How to Choose a Chinese Name (that doesn't suck) - 7 Tips!

  • Published on Jan 29, 2018
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    If you learn Chinese Mandarin or live in China, your Chinese name will become part of you. You better make sure it's a good one! That means that it sounds natural and organic to Chinese native speakers, but just as important: YOU have to like it!
    In this video you will find 7 tips that can help you get a better understanding of what it means for you, a Laowai, to pick a chinese name.
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Comments • 60

  • 何卓荣
    何卓荣 2 days ago

    In here ,you can get a poetic Chinese

  • Ashish Masih
    Ashish Masih 6 days ago

    I need help plzzzzz

  • 钱元静
    钱元静 24 days ago +1

    The best way to get a proper Chinese is to make Chinese friend and let him design one for you.
    hahaha, I'm a chinese.

  • Sure Kong
    Sure Kong Month ago

    安东--settle down in the east

  • Christin 2378
    Christin 2378 Month ago

    I can't choose 😆

  • Thomas Clarke
    Thomas Clarke 2 months ago

    You ring the doorbell

  • Hermilyn Millena
    Hermilyn Millena 2 months ago +1

    Hello any chinese here would like to help me to create a chinese name? My name is Hermilyn. Xie xie.

    • Anandu Madhusoodanan
      Anandu Madhusoodanan 13 days ago

      Could you guys please suggest me a Chinese name as well. My real name is Anandu :)

    • Hermilyn Millena
      Hermilyn Millena 2 months ago +1

      @Galliano H yes i love it too. It sounds nice. Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it.

    • Galliano H
      Galliano H 2 months ago +1

      あさみアサミ what about 何琳(He Lin )?
      “何 ”pronounces like ‘her’; “琳 ”pronounces like ‘lyn’. “何“ is also an typical surname in Chinese and “琳” means pure and saintly. It’s more like an elegant name and easy to let anyone else remember 😆 hope it helps!

    • Hermilyn Millena
      Hermilyn Millena 2 months ago

      @QINGYANG MIN aww that's sounds cute 🐱 i like it 😍 xie xie.

  • DumbSchoolKid
    DumbSchoolKid 3 months ago +1

    Me on the other hand, make dumb names for my own characters
    yeah im def a genius

  • barrelrolldog
    barrelrolldog 3 months ago

    i dont like having a chinese name, my name is easy to say so i tell them to use my normal name.. but some people still insist i need to get one..

  • TheEvilTwin
    TheEvilTwin 3 months ago +4

    My real name is Jakob. So i came up with 江勇(Jiāng Yǒng). I have no idea how close i came with this transcription but i like the meaning and the sound (as far as i can tell). But i dont really have a clue about the chinese language so i will ask some of my chinese friends for adwise

  • Kyle
    Kyle 3 months ago +1

    The whole idea behind adopting a ‘real’ chinese name is so racist, it assumes that being a foreigner is bad so you have to mask it with a name. I could care less about being a foreigner, 所以我的中文名字是邓恩凯尔。

    • 鹅鹅
      鹅鹅 Month ago +1

      I would agree with you, my English teacher gave me an English name when I was a kid but I don't use them anymore. Anywhere I go around the world I would prefer peopel call my Chinese name, and it's not that hard to pronounce. But I totally respect people who would like to adopt a foreign name when living and working in a foreign country. It's their choice and their choice only.:)

  • donkeyenvious
    donkeyenvious 3 months ago +2

    Is your middle name 安东尼?

  • donkeyenvious
    donkeyenvious 3 months ago +4

    No, please. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I find it super weird for foreigners to use Chinese names, especially the family name part. I mean, wtf..? A Chinese family name? Cringy... 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • donkeyenvious
      donkeyenvious Month ago +3

      Vixon T the Chinese family part is super cringy. Most Chinese people who has an English name only has an English first name, but imagine a Chinese person telling you his name is, instead of James Chen, but James Johnson. WTF?! 🤦🏻‍♂️isn’t that weird?! I think the most natural way is to have your English name translated into Chinese phonetically. If you get yourself a Chinese name, just don’t include a Chinese family name. Names like Andong is perfectly fine, but Wang Andong will be weird...

    • Vixon T
      Vixon T Month ago +1

      I was wondering what Chinese people actually think about this subject! I heard a lot that it’s helpful to have a Chinese name if your going to China. Do you think it’s appropriate if your staying in China for a while, or do you think it’s just plain cringy no matter what?

  • walter kreuzman
    walter kreuzman 3 months ago

    Just want to say one thing dude... You are not in High School anymore... Turn your fraking hat around... Become manly...It makes you look stupid

  • Ajay Ghale
    Ajay Ghale 4 months ago +5

    "Andong" in Indonesia (Javanese) is a horse cart lol

  • archie wyq
    archie wyq 4 months ago +1

    haha no bro, unlike western cultures where people tend to pick conventional names that have been used for generations, chinese names encourage creativity (and of course appropriateness). if you choose those which are frequently used, trust me that's not a wise move.

  • Alexis Kasperavičius
    Alexis Kasperavičius 6 months ago

    On this topic, the choice to use "My name is Andong" as your TVclip name ignores a subtlety in American English: It can be easily misinterpreted to mean you are attempting to brag about your "dong" in bad English.

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  6 months ago +1

      Well not sure if my real name, Arseny, is any better. I used to go to school in the UK for a bit, you probably know what ARSE means there... :D

  • fawnbaby
    fawnbaby 6 months ago +2

    okay so my name us ryln (like rye in rye bread or ri in rice) and i have the lin park but im confused on the ri part bc i dont think it exist

  • MIn P
    MIn P 6 months ago +6

    I’m adopted from China and my name was
    南民媚 (Nan MinMei)
    But I’m trans so I don’t want to use 媚.
    Do 南民 sound weird?
    And I found a character I like that is 明 (Ming) so can I use
    南民明 if that’s better?

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  6 months ago +7

      Hey there! 南民 would sound just like 难民, which means refugee. Not sure if you'd want that. Try 南明!

  • --
    -- 7 months ago +2

    Does 美英甜 sound like a good chinese name? A Chinese teachers last name is 甜 that is why I choose that and I think that 美英 is a nice surname.

    • 督图
      督图 6 months ago +1

      It sounds like "pretty smart sweet" to me.Too much adjectives
      I think 英甜 is fine.
      or you can try this "颖甜"
      It sounds similar and means similar to "英甜" but much better

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  6 months ago

      Thanks for watching! :)

    • --
      -- 6 months ago +1

      My Name Is Andong Thank you for your advise and replying to me!

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  6 months ago +1

      It could work, but you should ask a native Chinese speaker for input - how about teacher Tian? :) Are you looking for a male or female name? If female, I would actually suggest using 美瑛 - same pronounciation but slightly more elegant. However, both sound like 没赢 (= "did not win") so caution is advised.

  • hirbod maleki
    hirbod maleki 9 months ago +4

    tnx bro. I chose mine. Lingbo

    • 徐月
      徐月 Month ago

      @hirbod maleki oh wow it's actually a really famous kung fu fiction skill!

    • hirbod maleki
      hirbod maleki 9 months ago +2

      yeah sure. 凌波. sounds good? ;)

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  9 months ago

      hirbod maleki Sounds great!! Did you choose your characters yet?

  • Sicheng's
    Sicheng's 10 months ago +5

    My chinese name is 紫嫣 Zǐyān

  • Milexa
    Milexa 10 months ago +6

    Hey! Thank you so much, this video helped me find a name related to mine but that it's still decent haha. My professor said I did a good job! My Chinese name is 江心怡

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  10 months ago

      Cool!! Very glad the video halped a little! Nice to meet you 心怡!

  • 이니나
    이니나 10 months ago +4

    Thank you sir!!

  • MultiErlkonig
    MultiErlkonig Year ago +4


  • Armando Turturici
    Armando Turturici Year ago +10

    Hi, Andong! My Chinese name's 图蒙多. My first Chinese teacher has given to me and I won't never change it :P She has also adviced me to look for Feichang Fresh...^_^

    • Armando Turturici
      Armando Turturici Year ago +3

      I always use it!!! always :D People call me 蒙蒙,大蒙,小蒙,多多 ahahah

    • My Name Is Andong
      My Name Is Andong  Year ago +3

      I like your teacher! :D Cool so you have the classic 3-character Chinese name. Do you use it sometimes? And when you do, I'd be curious: Do people call you 图蒙多 or just 蒙多? Either way: If you like it, keep it! :)