Single Girl Has Her First of 100 Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 1


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    There are TONS of amazing "SIMS 100-Baby Challenges!" Comment below with your favorite!

  • Ray2 A
    Ray2 A 7 hours ago

    Looking back, Jamie looks soo much like his dad

  • Maya Moonlight
    Maya Moonlight 7 hours ago

    It will get you 50000 dollars

  • Maya Moonlight
    Maya Moonlight 7 hours ago

    Look up Sims 4 cheet codes

  • Catarina Camocho
    Catarina Camocho 8 hours ago

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  • Maria Martins
    Maria Martins 9 hours ago

    If guys always go on your computer, then you should put it in your inventory when they come over.
    Hope this helps!

  • Mona A
    Mona A 11 hours ago +1

    you look like Gina Rodriquez

  • Maria Georgiou
    Maria Georgiou 11 hours ago

    You can’t get a job

  • Scott Rowlands
    Scott Rowlands 12 hours ago

    I love it

  • KateBowers24
    KateBowers24 13 hours ago

    I'm dying when she flirts with Dominic to have another baby and she's still in her hospital gown lmfaooooooo

  • Ne Gerek Var
    Ne Gerek Var 15 hours ago

    Whenever i look at her all i can see is the fastest man alive. 😅😅

  • Tamaryn Bell
    Tamaryn Bell 15 hours ago

    what level are you in

  • A. Clark
    A. Clark 15 hours ago

    100 babies would take 75 years... Someone needs twins 😂😂😂😂

  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'
    Rachel 'RTNightmare' 16 hours ago

    You are hilarious. Thank you. 😆

  • Heather Heather & Heather

    I’m going back through these and trying to remember all the daddies Chelsea’s slept with.

  • Juan the god
    Juan the god 17 hours ago

    Overpopulation much. HMMMMMM

  • Montsserrat Dorantes
    Montsserrat Dorantes 18 hours ago

    Wait isn't she from REACT ?

  • Breon's World
    Breon's World 18 hours ago

    So you're Dominic's mistress

  • Little Taeyung
    Little Taeyung 19 hours ago

    Ummmm I forgot how to download sim 4 help ;-;

  • tanya patra
    tanya patra 19 hours ago

    you remind me of pheobe

  • denvernuggets12
    denvernuggets12 20 hours ago

    Her last name looks like a whole pasta

  • Void EM
    Void EM 20 hours ago +1

    How tf did I get here

  • Elena Zennaro
    Elena Zennaro 23 hours ago

    "Tell me when I fail........I love it!"

  • Deanna Billie
    Deanna Billie 23 hours ago +1

    Please name a girl Deanna after me🥰🥰

  • Gracie Rose
    Gracie Rose Day ago

    A cute name is Gracie (my name)

  • Tonka DRIVER
    Tonka DRIVER Day ago

    Aren't they "simolians" not dollars?

  • James Corley
    James Corley Day ago

    NICE VID !!!!!

  • Wandi Amsyar
    Wandi Amsyar Day ago


  • Nora L Tripp
    Nora L Tripp Day ago

    i'm confused why does it matter that she's single

  • Paskudek 90
    Paskudek 90 Day ago


  • Jon Melendez
    Jon Melendez Day ago +1

    If you have 7 or more siblings...

    Yo moms a ho3 😂

  • Nerd McNerdy
    Nerd McNerdy Day ago

    You can also get satisfaction points from completing whims and milestones on your aspirations. You can use about 2000 of them to get the 'Fertile' trait, which increases your chance of having twins and triplets.

  • Luka Richards
    Luka Richards Day ago

    There is a money motherlode trick you know anyways great vids!

  • Swimming Badger
    Swimming Badger Day ago

    I love this challenge

  • mary walker
    mary walker Day ago +1

    How did you get the game

  • Masa Tokovic
    Masa Tokovic Day ago

    why is there 0 comments

  • Justyna Mucha
    Justyna Mucha Day ago

    Kelsey's comments are the best ^^

  • Chelsea Jean
    Chelsea Jean Day ago


  • Shannon Connell
    Shannon Connell Day ago

    Here because youtube has been recommending this video to me for legit months

  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard Day ago

    you are all right

  • Ren Andrews
    Ren Andrews Day ago

    I am SO involved with this video, I'm too excited for this. I need to stop.

    DEV POWER Day ago

    I don't like girl yt*ers that much but you passed

  • Evelyn King
    Evelyn King Day ago

    I love the Sims%👌👌👌

  • Chelsea Bahe
    Chelsea Bahe Day ago

    oh god the fact that Chelsea is my name makes it difficult to watch this video without laughing in very situations xD

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Day ago +1

    How are you single

  • Louis Devereux
    Louis Devereux Day ago

    This sexualises men

    And I don’t approve

  • Nicole
    Nicole Day ago +1

    Do it in 24 hours coward sent by stephosim

  • Michele Hansen
    Michele Hansen Day ago

    Nicely done! I am rolling over laughing. Great humor, and good job!

  • Terrance Smith
    Terrance Smith Day ago

    Make more videos please

  • Marikelly De Paula

    Can i have the sims please

  • Alice Caughell
    Alice Caughell 2 days ago

    Binge watching anyone!

  • Alaa Ghoneim
    Alaa Ghoneim 2 days ago

    Where did you get the app

  • Freddy Tijolinha
    Freddy Tijolinha 2 days ago

    Bfvy 6:55

  • rinsfight4life
    rinsfight4life 2 days ago Random aspiration generator. a bit better then the numbers imo

  • Custard Yellow
    Custard Yellow 2 days ago

    Jay Huntington 3! Laurenzside, anyone?

  • unicornions sparkle
    unicornions sparkle 2 days ago

    if you hit control shift c your cheat bar will come up and it will say cheats enabled and type in money space 100 million

  • Christell Leija
    Christell Leija 2 days ago +1

    She´s gonna be Octomom LOL

  • Terry Vittie
    Terry Vittie 2 days ago

    You are very funny and it was fun to watch. Fighting

  • Ken & Shan
    Ken & Shan 2 days ago

    I feel like a sim character my operator got bored of and left at home..... does that sound sad 🤣

  • Jack Feeney
    Jack Feeney 2 days ago +5

    How is Kelsey single when she is so hot, nice, and funny

  • May Autumn's Life
    May Autumn's Life 2 days ago

    This is so funny thank you for making me laugh!

  • CarlyA
    CarlyA 2 days ago

    Omg look out for baby Olive... she’s going to be a queen

  • Thereresa
    Thereresa 2 days ago

    Who else is just rewatching these videos, waiting for the next.

    Just me? Okay.

  • Tyler Desormier
    Tyler Desormier 2 days ago

    i enjoy your vids i would rather watch your vid then any other vids

  • Sir Raccoon
    Sir Raccoon 2 days ago

    I’m one of 4 kids

  • Yoshidex WGY
    Yoshidex WGY 2 days ago

    Sims is such a weird game

  • Xena Breese
    Xena Breese 2 days ago

    A hack to get money on sims is shift c then type motherlode in the bar

  • BDMA Beats
    BDMA Beats 2 days ago

    The girls that's playing looks like she's a Sims.

  • MatsuyoRific
    MatsuyoRific 3 days ago

    This would be interesting with MC Command Center since you can turn on Child Support.

  • MYST Damarz
    MYST Damarz 3 days ago

    Use the cheat code motherlode you could get 50,000 money i think

  • Jessica Butterworth
    Jessica Butterworth 3 days ago

    wait I've been trying to do this but as soon as my toddler gets to their birthday they automatically Age up and if I put it on no aging that's against the rules

  • Stephen Dunbar
    Stephen Dunbar 3 days ago


  • Stephen Dunbar
    Stephen Dunbar 3 days ago


  • Stephen Dunbar
    Stephen Dunbar 3 days ago


  • Savanna Moczulski
    Savanna Moczulski 3 days ago

    Hit shift control c and type in motherlode in box and you get a lot of money :)

  • Stephen Dunbar
    Stephen Dunbar 3 days ago

    LOVE LIFE YEssssssssssssssesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss YEY
    NO RIP

  • Stephen Dunbar
    Stephen Dunbar 3 days ago

    YEY BABY YES WELL AND YES YESssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Tracy Dart
    Tracy Dart 3 days ago

    Hey u should name a baby Sophie or Charlotte

  • Stacy
    Stacy 3 days ago

    I did make a baby from father Christmas.They turned pretty ugly.

  • D A
    D A 3 days ago +3

    If you keep the sim happy you will get twins

  • Gid Oreo
    Gid Oreo 3 days ago

    Marcus is a vampire

  • Coco Lighter
    Coco Lighter 3 days ago

    DO IT

  • Sydney Murphy
    Sydney Murphy 3 days ago

    Did Kelsie just reach to over to her computer screen to cover Chelsea even though we can see Chelsea?😂 Honestly I would do the same just out of instinct

  • Jason Folden
    Jason Folden 3 days ago

    Play avakin life

  • Olivia Reed
    Olivia Reed 3 days ago

    I love Kelsey’s laugh!😂❤️

  • Whitney Seabrook
    Whitney Seabrook 3 days ago

    I loved this video

  • Kelly Anquoe
    Kelly Anquoe 3 days ago

    Wene your bone with this challenge you can make Marcus your boyfriend.

  • Aaliyah Molina
    Aaliyah Molina 3 days ago

    lol your supposed to enable your cheat if u have a console press l1 r2 l1 r2 at the same time and type Testingcheats true and enter and after u have done that type Motherlode and it will give u up to fifty thousand coins hope this helps u get on a roll lol

  • emma fortin
    emma fortin 4 days ago

    i love the challenges

  • kiloloj
    kiloloj 4 days ago

    OMG! Nancy is such a c**kblock!

  • kiloloj
    kiloloj 4 days ago

    are the expansions required for these challenges? because i have NONE lol

  • Amanda McNulty
    Amanda McNulty 4 days ago

    Is it simscity?

  • hasseb
    hasseb 4 days ago

    when my sims goes into to labor it skips ahead straight away, I never get to go to the hospital. Just a loadingscreen then Im back home with the baby. DO I need a expansion pack or what is the deal?

    • Jessica Butterworth
      Jessica Butterworth 3 days ago

      the hospital comes with get to work. if you don't have it, then you can only send them alone. hope this helps! ^^

  • Katie Brown
    Katie Brown 4 days ago

    What pack are the overalls from

  • Wisly Charles
    Wisly Charles 4 days ago

    I love baby's

  • anastaisa cecero
    anastaisa cecero 4 days ago

    I play the sims and Nancy langrab has shown up all the time too

  • Peyton Shay
    Peyton Shay 4 days ago

    Kelsey do a part 7 already I watch part 1 I watched part 2 I watched part 3 I watched part 4 and I watched part 5 and I watched part 6 so make a part 7

  • Sanne Veldhuis
    Sanne Veldhuis 4 days ago

    When she screamed Nancy I was like a little scared like it was all of the sudden and then I died!

  • Marline Harrold
    Marline Harrold 4 days ago

    Really enjoyed watching it. ❤️