GTA 5 - Realistic Boeing 777-9X Emergency Landing (HD)

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
  • Another emergency landing, this time with the brand new Boeing 777-9X mod by SkylineGTRFreak. Enjoy!
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  • lucaas
    lucaas  9 months ago +338

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  • Shashank Sastry
    Shashank Sastry Hour ago

    weazel news

  • Horizon
    Horizon 21 hour ago

    Everyone : *clapping intensifies*


    This is suddenly funny too me that the cop is involved

  • mareenus !
    mareenus ! Day ago

    Sick but one fail

  • IVY Jackmerks
    IVY Jackmerks Day ago

    No not 200 likes, here’s 50k

  • AbstraKt
    AbstraKt 4 days ago

    Bruh left engine

  • Neha Moholkar
    Neha Moholkar 4 days ago

    There was varun dha wan on screen
    Indian lucas? ?

  • Mason 360
    Mason 360 4 days ago

    Wait, so there’s a in-service Boeing 777x but there’s also an American Airlines plane in their old livery? 2:39

  • K Sullysvan
    K Sullysvan 5 days ago

    I think we should pray, pray pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray... 😀

  • Lei Cayetano
    Lei Cayetano 7 days ago

    Weazel News Lufthansa Boeing 777- 9x Was preparing for emergency landing at Los Santos International Airport during the engine one failure news Chopper was underway to see the view of Lufthansa Boeing 777 - 9x

  • itZJojo
    itZJojo 8 days ago

    Well done

  • H Evans
    H Evans 8 days ago +1

    Right engine faliure? Don’t you mean left?

  • 전설
    전설 10 days ago

    Real GTA5??

  • Axel Palm90
    Axel Palm90 11 days ago

    why you need to brace its only the engines that are wrong

  • b3to91frca
    b3to91frca 13 days ago +1

    Beautifully made!!!

    TALHAATJE! 17 days ago

    1:01 fire fighter: ah shit, her we go again..

  • AviaTrainHub
    AviaTrainHub 18 days ago

    Right engine failure? It’s the left one that failed!

  • RenderMC
    RenderMC 18 days ago +1

    Emergency landing but safely landed
    Flight Attendant: BrAcE BRaCe bRaCe
    Passenger: Clapping
    Me: WTF????

  • ONGGaming
    ONGGaming 18 days ago

    Madrid police want to reunite 2mil check with driver lols

  • ONGGaming
    ONGGaming 18 days ago

    EMS would be running not walking to the truck like time for lunch break

  • Thanos Has Liquid Poop
    Thanos Has Liquid Poop 18 days ago +1

    Lucass; can we hit 200 hundred likes?
    Me: boy you have more then 30k likes

  • Willam Millar
    Willam Millar 21 day ago

    200 likes smashed that goal boys

  • Splatterson Gamer
    Splatterson Gamer 22 days ago

    That moment when you’re hearing other people but see nobody


  • Monoplayz
    Monoplayz 22 days ago

    Left engine on fire*

  • ツTsun4M1_Y1
    ツTsun4M1_Y1 22 days ago

    2:39 is that what I hear
    2:40 oh no STOP CLAPPING

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 22 days ago

    And suddenly a Nightshark pulls up to the parked plane, a hot girl in a bikini gets out, tosses 5 sticky bombs onto it, and detonates them all, killing all the passengers before they can get off.

  • Jeffrey Beckers
    Jeffrey Beckers 22 days ago

    I think gta 5 is better than Any flight simulator

  • 輕飄飄
    輕飄飄 23 days ago +1


    ROSHAN SHETTY 23 days ago

    First of all it's left engine failure not right 😂😂

  • Anton Neiß
    Anton Neiß 25 days ago

    Respect but it was an Airbus A-320-200

    AMERICAN X-PLANE 10 25 days ago

    1:58 The fastest news chopper ever. even faster than concorde
    The plane was at 50 meters of the runway the chopper in the downtown and the fucking choppper arrived first WTF

  • NoobyGamez
    NoobyGamez 26 days ago

    When u don’t know ur lefts and rights

  • santosh bhaugeerothee
    santosh bhaugeerothee 26 days ago


  • Ezey
    Ezey 29 days ago

    1000000/10 HD quality I love this is fine that u put right engine even tho is clearly left it is fine still loved it

  • KittyCatGamer
    KittyCatGamer Month ago

    Just got a airline ad not a joke LOL

  • Siddhant Singh
    Siddhant Singh Month ago

    Says right engine failure and shows left engine😂

  • Bacon hair Lover
    Bacon hair Lover Month ago

    Can we reach 200 likes well you hit 44k likes bud

  • shantanu jain
    shantanu jain Month ago +1

    Guysss please!
    Its right engine failure!
    Look carefully Right engine doesn't have contrail as the Left one...

    Okay bye

  • MA Gamer
    MA Gamer Month ago

    you work hard proud of you

  • President Rolex
    President Rolex Month ago

  • Alvin Huang
    Alvin Huang Month ago

    Weasel news

  • Napster
    Napster Month ago

    And what?

  • Cxistiano Junior X
    Cxistiano Junior X Month ago

    *Madrid police want to reunite $2 million check with California driver*
    Me: What the- why I can't reunite it instead 😏

  • Lider Game
    Lider Game Month ago

    can we reach 200 likes :D ?

  • Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


  • L J H
    L J H Month ago

    Rainbow six plane

  • alex walls
    alex walls Month ago

    wow man great job making this video keep up the great work

  • AkiyoshiL 66
    AkiyoshiL 66 Month ago

    Wem ist aufgefallen das das eine deutsche Lufthansa maschine ist

  • Titan
    Titan Month ago

    engine failure doesnt mean you have to brace, its a normal landing

  • Chris Sterkenburg
    Chris Sterkenburg Month ago

    Totally GTA 5

  • Quizzical
    Quizzical Month ago

    no one:
    no even a single soul:
    not even shrek:
    not even dora:
    not even barnie:
    not even me:
    Woman:BrACe bRace bRacE

    • Shrek
      Shrek 22 days ago +1

      Quizzical why did u say 'not even shrek'... you dont know me, dont assume what i do and dont say

  • Michał Stolarski
    Michał Stolarski Month ago

    so the news heicopter could fly above an airport? wait its illegal

  • Денис Шетманюк

    777-8/9/10 under development
    only rolled out in march )))

  • Fortnite TV
    Fortnite TV Month ago

    Lul lufthasa

  • ItzMundeling
    ItzMundeling Month ago

    the fire truck should not water the plane when there are people in the plane

  • 馬桶塞
    馬桶塞 Month ago

    Lot of old guys thought this is a real situation

  • mona lisa on crack
    mona lisa on crack Month ago

    Why were we shown the left engine if the right engine was failing?