Single Girl Has Her First of 100 Babies In The Sims 4 | Part 1

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Today Kelsey finally plays the Sims 4 on her own and begins the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge!
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  • BuzzFeed Multiplayer
    BuzzFeed Multiplayer  4 months ago +6547

    There are TONS of amazing "SIMS 100-Baby Challenges!" Comment below with your favorite!

  • mO mO
    mO mO 3 hours ago


  • Jacob Mankiller
    Jacob Mankiller 7 hours ago

    Make more

  • Coco A
    Coco A 13 hours ago

    This challenge is so goood! I can’t believe we started this a whole 4 months ago... and we’re only at 20 babies. Also, pre-baby Chelsea was sooo skinny.

  • Matilda Norman
    Matilda Norman 17 hours ago

    Who’s here after episode 16

  • Emmycorn 2
    Emmycorn 2 19 hours ago

    Name a girl Scarlet please

  • Bobbie
    Bobbie 23 hours ago +2

    Who's here rewatching the old episodes??

  • 0-0Jazmin DeRiggs0-0

    9:30 is where the salads began

  • J Maurer
    J Maurer Day ago +1

    "I'm not gonna have her resort to elders.... YET." Now she has 22 kids and had a woohoo with a ghost.

  • Namara Waldron
    Namara Waldron Day ago +2

    If u woh woh when pregnant u get twins

  • Ruby Silverstar
    Ruby Silverstar Day ago +1

    Wow! After watching Episode 16, I had forgotten how skinny Chelsea used to be!

  • Franco Flores
    Franco Flores Day ago

    Did anyone else saw that she wanted to get a job but that was a rule

  • Evie Loves Acro
    Evie Loves Acro Day ago +1

    I’m here after she now has 22 kids!

  • Carrot Dankerdoodle

    looking back at the original chelsea, you can tell how much 20 children has changed her

  • Binny khadgi
    Binny khadgi Day ago

    I m here again after watching every episode 😊😊 just love watching

  • Juanimond YT
    Juanimond YT Day ago

    omg chelsea was so skinny

  • The Layla Channel

    Girl Parker boy Blake

  • A K
    A K Day ago

    There is a way to increase ur chance of twins or even triplets: just have her watch the kids channel/show on TV, use the teddy bear, and other children things, over and over again and ur chances will increase (technically not a cheat 😉)

  • Hannah Marlow
    Hannah Marlow Day ago

    I forgot what the old house looked like

  • Lucy Wallenius
    Lucy Wallenius 2 days ago

    Who's here after the series is over?

  • Ruby Dunn
    Ruby Dunn 2 days ago

    1:27 Rosè wears that when shes a teen

  • Lorien Lacey
    Lorien Lacey 2 days ago

    I know this is old but I love watching this

  • Ruari Marie
    Ruari Marie 2 days ago +1

    Can you please name a girl after me. My name is Ruari but it is pronounced Rory.

  • ThePeAcElOvEaNdBuBbL

    Girl name: Kieran (key-air-in) Boy: Malachi (mal-eh-ki)

  • Jazzy Lynch Vlogs
    Jazzy Lynch Vlogs 2 days ago

    13:38 why is she thinking about urinals?

  • Pepto Bismol
    Pepto Bismol 2 days ago

    how much money does the sims 4 cost

  • Brittney Cottone
    Brittney Cottone 2 days ago

    yes you can have twin

  • Chrystal Harwood
    Chrystal Harwood 2 days ago

    Kelsey you have never picked a name from my list but I think for a girl it should be karley and for a boy it should be aaron

  • Olivia Healy
    Olivia Healy 2 days ago +2

    Now Chelsea’s got a major mom body lol

  • Samantha Molengraft
    Samantha Molengraft 2 days ago

    Baby names-elizabeth,Isabella and stella if twins or triplets Isabella and stella are cute together for boys ollie, nathanial, and august

  • Emma Francke Husebø

    Just watched part 16, she now has 22 kids... she’s come so far... however, she’s wearing the same thing and it’s really throwing me off

  • Elizabeth Ratzlaff
    Elizabeth Ratzlaff 2 days ago

    it must be pain full haveing 100 babies

  • Classic Ray
    Classic Ray 2 days ago

    I’ve watched the series’s over again every Saturday 🤣

  • Lal
    Lal 2 days ago +10

    Omg Chelsea was so skinny back then now she’s real thicc

  • paramita shakya
    paramita shakya 2 days ago

    My WiFi be glitching and it’s honestly frustrating

  • Payton HoshorYT
    Payton HoshorYT 2 days ago +1

    its so sad shes talking to marcus but hes dead!

  • atm0sferika
    atm0sferika 2 days ago


  • Madi Davenport
    Madi Davenport 2 days ago +1

    She's wearing the same outfit as she is in episode 16 with 22 kids

  • Blythe & Michaela
    Blythe & Michaela 2 days ago

    I'm here when she hit 20 kids and just now noticed how much Chelsea's body has changed

  • Leon A
    Leon A 2 days ago

    Will u be my girlfriend 😜😜

  • Nixie 8999
    Nixie 8999 2 days ago +40

    She is so skinny here. She went from a skinny legend to a thicc sister.

  • Maggie Wallace
    Maggie Wallace 3 days ago

    Name 1 Maggie

  • Arianna Vaughn
    Arianna Vaughn 3 days ago

    I think you copied

  • tc doggo
    tc doggo 3 days ago

    She was so slim damn

  • doratonks07
    doratonks07 3 days ago

    I love how she's stressed out about how she's going to care for her fictional babies. Haha so great.

  • victor mendez
    victor mendez 3 days ago

    Good video the narrator of the games is cute

  • Jemma Christie
    Jemma Christie 3 days ago


  • Maro
    Maro 4 days ago +1

    I am just watching part 1 because i have been waiting for ages for episode 16

  • Uneven Demon
    Uneven Demon 4 days ago

    Hey is that her heart!! Put it back in!!! I'm wondering if that was Olive's heart and also my friends girlfriend is called olive

  • Xona Sekanna
    Xona Sekanna 4 days ago

    Do you have facebook of Kelsey?

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 4 days ago +1

    Name mistake one
    Now we are at 42

  • Janaiah Gomes
    Janaiah Gomes 4 days ago

    Don’t get to Marist Matthew Marty died but with the mother and I will work some money off will have to kill

  • Janaiah Gomes
    Janaiah Gomes 4 days ago

    My same died because he was being too energetic

  • John Soto
    John Soto 4 days ago

    Love u

  • TextingStoryGurl
    TextingStoryGurl 4 days ago

    Rewatching the entire series 😂

  • Elvira Happy
    Elvira Happy 4 days ago

    She’s a child of Blake Lively and Emma Stone

  • Manteliina Gacha
    Manteliina Gacha 4 days ago

    can u speak finland

  • Cluadia Silva
    Cluadia Silva 5 days ago

    Who is here when Markas dies

  • Cluadia Silva
    Cluadia Silva 5 days ago

    You made her look like you, you only changed the name

  • Ella Jacobs
    Ella Jacobs 5 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks Marcus is cheating on his wife he was at the club

  • Gary Watson
    Gary Watson 5 days ago

    Don't have a baby J hntington is my boy and he is marrid to me NOO

  • Naomi Rockower
    Naomi Rockower 5 days ago

    rewatching-you can see she's so much skinnier before like 15 babies, her hips get larger-and larger-and larger

  • Naomi Han
    Naomi Han 5 days ago +1

    Omg she was so skinny! (No offense chelsea)

  • Naomi Han
    Naomi Han 5 days ago +1

    Part 15 anyone?

  • Kc dreams
    Kc dreams 5 days ago

    What sims is this I wanna get this so bad and this is for computer ?

  • j y
    j y 5 days ago +1

    What have I just watched...?😳

  • Jojo Siwa
    Jojo Siwa 5 days ago +1


  • Erin Rollins
    Erin Rollins 5 days ago

    Just watched part 15 aw it’s so sad to see baby Olive and isn’t she pregnant with that other girl Brielle. IKR fortune teller 😂

  • exhoe é
    exhoe é 6 days ago

    Omg u're so witty HAHAHHAHA

  • •ѕρσσку•νισlєт •

    Christina-Violet-Chloe for girl
    David-richi-josh for boy

  • Mike DeRosia
    Mike DeRosia 6 days ago

    Omg I used to play Nancy then she died but I kept the langraab fam going

    JASMYN VAN CLEVE 6 days ago

    hi can u name your baby... if its a girl then Jasmyn and if a boy William/wil

  • Dennis Martini
    Dennis Martini 6 days ago

    If your baby is a girl can you please name her Taylor please

  • Darlenys Baez
    Darlenys Baez 6 days ago

    Omg I came back to this one aww olive wow now she has I forgot I think maybe river rose Natalie I forgot

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H 6 days ago

    You should use cheats so she can live forever

  • Peace Ajayi
    Peace Ajayi 6 days ago

    Name a baby boy pip and name baby girl sofia

  • Polet Garcia
    Polet Garcia 6 days ago

    I miss OLIVE!

  • Itz Yunii
    Itz Yunii 6 days ago

    Part 2 pls.

  • Samantha .-.
    Samantha .-. 6 days ago


  • Martin botha
    Martin botha 6 days ago

    If you want to get more money click ctrl shift C on your keyboard and type in on the white line that will pop-up motherlode and you will get 50 k and yeah that's how you get money on Sims

  • Martin botha
    Martin botha 6 days ago

    If you want to hear more money click ctrl shift + c and say free real estate on that white line that will pop up

  • Eleanah Wentz
    Eleanah Wentz 7 days ago

    who's here after episode 15 when Chelsey hits 20 kids?

  • Hannah Hurst
    Hannah Hurst 7 days ago

    Rewatching after episode 15 lol

  • Kate Moore
    Kate Moore 7 days ago +7

    "I'm not going to have her resort to elders...yet."

    Many episodes later:
    ... a moment of silence for Gavin. The dad that never was.

  • Illien Galene
    Illien Galene 7 days ago

    "I'm not gonna have her resort to elders, yet"
    (Foreshadows the drama and catastrophic consequences...)

  • Ella tunes
    Ella tunes 7 days ago

    Who’s rewatching this series again while waiting for episode for episode 16 to come out?

  • Cluadia Silva
    Cluadia Silva 7 days ago


  • Cluadia Silva
    Cluadia Silva 7 days ago

    Don't need a high chair

  • Cluadia Silva
    Cluadia Silva 7 days ago

    Do you not have a chimney

  • Cluadia Silva
    Cluadia Silva 7 days ago

    He did drop it

  • Breanna Olupitan
    Breanna Olupitan 7 days ago

    she looks like Emma Stone lol

  • MooTheRainbowFuzz Fuzz

    Do it in 24 hours COWARD

  • Kaelyn Rude
    Kaelyn Rude 8 days ago

    Your sim is not allowed to leave the house to have a child or anything else not even a job, no Nanny’s are allowed, or maids and no cheats of course. Your sim has to have home-births. You lost the challenge, you need to look up the rules. (I’m not trying to be mean but those are the rules)

  • SoapyTurtles
    SoapyTurtles 8 days ago

    If you love this 100 Baby Challenge, I bet you'll love the one I'm doing too! I'm doing the 100 Baby SUPER SIM Challenge, combining two tough Sims challenges into one! If you wanna laugh and see a girl struggle, go check it out on my channel! :D

  • Maddie Hermann
    Maddie Hermann 8 days ago

    I am such a 🍑

  • Maddie Hermann
    Maddie Hermann 8 days ago

    Who is when she has 67 babies 👶

  • Maddie Hermann
    Maddie Hermann 8 days ago

    Get an iPad it is so much easier

  • Pinky Ancheta
    Pinky Ancheta 8 days ago +2


  • Katara Heard
    Katara Heard 8 days ago

    You must play 24 hours to get ahead of her aging. Pleaseee