodcourt pager was going to go on playing jingle bells....

  • alankstiyo
    alankstiyo Day ago

    kore, oneigaishimasu, saved me a lot of times :p

  • Kaikyouto
    Kaikyouto 2 days ago


  • Math Kinger
    Math Kinger 2 days ago

    Of course you can. Just like a holiday to any other country.

  • HelikaonIX
    HelikaonIX 2 days ago

    If there were no Japanese you'd probably have to hunt/fish/forage and cook your own food, but it's possible.

  • Diego G
    Diego G 2 days ago

    of course u can. there are so many foreigners in other countries that never learn the language and they get around fine

  • WitherQueen1805
    WitherQueen1805 2 days ago

    I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, but I don’t want to be that annoying person that doesn’t speak Japanese. Or potentially worse, the person that speaks really bad Japanese.

  • thomas
    thomas 2 days ago

    Use you finger and point the picture dish.and say yea..... yea..... LoL that impolite but they’d understand.

  • Fauzy Dwi Tjahyo
    Fauzy Dwi Tjahyo 3 days ago

    make sure you have a little japanese language skill... Just a Little... like Doko desuka, Ikuradesuka, and something like that... it's so helpful..
    For eating place
    Find a Conveyor belt sushi restaurant, Genki Sushi, Hamazushi, Kura Sushi is the best one in Tokyo... they have a English menu at the tablet and the menu arrive right next to you via Conveyor belt it so fun and they have a tasty sushi... i love it so much, I spend ¥3000 yen at there 😅

  • Carrieanna Blanchette

    I want to at keast learm and study key phrases to help though maybe if i do go.... i really do wanna try food there and the scenery is so different.

  • Awoof
    Awoof 4 days ago

    Um for shocked americans, in most of the world’s restaurants u dont need to tip the waiter/ess. I dont get how i have to pay for someone to bother me while i enjoy a meal in the us

  • Zora
    Zora 4 days ago

    Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese... I understood with no japanese food. That would've been a much more interesting video xD

  • Vince D.G
    Vince D.G 5 days ago

    11:22 no shoes ??

  • Vania Felita
    Vania Felita 5 days ago

    my first time went to japan, i need to said sumimasen instead excuse me. its quite funny because they wont move if i said excuse me and when i said sumimasen all of them move in instant hahahaa its a good experience.

  • wolfies studio
    wolfies studio 5 days ago

    The lady I hope they under stand chicken and noodles
    Me:... Omg.... CHICKEN NOODLES!!!

  • sreaa poddar
    sreaa poddar 6 days ago

    Their boy looks like Shin...brothers..

  • Trisha Rudra
    Trisha Rudra 6 days ago

    Oh man, Japan is literally food heaven....I'd need ten stomachs and a whole year to sample everything that's on offer!! Wow!

  • Aries WildChild
    Aries WildChild 6 days ago

    Well going to another country at least takes to learn like 20 words, not speaking your own language and expecting them to guess what you want.

  • エルリックサーシャ

    Can u recommend any halal places (food)?

  • Claire Parker
    Claire Parker 7 days ago

    It's nice that the pointing method works, but it's a very entitled way of travelling. You should always learn some phrases such as please, thank you, how much, this one please etc even if you learn a sentence like: sorry I can't speak Japanese very well, do you speak English? And then launch into broken Japanese/ English ordering. It's just much more respectful

  • Authenticity Girl
    Authenticity Girl 7 days ago

    I like that Japanese are respectful, polite, friendly and happy to help customers

  • Lam-ya Mostaque
    Lam-ya Mostaque 7 days ago

    Do you have any suggestions for people who are looking to eat halal?

    • Arushi Gupta
      Arushi Gupta 7 days ago

      Halal options are very less in Japan

  • Maya Anderson
    Maya Anderson 7 days ago

    Are you guys in sky tree I was there just a week ago

    ALEJANDRA MARIA 7 days ago

    Lol I love all the videos.

  • TheSassyMom82
    TheSassyMom82 7 days ago

    Our family loved Japan. We went in March and had no issues ordering food in Japan. A lot of pointing at pictures. We vlogged our entire experience!

  • Mariana Kirkova
    Mariana Kirkova 8 days ago

    One tip I would give is if you want to go to a restaurant (not the food court types) don't go in a big group without planning and booking in advance. We walked around Kyoto for an hour and a half before we could find a place that would fit 8 people. And it was pure luck - we took up almost the whole restaurant. Coming from Europe we are used to bigger places, so this came a surprise. But on the other hand when we did plan in advance we fit our whole group of 28 people in a restaurant where we had made a reservation beforehand. So that was a valuable lesson learned. :)

  • Jim Willis
    Jim Willis 8 days ago

    Thanks for captions for the Deaf

  • Ryan Loco
    Ryan Loco 8 days ago

    I hope all Japanese start learning some English...

    • That Girl Is weird
      That Girl Is weird 4 days ago

      Or english people Can learn japenese :)

    • T. A
      T. A 5 days ago +1

      I hope all native English speakers start learning some Japanese..

  • Fuert Neigt
    Fuert Neigt 8 days ago

    That brunette woman is very beautiful.

  • Ryan Gooler
    Ryan Gooler 8 days ago

    Carry a card with "chicken, pork, fish" etc on it, with pictures / pre looked up kanji. Otherwise you might end up with a non picture menu and having to pantomime to get _something_

  • MasterOfDemons12
    MasterOfDemons12 9 days ago

    A good tip for a first timer, is to avoid the ticket machines to order food, unless they have pictures or english on them. When I was in tokyo last time, I went to those type of places fairly often, but sometimes I would pick up the wrong order, because I had no clue what I was ordering, which would cause quite a bit of confusion, and I ended up paying two times instead. Which I don't mind, since it was my mistake. Another good tip is to not be afraid of making mistakes. As long as you try, most japanese people will be very nice and help you. I even had a japanese guy tell me I was on the wrong train to the airport, on my way back home, and then he simply walked with me to the train, got on, and showed me which train to get on next. People are insanely helpful in Japan, even though you will probably experience a few weird looks, especially if you're not asian. And if you're white, you will probably get offered a modelling job several times!! I'm not sure if these are good tips, but that's from my experience in Japan :) Can't wait to go back next year again!

  • Kitty George
    Kitty George 9 days ago

    You should use Wasabi for cold soba, buck wheat noodle. Shichimi or Ichimi both of which are chili pepper are for warm soba.

  • Wy
    Wy 10 days ago

    Since it was quite a rush hour during lunch, we took pictures too! hahaha XD

  • Geeks By The Creek
    Geeks By The Creek 10 days ago

    I was in Tokyo for Tokyo Game Show in September. Your video actually pointed me in the right direction for when I just needed food in my belly. The real fun was in exploring and trying to learn the language and what dishes were what, but this was helpful! Thanks!

  • nathanbellamy1976
    nathanbellamy1976 10 days ago

    Simple answer is yes is quite easy to eat in Japan while not knowing Japanese.

  • razor pawz
    razor pawz 10 days ago

    Thank you for making this video :)

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 10 days ago

    When I went to japan, I was constantly lost, mostly in awe, but I would ask random strangers on the street for help and they would always try to point me in the right direction. Once a woman walked us 4 blocks to the strain station, she was awesome! Don't be afraid to ask for help!

  • Millidan
    Millidan 11 days ago

    If you have money, you will get fed. Anywhere.

  • Movie Games
    Movie Games 11 days ago

    I guess i need to find a way to live in Japan.

  • ViciousSummoner
    ViciousSummoner 12 days ago

    I’ve only been to japan once in Osaka. My tip is coins are very important especially if you love the konbini 7/11 or lawson the food there is surprisingly good.

  • Alain Portant
    Alain Portant 12 days ago

    11:20 Man, you're just walking bare foot in a restaurant ? not ool

  • David Baines
    David Baines 12 days ago

    I wouldn’t survive in Japan since every time I have Japanese food I don’t like it

  • Kazuaki Flowerdeliverer

    when your brother took so many fries I laughed! maybe he worried I bet.
    I saw that you guys worry and order drink, but please don't worry, Because there is a free water and, if you didn't order a drink, that's not impolite.

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 13 days ago

    I will mostly use the words that I have heard on movies and television shows. Like that movie, Tokyo drift. Hahaha. I am only joking around

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 13 days ago

    I am just going to go off of what I have seen on the television and other media. Hahaha. I am only joking around

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 13 days ago

    I would not mind spending a whole year in Japan

  • San Francisco
    San Francisco 13 days ago

    I like Lawson's, Yoshinoya and 100 yen Sushi.

  • Agnes Fon Marten
    Agnes Fon Marten 13 days ago

    take me to a kombini

  • Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy 13 days ago

    The first time I went to Japan my entire trip was highly choreographed. We had meals and events all planned out. Very little time to socialize and meet people or friends. I enjoyed it very much but I want to go back soon and just take in the culture a little more and enjoy my time.

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 13 days ago

    Of course you can feed yourself in any country, food is everywhere you just see it ask or point or self serve as is, and pay always learn how to say please and thank you you will get far.better still learn a few sentences on google translate or lots of language lessons on TVclip.

  • Neil P
    Neil P 13 days ago

    Why is it so difficult here? This was Tokyo! In India you will find people that understand even in the remotest villages.

    • T. A
      T. A 5 days ago

      Because it's Japan and they're very patriotic and independant on whatever they're doing. They don't rely on the ability to communicate English to be a developed country they are now. So learning English is not really all that important there. This is the same case with South Korea as well.

  • Andrei Ilinca
    Andrei Ilinca 14 days ago

    Say "no tipping" to the restaurants in UK where 12.5% is included in your bill and you'll have a small revolution...

  • Jamac007
    Jamac007 14 days ago

    "live ball warm ball" bhahahaha 9:51

  • Brian Calderon Carcamo

    Nice video

  • Adrian J Nyaoi
    Adrian J Nyaoi 14 days ago

    I speak only two japanese words. I think I will do well in japan. Visting this nov.

  • Toys hanger
    Toys hanger 14 days ago

    Never had a problem, they are so polite the majority and they know you are not local. It’s not overly difficult. Don’t always expect they understand You, try to understand it might be a compromise meal.

  • LocumRex
    LocumRex 14 days ago

    I've been doing the smartphone camera thing since the 3G. @ 9:12 A real game changer for me. Anywhere I go; Japan, India, China, etc.. You just take a picture of what you want and show it to them. Even for transportation. Just grab an image of an airport , hotel, the destination of a train, or the logo of the airplane you need to depart, and everyone immediately knows what you need. Now, with the smartphone translators, I just speak into it and convert it into their language and they can read what I say. And you learn a few important words and how to pronounce them - on the quick. It's like living in the "future" or something.

  • Elaine Higham
    Elaine Higham 14 days ago

    I can feed feed myself ok in China so I wouldn't have a problem in Japan, I just use pictures as well, smile and say thank you

  • Isa Chan
    Isa Chan 14 days ago

    Google translate? ^^;

  • Kal AstraSastra
    Kal AstraSastra 15 days ago +2

    Man, I like your videos. There is a calmness to it which is very soothing.

  • Twisted Ash
    Twisted Ash 15 days ago

    B i g o n e

  • Mystery Circles
    Mystery Circles 15 days ago

    came for the creeper @ 2:44

  • Mary-Anne Delaney
    Mary-Anne Delaney 16 days ago

    I don't know what White Day is, but being from the U.S. I doubt we will ever celebrate that. 😂😂😂

  • Lisa Snails
    Lisa Snails 16 days ago

    Oooo u got that handsome gene running in ur family tree 🌲 😍😍✅

  • Brooke Katz
    Brooke Katz 16 days ago +2

    Question: If you can't use Chopsticks, can you use a fork and spoon?

    • Brooke Katz
      Brooke Katz 6 days ago

      +Arushi Gupta though, wouldn't that be somewhat impolite? I mean they are people who are not from that country

    • Arushi Gupta
      Arushi Gupta 7 days ago

      Yes, nowadays many restaurants keep fork and spoon because of tourists

  • joops110
    joops110 16 days ago

    One time my mom was so sick, I had to carry her to the kitchen to make me a sandwich.

  • Kathryn Dodl
    Kathryn Dodl 16 days ago

    omg that all looks so good! I want to go to Japan :P

  • pain is everywhere
    pain is everywhere 17 days ago

    Comments section:

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar 17 days ago

    Japanese markets are like a colorful video game.

  • Charles James
    Charles James 17 days ago

    Point and smile. Works.

  • Boondoc
    Boondoc 17 days ago +1

    Their food, even in 7-11, is so MUCH better than the US. Why do we put up with garbage!? The mall food is like our best Asian restaurant here. No tipping, cleaning up after yourself, real china tableware in the mall. This makes me want to move.

  • Alisha21210
    Alisha21210 17 days ago

    I went to a very small grocery store once but mostly lived off the 7/11 and another quicki mart down the street. I miss the corn dogs and the spaggetti with ham and butter

  • Terd Ferguson
    Terd Ferguson 17 days ago

    Its not necessary, but it helps.

  • Fabrizio Dutto
    Fabrizio Dutto 17 days ago

    It's all ok if you are not alergic or intollerant to some food in particular.

  • Alexander Cross
    Alexander Cross 17 days ago

    Japan is one of the easiest places to feed yourself. Pointing menu's are common even when you don't need them, and lots of places have automated ordering machines. Even if you're not brave enough for a restaurant or ¥200 place the food at kombini's is AMAZING

  • TheDigitalPanther
    TheDigitalPanther 18 days ago +1

    I did a year in Japan teaching English and couldn't speak a complete sentence of Japanese. The bad part was living in Fukushima City which barely has English speakers. That was a tough time haha

  • 中野洋美
    中野洋美 18 days ago +3


  • dharmapunk777
    dharmapunk777 18 days ago

    How long have you lived in Japan? Haha The way you said bye at the end sounded like one a 15 yr old girl from there. Can even picture the double peace sign.

  • Dragon Azteca
    Dragon Azteca 18 days ago

    The entitlement of anglo-americans at 0:38 “I’m hoping they understand...” You are in their country, How about you google how to say those two words in Japanese? 🙄

  • John Doe
    John Doe 18 days ago

    Carbs carbs carbs...

  • Doer He
    Doer He 19 days ago

    Luckily, I know Mandarin Chinese- thus kanji is not a problem. But, the other writing systems are a problem, so I still rely on English in Japan

  • Yumna Ilayna
    Yumna Ilayna 19 days ago


  • ewqdsacxz765
    ewqdsacxz765 19 days ago

    Japan has vending machines everywhere. You'll be fine.

  • Denzel Heden
    Denzel Heden 19 days ago

    Great video

  • Denise Titelis
    Denise Titelis 19 days ago

    It’s hard to apply for a job if you don’t speak the language..

  • alfred95014
    alfred95014 19 days ago

    Last trip to Osaka, we were tired of looking up eateries and just went to the local supermarkets, their deli section was filled with ready packed food, from entrees to set meals, sashimi to western food, incredible selections.

  • alfred95014
    alfred95014 19 days ago

    Learn some key phrases, sumimasen and arigato being two of the must-knows . Oh, bowing timely/correctly, too. Once, I was detained for running a stop sign, by continuous bowing and strings of gomen nasai, I was let go with a reprimand.

  • Jack Denners
    Jack Denners 19 days ago

    Whats with the masks so many people are wearing? Is Tokyo highly polluted?

    • Ausar0
      Ausar0 16 days ago

      If they're wearing one of those masks, it usually means that they're sick. It's meant to help stop it from spreading to others.

  • brettduffy19992
    brettduffy19992 19 days ago

    Can you get free tap water or free refills on soda

  • brettduffy19992
    brettduffy19992 19 days ago

    No tipping in Japan so how do they make their money

  • brettduffy19992
    brettduffy19992 19 days ago

    So so what you hundred-dollar TV in in the states will not be two hundred yen

  • Skillhood
    Skillhood 19 days ago

    brothers a lucky man