Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?

  • Published on Mar 23, 2018
  • After we made a video about how to survive your first hour in Japan, the next thing all of you wanted to know was how to get food. So in this video, we'll teach you about how you can still order food even if you speak no Japanese.
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  • Pistachio Macaroon

    I think its fantastic that a lot of the employees spoke some english or enough to answer english questions. Beautiful thing to witness when visiting a country whose language is in no way related to English or by any means one of the country's local languages.

  • Spaceman Matt's Sci-Fi Vlog

    In my one trip to Tokyo 13 years ago, we went to sitdown restaurants in department stores and one chain restaurant in Ueno called KK Pork (in English). Ordering was difficult even when pointing at things. One department store restaurant wouldn't take our order so we walked out. Very few people in restaurants had any English language skills. Only the hotel staff were English proficient and while everyone was really polite, the cook-to-order chef in the complimentary breakfast room always looked unhappy (he was the exception though, everyone else was super friendly).

  • Putri SN
    Putri SN Day ago

    As a muslim with lack of research, my first day was quite difficult. I was literally ate off 7/11 strawberry sandwich (not that I'm complaining though) 😅

  • shunye zheng
    shunye zheng Day ago


  • Oldman
    Oldman Day ago

    I would say do not be overly loud while you visit this country as it is extremely rude.

  • Robert L Miller Attorney

    Cash is king. I was surprised by the number of places that would not take any type of credit cards. If you have a credit card, it may not work with certain Japanese banking systems. I didn't have a way to access much cash so I had to use my subway card to get food from vending machines for the first five days.

    xNAPALM 2 days ago

    Don't block the escalator. Notice the locals and keep one side clear.

  • The Struggles of a Homebody

    Okay that being said the scene with the ticket machine I saw briefly that neither was wearing shoes? Is that for every establishment? Sorry this is the first video I see, idk if you've made a video on this yet..

  • Roland Michel
    Roland Michel 2 days ago +1

    "Live ball, warm ball"... yeah, that was once offered to me as a young man in San Francisco, I knew enough to walk away!

  • Cherryblossom1906
    Cherryblossom1906 3 days ago

    am currently living in China. I don't speak the language (yet).. so taking photos, using a translation app and just pointing at stuff is my go to.. I understand the numbers but I still type them on my phone just to be sure...😅

  • Dongs
    Dongs 3 days ago +2

    fukushima sushi?, no thanks.

    • Roland Michel
      Roland Michel 2 days ago +1

      Yeah, it's got that "special" glow that makes you feel all warm inside... and a little queasy!

  • B P
    B P 3 days ago

    Great video! My Japanese is spotty but I would love to go back and visit sometime! Beautiful country and beautiful people!

  • Holdington
    Holdington 3 days ago

    Sorry, but this is a pretty stupid video title. Of course you can

  • PerfectlyAnywhere
    PerfectlyAnywhere 3 days ago

    Love this video im currently planning on visiting Japan in November 2019 right now doing research at what I want to do there but haven't learnt any japanese just wondering if I use one of the learn japanese free apps everyday could I possibly learn enough to read basic or some kanji

  • OhGeeGanksta
    OhGeeGanksta 3 days ago

    Yes... in the big cities most people know very basic English.

  • peaches ALBERTO
    peaches ALBERTO 3 days ago

    Follow the locals. This is actually true

  • GBuster
    GBuster 4 days ago

    Having lived in Japan for 2 years (military abroad) I can say I was exactly like Greg's brother and wifey. Best part though is that the Japanese were very patient with me when ordering and really helpful. Would love to go back there someday.

  • TheRedX
    TheRedX 4 days ago

    I was afraid that Id have trouble in Tokyo but it was super easy. English menus everywhere and a system that encourages the pointing method! I love Japan! Japan ICHIBAN!

    JIM LUNN 4 days ago

    big mac

  • E-Zay HDZ
    E-Zay HDZ 5 days ago

    are you half Japanese. love your videos by the way

  • Anonymous Interuptus

    My goodness, is every bloody Japanese food healthy ? I cannot believe how much vegetables and fruit Japanese people eat and how much it is a part of their life.

    • Em Bem
      Em Bem 5 days ago

      Anonymous Interuptus huh I am in Canada and we eat least half of what we eat is fruits/veggies

  • Ben Lubin
    Ben Lubin 5 days ago

    Why is your brother speaking english to them?

  • Eva Chen
    Eva Chen 5 days ago

    Love family mart when I was at japan last eat!,,

  • J America
    J America 5 days ago

    Lots of masks, common why? Is there lot of contamination there?

  • Armywife70
    Armywife70 5 days ago

    WOW! This video sure brought out a lot of haters. I guess they didn't read the title, or listen to what you said in this vid. They also assumed that your family is American. Great video. I think they did pretty well. If I could visit Japan, I would try to learn some key words or phrases. Then again, me botching the language might make it worse. idk.

  • Aidan Jane McIntosh
    Aidan Jane McIntosh 5 days ago +1

    Yes you can. I lived there for 2 years or so, due to my dad's work, and I always walked around alone without being able to understand or read anything. I SURVIVED.

  • w3t80y123
    w3t80y123 5 days ago

    so much plastic

  • Nikon p
    Nikon p 5 days ago

    12:41 memorize how to say your order

  • charles910
    charles910 5 days ago

    Bring lots of money

  • FatheredPuma81
    FatheredPuma81 6 days ago

    If you're stuck in a tricky situation remember: Google translate has the ability to let them talk into it and translate it for you.

  • Natalie O'Brien
    Natalie O'Brien 6 days ago


  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 6 days ago

    Nice video

  • Joel Middaugh
    Joel Middaugh 6 days ago +1

    If Japanese music has taught me anything, it is that Japanese people definitely know certain phrases in English. "The real folk blues!"

  • Yeoube
    Yeoube 6 days ago

    Ur brothers wife was my substitute teacher in high school

  • Irish Mangonon
    Irish Mangonon 7 days ago

    Meh... I can always point, and I find that I learn languages easily if need be... Money is the issue since 1 yen = 1Ph Peso... and if a single rice ball costs 200 yen in Japan... goodness I might go broke before I can even find a plave to stay

  • orion khan
    orion khan 7 days ago

    Smiling and looking lost were my most effective tools in Japan as a non-Japanese speaker... worked for _months !!_

  • Mark Pascual
    Mark Pascual 7 days ago

    food in Japan just know everything is very very very delicious

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 days ago

    I'l be like... gimmi su ching chong

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 8 days ago

    What do you call a Japanese millionaire? A mill YEN aire! nyuck nyuck nyuck

  • Matt Mokhtari
    Matt Mokhtari 8 days ago

    5:58 I wish my Japanese coworkers in US could speak this good English!

  • DeadI7182
    DeadI7182 8 days ago +1

    The fact that you clean your own table is amazing. I do this anywhere I eat but only because Ive working in food service.

  • Ankur Parikh
    Ankur Parikh 8 days ago

    Creeper @ 2:43

  • Nameless Man
    Nameless Man 8 days ago

    Advantage of being a native Chinese speaker.

  • Jake Setterlun
    Jake Setterlun 9 days ago

    You can feed yourself anywhere with enough money ... the real question is can you feed yourself with no money

  • Black Red10
    Black Red10 9 days ago

    Love eating at restraunts and after i say "thanks mafucka" all fast they prolly didnt even know what i said

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit 9 days ago

    *clean and clear the tables* something the youth care nothing about. I’ve always done that...

  • WhiteJiggaboo
    WhiteJiggaboo 9 days ago

    My biggest tip is playing food roulette with the places that only have their menu on the wall in kanji. It always makes fun time (:

  • Bob 32101
    Bob 32101 9 days ago

    Welp there’s something called TRANSLATER.....

  • S
    S 9 days ago

    I was just there with my beautiful Japanese fiancé. She was the most amazing host of her perfect and beautiful country.

  • solidsnakeisme
    solidsnakeisme 10 days ago

    I'll be that creepy guy because every video needs one, your sister in law is absolutely beautiful. By the way, great video.

  • Ducati NYC Vlog
    Ducati NYC Vlog 10 days ago

    Cringe cringe, motherfuckin cringe city. Who are these videos for??????

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 10 days ago

    Your big brothers wife is so pretty. 😳

  • Ost Wind
    Ost Wind 10 days ago

    ... no fresh food? no vegetables or raw meat that you have to cook yourself? I don’t like japan.

  • Mariyam Ibrahim
    Mariyam Ibrahim 10 days ago

    Where my anime fan squad at?

  • Coto Japanese Academy
    Coto Japanese Academy 10 days ago

    Got hungry after watching this!

  • Kenneth Chau
    Kenneth Chau 10 days ago

    Is there tax in Japan

  • Gaming Cheetah
    Gaming Cheetah 11 days ago

    i cant read a thing 😵😵😵

  • James Morgan
    James Morgan 11 days ago

    I’m heading to Japan this but unfortunately have a fish allergy so feel like I’m going to struggle with food 🤔 can people Recommend things I can eat ?

  • Ute Ajdb
    Ute Ajdb 11 days ago

    Needed this

  • LtdCirrus
    LtdCirrus 11 days ago

    I going this august to Japan for a month, gonna be loads of fun :)

  • zachmarkham84
    zachmarkham84 11 days ago

    It's not too bad. I've been to Germany and Sweden and knew very little of each. You get better as you go

  • Random Human
    Random Human 11 days ago

    Rent a freaking car when ur there or use the subway. Once my parents sent me, my cousin and my brother to go visit this zoo we wanted to go alone. We ended up following the subway that thank god was translated to english and asked people after taking the subway. Overall, this was a really good experience of being independent. So do go to japan some point in time!

  • SpriteDuel
    SpriteDuel 12 days ago

    6:11 More popular sauce please.

  • IloveJell0
    IloveJell0 12 days ago

    that old lady at that stand was speaking really great English almost no accent to it at all mostly hard to even tell she was Japanese without seeing her.

  • Zotea
    Zotea 12 days ago

    You just saved my life... I'll be going to Japan this summer, and I was really scared that I would have difficulties ordering, especially because I'm not good at understanding foreign English (it's not my first language). Thanks a lot~

  • TacosAtMidnight
    TacosAtMidnight 12 days ago

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but why do you have to set your money down on the little tray when paying for something instead of handing it directly to the cashier? I noticed that a lot of the Japanese shops where I live do this. I didn't know this at first because here, in the US, its rude to set/slide the money down to the cashier. When I tried handing the money they looked at me all weird and only accepted it after I put it down on the tray so they could pick it up themselves.

  • Ryan Leatigaga
    Ryan Leatigaga 12 days ago

    But if I were to erase every Japanese person from Japan, then who will serve me my food?

  • 西村昌
    西村昌 12 days ago


  • Pamelia Yulianto
    Pamelia Yulianto 13 days ago

    My tip for a verrry basiccc meal is the yummy instant noodle. Nissin has real shrimps inside. Just wow... I also added soft boiled egg from the cold shelve :D

  • guitarhamster
    guitarhamster 13 days ago

    Only whites get such privilege

  • breezybetrippin
    breezybetrippin 13 days ago

    You just go to the grocery store, find an egg, run to an associate, and ask, "where mother?" works like a charm.

  • STEPHENaSmithTwin Lookup

    you just gotta drop the bomb twice for them to get the message.

  • 山山々
    山山々 13 days ago


  • Muhammad Rifqi A'la
    Muhammad Rifqi A'la 13 days ago

    In japan, does every restaurant has a smoking room?

  • KogoGaming
    KogoGaming 14 days ago

    YES, U CAN, unless u dont got fingers to point...

  • Whiskycola 1
    Whiskycola 1 14 days ago

    Man thes foods looks so goods

  • warmakern
    warmakern 14 days ago

    I live in Sweden, I start using a coat when temperature goes lower than 4c. I'm gonna study in japan, starting 6th of january. Do I need my coat or can I just use my "thick" Leather jacket (Spring jacket) ?

  • Kromo K
    Kromo K 14 days ago

    Best thing to do is to look at other people ordered in order that

  • Reality we know
    Reality we know 14 days ago

    Thanks for the tips bro👍🏼👍🏼 awesome🙌🏼😍

  • Eagleeye Jones
    Eagleeye Jones 15 days ago

    For a second there I thought this calling device played Jingle Bells

  • Poke Bowl
    Poke Bowl 15 days ago

    so basically, I should just write "NO PORK!!" on a card in Japanese, and show it whenever I want food, Cause I have no clue how id tell the different meats apart

  • Byron Chavarria
    Byron Chavarria 15 days ago

    There’s Vending Machines For Hot Food Snacks And Drinks In Japan Also Fast Food Restaurants Like McDonald’s And Burger King

  • ZeroX252
    ZeroX252 15 days ago

    The biggest tip to give for a first timer:
    People in Japan *WANT TO HELP*
    Be it a passerby in the street, a stranger in a train station, or the employee of a local establishment. Everyone is always looking out for one-another. It's tightly integrated into their society to be helpful. The worst you can do is make someone feel bad for being unable to help you - but even then they will usually find you someone who can.

  • Carlos Muñoz
    Carlos Muñoz 15 days ago

    you are not using shoes?

  • Ivan Zapana
    Ivan Zapana 15 days ago

    before, just one question, why many people use the white mask for? 🤔

  • Mama Said
    Mama Said 15 days ago

    It’s been iradiated

  • nightmare dawn
    nightmare dawn 16 days ago

    that sister inlaw is fine!

  • David Rosner
    David Rosner 16 days ago

    I love Japanese food

  • Mateus Rezende Ribeiro

    I enjoy eating japaneses tho

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 16 days ago

    1122 at restraunts? this ive never see.they never show you this either.

  • KGKPINKProductions
    KGKPINKProductions 17 days ago

    man i could really go for some curry live ball warm bell

  • Mig 28
    Mig 28 17 days ago

    It's actually impressive seeing that a restaurant worker speaks a foreign language!

  • Akira♡
    Akira♡ 17 days ago

    I’m going to Tokyo this summer and I am super scared. I’m trying to learn as much as I can but as a person with anxiety I’m afraid that I’ll forget everything when I have to approach someone

  • G Dumaguing
    G Dumaguing 17 days ago

    Ooohh Japan please adopt me... 😂😂😂 but Naruto prepared me for it

  • Jikook are my brothers 13

    I’m hopeful it will be easy for me when I go to live there or visit my cousin

  • can igetuhhh
    can igetuhhh 17 days ago

    lmao this video came up in my recommended and i was like dam that lady in the thumbnail looks familiar. i click it and its my grade 9 math teacher bro even on the internet i cant escape school😖

  • YEET Privvv
    YEET Privvv 17 days ago +2

    Can you please teach us how to use sushi train?! because I’m confused on how they work.

  • ????????
    ???????? 17 days ago

    Americans needa learn how to speak japanese or dont come at over at all!

  • Lena N
    Lena N 17 days ago

    I agree with the point-at-it method. I've been to Tokyo twice, for a week each time. People are very nice, business people want to make money, understandings can be reached.

  • Sister Squad
    Sister Squad 18 days ago

    Why do people where things around there faces