MESSY MAKEUP TRIVIA ft. Nikita Dragun & Gabriel Zamora

  • Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Welcome to Messy Makeup Trivia, the NEW gameshow where no matter who wins, everyone loses! I bring on my two friends Nikita Dragun & Gabriel Zamora to battle and see who knows the most makeup trivia. Enjoy as we get into lots of drama, how we all met, Nikita's apology, and a whole lot of makeup.
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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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Comments • 30 173

  • Ridin’ With Dat Nina
    Ridin’ With Dat Nina 13 hours ago

    I’m just paying attention to Gabriel’s & nikitas reaction & all I gotta say is DAAYYUUUMM

  • Jazmin Mendoza
    Jazmin Mendoza 14 hours ago +2

    Man Gabby was hella checking himself out on the camera.If you don't believe me.....

  • Pink Unicorn
    Pink Unicorn 14 hours ago

    To me James is an amazing singer

  • Yatziry Rodriguez
    Yatziry Rodriguez 19 hours ago

    Wow every time I hear James sing he sounds so much more angelic

  • hehe 9
    hehe 9 Day ago

    No one:

  • Kaitlyn Howell
    Kaitlyn Howell Day ago

    Gabby was me when the teacher calls on me and Idk the answer 😂😂

  • xxkawwiipotatoxx x
    xxkawwiipotatoxx x Day ago +1

    I live for niki dragon💙💙💙

  • Róisín Doyle
    Róisín Doyle 2 days ago

    james is so funny, literally the first question james buzzing in before the question finished which he explained is a rule at the start ahahhaa

  • Abbygale Bilagantol
    Abbygale Bilagantol 2 days ago

    Nikita literally snapped !!!

  • Lilly Lou
    Lilly Lou 2 days ago

    James singing in this video is lowkey fire

  • Kendra Hopkins
    Kendra Hopkins 3 days ago +2

    No one:

    Like literally no one:

    James: *clap* OH

  • Aaisha Hassan
    Aaisha Hassan 4 days ago +1

    the three most controversial people in one video

  • Isla Davidson
    Isla Davidson 5 days ago +1

    OMG IS JAMES USING HIS PALETTE??!! The palette he is using is on his knee and we don't get to see it

  • Sassy Bish
    Sassy Bish 5 days ago +3

    You know, the only problem is that normally they all use almost identical foundation shades...
    (in the meanwhile 2 of them are low key orange and than James is pink)

  • Riley Ohler
    Riley Ohler 5 days ago +4

    Sabotage: you have to use a dry beauty blender
    Me, very new to using foundation: . . . . t-that’s a bad thing?

  • makeupbynat xo
    makeupbynat xo 6 days ago +1

    now known as the tea squad

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B 6 days ago

    I have a new makeup Instagram page it's all about sharing my makeup experience. Would love it if you could check me out @just_makeup_dayz

  • T E A
    T E A 7 days ago +5

    “We are genuinely shocked that this contestant still has a career”
    Ummmm.... you sure about that? 😂

  • shane sprouse
    shane sprouse 7 days ago

    why is this on my recommended LMAO

  • Dawnie animates
    Dawnie animates 7 days ago +2

    Don’t worry Sister James, I love your singing!

  • Grace Alexander
    Grace Alexander 8 days ago

    Love all of You, but Nikita got the challenge. Love You all!

  • Whereatetheavocado BB

    Omg nikkita can I buy ur hand

  • Hailey's account
    Hailey's account 8 days ago +1

    8:12 turn on ur captions pls 😭😂

  • Jana Mostafa
    Jana Mostafa 9 days ago

    “Through all his scandals we are honestly surprised he still have a career” LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine Daya
    Jasmine Daya 9 days ago

    Did anyone notice that Nikita is barely wearing any clothes

  • Deb Hill
    Deb Hill 10 days ago

    HE predicted his fate in advance. Should ask him the next lottery ticket number,,,,,,,

  • Adji Wibowo
    Adji Wibowo 10 days ago

    Nikita look good

  • Natalia Rocha
    Natalia Rocha 10 days ago

    Look,it's the sister scandalers

  • estrella lara
    estrella lara 11 days ago

    gabriel won but i love all of you guys

  • greg rblx
    greg rblx 11 days ago

    Hahahha Gabriel's eyebrows looked better than Jame's , even if he used no mirroirs

  • S Lands
    S Lands 12 days ago

    anyone noticed gabriel and james were moving threr bush the same time and turned their head the same time

  • Ruby Dandy
    Ruby Dandy 13 days ago

    18:35 my last 3 brain cells during the exam

  • Bridget Brown
    Bridget Brown 14 days ago +3

    17:44 "you guys are trying to get me hate comments" totally not true James your singing is ammmmmaaaaazzzzziiiinnnnggg!!!!

  • Thalia Nickol
    Thalia Nickol 14 days ago +1

    “Whatever challenges comes ur way, and at the end of the day just look cute and sister slay”

  • cryxbaby
    cryxbaby 15 days ago

    gabby is beautiful

  • Maria..k
    Maria..k 17 days ago +1

    This video has so much foreshadowing in it I canttttt
    Gabriel speaks his truth.
    Nikkita-“sometimes staying silent sends a bigger message”
    Thorough James scandals it’s surprising he still has a career.
    Like dangggggggggg.

  • Evelyn Munoz
    Evelyn Munoz 17 days ago

    “I’m not even a makeup artist”😂

  • iloveilish
    iloveilish 17 days ago

    wtf were gabriel and nikita talking about at around 12:00

  • Danielle Vaughans
    Danielle Vaughans 17 days ago +1


  • Suzanne Cortez
    Suzanne Cortez 17 days ago +2

    Gabriel is me in Psychology class 2:44-2:50 lmao

  • Nony Heart
    Nony Heart 18 days ago

    I like James singing

  • Delaney Logan
    Delaney Logan 18 days ago

    that “banner” vocal was phenomenal

  • Zeinab Mohamed
    Zeinab Mohamed 18 days ago +1

    I can feel the awkwardness in the room when James was singing

  • Lori Leandro
    Lori Leandro 19 days ago

    The newest drama

  • Taryn Hunter
    Taryn Hunter 19 days ago

    nikita weird for not pickin gabriel , james kept gettin picked . SHE WEIRD

  • Jailene Hurtado
    Jailene Hurtado 20 days ago


  • Esperanza Gutierrez
    Esperanza Gutierrez 20 days ago

    @15:25 lmao!!! Gabriel was like um is that a fly? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂⚰️⚰️⚰️💀💀💀💀

  • The Lyfestyle Plug
    The Lyfestyle Plug 21 day ago +10

    Gabriel flirting with the camera while Nikita's going on and on about her and James meeting for the first time :D

  • Stranger Happened
    Stranger Happened 21 day ago +1

    *This is actual friends version.*

  • Zoe Viernes
    Zoe Viernes 22 days ago +1

    unicorne essence didnt fail love all of ya

  • Kadence Armilio
    Kadence Armilio 22 days ago

    Rip headphone users 20:11😂😂

  • howaboutno
    howaboutno 23 days ago

    15:26 easily my favourite moment

  • My life Sucks
    My life Sucks 23 days ago

    Dude i want to think they look prettier with makeup but i just dont.

    • Fawn
      Fawn 19 days ago

      Nikita just looks orange asf

  • Zainah Sto Tomas
    Zainah Sto Tomas 23 days ago +2

    Let’s wear white and not tell Gabriel.

  • Ari Kent
    Ari Kent 23 days ago +1

    Gabriel has the most beautiful skintone ever omg

  • Cαѕєч Guѕtαv
    Cαѕєч Guѕtαv 23 days ago

    The trio Pick The Shade "DONALD TRUMP"

  • Ruth Hernandez
    Ruth Hernandez 24 days ago

    I guess you know who your real friends are.

  • Trystan Jeffers
    Trystan Jeffers 24 days ago


  • Boring Vlogs
    Boring Vlogs 24 days ago +1

    00:18 his career Almost ended this year but I was one of the unsubscribers💀😂

  • frankie and lolas channnel cousins

    Nicketa definitely won

  • saskia pulford
    saskia pulford 24 days ago

    I wet myself when it said James hand was only $9! E.g. His palette is £39!

  • Gabriel Carnero
    Gabriel Carnero 25 days ago

    Nikita dragon sis yo face

    DADDY 25 days ago

    Why does Nikita look like the Dillon from brats when he turns into a girl m😂

  • Alli Pawlowski
    Alli Pawlowski 25 days ago +11

    “Through all his scandals we are genuinely shocked that this next contestant has a career”
    Oh honey just wait

    • Fawn
      Fawn 19 days ago +2

      He still does have a career though, lol.

  • The life Of Tabria
    The life Of Tabria 26 days ago +1

    She was slapping the hell out off that pallet 😂

  • The life Of Tabria
    The life Of Tabria 26 days ago

    I freaking love Nikita 😂😂😍

  • Nee L
    Nee L 26 days ago +3

    Gabriel drew nothing on his brows for 3 mins 😂

  • Sarah
    Sarah 26 days ago

    Literally hate Gabriel

  • smile
    smile 27 days ago +9

    Even all the rumors these 3 people are inseparable

  • Abigail Omage
    Abigail Omage 27 days ago

    This is my fave vid

  • Sarah Eufemia
    Sarah Eufemia 27 days ago

    James do more of these!!!

  • Emaan Zaid
    Emaan Zaid 27 days ago +17

    Lol the trio that made it to Kylie’s party
    Luvvv them ♥️♥️

  • Midnight Kitty
    Midnight Kitty 28 days ago +9


  • Santina De Martini
    Santina De Martini 28 days ago +4


  • Kayla Bettina
    Kayla Bettina 28 days ago +3

    Nikita def won

  • Nabilah Macabuat
    Nabilah Macabuat 29 days ago

    they're so pretty!!!!

  • M D
    M D 29 days ago +1

    0:18 not anymore i guess 😕

  • Am Mir
    Am Mir 29 days ago +4

    In who else’s recommendations is this in after the tea

  • Angel Lilly Whitebean
    Angel Lilly Whitebean 29 days ago

    His views are going back up 😄😄😄 woot woot I'm so happy for you

  • Beronica Yelandriz
    Beronica Yelandriz 29 days ago +1

    Look at Nikita 4:50 😅

  • 叫是
    叫是 29 days ago +4

    Whose here after the James charles drama
    Oops wrong video

  • LPS Peaches
    LPS Peaches 29 days ago +1

    0:18 now we’re really shocked he has a career... *poor James*

  • Magdiel Trejo
    Magdiel Trejo 29 days ago +2

    0:18 omg

  • Dxnya09 SR
    Dxnya09 SR Month ago +11

    im literally binge watching all these vids after all these drama. anyone else?

    • Kenia Guardado
      Kenia Guardado 28 days ago +1

      Dxnya09 SR omggggg me too lol but on my cousins tablet lol and account

  • maria tokidoki
    maria tokidoki Month ago +40

    Screw all those people who talked shit about Nikita or Gabriel sticking up for James.
    They’re true friends that sticked up for him even when there were massive people hating him for wrong reasons. It’s not easy to do. Shows how real they are.

    • Moto Moto
      Moto Moto 2 days ago

      I wouldn’t say Nikita tried to help James but added more fuel to the fire

    • Faricia Danoe
      Faricia Danoe 24 days ago +1

      Alas Ii totally agree.

    • Karoline Varca
      Karoline Varca 28 days ago +1

      exactly. thats when u know who ur friends really are

    • Alas Ii
      Alas Ii 29 days ago +9

      maria tokidoki Gabriel has always been honest. Remember his My Truth video? Yes, true friends stick by you in face of adversity, instead of only when it's convenient for them. All those "friends" who quickly unfollowed James and jumped on a bandwagon should be blocked from his life forever. The "fans" too. And all based on nothing but words with zero proof. It's pathetic how gullible and disloyal people really are

  • lamujre 777
    lamujre 777 Month ago +12

    That Intro is Still True for James 😂👏👏

  • London Emmeline
    London Emmeline Month ago +1


  • Corti the Gamer
    Corti the Gamer Month ago +1

    Nikita won

  • Breandersonx0
    Breandersonx0 Month ago +18

    These are his real ones

  • Rachael Gargagliano

    The girl on the left makeup is so bad seriously

  • Lacey Crouch
    Lacey Crouch Month ago +2

    Did anyone else notice that Nikita would mouth the questions

  • Marlissa Bobby Baggott

    Unpopular opinion but I’d love to hear James and Markiplier do an album together. A dream I know

  • Larissa 0814
    Larissa 0814 Month ago

    Wait WHAT JAMES HAS 14 million now NOOOO HE HAD 13 million like two days ago or SOMETHING LIKE THAT 🤷‍♀️ sad people forgave him


  • Carla HO
    Carla HO Month ago +9

    Makeup with his true friends📢

    • Larissa 0814
      Larissa 0814 Month ago

      Carla HO hmm true friends well James “true friend”

  • Manha Kazi
    Manha Kazi Month ago

    9:58 Gabriel I hate you
    Me inside :oh sister you're gonna hate more

  • Manha Kazi
    Manha Kazi Month ago +9

    Only if James knew what Gabriel gonna do to him in the future

  • Nikolius Jackson
    Nikolius Jackson Month ago

    Why dose the girl sound like a man

  • Alma K
    Alma K Month ago

    Nikitas makeup looks fireeee

  • Alma K
    Alma K Month ago +1

    This show needs to come back i love the intros

  • Srishti Khaneja
    Srishti Khaneja Month ago

    Anyone here after knowing that these two are worst friends in the world??