POOKA! (2018) Explained

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • #pooka #intothedark #explained
    Digging into the bizarre nightmarish world of POOKA! where a struggling actor gets a life changing job as the mascot for a hot new kid's toy. But the suit starts taking on a life of its own, and things are not what they seem as Wilson's entire reality begins to unravel. Learn about the hidden meaning of the film, some interesting tidbits you might have missed, and explaining the big twist at the end.
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Comments • 3 434

  • Mora Flower
    Mora Flower 2 hours ago

    It’s like tattletale

  • Robbert Gelderen
    Robbert Gelderen 8 hours ago

    i choose you pooka!

  • Blue Bandit
    Blue Bandit 3 days ago

    I’m confused as fuck

  • Chris Leedham
    Chris Leedham 4 days ago

    It's basically the machinist..

  • BelowAverageLuke
    BelowAverageLuke 6 days ago

    So everything that pooka does, he has already done..
    So I guess when the pooka was humping the bed near the end, he was probably humping Melanie...🤷‍♀️
    Sorry my mind is broken.

  • Chia
    Chia 6 days ago

    Pooka looks like a moth

  • Good Crusader Bear
    Good Crusader Bear 6 days ago

    As a preschool teacher, kids would spit on that thing and throw it away

  • GM Xayle
    GM Xayle 7 days ago

    Pookas in mythology are shapeshifters (in Celtic lore) or nature spirits (in Scandinavian lore). They're capable of interacting with humans through speech and tend to be mischievous in nature. They can manifest as long-haired horses, rabbits, dogs, etc, and can be both "good" and "bad." Though, what I've read seems to suggest they're more playful than actually harmful.

  • Colin Estes
    Colin Estes 7 days ago

    But its not scary at all. I mean listen to that theme song.
    Have you seen the new Banana Splits trailer.

  • herptile talk
    herptile talk 7 days ago

    this puts me in a bad mood hey siri play humility by the gorrilaz

  • Death Dragon
    Death Dragon 8 days ago

    Who Else just watches these to know about the horror movies

  • Wolsin
    Wolsin 9 days ago +1

    So the name of this horror movie character is Wilson
    I'm in danger

  • Scp 173
    Scp 173 11 days ago

    Is this an scp or pokémon!?

  • Kalt Levaya
    Kalt Levaya 12 days ago

    Who the fuck let the SCP breach containment

    ERUPTING ORANGE 12 days ago

    ami the only one who thinks that pooka looks like a cross between a minion and big foot

  • Shania Mccoy
    Shania Mccoy 15 days ago +2

    “He follows the sounds to find pooka making sweet love to...

    ......UH NOBODY!!

  • Spiffypizza
    Spiffypizza 15 days ago

    Pooka as in irish word puca means ghost in irish.

    Sorry in case anybody else said it before me

  • B0rK
    B0rK 15 days ago

    Chucky 2

  • Hello There Fellow Humans

    I used to have a cat named pooka.

  • Beefcake Bill
    Beefcake Bill 16 days ago

    his house looks like franklins

  • Beefcake Bill
    Beefcake Bill 16 days ago

    fnaf vibes

  • silver is a fox
    silver is a fox 17 days ago

    I thought pooka was a christmas pokemon horror movie lol ..................................................... it is a weird movie a really weird pokemon horror movie

  • miguel sanchez
    miguel sanchez 18 days ago

    Does anyone ever watch breakdowns like this and gets afraid they might feel or feel something that could be the same feeling the movie is warning against?

  • Leiny Suarez
    Leiny Suarez 19 days ago

    I thought they meant "puka" the nice little Asian, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin, or American cartoon

  • Undertale&Animation
    Undertale&Animation 19 days ago

    so technically, ty did not die? cause that was sad.

  • Payton Shaffer
    Payton Shaffer 19 days ago

    12:17 it's poo time

  • jack sand
    jack sand 20 days ago +1

    Pooka aka scp 2974

  • Devils Pug
    Devils Pug 20 days ago

    Wait is red the girl in my name is earl you know patty

  • Sparkles_The_Fox 123

    Pooka looks like a deformed Evee

  • NuT_Gatorrr
    NuT_Gatorrr 21 day ago

    So he's a furry??

  • Retro Games Made Easy
    Retro Games Made Easy 21 day ago +1

    You are fantastic at explaining these movies. I wasn't too lost tbh but your explanation helped piece tons of it together. You've finally won my sub. Go on...Take it.

  • Cristian Moya Romero
    Cristian Moya Romero 22 days ago

    One of the most boring movies i've ever watched

  • That gacha Boi
    That gacha Boi 22 days ago +2

    The most scariest thing is……

    Pooka can teleport were oofed

  • Jupiter SauceYT
    Jupiter SauceYT 22 days ago

    The Bluetooth headphones don’t match with the audio and what you say so this is weird to watch

  • Cristian Garcia
    Cristian Garcia 23 days ago

    Poopooka poopooka!!!

  • Sushi Cat
    Sushi Cat 23 days ago

    I’d buy a pooka. It’s cute

  • Itachi & Sasuke
    Itachi & Sasuke 23 days ago +1

    The first movie i noticed behind you was literally Danny Darko XD

  • Zero Playz
    Zero Playz 23 days ago

    The thumbnail character looks like a minecraft freddy fazbear

  • Francesco Duarte
    Francesco Duarte 24 days ago

    What a bad movie

  • Luke yeet
    Luke yeet 25 days ago +1

    Lol the old women is a hocker from my name is earl

  • A T.Khan
    A T.Khan 25 days ago

    My cat's name is Pooka :O

  • Panic! AtTheWisk
    Panic! AtTheWisk 25 days ago

    If you liked this movie, you might like ‘Happy!’ On Netflix, it’s a little bit similar, it might just be me, I don’t really know! :) (happy! Is a show, not a movie though)

  • Maybee April
    Maybee April 28 days ago

    Who else thought it was gonna be about a misspelt Irish ghost

  • peachology
    peachology 28 days ago

    Those still confused. The beginning shows a scene of an accident. Wilson and Melanie are indeed both husband and wife and one day during the holidays, they decided to go to a farm house with their son Ty following. Now Ty has a doll, named Pooka, basically the Pooka doll shown and explained here. The reason why the dolls kept on saying "Look at all the pretty lights"was because Melanie tried to distract Wilson, who was having a road rage by saying that phrase. They all soon got into a car crash and the lady they ran into was Red. Mel and Ty were killed when the car exploded but Wilson was sort of 50-50 and this whole episode was a dream/limbo aftermath of what happened to Wilson. Wilson had anger issues, hence why he acts violently when he is in his naughty mode. The red walls is to describe perhaps Red covered in blood or dying when moving to the after life or so. Pooka was indeed a toy sold all around.

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 28 days ago +1

    I loved that movie/short

  • COO E
    COO E 29 days ago

    I watched this movie last night and had no idea what was going on holy shit it.makes sense now
    I hated the j*cking off in the corner scene that made me cringe

  • ETG
    ETG 29 days ago

    Tattletail the movie

  • Luis Santana
    Luis Santana Month ago

    So basically he’s doing things he never done that he actually doing which he isn’t doing but is doing in the movie ? Now I understand .

  • beast Yeet
    beast Yeet Month ago

    this stuff confuses me every time u talk

  • Shinigami Kiragami
    Shinigami Kiragami Month ago

    The lady looks more blond than red lolz

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well Month ago

    Ripped of the 12 days of Christine.

  • Sonasuke
    Sonasuke Month ago


  • Kaegan McCaleb
    Kaegan McCaleb Month ago +1

    I watched video 50+ times and I'm confused...
    Is the entire movie Wilson trying to come to grips with and cope with what has done that led to the crash that killed his family via a nightmarish dream?
    Another question that confuses me is Pooka...is Pooka a mental representation of Wilson's angry side?

  • nathan stoker
    nathan stoker Month ago +1

    can u do more into the dark episodes/movies? the past few ones have been great! i really wanna see you cover “i’m just f****** with you” it’s my favorite so far
    Edit: fuck it all of them are good except for the tree house one... that sucked ass, but fr u needa cover some more of them.. so underrated!!

  • ThatOneHaven
    ThatOneHaven Month ago

    When he put together the car headlights and motor oil I made the :O face for a few minutes.

  • Authentic Trauma
    Authentic Trauma Month ago +1

    If the guy was pooka the whole time then when he was humping nothing earlier,doesnt that mean we witnessed a sutle sex scene?

  • TheBrad1300
    TheBrad1300 Month ago

    what a trip

  • ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ
    ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ Month ago +1

    Looks like some weird fucked up version of Mothra..

  • Phyonnai Grave
    Phyonnai Grave Month ago

    Why is pooka so darn cute

  • Tony Carrico
    Tony Carrico Month ago

    This genuinely was a great fuckin movie

  • Surid Akhand
    Surid Akhand Month ago

    Explain , "The wailing"

  • midastheturtle axb
    midastheturtle axb Month ago

    I just watched the movie 7 minutes in

  • FamilyMan261
    FamilyMan261 Month ago

    your healthyn't.

  • Young Kyy
    Young Kyy Month ago

    It all makes sense they say before you die your life flashes before your eyes and he thought about everything he could have done so I’m guessing he might be dead and lookin at his life

  • Mieliajik
    Mieliajik Month ago

    you missed the people taking pictures of each other easter egg

  • AceDriver2012
    AceDriver2012 Month ago

    I think Wilson has created his own private hell. He’s stuck reliving that nightmare over and over again. He may be dead or insane after the accident. His mind and memory have taken in all the surroundings and are stuck in loop. I don’t think he will get a second chance to avoid it imo. This story is crafted really good.

  • Hanz Gewher
    Hanz Gewher Month ago +2

    Is the name 'Pooka' related to 'Púca', the Irish word for ghost?

  • issa foye
    issa foye Month ago

    This whole episode reminds me of perfect blue. If you seen perfect blue then you'll notice the similarities.

  • Emerge Killer
    Emerge Killer Month ago

    If he was Russian I would call him pooka blyat

  • Sondre D Thanatos
    Sondre D Thanatos Month ago

    god. that movie was boring.

  • Cerise1307
    Cerise1307 Month ago +1

    God these videos are so fucking good.

    ZXYREAL Month ago

    Pooka see Pooka do Pooka is going to eat you...
    (Pooka theme song)

  • ZL1 Jae
    ZL1 Jae Month ago


  • VB Gaming
    VB Gaming Month ago

    Wilson forgot to make a science machine

  • David Parry
    David Parry Month ago +5

    What I Learned Today... Furbies are evil.