Will Tesla Survive Until the End of the Year?

  • Published on May 17, 2018
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  • richystar2001
    richystar2001 15 days ago

    I hope they last long enough to release the roadster in 2020... Merc... Audi.... Bmw.... Porsche... are taking all their market share when they release competitive EV's.... The Model S is long in the tooth. It will surprise me if they last past 2020.

  • Kristofer Olsson
    Kristofer Olsson Month ago

    Less then 1 year later TFL buys a model 3 becasue "its the future". Time is changing.

  • Andrei Bulucea
    Andrei Bulucea 2 months ago

    This guy is a certified idiot. Just look at his predictions... Since 2013.


    lmao 7:36 they zoom on a girl in bikini

  • aalex497
    aalex497 6 months ago

    Elon doesn’t show profit to pay less taxes. Electric cars are WAY cheaper to manufacture than any petrol cars.

  • Rob Meder
    Rob Meder 6 months ago

    How's this prediction coming? I would not take investment advice from this guy that's for sure.

  • Cory Pride
    Cory Pride 6 months ago

    Yeah, the Leaf has the rest of the world. They sell less than 1500 cars a month in the US. Watch out, Tesla!

  • tommy vice
    tommy vice 6 months ago

    come on guys... time already said all(it's funny for us but not just for you) put this video where your mouth is and swallow it! ))

  • TheZsolZsol
    TheZsolZsol 6 months ago

    "Model S never made profit" -- oh only 30% GM, just a bit higher than Ferrari. LOL, when are these losers going to eat some crow ?

  • Sean Z
    Sean Z 6 months ago

    Welp......the fudsters are WRONG again!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 6 months ago

    "For all you Tesla fan boys, you may think we are here knocking on the company and we're not." - Frankly if proper research was done rather than read the clickbaited media headlines you guys would have been singing a different tune. Awaiting your follow up video where you guys finally see the light to prove it :)

  • ADreviews76
    ADreviews76 6 months ago

    how about now tesla is profitable model 3 is the safest and best selling outselling bmw and mercedes

  • Russell Smith
    Russell Smith 7 months ago

    Its real funny they keep down playing Tesla and talking about all the manufactures that are bringing out their own fully electric car. My point is so what! Where are they going to charge them? All the public charging is super slow. Nothing comes even close to the availability of charging and at the rate of a Tesla Supercharger. So what if someone makes a electric car that can go further on a single charge then say my Model 3.. What then? I mean I can drive my Model 3 anywhere in country no problem what soever! I would not even consider another brand that did not have a network in place to keep me charged quickly. Eat your heart out Ford, Chevy, BMW and any other of you want a bees.. You are second fiddle to Tesla period!.

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm 7 months ago

    TFL DOENT LIKE EVs...bets against a 1T company trying to change/save the world...unlike the car companies backed by Saudi oil money that dont give a shite about the environment...

  • tigerbalm
    tigerbalm 7 months ago

    The stock market is a big ponsi skeme! rob from a bunch of little investers and pay top 1%...richer gets richer while evertonw bails out corrupt bankers!

  • RickTorn
    RickTorn 7 months ago

    TSLA fan boys will discount such an objective analysis. Truth can be hard.

  • Lance J. Danks
    Lance J. Danks 7 months ago +1

    Motor heads talking about EV's is an oxymoron. All the new EVs coming out have no infrastructure like Tesla superchargers throughout the country. I still don't get the disdain for Tesla particularly when oil is going up daily in price.

    • Lance J. Danks
      Lance J. Danks 6 months ago

      +Scott Paulson He is no doubt a tab eccentric, but he did come through this last quarter. Sold 53,000 Tesla's, model 3 out shinning and outperforming the big
      three. Met a Tesla owner at a Supercharger station with his 2013 S model and 151,000 miles with 93% of the battery remaining. My 100D has been flawless.
      Enjoy your show...

  • Wolfgang Chargin
    Wolfgang Chargin 7 months ago

    Don’t Buy a Tesla!!!
    The insurance is high!
    Tesla’s has a high rating of being totaled once in a accident!
    Tesla’s also have a waiting list to get replacement parts!
    My Tesla was hit, in a 45mph accident by a Old Chevy Celeberty! I was hit behind the front passenger door! The agent told me to rent a car while the body shop is waiting for parts
    The repair to my Tesla came to $7,850.
    I had a $2,000. deductible!
    But the repair bill for the car that hit me
    Was $1,200.
    I unloaded my Tesla a month after it was repaired!

  • Y Robeson
    Y Robeson 7 months ago

    These guys know nothing at all about business, and should stop pretending they do. I'm not a particular fan of Teslas or anything, but as a company it is doing very well. Is it profitable at this very second? No. Is it a game-changing company that is rapidly expanding and rapidly increasing sales? Yes. Is it approaching profitability at a fairly fast rate? Yes. Therefore, after it hits break-even, and carries on getting more profitable, will it start to generate huge profits? Yes.

  • constitutionalpie *
    constitutionalpie * 7 months ago

    They'll go bankrupt. SpaceX is just a distraction

  • Bernard Meyers
    Bernard Meyers 8 months ago

    Lets make Anton a regular! OK!

  • pete witheridge
    pete witheridge 8 months ago

    well to all the followers of tesla , how about ALL of you go buy some of their shares , if your that sure , make some money then , report back let us know how many you bought

  • Bachmann Manuel
    Bachmann Manuel 8 months ago

    horrible camera work guys

  • Jeff Mellow
    Jeff Mellow 8 months ago

    Nope! Short sell the stock now.
    Read about it in the new book, How Big Oil Killed the Electric Car!

  • RickTorn
    RickTorn 8 months ago +1

    I really like these guys. Calm and knowledgeable.

  • D Walker
    D Walker 8 months ago +1

    Wow, I just killed a lot of brain cells listening to this!
    I am not a Tesla owner, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is the car of the future (at least for the next decade or two)........the technology, safety and experience far surpasses anything I've seen. Naysayers will always exist, but to build a car company like this is such a short period of time is a testament to the genius of Elon.....and don't forget the battery business!

  • D Wolff
    D Wolff 8 months ago

    will Tesla be the number one car sold in the US by April or by June....you make the call

  • blaq inq
    blaq inq 8 months ago +1


  • clown192
    clown192 8 months ago

    Oil companies will buy Tesla and all of it's proprietary intellectual property and shelve it all and have a call back on all Tesla cars. Or Chrysler will buy it and squash them all lol.

  • Todd T
    Todd T 8 months ago

    I have no Tesla stock or any stock for that matter. What I am looking at is the fact that Tesla has a product in a market that many other auto manufacturers are beginning to occupy the same market. This means a smaller piece of the pie, no matter how you look at it. Even if the other brands suck.
    Tesla, in my opinion, cannot seem to match the coachworks or body construction if you will, of the other manufacturers. Electric engines and battery packs are easier to learn and fix than leaks, squeaks and misaligned body panels and poor paint. There is just less for you to deal with if you are an exiting auto manufacturer.
    Tesla got the right idea with the charging stations. Sell them the car and sell them the juice and bypass the entire industry. Tesla is underestimating the major players who will do the same with greater financial might and global presence and experience of keeping their companies afloat.
    Tesla will have to battle VAG and that is no joke and major car manufacturers are consolidating forces to build charging stations.
    Soon Tesla will be the odd man out. All the auto manufacturers knew this day would come and Tesla hastened it, but did not invent the coming of the day.
    If I like Ford but was admittedly pining for a (insanely priced) Tesla and then Ford had similar options, I would buy that and skip the Tesla. Reminds me of computer stuff like when 3D cards came out. Remember Orchid? Nope? They were the first with 3D gaming cards and then what happened to them?
    Even if Tesla was better than everybody else, remember Betamax?
    You say Tesla roadster, I say Rimac.
    One thing I know for sure and there is nothing anybody can say to counter this is that the number one reason for an entrepreneur to fail is that they try to do everything themselves. You can't. Period. I feel sorry for Elon as he consumes his life with this.
    In the end, I think he would do better to develop battery and motor driver technology and licence it out to enable other companies to advance faster.
    For investors, the increase in Tesla's stock price has been phenomenal. If you are just holding, you are waiting until doomsday. The money is in the fluctuations or buying the next "Tesla" that comes along. I would be nervous holding because the pie size will just shrink. All my friends had Nortel and I didn't. All my friends cried when they lost it all and I survived. Too many eggs, in just one basket.
    You say Tesla roadster, I say Rimac.

  • Derrick Halliday
    Derrick Halliday 8 months ago

    Have there guys heard of a compamy called AMAZON same negativity from so called experts.

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 8 months ago

    I hope apple or Microsoft or Amazon by tesla.

  • pwrshots
    pwrshots 8 months ago

    TESLA = the chevy Corvair.

  • alphiejh1
    alphiejh1 8 months ago

    the theory is electic is NOT the future, because if u run engine on moonshine its cleaner and the car runs better ,but u dont want to , electic is old, and i find it strange, u can make an engine that runs has a alternator to recharge the battery and the tech in the car, but u bringing out old tech electric cars but still nobody cant find a simple tech to recharge recharge electric cars batteries on the move, so nobody cant make a system to recharge an electic car but u can make outlet out of trucks to power tools from the back and in the interior of your truck to power a laptop tablet house hold items, but u need a charging port u have to pay to charge your car, i mean am i the only one who eyes are open here and not dumb to see the propheting

  • mrmiddl
    mrmiddl 8 months ago

    Problem with Tesla is they need a more affordable vehicle for the masses .

  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 8 months ago

    Roman just LOVES the idea that Tesla is in trouble. Every time something negative is mentioned he grins and chuckles like a schoolboy who just found the peephole into the girls' locker room ("they're burning through a little over a billion a quarter" "ha ha ha!" Elon Musk joked about going bankrupt, might it have been foreshadowing {big grin}). Maybe Tesla will be fine, and maybe they won't, but I think I know what this guy is rooting for.
    As soon as they start talking about other companies, ANY other companies, they are very excited and can't wait for these (currently) nonexistent cars to become available.
    Oh look, over in my recommended list is another TFLnow video called _In 5 Years 100 New Electric Cars: Top 5 Most Surprising EV Facts Revealed!_ and the headline, "Can Tesla Survive?" Now maybe they can and maybe they can't, but again, I think I know what Roman is rooting for.

  • Goerge Ibrahim
    Goerge Ibrahim 9 months ago +1

    I hope so otherwise I will be stuck whit shitty cars like Nissan juke concept

  • RickTorn
    RickTorn 9 months ago

    Like the calm, rational discussion.

  • Stan SPb
    Stan SPb 9 months ago +1

    A number of the claims in this video sounds like Short propaganda. Elon is right, taking it private. They are 7,000 Model 3 leaving the factory and still have 450,000 confirmed sales waiting for delivery. The profit point is expected in the 3rd Q, and 2nd Earnings call actually boosted the stock price. The Shorts are panicking because they are being proved wrong so will have lost billions in their efforts to drive wreck Tesla for their personal profit. So news and videos are saturated with paid for negative opinions. They did the same with Amazon which burned through money in the process of destroying the retail sales model in the west and causing the collapse of shopping malls in every city in the US. What are they saying now about how Amazon was not following the expectations of wall street. Tesla invested a great deal in the foundation needed for all EVs...charging stations and battery. Where is a Jag going to charge? Or a Bolt? Slowly at home with much higher cost residential electric rates...assuming they have a garage. Apartment dwellers are out of luck. 99% of the US residents are under 150 miles from a SuperCharger free...or low cost, fast charger. The stock holders seem to be very happy about going private, allowing faster innovation and faster growth than worrying about quarterly doomsayers and paid propaganda by Shorts trying to ruin the company so their poor choice of short target kills them.

  • aurelio milaor cabal
    aurelio milaor cabal 9 months ago

    A German co already said in a teardown and evaluation that the Mod 3 has 30 percent margin ,same with Sandy Munro in an Autoline interview ,as Sandy says "A lot of CROW being eaten here",and that is for the Long Range Mod 3 ,the Mod 3 Perf Dual Motor is going to be better margins ,the base Mod3 is going to be 18-20 margins when they come out,when Tesla is fully ramped out.

  • aurelio milaor cabal
    aurelio milaor cabal 9 months ago

    Anton , if you are so convinced of Tesla failure BET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AGAIN'ST TSLA including your house ,Anton is just a hater of Tesla and Elon.

  • Ma liberté financière

    We said the same thing about Facebook because Facebook was not making any money... They said the same thing about Twitter, snapchat... I believe those people still live in the past where business was different, and they did not make the jump to 2000's... Tesla is here to stay, lucid is coming... They are disrupters and disrupters become leaders (ask Facebook)

  • Mark Mathews
    Mark Mathews 10 months ago

    these teslas are Soy Boy Toys , complete with rattles

    LIBERTY MURF 10 months ago +1

    Tesla is not an automobile company only!!! Y'all misconstrue the mission & the products of Tesla. Tesla Energy generation & storage is the cash cow! Tesla solar roofs are absolutely REVOLUTIONARY! The Model 3 is being produced @ about 5K per week & shall be 6K in a few months - end of Q3. Tesla Energy & Solar roofs will continue to grow & expand. NO EV'S WOULD EVEN BE IN PRODUCTION WITHOUT ELON & TESLA PAVING THE WAY. Tesla has been building infrastructure never before built - all infrastructure (THINK GIGAFACTORY, ETC...) Y'all are way off base & you do not understand that Tesla is a Silicone Valley Technology Company that makes electric cars & many other products... KEYWORD being "Technology Company"... Go ahead & short the stock @ key points for daily profits, but Tesla will continue to innovate & thrive!!! The Corporate Culture is AMAZING & to be applauded... Only fools cast stones out of their own glass houses! Winning!

  • P Schmied
    P Schmied 10 months ago

    Tesla has a factory which can accomodate at least one more full production line and only needs to be equipped with more of the same thing that they designed for the Model 3 production. If they take the Honda apporach to manufacturing, they could build a mix of models on those lines with minumal downtime. Tesla set up a temporary production line in a prefab building next to the existing factory in 30 days.and boosted production to just over 5000 Model 3's per month while simultaneously boosting S and X production.

  • milo priborsky
    milo priborsky 10 months ago

    this year for sure ,but 5 years? I don't think so :)

  • Ian Mowbray
    Ian Mowbray 10 months ago

    they will run out of money!!!!!!

  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse 10 months ago

    CNBC predicts they should be profitable by year end. We've been hearing the gloom and doom scenarios from guys like this since they first opened up shop.

  • WVJimbo
    WVJimbo 10 months ago

    He tweeted that the company has gone bankrupt? On April Fool's Day? Okay then.

  • Boss martinez
    Boss martinez 10 months ago

    🤐 🤐 wait until June 30

  • Shafia Ahmad
    Shafia Ahmad 10 months ago

    I've been hearing this shit for so long. The FLC guy seems like a pessimist towards tesla. Just disgusting. Shut it already.

  • Bob Holland
    Bob Holland 10 months ago

    Do you guys have any idea how long it took for Amazon to make a profit. Look it up .

  • The Alpha Male
    The Alpha Male 10 months ago

    Tesla’s charging infrastructure and battery making capability makes this company worth keeping imo. Personally I believe Tesla will ultimately be successful. If not it will remain in some form because of the reasons mentioned.

  • TheBlack Metal
    TheBlack Metal 10 months ago

    Tesla Fanboys should learn about economics. Basic supply and demand. If there's no demand and supply sits = no profit. No company (except the federal government) can survive on this model.

  • fernarias
    fernarias 10 months ago

    Two big mistakes that Tesla made, 1. buying the freemont plant and building cars in CA, 2. not using oems for the S, X and Bolt, bonus 3. hiring sjw engineers with no car building experience and building a car like a smart phone with apps.

    TIMEFORFUN 11 months ago

    Tesla is not going anywhere.
    It will take time for the markets to adjust and start buying the Tesla models.
    The model 3 is a mass market vehicle. The consumers will eventually catch up to the product and Tesla will be fine.

  • Doe Joe
    Doe Joe 11 months ago

    Stop stating facts. I'm offended by facts. Americans shouldn't tell facts about an American company. Viva la Tesla. The bankers will keep giving Tesla all the money they need forever. Good luck Elon, you have bigger stones than I do. None of the people whining in this thread have millions of their own dollars invested in this company. They're just worshipers. I want Tesla to succeed but I'm not a worshiper with my head in the sand. When a company starts building cars in tents, that is an act of last minute improvised desperation. He might pull it off. I hope he doe's. But thinking the company is fine is delusional. BTW SpaceX is incredible.

  • oldrrocr
    oldrrocr 11 months ago

    Hope you guys are wrong, not so much because I am concerned about the value of my Model 3. I actually have the expectation that it would be worth much MORE if Tesla goes belly-up. No it is because if Elon fails, it really spells the beginning of the end of American dominance of innovation and leadership. We then just become a country of consumers of second rate Chinese trinkets.

  • oak 1971
    oak 1971 11 months ago

    I have to admit, when I saw a guy in a t shirt and suspenders sitting by the creek, I was not expecting a well researched, well spoken, astute observation of the market. Shame on me.

  • oak 1971
    oak 1971 11 months ago

    Fuel cell is the future.

    • oak 1971
      oak 1971 11 months ago

      Cloudy? Night? No wind? If it was that good, it would have replaced everything by now. Let me know when it does. Battery tech is a bit weak still.

    • oldrrocr
      oldrrocr 11 months ago

      Unless you are planning on using fuel cells to stockpile all that wasted/ unused/ surplus/ potential wind or solar energy that is NOT being harnessed, captured and stored for other uses.

  • oak 1971
    oak 1971 11 months ago

    Elon has impressed me with Space X. Not so much with Tesla.

  • Whomagoose long ago soldier

    If Tesla goes into bankruptcy there will be a sizable amount of land and unfinished buildings left abandoned at the Sparks, Nevada plant.
    See for yourself at the following address: 1 Electric Ave, Sparks, NV 89434. The special battery manufacturing section of Tesla has been under construction for over a year. Additional construction for car manufacturing. The land for all this is huge. Over a thousand acres, including their own electrical power generation system and complete water supply. Most if not all will shielded from EMP pulses.
    If this Tesla plant permanently closes as result of bankruptcy there will be a lot of unfinished buildings and other half finished projects in a section of Nevada. Just south of I-80 located between Sparks, Nevada and Fernley, Nevada.

  • Daniel Nicklas V
    Daniel Nicklas V 11 months ago

    I will come back to this video spring 2019 and put a snarky comment on how wrong you guys were.

  • internet !
    internet ! 11 months ago


  • goombakiwi
    goombakiwi 11 months ago

    I'm an Accountant and have commented for years on Tesla not following GAAP and having questionable recognition measures. I receive retorts that I'm just jealous or probably can't afford one.
    Tesla made a good looking car compared to prior electric attempts. They also put in a bigger battery than other electric attempts. This was probably the biggest benefit to the company as prior attempts would only get a range of about 100 miles compared to about 300. I know owners of them that have also had S-Classes; they're pretty skimpy on luxuries for the price.

  • RAN D
    RAN D 11 months ago

    Great info and interview! Something different for you guys. Keep it up!

  • Grumpy 1
    Grumpy 1 11 months ago

    Knowledgeable guest!

  • aurelio milaor cabal
    aurelio milaor cabal 11 months ago

    ANTON WALHMAN get ready for the "SHORT BURN OF THE CENTURY" those who follow his advice can and will lose a ton of money . Anton ,today June 14 2018 TSLA is over $350 , how many are going to go down in flames? this is just the start!!!!.

  • Adam Ton
    Adam Ton 11 months ago

    I beleive Tesla will eventually find buyers and break apart. Musk will call it a ''success'' because ''he grew ev demand''and we can all move on with our lives I hope

  • Kushko
    Kushko 11 months ago

    I like how you are cherry picking facts to make Tesla look like it's in trouble when it really isn't. Also i like when you run out of those "facts" you just start making shit up. Also Elon's bankrupt post was a joke made by Elon you sad excuse for a "fact" based journalism. Here...take a down vote for your trouble.

  • Tesla Todd
    Tesla Todd 11 months ago

    How about the other products Tesla sells. And actually Tesla making a profit on their S & X models. They just choose to put that profit back into their infrastructure and R & D. This video was so slimey I couldn't finish watching it. How about reporting facts and actual numbers. scum.

  • spencer fellows
    spencer fellows 11 months ago

    Tesla has been in trouble since day one, and will stay there until they get more production and reduce product costs. Many people don't realize competition does not mean death to Tesla. There have been countless times the Honda Civic hasn't been the best choice for consumers yet it still sold. Tesla is building a cult and just built a factory with panisonic that will produce more batteries then any other factory in the world. Don't count them out. Also Google or apple would probably fight to the death to take ownership of this company if it goes under.

  • Mohit Surtani
    Mohit Surtani 11 months ago

    Wadup with that autofocus

  • 723lion
    723lion 11 months ago

    Elon is playing that financial scam games: using new investors money paying old investors interests.

  • Derek Semmence
    Derek Semmence 11 months ago

    Wow. Such a narrow mind

  • Andrew Diamond
    Andrew Diamond 11 months ago

    Anton better keep his career as being an EV pundit, because he would never make it as an accountant.
    Tesla doesn't make a net margin. But the unit contribution margin of Model S and Model X is positive. Tesla just has too much overhead to cover, including R&D, Sales and General Admin personnel and the expansion of the Supercharger network.
    Munro estimates that the Model 3 costs about $28000 per unit in material and labor. Tesla will likely turn the corner in 3rd quarter.
    Anton has been talking gloom and doom about Tesla for 5 years that I recall. I have one of the first 5000 Model S, that's over 5 years old.
    Amazon lost money for nearly 15 years. Netflix lost money for about 10 years. Big, new businesses lose money until they make money.
    While Anton has been jabbering, Tesla has built over 300k cars.

  • Peter L
    Peter L 11 months ago

    I love Tesla. The main reason is that it forces rich liberal snobs to buy an American car for a change. I'll bet it cheeses them off to support an American company though. Damn those American workers! Those jobs should go overseas!

  • SoulFlavor18
    SoulFlavor18 11 months ago +3

    Every model 3 that is built, is already sold. This is clickbait

  • Jody Presti
    Jody Presti 11 months ago

    Most provocative headline. Is this click bait guys?

  • pao ye yang
    pao ye yang 11 months ago

    China billout!

  • Ramiro Estevez
    Ramiro Estevez 11 months ago +1

    They got there BTW, model s and x make a 30% margin, model 3 is yet to be in fully production ramp up but they nearly double their production targets this quarter and that's just in US sales, don't account for deliverys in Canada and reportedly in China, even if it comes with bad press shutting off a factory for 4 days to adjust is just escential, we eider dismiss production ramp up improvements or quite the idea that the production lines need change to actually improve

  • Witty Insights
    Witty Insights 11 months ago

    please keep gasoline around for years to come, I love exhaust notes and manual tranny's

  • Matthew Jenkinson
    Matthew Jenkinson 11 months ago +1

    EV's are just getting started, and already Tesla is outselling all of their competition in the USA and Germany (Model S/X is outselling BMW, MB and Audi in the same price bracket, whether you believe the car is similar or not, and Model 3 hasn't been released in volume there yet). Model 3 production looks like it will be around 160-180k this year, which is about $9b revenue at an average $50k price, and at a guesstimate of 15% gross profit (it has been negative until recently, so making a guesstimate based on the stated target of 25%), something like $1.5b profit. On one product line.
    They're not going anywhere.

    • Matthew Jenkinson
      Matthew Jenkinson 11 months ago

      Alan nope. Purchase prices are above that currently, statistical modelling puts the production numbers around that (depends on how far past 5k/wk they ramp and when they reach that, currently it's thought to be about a month away).
      As for the gross margin, yeah you're probably right. They're aiming for 25%, but will be a bit lower than that at the moment. The best figure I can find is 20% for this year, due to the production issues in the first few months, assuming the production numbers come in roughly as expected.

    • Alan
      Alan 11 months ago

      Matthew Jenkinson a hell of a lot of guesstimates and wishfull thinking there....

  • eddye royal
    eddye royal 11 months ago

    What you think of the Cadillac one?

  • Jordan Amoth
    Jordan Amoth 11 months ago

    This is going to be so much fun to watch in 10 years when they are very successful

    • TFLnow
      TFLnow  11 months ago

      That’s what people said 10 years ago

  • lgreen5
    lgreen5 11 months ago +1

    Oh I get it.... The Tesla Model S P100Ds have been putting a butt whooping on those mile high Dodges. So you guys want to change the conversation to Tesla’s hypothetical financial problems. Guys, let’s get back to testing cars. Fix one of those Dodges or what ever and test it against the Tesla. Don’t fear the future... Gas is the past.

  • Aries Might
    Aries Might 11 months ago

    Tesla cars are way over priced for the avarage consumer. Teslas loose more resale value over petrol vehicles. The battery's alone cost $14,000 or more to replace. So 😒PIFFT on them.

  • silasla
    silasla 11 months ago

    They do not "burn" cash. They invest cash. Why is this so hard to understand?

  • M Oczakow
    M Oczakow 11 months ago

    PS: Dumb dumbs, here's a tear-down rapport by an independent German company that analyzed the cost of all materials in Tesla's Model-3 at $18,000usd plus $10,000usd for labor costs, which comes out to a $28K total. Here's a free math lesson for u Anton (and the grinning/chuckling idiot ), 28/35=20% aka 20% profit on the base price, which is not even sold yet, the cheapest version right now is LongRange (+9K) with mandatory premium pkg (+5K) plus (i'm not including 1K) destination charge, for a total of 49K usd.
    Are we following yet?, or do we have to count again on fingers like in pre-school?
    Here's the rapport: (u can google translate it, it's easy even for 10y olds):
    28/49= 0.57142857x100=57.142857, so 100-57.142857=42.857143 yeah, Tesla right now makes 42.85% profit on every Model-3 currently sold (and thats before people buy extras, like sport wheels & autopilot, and other trinkets).
    So you can use this estimate from insideEVs which uses License Plate registrations to obtain real data.
    ... easy extrapolate the avg sales of just model-3 for the past 5 months (AVG, mmmm k?), 49,000(avg sale price)x18,305(units sold)= $896,945,000(sales) @ 42.85% profit margin = $384,405,001 million in pure profit from just 5 months of production marred by shitty output numbers with max 2000 units produced only for last 3 weeks.
    So when they eventually get to 5000/week output that will be 5x4=20weeks or 100,000units in 5-6 months at a total of $4.9bilion w a B, and even if u avg out 60% of units at 35K , 30% midrange at 54K & 10% 78K (performance), ans since all the model are separated by max $1000-2500 extra cost at most, since all is simplified, so the cost breaks down like this:
    Base: 60,000x35,000= 2,100,000,000 (20% profit) = $420,000,000 mil
    AWD: 30,000x54,000= 1,620,000,000 (48.15% prof.) = $780,030,000 mil
    Perf: 10,000x78,000= 780,000,000 (64.11% prof.) = $500,058,000 mil
    Total = 4.5Billion sales for 100,000units @ $1.7bil est profits, and even if u take off 10% margin of error for config options, thats still $1.53billion in profits over 20 weeks (5month).
    Never mind all the other shit they sell.
    Still think they're gonna go bankrupt,? since their sales are now only gonna start picking up, and not the other way around.

    • Alan
      Alan 11 months ago

      M Oczakow you are basing all your fantasies on expectation that they are going to meet their production tagets .... something they haven't ever got close to..or are likely to. Promises the world , delivers very little. All you Elon fanboys are going to get a reality check in the next few years.

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor 11 months ago

    All these old people afraid of electric cars. Gas is slow and unreliable stay in the slow lane old farts

  • Sean Perry
    Sean Perry 11 months ago

    Tesla is pretty much a R&D factory. I love their vision and the technology is growing. Tesla's development approach reminds me of pharmaceutical and biotech development. Once the bugs get worked out and the platform is refined Tesla will be in a position to be a major player. Battery technology is evolving at a rapid pace.

  • Gabriel Vargas
    Gabriel Vargas 11 months ago

    more electric car, less gas car

  • Gabriel Vargas
    Gabriel Vargas 11 months ago

    mmm, he is expert of electric cars or expert of finances.

  • Charles A Townsend
    Charles A Townsend 11 months ago

    Tesla, the company, is not managed right and cost way too much for the middle class. Its a novelty item for the rich.
    With that said, all car dealerships are on a bubble,all of them. The price tags are way too high and people cannot afford them. The entire industry will emplode and prices are going to need to drop if they are going to survive.

  • dodgeguyz
    dodgeguyz 11 months ago

    These TFL guys are a joke!

  • random guy
    random guy 11 months ago +1

    Uhhh tesla did make model s profitable. They were making about $21k per car.

  • toyracers
    toyracers 11 months ago

    Maybe they should short it.. I for one am bullish, I can't ignore that they have been saying the same thing for the last 8 years and I keep making 30% year after year. Revenue is increasing 25% year after year. The model 3, model S, and Model X are market leaders in sales. Their energy decision is up 500% in revenue. Side note Dealerships hate selling electric cars because they make no money from maintenance.

  • Rob C
    Rob C 11 months ago

    What is the resale value of electric cars???????

  • Rob C
    Rob C 11 months ago

    I asked Preston Tucker and John Delorean if Tesla will make it and they said no way.

  • No Thanks
    No Thanks 11 months ago +1

    these slobs have been saying the same ish ever since Tesla started.