Visit America - The DON'Ts of Visiting The USA

  • Published on Oct 1, 2017
    Whether heading to New York, Washington, California or Chicago there are some general DON'Ts of visiting the USA. This video goes over the major things you should not do in the US. From touching the Americans, to not discussing certain topics, to how not to miss out on the food & culture the US has on offer.
    This video is designed to teach travelers about the American culture and cultural differences and norms that may be found throughout the US. So if you are going to be visiting the USA, then this is a video you should watch so you better understand how Americans think, act and react in day to day settings.
    Filmed in Mystic CT, USA - pictures from all over the United States.
    Copyright Mark Wolters 2017
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    Tipping in the US Explained
    Why Do Americans Ask "How Are You?" But Don't Want to Hear the Answer?
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Comments • 37 754

  • No lives matter
    No lives matter 25 minutes ago

    Don't walk down "Martin Luther King Blvd", In fact avoid any "blvd"

  • Will Hickling
    Will Hickling Hour ago

    In the U.S., allow people to exit the elevator, train, or bus before entering.

  • Litmus
    Litmus 2 hours ago

    Also go to a shooting range. Not a necessity but hey if you cant do it in your country why not try it?

  • Bright Sun
    Bright Sun 2 hours ago

    I live in the United States, but I am watching this anyway because, I am a comment reader....

  • Speed Active
    Speed Active 2 hours ago

    I'm American. "Boys looking for sales tax" lol
    That smoking thing is a lie, I see my fellow Americans smoking from inside of their cars, outside of restaurants, and I simply don't like smoking because it's harmful.

  • Claire Conrad
    Claire Conrad 2 hours ago

    Why6 am I watching this when I live in America?

  • GOD aka dr phill
    GOD aka dr phill 3 hours ago +1

    Americans are cringy

  • jho
    jho 3 hours ago

    don't tell us we're obese

  • Joshua Fisher
    Joshua Fisher 3 hours ago

    My first Lol was public transportation. Not laughing at it, but I agree. It's pretty shitty. I also agree, fuck taxes. You might remind the good people of Earth that you don't get to keep the handcuffs for drinking and driving. Big affirmative on talk of gun control and/or politics....just...don't lol Even with good travelers insurance...should you need medical attention here, best of luck to ya, it's very hit or miss. You go in for one problem, come out with 3 more, die from something they didn't even notice.

  • James O'Sullivan
    James O'Sullivan 3 hours ago

    tipping is a fucking joke, drinking age of 21 another joke, you can die for your country at 18, but cant have a beer, american food is loaded with steroids, HGH, MSG and other shit, and you cant watch a game without a fucking ad every 3 minutes,

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 4 hours ago


  • Shermanbay
    Shermanbay 5 hours ago +1

    Where did the "US has 52 states" come from? I never heard that, inside the US or out. Is someone including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia (neither is a state)?

    • Bigsmoke
      Bigsmoke 4 hours ago +1

      Shermanbay my guess is people probably thought main land u.s. had 50 states while Hawaii and Alaska make 52

  • Jasmine Hayes
    Jasmine Hayes 6 hours ago

    Another Dont. Don't move to the East coast of the US. They get a lot of hurricanes and waste their money rebuilding their million dollar homes when they could move to the West coast where we don't have hurricanes. Sure we get Earthquakes but it's not as often as China

    • Jasmine Hayes
      Jasmine Hayes 2 hours ago

      +artyoms wolf Copy cat. Canada has forest fires worse lol they covered our skies here for months and we couldn't breathe.

    • artyoms wolf
      artyoms wolf 4 hours ago

      Another Don't. Don't move to the west coast of the US. they get a lot of forest fires and waste their money rebuilding their million dollar homes when they could move to the east coast where we don't have tinderbox forests. sure we have Florida, but it's just like England and Australia

  • Hetalia steampunk fan
    Hetalia steampunk fan 8 hours ago +2

    US Sale taxes are from about 2.9% - 7.25%. So just quickly look at the state's tax percentage and add that to the price. Also, for tipping. 15% is for excellent, 10% for good. And do not be afraid to not tip if they did a horrible job. That is perfectly normal here. And with the smoking, smoking in front of people is just considered rude. Also, it is true not to talk about gun control and politics. But also do not talk about LGBTQ+, unless you absolutely know that they accept it. And religion. Another thing is, we also do not have hostels as most people know them. When Americans think of hostels, they think of prostitutes and hookups. I recommend renting a place if possible, or a small hotel. Motels here can be iffy... Anyway, that is just some more advice from an American.

  • John Dooley
    John Dooley 8 hours ago

    Confusingly, an Irish or UK pint is bigger than a US pint and a US gallon is smaller than an Imperial Gallon. Inches and feet are the same. US miles are 1760 yds while old Irish miles were 2240 yds until we changed to UK miles and eventually to Kilometres in the 1970's.

  • John Dooley
    John Dooley 9 hours ago

    Always ask the sales assistant to price an item before committing to a buy. The staff will understand when the hear the European accent. Also keep the tips going but the food and drinks are dearer than they used to be.

  • Michael Roark
    Michael Roark 9 hours ago +1

    Do your shopping in Delaware, no sales tax.

  • Joe Boscarino
    Joe Boscarino 9 hours ago

    I'm going to go find a foreigner and ask them , " What's up " .

  • Tim Mezen
    Tim Mezen 9 hours ago

    I saw your London video and this video... you give bad advice.

  • Mynameisnt Yourbuisnessgovernment

    Doesn't everyone sorta not like people touching them in their personal area.

  • Spectrumpicture
    Spectrumpicture 11 hours ago +1

    Im from oregon, and the college i go to has a student exchange program. I've been asked a few times by foriegners if i could drive them to Los Angeles for lunch.

  • Z Pan
    Z Pan 12 hours ago

    i have never seen before a skinny american!

    • Opined
      Opined 5 hours ago

      hilarious and original

  • Dragma Plays - New
    Dragma Plays - New 12 hours ago +4

    I wouldn't say "how are you" isn't a question, I'd just say everyone expects a "good".

  • Theroux
    Theroux 13 hours ago +1

    You shouldn’t stress too much about the healthcare if you’re just visiting. Healthcare is long-term.

  • AwesomeSpider4
    AwesomeSpider4 14 hours ago

    Comparing cigarette smoke to marijuana smoke is completely different though. Sure marijuana stains, but it won't increase your risk of cancer by blowing second hand smoke all up in your face. It's a health thing. Healthcare is expensive here, so I'll be goddamn if you increase my child's risk of getting cancer.

  • Jacqueline Plett
    Jacqueline Plett 14 hours ago +4

    Don't barge to the front of a line. The end of the line is back there.

  • Ryan Wiese
    Ryan Wiese 15 hours ago +1

    DON'T GO TO ILLINOIS!!! unless you enjoy corruption. We have some of the highest taxes in the world.

    • Ryan Wiese
      Ryan Wiese 14 hours ago

      +Wolters World They can't welcome you from prison, LOL.

    • Wolters World
      Wolters World  15 hours ago

      Like how it says "the people of Illinois welcome you" instead of the governor on the welcome to Illinois signs :)

  • animalia555
    animalia555 20 hours ago +1

    I am an American and I think it’s crazy that we can’t tell the final price of an item with tax until after the fact. The tipping thing I am ok with but not having the tax added on to end price doesn’t make sense to me. And this comes from someone who grew up in the culture.

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. 20 hours ago

    Cuba is 51

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 22 hours ago

    2:44 - 2:47 that's what us British are like. Lol.
    After 2 hours drive or around that time. We just want to get out and have a quick eat at a macdonalds or kfc.

  • Max Chester
    Max Chester 22 hours ago +1

    Americans mostly don't have an understanding of distance in the USA; people in New York City tend to think that "Upstate" New York is right outside of the City, and don't understand that it's a 450 mile trip to Buffalo or Niagara Falls. (New York State is the size of England)

  • Cup Cakeo
    Cup Cakeo Day ago +2

    You have her going... 11:54
    She has you saying... 12:02

  • Cup Cakeo
    Cup Cakeo Day ago

    Beginning - don’t plan on visiting things on different coasts, you’ll just spend most your time driving
    Toward the end - make sure you visit multiple regions to get a feel of the different cultures like the northwest and southwest

  • Martha Loven
    Martha Loven Day ago +3

    52 states? What do people think the other 2 are?

  • Ezra Boren
    Ezra Boren Day ago

    The gun control, say your pro gun in California you'll get beat up, learn from your mistake and saying you're anti gun in Texas and you'll get shot

    • Dragma Plays - New
      Dragma Plays - New 12 hours ago

      Lol, maybe the first part is true, but definitely not the second part.

  • Ezra Boren
    Ezra Boren Day ago

    As an American I approve of this message
    Accept the hotel part you want 3 star above I know that from experience

  • Logan Port
    Logan Port Day ago +2

    Don’t worry! America is one of the greatest nations in the world... it’s just the media makes it sound like the US is gonna explode any second just cuz it sounds more interesting. Also, Americans are only fat because the food here is so good but America is one of the top counties in adult fitness

  • Logan Port
    Logan Port Day ago +3

    Do people actually get taught the US has 52 states?!

  • Chaz Michael
    Chaz Michael Day ago +1

    I would also say that be very aware of lines and common courtesy! Be aware of your surroundings and see if you're in anyone's way or inconveniencing anyone. I was in NYC at the wax museum and this Indian family thought that who ever muscled their way up to the wax figure first got to have their picture taken. I can understand and didn't take it personally because I've seen India's traffic lol but fair warning....some people will let it go, some people will punch you in the face. We take societal rules very serious...."Don't tread on me" is really an accurate motto. Don't skip lines, don't intrude into anyone's space, that goes for traffic as well. You will unleash hell fire lol. Obviously this is more true in bigger cities or faster paced areas of the country. If you're in a store outside of Savannah Georgia you might not get the same response you get in the middle of NYC.

  • Yuki Hanako
    Yuki Hanako Day ago

    This dude is adorable.

  • Bob Tav
    Bob Tav Day ago

    My space is key ,especially if you got bad breath !!

  • Bob Tav
    Bob Tav Day ago +2

    send a copy to Calif. and to the invaders !!

  • Doug Banister
    Doug Banister Day ago

    I’m gonna save y’all some time skip most of the Midwest, as a Oklahoman I can tell you unless you want to see farmland and fields then you would t like it

  • Anthony Tah May
    Anthony Tah May Day ago

    lmao one time i was with a couple of friends at a 7/11 and my friend tried buying a lighter, we were mostly all 17 at the time, and the cashier asked for ID and my friend didnt have it on him so he deadass casually told my friend who was with us who was 18 to show his ID instead. but the cashier was like na fam you can't do that lmao

  • Screeching Engineer

    As an added note, most Americans are rather talkative (outside of the north east). Don't be surprised if people try to strike up a conversation in line or at a gas station. Especially if they find out your from another country, many people will want ask you questions about where you are from. Feel free to ask questions about American culture and customs and explain how your own culture differs or is similar.
    Also restaurant portions are large. You don't have to eat all of it. It is very common to take the leftovers home and eat them for breakfast the next day.

  • the puginator
    the puginator Day ago

    Lol I live here funny watching this when I grew up knowing it

  • ꧁CítyChů꧂
    ꧁CítyChů꧂ Day ago +1

    I'm born and raised in the US all my life and I still think of "How are you" as a question.

  • Ryun Wallace
    Ryun Wallace Day ago +1

    don't be rude if you are rude we will be rude back

  • Celeste Calel-Jones

    who American I like my space but when some toches me I don't really care I'm just like why you touching me and I hug my friends and everything. But I hate cigarette and drugs it just smells.

  • Joshua Amerson
    Joshua Amerson Day ago

    The 10:30 one gets on my nerves. Also cigarettes are 18(S.C.) or 19 yrs old(Alabama) to purchase. Also marajuana is looked at way worse than a cigarette here (al) with your 2nd "simple possession" being a class c felony with up to 10 years possibly behind bars. Go to the other side of the country and it's almost the exact opposite.

  • bernardthedisappointedowl

    Wouldn't it be lovely if the weather cleared up so we could talk about gun-control, ^oo^

  • Thomas Ray
    Thomas Ray Day ago

    Stumbled upon this for the fun of it and ironically I'm from Mystic, Ct/ Noank. Small world.

  • Casimir Orzel
    Casimir Orzel Day ago

    6:04 Not true where I live

  • G G
    G G Day ago +2

    Visit San Francisco if you come here there’s a beautiful city right next to it called Oakland very nice small town people. Then I would recommend taking a short 45 minute drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles there’s nice places to stay there like Compton or Skid Row thank me later

    • S Rey
      S Rey 9 hours ago

      G G If they LIVE to thank you! 😲😬

    • G G
      G G Day ago

      Justin Galvez oh yes I forgot I love Fresno it smells like a dozen of roses freshly picked and the people there are extremely down to earth

    • Justin Galvez
      Justin Galvez Day ago

      You missed Stockton and Fresno, two charming little towns

  • G G
    G G Day ago

    I’m American we hate driving but it’s true we drive a lot it’s horrible

  • Philinise hamlin

    don't come here. I want to go somewhere else

  • bel pet
    bel pet 2 days ago

    I'm surprised by how accurate this is. Especially the first point! Please don't get into my space!

  • Afton Logan
    Afton Logan 2 days ago +1

    All those wanting to visit the USA I would really recommend the north west. I’m from Wyoming it’s beautiful and it’s not crowded either. There’s so much to see. Unlike the city once you drive into Wyoming everything jus slows down, there’s no people and when you go to a small town everyone will be super friendly and you’ll feel very welcome. It’s an amazing place to go! I’m not saying the rest of the US isn’t. It’s all beautiful!

  • ZirZang
    ZirZang 2 days ago

    You dont have to tip... but they'll be pissed-ish

  • spbustarhymes
    spbustarhymes 2 days ago

    Why should you underestimate the size? Sofia to Lisbon is 3.600km.. for example. Or Lisbon, Moscow is 4.700km...

  • Survival will pull thru

    Major thing I would reinforce is most Americans will be willing to help you just don’t be afraid to ask for it cause we don’t really ask all that often

  • MasterMike117 MasterMike117

    Restaurants dont get mad at you if you dont tip. . .

  • Madd Rabbit Stew
    Madd Rabbit Stew 2 days ago

    I have only one don't when coming to America....DON'T!

  • Voltage
    Voltage 2 days ago

    Come to the fucking Finland and you'll see that there is atleast 2 meters nobody must cross around when you are standing still

  • Donald Newcomb
    Donald Newcomb 2 days ago

    In the South, when we ask, "How are you doing?", we don't mind a detailed answer.

    LIL D BEATS 2 days ago

    Im from the uk but i know you dont tap a policeman on the shoulder unless you wanna get shot 😂

  • Marco Fierro
    Marco Fierro 2 days ago

    The dos of the US
    Shoot up schools
    Fuck your sister
    Cry about everything

  • Alanna Woods
    Alanna Woods 2 days ago

    Do not expect the North 2/3rds of the West Coast, from San Francisco to the Canadian border, to be remotely like any other part of the US.

  • Crusader_Wolf
    Crusader_Wolf 2 days ago

    As someone who’s American I will give you foreigners a heads up....
    Don’t visit Chicago if you don’t want to get caught up in a gang shooting!

  • Water P
    Water P 2 days ago

    As if somebody wants to touch you

  • Ay Ayushman
    Ay Ayushman 2 days ago

    All Americans are funny.

  • Nick The Music Snob
    Nick The Music Snob 2 days ago


  • Nick The Music Snob
    Nick The Music Snob 2 days ago

    I will fuck u up if u touch me

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo 2 days ago

    You forgot to say to not go to California, especially San Francisco. Libtards have turned it into a shithole.

  • Erik Rigt
    Erik Rigt 2 days ago

    In germany you can buy Beer with 16 or 15 when auf person older than 18 is with you.

    • S Rey
      S Rey 9 hours ago

      Can you drink in Bars?

  • Jesus Enrique Gonzalez

    "don't assume that all americans are all the same" this goes the other way around too! lol

  • Rose dowling
    Rose dowling 3 days ago

    Don't go swimming in the WW2 monument pool in D.C, this pool is not to play in

  • Ed Whalen
    Ed Whalen 3 days ago

    stay away from detroit, south central and gary indiana

  • JijitzueHD ,
    JijitzueHD , 3 days ago

    What am I doing here I’m an American

  • SYT94828 Gaming
    SYT94828 Gaming 3 days ago +2

    Don't Touch The Americans

  • Donna Mason
    Donna Mason 3 days ago

    Plus buses do not run on Sundays. Thanks 4 sharing

  • Thot Boi
    Thot Boi 3 days ago

    Is it okay to shoot a school in America?
    Or maybe give guns to a mental 16 year old kid?

  • TheFryingPan Nibba
    TheFryingPan Nibba 3 days ago

    Don't be black

  • Over 9,000 subs with no videos? OK!

    My family and I went on a road trip from Mobile, Alabama to Las Vegas, Nevada. And man, that sure was a long drive!

  • Mr Meta
    Mr Meta 3 days ago


  • Josh
    Josh 4 days ago

    If you’re young enough to the point where you’ll get asked for ID, don’t bother trying to buy alcohol or tobacco because (depending on which state & store you’re in) places will only sell you alcohol or tobacco if your ID is US-government issued and (per my current job at a gas station) most places don’t accept foreign ID so as a tourist, you have no government ID from the US therefore, you won’t be sold the product.

  • Jaffe Ort
    Jaffe Ort 4 days ago +1

    Learn English or you will have a hard and very bad time

    • S Rey
      S Rey 9 hours ago


    • X10GAMERX01
      X10GAMERX01 Day ago +1

      Jaffe Ort Kind of a pointless tip, if they can’t understand English how will they read that?

  • chance okeson
    chance okeson 4 days ago

    If u don't want to tip then don't tip its just a nice thing to do

  • Dina Chakimova
    Dina Chakimova 4 days ago

    Shing meh peeps pwease

  • Dina Chakimova
    Dina Chakimova 4 days ago

    I’m from lithuania and there is too much snow

  • Ambytata 83
    Ambytata 83 4 days ago

    What’s person-al space??

  • Sir Illuminar The Valient

    In the south. Local restraunts not chains. Cheap and incredibly delicious. If they don’t give you biscuits with breakfast they aren’t good. AND NEVER SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE BARBECUE BETWEEN STATES. many southern states have specific styles of barbecue and ferociously fight about which is best. A foreigner came into a barbecue place and said that sauce ruined barbecue and we ruin meat and pulled pork isn’t the only bbq(probably some Australian who thinks they know bbq because they throw meat on a fire). Anyways it was clear he was no longer welcome there and years later the staff still insult him

  • Sir Illuminar The Valient

    If you are visiting the south. Keep your distance sure but don’t be standoffish. Southerners treat everyone like a friend by default and if they speak to you kindly and you don’t respond it’s insulting and makes you “an unpleasant person”

  • Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Well done. One more thing if you have a question clarify you aren’t from around a lot of different nationalities live in the United States and most Americans will assume you are native so asking basic questions can make you seem very stupid

  • Ambytata 83
    Ambytata 83 4 days ago

    A 7 hours damn bro, that’s short

  • 90s lost
    90s lost 4 days ago +1

    So much PC its not the free speech land i used to dream about

  • happy feet
    happy feet 4 days ago +1

    1. Don't walk up to kids.... In Americans are very cautious about kidnapping and things like that and if you walk up to a kid you will just scare them
    2. Don't walk up to a women at night...... If you walk up to a women at night you will scare them and they might call the cops on you
    3. Stay out if politics...... Americans have very strong political views and fights can start very quickly if you mess with their pieces views

  • Μου αρέσει το μπουζούκι

    Also don’t assume all Americans are the same

    Damn. Brits

  • Nick de windt
    Nick de windt 4 days ago +1

    Also remember that if you catch fire: stop, drop, and roll.

  • Richard-Anthony Gilbey

    Close the borders declare war on dogshit britain