Last Feast of The Crocodiles (Part 3 of 4)

  • Published on Apr 7, 2011
  • description:
    Filmed during a brutal drought in central Africa, this brilliantly photographed video from National Geographic follows the punishing predicament of animals living along the dwindling Luvuvhu River. As the water level sinks during the dry season, animals, including baboons and impalas, are forced to seek water in pools filled with hippos and deadly crocodiles. At one point the crocodiles, who are the focus of the filming, are described as "artists of violence," and the term seems entirely apt when they are seen striking out with lightning speed from places of total concealment in the water and mud. As the camera lingers on the watering hole, the behavior of increasingly desperate and thirsty animals is shown in all its brutal detail, and portions of this video will have the squeamish averting their eyes. Even though the violent outbursts are handled as tastefully as possible (it is, after all, a National Geographic production), some scenes, such as a violent confrontation between crocodiles and baboons, are heartrending. And while some of the video is inevitably difficult to watch, the photography is always spectacular; some of the shots, such as scenes of a baby hippo blithely wallowing among the crocodiles under the mother hippo's watchful eye, are astounding. This video is both brutal and beautiful, and puts the viewer as close as possible (and desirable) to some of Africa's most amazing wildlife. --Robert J. McNamara
    Product Description:
    In the daily struggle for survival, terrible thirst drives wildlife to water...even when the water is just inches away from the jaws of a crocodile. During one harsh season, a punishing drought draws some of Africa's most magnificent creatures to the shrinking pools of the Luvuvhu River. Its dwindling waters provide relief for baboons, impala, elephants, lions, water birds and bee-eaters - but also a refuge for scores of hungry crocodiles. Amidst the stunning scenes of nature at its harshest, strange things happen. A baby crocodile basks on top of a hippopotamus. Baboons attack a crocodile that has taken a youngster from the troop. Crocodiles harass a heron and steal its hard-won catch. And hippos calmly wade into the middle of a crocodile feeding frenzy. But the power of nature and her relentless drought may prove greater than even that of the most fearsome beasts. This cruel season may turn out to be the LAST FEAST OF THE CROCODILES.

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  • St. Devil
    St. Devil 14 hours ago

    oh man! extremely savage life at that water hole, possible death at every step around everywhere. But there should be some ways to provide enough water in such extreme drought situations.

  • Shteno
    Shteno Day ago

    Am I a bad guy for (many times, although not each and every) cheering for the predators?!?!!

  • Haseeb Kandan
    Haseeb Kandan Day ago

    Toba allah

  • Setiardi P
    Setiardi P Day ago

    Kakean polah caplok boyo

  • Joseph w Huxley! Rocha

    .não mexem com os filhotes de hipopótamos!

  • xTurningUpx
    xTurningUpx 3 days ago

    9:32 why you bully me

  • Bob Gymlan
    Bob Gymlan 4 days ago

    The baboon’s arm hanging on by some tissue. Ugg. I guess not being finished off by a croc is worse than being finished off by a croc.

  • Yeetus
    Yeetus 4 days ago


  • Portgas. D Ace
    Portgas. D Ace 4 days ago

    Just watching this video while drinking water

  • Ilyas Parkar
    Ilyas Parkar 5 days ago


  • Samrat Sengupta
    Samrat Sengupta 5 days ago

    That slap tho

  • Criticism At its finest

    Hippo mama, got her kid some crocs for body guards

  • Xezbeth
    Xezbeth 5 days ago

    Damn that's crazy the big crocs don't touch the baby hippo while it's mother is there.

    • EpixDevo
      EpixDevo 5 days ago

      The mother is a savage with the shit

  • Yavuz 19
    Yavuz 19 6 days ago

    8:12 thats fuckin sad

  • BlackDry
    BlackDry 6 days ago

    12:28 pumba of the hood

  • Topspeedsnaker
    Topspeedsnaker 7 days ago

    Never seen footage with so many different animal interactions. This footage is amazing

  • Nicholas Howard
    Nicholas Howard 7 days ago +1

    7:56 this what the black kids sound like when one white kid says the N word

  • The Meowth, Nyeow!
    The Meowth, Nyeow! 8 days ago

    why did the mom hippo leave her calf near the crocs food? that's like if you roll the carriage of your baby to a busy traffic just a tragedy waiting to happen. 😐

  • First Last
    First Last 9 days ago

    11:20 pins the thing down and fucking eats it eye first, now thats some fucked up shit

  • Purple Cabbage
    Purple Cabbage 9 days ago

    Baboons are so ugly

  • Leonard Wong
    Leonard Wong 9 days ago

    Poor animals.... they are starving.

  • ITwas
    ITwas 9 days ago +4

    You know god is real when you watch videos like this. Look at them suffering as intended

    • Sgloobal
      Sgloobal 8 days ago

      It's called population control.... There has to be just enough of both predator and prey

  • Christopher DiGiovanni

    Both baboons and crocodiles are so ugly creatures! They suck!

  • Red Boy
    Red Boy 10 days ago

    0:26-1:13 🤔how chicks be when they tryna get rid of they kid to hit the club on Saturday 😂🤣

  • arun shrestha
    arun shrestha 11 days ago


  • PP Extendus
    PP Extendus 13 days ago +1

    Anyone gonna talk about how fuckin huge that one crocodile is in the big pool? Holy shit man

  • Zinzay zinzay
    Zinzay zinzay 14 days ago +1

    How that 🐵 get his head out of that jaw?

    • GN N
      GN N 13 days ago

      He stepped right onto that croc's eye

  • Judah van der Linde
    Judah van der Linde 15 days ago

    this is some hectic shit

    AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY 16 days ago

    The baboon killer impala baby brutally, glad that baboon got the same taste with the croc.

    AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY 16 days ago

    Good these all animals deserve such weather.

  • Ameen Safeer
    Ameen Safeer 17 days ago

    Power of water

  • Sharon Sauls
    Sharon Sauls 19 days ago

    11:15 one of them farted 😂😂😂

  • Dakhla Smart
    Dakhla Smart 19 days ago +1

    ماشاء الله

  • dljdljdljdljdlj
    dljdljdljdljdlj 22 days ago +1


  • 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉

    Antelope: that shit’s nasty

  • Harlley Farias
    Harlley Farias 23 days ago


  • Майкоп Бойные Голуби Pigeons

  • Poodz Sherbert
    Poodz Sherbert 24 days ago

    Vicious life cycles

    TRICK SH0TZS 25 days ago

    Help them

    TRICK SH0TZS 25 days ago

    You guys are cruel you just stand there and film

  • ucuncrip619
    ucuncrip619 26 days ago

    Notice the baboon who saved the baby walked off easily and discreet.....that's not the mother..... baboons eat babies when 😂

  • Abii Jm
    Abii Jm 26 days ago


  • Mickle Jerdin
    Mickle Jerdin 27 days ago

    baboons are G as fuck

  • KP Daily
    KP Daily 27 days ago

    Where the country in?

  • Mahri Beneda
    Mahri Beneda 27 days ago

    After watching all this mass and cruelty in nature .The weather the earth quick all the natural disaster is one explanation GOD IS SEREAL KILLER .

  • el diablo
    el diablo 28 days ago

    lol... baboons are so dramatic😂

  • Junior Lopez
    Junior Lopez 28 days ago

    4:40 was that Freddy krugger?

  • Jose Ellsworth
    Jose Ellsworth 29 days ago

    JaguaTheBlack,please Save the Deer🦌and th wild🐗🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷

  • jadin bragon master drift

    Well that's how the animal life goes eat poop sleep and die

  • Tyler The Amphibious Reptile

    Stupid filthy monkeys 😂😂😂

  • Gangster Panther
    Gangster Panther 29 days ago

    3:26 do a barrel roll

  • Leon Erin
    Leon Erin 29 days ago

    Need to be on prozac and barbitues drinking at that pool

  • Phil Mccrevasse
    Phil Mccrevasse Month ago

    This videos funny, baboons are slapping other animals😂

  • BEEF BOss
    BEEF BOss Month ago +3

    Walking down the street be like....10:37

  • Mads Pedersen
    Mads Pedersen Month ago

    The most intense 15 min of animal program i have ever seen

  • neng tcha
    neng tcha Month ago

    It us vert Hom AT thé sea.

    POLAR BEAR Month ago

    So when all the water gone where the crocs and hippos go. I don't believe any of this shit.

  • Elgin&Hororo's Son Chan

    wondering why they cant help the animals

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future Month ago

    What's worse then the crocodiles is

    The fucking savage camera man

  • Chops M
    Chops M Month ago

    Multiculturism in a nutshell

  • Jaehyun’s Cheese
    Jaehyun’s Cheese Month ago +1

    The hippos are just like “lol”

  • TheTruthIsGonnaHurt
    TheTruthIsGonnaHurt Month ago +3

    *Simba has left the kingdom*

  • Secret -
    Secret - Month ago

    Who's here 2019?

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago

    6:22 😭😭 lmao

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider Month ago

    Fighting for food

    EL ZAEEM Month ago

    Greetings to you from the great Iraq😍💙

  • XXLive Gaming
    XXLive Gaming Month ago

    Well u could just have a plane drop some water from time to time

  • Matt O
    Matt O Month ago

    5:35 - what a lovely afternoon soak in a the mud-pit...filled w/ hippo, crocodile, wildebeest, & baboon feces.
    Oh. And its 109 degrees. Must smell wonderful.

  • aditya singh
    aditya singh Month ago

    U should provide water instead of shooting video
    It will be great work instead of earning some money

  • Kenny Thao
    Kenny Thao Month ago

    God damn they drinkin mud it’s a tough life

  • Kenny Thao
    Kenny Thao Month ago

    Oh damn the moms arm is broken

  • Victor Mazzari
    Victor Mazzari Month ago

    We’ll, at least the monkey who got his arm bit off , was the one that was going into people’s houses to steal food ☹️👍🏻same for the one who got his head caught by another alligator 🐊what goes around comes around 😁

  • sem Aka
    sem Aka Month ago

    Men that was super funny with baboon in the mouth of the croc at 14:20 hahahaha

  • Ryfo Juan
    Ryfo Juan Month ago

    why the river is getting dry?

    • PETA
      PETA 28 days ago

      Ryfo Juan
      Because this was filmed during the dry season in Africa.

  • FnAdam
    FnAdam Month ago

    6:22 I about died when that impala got slapped.

  • KageFlow
    KageFlow Month ago

    Looks like a fucking ghetto ass playground.

  • alex ojideagu
    alex ojideagu Month ago

    0:38 MUM.....................MUM

  • Jackson 83
    Jackson 83 Month ago

    I wish i could have helped that poor mother at 8:25 with the basically severed arm after losing her baby. Some people dream about superpowers like flying or being ultra rich or invincible... i dream about being able to fully communicate with animals and as a result help as many as possible.

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    ahh scp 682

  • Gavin Sloan
    Gavin Sloan Month ago

    Watch documentary about mr t the lion ..... best wildlife documentary you will ever see .... mr T

  • jOSE Cant SEE
    jOSE Cant SEE Month ago +1

    MasonS = leftist moron

  • shameer dxb
    shameer dxb Month ago

  • Channa Chaem
    Channa Chaem Month ago

    Sleeping on the day of death 😭😭😭pity😢😢😢

  • BlackSkullArmor
    BlackSkullArmor Month ago

    Timon & Pumba : Back in the hood

  • Krankkid
    Krankkid Month ago

    10:03 damn if chris brown and rhianna were monkeys

  • 看護学生のくめてん


  • ลูกลําชี สองฝั่งโขง

    This pond 's in most stupid country, they use a buffalo to be president...

  • Joseph Cribari
    Joseph Cribari Month ago

    Imagine the smell. All the rot. Feces, urine..

  • Zil Co
    Zil Co Month ago

    These animals drink water successfully much like modern society communicate on social media and TVclip comment sections. Woefully... hapless.

  • Sir Buzz Killington

    Damnnn nature!!, you scaryyy!

  • jan azinec
    jan azinec Month ago

    What happen the other crocs and hippo

  • Karabo Answer
    Karabo Answer Month ago

    let's all pray for da rain so da all animals could have water as life

  • Karabo Answer
    Karabo Answer Month ago

    does da baboon don't have hand anymore??

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    This is like Compton, South Central, The Valley, and IE all running into each other at the swap meet. Survival of the fittest.

  • Erkinbek Mongolhan
    Erkinbek Mongolhan Month ago +1

    wipe out crocodiles from our beautiful planet!!!!!

    • Erkinbek Mongolhan
      Erkinbek Mongolhan 27 days ago +1

      +PETA no, they must disappear! and mosquitoes, lice also we need eliminate!

    • PETA
      PETA 28 days ago

      Erkinbek Mongolhan
      Crocodiles were here before you in the planet so they have more right to live.

  • Hasan Mahmud
    Hasan Mahmud Month ago

  • dazza944
    dazza944 Month ago

    That’s amazing how animals act on pure instinct and no thought process and yet a baby hippo is completely safe around feeding crocs because it’s parent is watching close by

  • fearlesslegend
    fearlesslegend Month ago

    14:40 why your hair is a mess? Oh! my head was in some Crocodile's mouth for few minutes

  • Damien Richardson
    Damien Richardson Month ago

    4:21 might have been the funniest shit