Visit America - The DON'Ts of Visiting The USA

  • Published on Oct 1, 2017
    Whether heading to New York, Washington, California or Chicago there are some general DON'Ts of visiting the USA. This video goes over the major things you should not do in the US. From touching the Americans, to not discussing certain topics, to how not to miss out on the food & culture the US has on offer.
    This video is designed to teach travelers about the American culture and cultural differences and norms that may be found throughout the US. So if you are going to be visiting the USA, then this is a video you should watch so you better understand how Americans think, act and react in day to day settings.
    Filmed in Mystic CT, USA - pictures from all over the United States.
    Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
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Comments • 35 694

  • Melanie
    Melanie 2 hours ago

    The check and tips:
    Don't get offended when the server brings you the check before you asked for it. Their intention is to serve you promptly (which is polite in the US), and then get rid of you so they can get another customer.
    Regarding tips, you don't need to have an opinion about it because it's not going to change anything. Tipping is often the server's main source of income and sometimes they have to share it with the cooks and the dishwashers so the boss will figure that they made 15% and then make them split it up with everybody, regardless of what they actually made.

  • Diocletian
    Diocletian 7 hours ago

    Definitely don’t count on the public transportation system here lmao. It will fail you, trust me.

  • MaskedDemon
    MaskedDemon 10 hours ago +1

    DONT ever go to *Black* neighborhoods.

    And you should be fine.

  • takis
    takis 10 hours ago

    who tf is telling children that we have 52 states?

  • Katie Forsyth
    Katie Forsyth 13 hours ago

    Theses are lies

  • Krowman84
    Krowman84 16 hours ago

    Why do American give dirty look when you look at what they are doing? Why do American open door for you then give you dirty look when you walk through. Thank you

  • R J Miller
    R J Miller 17 hours ago

    The best way to find the best local place to eat ask, “Where would you take your grandmother out to eat?” I’ve found the best places across the US this way.

  • Victoria Bannister
    Victoria Bannister 17 hours ago

    What.... do they mean 52? Where are they coming up with 52? Who are they adding on?! Did two more states split into a North and South while I was cooking dinner? What the heck?

  • SemperFido9915
    SemperFido9915 20 hours ago

    Another one, at least in the south is while you're not talking about politics or gun control, don't disparage the flag either. They're very touchy about that down there.

  • Christy Dolan
    Christy Dolan 21 hour ago

    Its bullshit that customers have to tip the employees, for the employer's failures. Especially the fucking bar man! It ain't rocket science to pull a pint (which they are shit at) or bend over to get a bottle of beer and uncap it

  • R H
    R H Day ago

    The people in the US are assholes. They’re only nice when they’re at work, because corporations basically force them to be (watch training videos lol.)
    I’ll say American food service is amazing, and the sizes are incredibly generous. But Americans aren’t nice, it’s all a false front to make the restaurant/corporation look good and get people to come back. Niceness is something you do without ulterior motive, and no one in America is nice without ulterior motive.
    Been living here for years now, brought against my will, and I’m basically stuck here due to illness and the fact moving is expensive.
    And yes, all Americans are basically the same. There are different “subcultures,” sure, (if you want to experience overt racists, go to the South, for example. If you want to experience passive-aggressive racists, go to the northeast. If you want to experience narcissistic, patronizing racists who don’t realize they’re racist, go to California) but they’re all essentially the same. And most of them are fat.
    Most of the “regional food” is gross, too, tbh. The only exception is the Philly cheesesteak, and Philadelphia in general, which has considerably nicer Americans than average (although mostly due to the diverse and chill nature of Philly.) I imagine most major cities are similar, except for New York where people are assholes no matter what.
    The major cities have a lot of cool history (especially Philly), museums, art galleries, opera houses, independent/arthouse cinemas, and curious local shops, [and cool bars/clubs], landmarks, and independent bookstores, which is what makes them charming.
    But travel literally 20 miles from any major city in whichever direction you choose and be prepared for the /real/ America, which is uncultured and disgusting. You’ll see a lot of dead/dying malls/shopping centers which are the husks of their former selves, and in a lot of places you’ll think you’re in a third world country depending on what neighbourhood you’re in (and this also applies to rural areas.) Some places (especially very rural places) don’t even have roads, so guy isn’t kidding about the infrastructure and transportation sucking balls.
    Americans also don’t like to discuss politics because they don’t like to be told their country isn’t #1, and actually is the worst and most backwards first world country of the lot lol. They don’t acknowledge Puerto Rico as a state, because they’re racists, but they took it over and won’t give them self-determination either, because they’re hypocrites. When a natural disaster such as a hurricane happens, they’ll just throw paper towels at them.
    Also, everyone here does drugs (especially pot, but also harder stuff like crack, meth, and heroin), and there’s rampant homelessness pretty much everywhere you go, even in small suburban towns. So don’t be surprised if you see people being high as balls in the middle of the day, especially at subway stations, or if you see them sleeping there [this isn’t exclusive to America, but again, you’d think for a “first world country,” this wouldn’t be a big problem, and yet it is.]
    Also, the police might harass or even kill you if you’re black, so be prepared for that, especially in NY because the NYPD is racist and supports racist groups like the “proud boys.” Be prepared for these groups to not even be some sort of lunatic fringe, but actually what’s governing this country now (I’d say “our country,” but lol, they’ve made it clear no matter what, any immigrant is never welcome or equal, no matter how much they may attempt to assimilate, even assassinating recollections of their own language and culture, all for nothing because in their eyes, immigrants will always be “others.”)
    You also need to be prepared to see massive income inequality within the same city. Philadelphia is a bit of a predictable model due to its segregation, with the rich/white parts being relatively safe and the poor/black parts being places you will want to avoid for your own safety.
    New York, on the other hand, is different in that you could be in a wealthy/safe neighbourhood and walk a few blocks and find yourself in an unsafe area ripe for the mugging, so you’ll want to bring someone who knows what they’re doing, or research it yourself beforehand.
    Guy is also not exaggerating re: the healthcare thing. Hospitals will bill you an insane amount of money (i.e. $400 for paracetamol, not even joking), expecting insurance to negotiate with them because America is a deeply retarded place where nothing makes sense. They’re also somehow very serious about 21+ drinking age, but at 18 you can go die in a war and get into thousands of dollars worth of debt for the chance to /maybe/ not be forever impoverished lol.
    So, yeah, expect an absolute shithole where everything is illogical and frustrating, is the TL;DR. If it were me, I’d go to Canada, or Mexico. The former makes sense and the latter at least has neat history and culture, even if it’s also technically a shithole.
    So maybe just go to Canada and see the beavers and Niagara Falls, then have some poutine (delicious, even though it /sounds/ disgusting) and drink at 18 like a normal human being.

  • R H
    R H Day ago

    I’ll save you 15 minutes of your life:
    1. DON’T visit America.

  • Marvel Magic
    Marvel Magic Day ago +1

    I'm American and I don't even know half of these

  • Kamron Farr
    Kamron Farr Day ago

    dont over fish or over hunt

  • Tim Vertz
    Tim Vertz Day ago

    Great video.

  • Ashley Mufasa
    Ashley Mufasa Day ago

    What's up with the 13th floor thing?

  • Whorejay Ramos
    Whorejay Ramos Day ago

    The best piece of advice when visiting America is: DO NOT MESS with COPS, cops have license to kill, if you want to preserve your life, stay away from cops, don't mess with them they're killing machines.

  • ShadowGin3
    ShadowGin3 Day ago

    Throughout the video: Don't, Don't, Don't...
    Toward the end of the video: It's a fantastic place

  • RobertsDigital
    RobertsDigital 2 days ago

    So an American girl smiling at me does not necessarily mean a 'Fuck Me' glance?
    Dear Americans I am curious...

    ORAMI27 SHYGONE 2 days ago

    Fuck tips..
    tip of my....

    ORAMI27 SHYGONE 2 days ago

    stupis u.s.a.

  • Mindraker1
    Mindraker1 2 days ago

    Times are given in car driving times.
    "The tourist site is five minutes away." -- That means five minutes DRIVING time, not WALKING time.

  • Kj Nazari
    Kj Nazari 2 days ago

    YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS! if you move to america from you homeland, you will make the biggest mistake in your life. America is all propaganda you come here you have to work day to night like a robot, to many laws, to much control, fake people, very materialistic place. Be very careful. dont get fooled by the media. there is nothing special here. do a very deep research before coming here.

  • BlackDragon41 l
    BlackDragon41 l 2 days ago

    America is pretty much all the countries of the world mixed into one with modifications over the last few hundred years, you'll see at least a bit of all cultures somewhere in the US.

  • BlackDragon41 l
    BlackDragon41 l 2 days ago

    I'm offended!! I'm an American and if a foreigner wants a hug then I am all for it!! I love foreigners! 🤗

  • Copperhead
    Copperhead 2 days ago

    *makes video about visiting america*

    *only English captions*

  • Waskelwee Wabbit
    Waskelwee Wabbit 2 days ago

    It always amazes me when Europeans complain about public transportation in America not "being very good" because it won't take you to every little town & farm. We have single states that are 3 times bigger than the average EU country. You're all packed into tight little areas. We have long expansive distances between us. If we allowed the govt to waste out tax dollars providing transportation to those areas, we would all be broke, just trying to pay for the upkeep. We dislike govt. providing for us what we'd rather provide for ourselves.
    You're also attributing many things that ONLY LIBERALS think and do, to "Americans", which is wrong. They might be loud, but they are a minority in America.

  • KpopCrew
    KpopCrew 2 days ago

    I'm american :p I'm a nice person :D

  • Living History
    Living History 2 days ago +2

    Don't insult the flag

  • The United States of America

    If your visiting and need transport use Uber

  • Kb Calib
    Kb Calib 3 days ago

    Food in the US isn't cheap (maybe because I live in NorCal). You eat out and you pay. Eating out is cheaper in France, Italy and Portugal, from my personal experience. Another DON'T that is extremely important and that could save your life is DON'T EXIT YOUR CAR when stopped by the police unless ordered so.

  • Zyro Vek Raknos
    Zyro Vek Raknos 3 days ago

    If I walk by someone that is smoking I cough loudly to make them feel bad😂

  • Kyla Williams
    Kyla Williams 3 days ago

    The space thing is common courtesy of a stranger just came up to you you would not like no matter were you are

    • Horn Kraft
      Horn Kraft Day ago

      South Americans have a much closer comfort zone than North Americans. That's why even Mexicans find us to be "cold" -- unwilling to hug, uncomfortable in close quarters. It's a Latin American thing.

    • Dog Day
      Dog Day 3 days ago

      Not true.

  • LY X
    LY X 3 days ago

    For me I may or may not feel very comfortable visiting the us because of racism

    • Horn Kraft
      Horn Kraft Day ago

      This might seem silly, but I would pretend to not understand. Say something in Chinese, but with a puzzled look. Bullies usually get frustrated and go away if they think their taunts can't be understood. I would never go to a bad neighborhood or go any place alone in the city because you want to have a nice time and meet new friends. Just as our women (and men) never go into dark alleys alone at night, it is always better to be in bright light and busy places with many people around.

    • LY X
      LY X Day ago

      Horn Kraft how would you deal with racism ?

    • Horn Kraft
      Horn Kraft Day ago

      Yes, and I had a friend from Taiwan in grad school who loved the U.S. (Midwest) Singapore has a very good reputation in the U.S. and the people speak English, which helps a lot. (Not many anglo people speak Cantonese here). Singapore helped the U.S. make the first connection with the North Koreans and that is another good thing.
      There is some crime here in the big cities and that is different from Singapore, I understand. That's not about race, though. Criminals just want to steal your money -- anyone's money. Stay away from bad areas and everyone else will be nice to you and welcome you by asking you about your country and your culture.

    • LY X
      LY X Day ago

      Horn Kraft I am a Singaporean

    • Horn Kraft
      Horn Kraft Day ago

      I'm sorry you feel that way. I wish you could believe that your visit would be fine. No one has permitted racist Asian rants since World War 2 and the Japanese were the enemy. In fact, the U.S. went to work immediately after the war, building new factories and steel mills in Japan while Hollywood began producing films about hardworking Japanese people and beautiful love stories in the 1950s. Remember that any bad TV news story you might see will run 24 hours a day for several weeks. There are not dozens and dozens of real news stories being made.

  • jason trott
    jason trott 4 days ago

    “Free hand cuffs if you drink and drive” 😭😭 love it

  • Dog Day
    Dog Day 4 days ago

    When you're in the U.S. don't ever say something like "Oh, my country isn't particularly religious" when asked what church you people go to. Not unless you actually _want_ to be ostracized by practically everyone you meet. Americans love to criticise places like North Korea for being "indoctrinated" but if you really want to see indoctrination at its very worst just tell any American individual or group that you're "not really much of a believer." You probably won't actually get murdered or beaten up, but you will find yourself all alone real fast. Also, even the most extremist of self-proclaimed lefty liberal progressives will be horrified if you ever suggest America adopt a universal health care system. It's just too dirty commie socialistic even for old hippies.

  • DJTexan 4202
    DJTexan 4202 4 days ago +1

    In the old days Americans would always get close to each other and be friendly. The sensitive millenials were the ones who started the self centered personal space crap!

  • Kenneth Goodman
    Kenneth Goodman 4 days ago

    Don’t touch the Americans. Ever. Not ever. Nope, not even then. Don’t do it.

    DUCK QUEEN 4 days ago +1

    12:17 YEAH
    Arizona is best but be prepared to say yo no hablo Espanol if you don't speak Spanish

    DUCK QUEEN 4 days ago

    When you visit Arizona it's like you visit Mexico well at least for Tucson
    Living here is fun

  • Kitin Lothar
    Kitin Lothar 4 days ago

    what special kind of idiot thinks the U.S. has 52 states

  • DeltaSceptile
    DeltaSceptile 4 days ago

    Number 1 rule if you are visiting the United States: DON'T. TALK. ABOUT TRUMP. EVER. Under any circumstances. No matter who you're talking to, pro or anti, you'll just open up a can of worms. Don't talk about Trump. Don't do it. Please.

    • Dog Day
      Dog Day 3 days ago

      Or religion. Or race. Or guns. Or anything that could be construed as suggesting the whole world doesn't owe all Americans everything forever for saving its ass in WW2.

  • Francis
    Francis 5 days ago

    7:31 goodness the imperial system is really difficult for me though i use inches instead of cm, use celsius but not kelvin though they are the same

  • Noelia Ortega
    Noelia Ortega 5 days ago

    “dont touch Americans” as an american i can confirm this, i even leaned away when he got close to the camera

  • vlog_forshort
    vlog_forshort 5 days ago

    comments section is crazy man

  • Alana Kelly
    Alana Kelly 5 days ago

    You many other countries have no smoking areas and smoking areas so I’m sure people know to not just start smoking in the middle of a random place.

  • SGlitz
    SGlitz 5 days ago

    1st flr -- ground floor....:)

  • The.Inferno
    The.Inferno 6 days ago

    Don't feel bad if someone doesn't try to have a conversation with you

  • Chi Psi Omega
    Chi Psi Omega 6 days ago

    The boy at 6:18 is wearing the kit of a greek soccer team ?? Giati aek re aderfe klaiw hahaha

  • Ayoxin Blake
    Ayoxin Blake 6 days ago

    Hah.... so many truths :) Gotta say, US people can be just as weird as the rest of the world.

  • cepenica1
    cepenica1 6 days ago

    1. don't go to Detroit

  • Alexis
    Alexis 6 days ago

    HEADS UP: America is NOT a very safe country, hence why we like personal space. In the United States no one will pickpocket you, they'll mug you with a knife or gun.
    No one will try to con your money with pretending to do a trick show on the street, they'll get in your face and try to hussle you.
    This is why big city Americans are especially very defensive and cold, it's a way to protect ourselves.
    And if you want to flirt with American woman MAKE SURE THEY FEEL SAFE. The United States is not a safe country to be alone as a woman. Talk to them in public places and DONT ASSUME IF SHE'S BEING NICE THAT SHE'S FLIRTING. Being nice is a formality here and often used as a defensive mechanism (by men and woman) to keep tension low.

  • ExtraordinaryLiving
    ExtraordinaryLiving 6 days ago

    I would add one more, which is related to "Don't touch the Americans" ...
    DON'T TOUCH Americans' stuff (belongings)!

  • lil pro
    lil pro 6 days ago

    Okay first he is correct we US ppl like space but if u touch a black person there is a 70% chance you will get beat up but me.......................You will be sent where ever your going with a black eye cause i don't fuck around.

  • De Cookie
    De Cookie 6 days ago

    Why am i watching this i live here.

    ANGELCHRISTINA 6 days ago

    Cigarettes at 19

  • Jeff Dick
    Jeff Dick 6 days ago

    Don’t go to a black neighborhood.

  • Alexander T
    Alexander T 6 days ago

    Ugh,what is this, nazi germany ? Too many rules...

  • singergrrl77
    singergrrl77 6 days ago

    Don’t be surprised that we have many different accents in our different regions and states. We are not all “surfers” or “cowboys” though I love me some surfers and cowboys!!

  • crowhillian58
    crowhillian58 7 days ago

    If you are from Britain, don't think the U.S cops are cuddly with a sense of humour like ours. If you don't want a ticket, be very, very respectful. Some of them cops in Hicksville USA don't like strangers, even ones apparently speaking English.

    • Dog Day
      Dog Day 3 days ago +1

      Brits aren't attracted to policing for the guns. Brit cops are generally pleasant and helpful. Most American cops just want to be action heroes.

  • pked9
    pked9 7 days ago

    Acezzz teacher / Hawaii 50 TV show ... was named 50 why ?... now you will never forget how americans think.... but we still got some stupid = old english gov cluster Fk , 1700's NY king /queen GOV people things such as tipping , stamp taxs re tea party, now local taxs ,and a few other things... USA lang and cultures and educations , are all of them put together.... coffee free, you got to buy something and you get about 2 hrs...and watered when compared, as cheep beer, see imports lots of them popular, see adams american beer .. ask students at the state universities in every city, not street people. /see trumps wall , uneducated LAZY people do not like this standard of a Min. BA education..../ then see venus project...

  • Anna V. D
    Anna V. D 7 days ago

    Why to they say that the U.S. has 52 states

  • U9B
    U9B 7 days ago

    Public transport in NYC is the worst.

  • Bookmouse
    Bookmouse 7 days ago

    You can't "not bother" with the metric system. The rest of the world uses the metric system. o_O

  • oksadimiks
    oksadimiks 7 days ago

    Don't talk bad about air conditioning and how it ruins the planet when you visit the hot states during the winter.

  • Gabriel Oliveira
    Gabriel Oliveira 7 days ago

    Thumbs up for 5:41 LoL

  • mreido
    mreido 7 days ago

    Would be interesting to go to USA but seems those in power have 0 self control, TSA or Cops .

  • Jaelyn Edwards
    Jaelyn Edwards 7 days ago +1

    I live in America

  • Blossom Bear :3
    Blossom Bear :3 7 days ago

    Uh... 52? Who was told there was 52??

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 8 days ago

    “Don’t touch the Americans.” I’m out. 😂😂

  • Gamer20555
    Gamer20555 8 days ago

    Dont talk about race, it considered rude

  • X-Sama
    X-Sama 8 days ago

    1) “Don’t touch the Americans...”
    Him: *leans forward*
    Me: *leans back*... lol yeah that ones spot on you need to be arms length away AT LEAST

  • Mesothelioma
    Mesothelioma 8 days ago

    *talks about sales tax*
    "required pics of route 66"
    *random pic of children*
    "these boys are searching for sales tax"

  • Proud Deplorable
    Proud Deplorable 8 days ago

    Your president! I love TRUMP.

  • Travis Something
    Travis Something 8 days ago

    DON’T advocate for socialism in the US. We don’t dig it. It can’t be implemented well in this country. I get it, it works okay in countries like Sweden and such, but it cannot work here. Our government is too busy spending money on keeping us on top of the world to give socialistic healthcare

  • God is above all
    God is above all 8 days ago

    Metric is far better than Imperial. Metric is round numbers easier to work with. 1 kilometre = 1000 meters. 1 mile =1680(roughly) meters. Imperial is just awkward.

  • John Boy
    John Boy 8 days ago


  • BlueAron
    BlueAron 8 days ago

    Don't disrespect the Stars and Bars...we may kill you

  • Christopher Stewart
    Christopher Stewart 9 days ago

    smh in 3:25 he said in the caption "The boys searching for sales tax" ......... theyre looking at the solar eclispe...... idk if hes joking or not so

  • VOLA
    VOLA 9 days ago

    I'm Australian and I don't really understand this tipping shit. If you don't tip the waiter/waitress but pay for your food are they gonna call the cops or some shit like that or can you just leave and not tip. Like if it's not compulsory to tip then why do it.

    • Marion Ardailloux
      Marion Ardailloux 7 days ago

      VOLA no but it is almost like stealing from them since they have to pay taxes on their projected tips (15 percent of the bill)

  • pollynofrills
    pollynofrills 9 days ago

    Sales tax is so annoying. It feels like a trick 🙄

  • Ann Bowser
    Ann Bowser 9 days ago

    Your don't touch Americans advice is odd. Speak for yourself. I would love to be greeted like the Italians greet.

  • Luna Solstice
    Luna Solstice 9 days ago

    Don’t assume that all of us only speak English. Many are Bilingual to an extent.
    For example most my friends speak Korean and Spainish. One speaks Italian and Latin. I speak Mandarin, Latin, Korean and some German. But this definitely depends where you are.
    Also, some areas in America are Xenophobic and it’s normally obvious which areas.

  • Wanderer Cayne
    Wanderer Cayne 9 days ago

    Don’t drive like a nascar dropout in a store parking lot. Keep it under 15 and park in one space. Doing anything else warrants tire popping or getting a key across your door. At least.

  • A J
    A J 9 days ago

    Americans love it when you talk shit about the American flag and owning guns and lecture them about how European socialism is so much better than American capitalism. Try it, especially in the South and Texas. Great way to make friends!

  • Sam Doing Stuff
    Sam Doing Stuff 9 days ago +1

    If u talk about gun laws u get shot

  • Neil N
    Neil N 9 days ago

    Tipping: I'm curious. Do you look at the price of something on a menu and calculate a percentage of what you will pay before the bill? Or just wait to the end to see how much you should pay extra?

    • 476 Anno Domini
      476 Anno Domini 4 days ago

      Neil N take 15-20% of the meal before taxes when bill comes at the end

  • kkkennedykk
    kkkennedykk 9 days ago

    You're literally wrong about alllllllll of those things. Very typical American though, so well done on that.

  • john
    john 10 days ago

    1) Personal space 2) Personal space 3) Stay out of my personal space 4) Keep away from my personal space 5) Get outta dat personal space 6) Stay away from my personal space 7) Keep away from dat personal space 8) Personal space 9) Personal space

  • Daniel Grant
    Daniel Grant 10 days ago

    americans dont use metric because their weard

  • EminemVEVO 0
    EminemVEVO 0 10 days ago

    You forgot Don't feed Americans... They already fed..... You can see the bumping jumping stomach

  • Giovanni Ramirez
    Giovanni Ramirez 10 days ago

    Buses and trains in America? That ain't individualism.

  • Hawaa Sarwary
    Hawaa Sarwary 10 days ago

    Lol im American this isn’t super accurate

  • Peachy Trash
    Peachy Trash 10 days ago


  • adam winkler
    adam winkler 11 days ago

    I say as Australian big deal how big it country is. here you can still drive for day and still be in the same state

  • Chris Fry
    Chris Fry 11 days ago

    Dont ask if we Native Americans live in Tipi's and eat buffalo.

  • nolanb052
    nolanb052 11 days ago

    Don’t disrespect The country, flag, anthem or the military. If you’re on the west coast, you might be good. East coast 50/50. South or will get your ass kicked.

  • krotsin
    krotsin 11 days ago

    1. Do not cut the line. I see that a lot with foreigners. It can piss off someone like me. 2. And speaking of line keep some personal space in front of you person when you're in the line. Foreigners often do tend to come way too close. They just sometimes stay behind you and literally breathe in your ear. 3. Do not try to take advantage of Americans as they often tend to be nice, smiley and looking "naive."

  • ben dunn
    ben dunn 11 days ago

    I was smoking a cigarette (in America) when he said dont smoke in America. I'm just like "well shit..."

  • Dr Tad Winslow
    Dr Tad Winslow 11 days ago

    Speak English. Don’t speak a different language. People here find it offensive.