• Published on Nov 4, 2017
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  • Lee Bee
    Lee Bee Day ago

    2:31 Darius won talking Marcus won battle

  • Xhappyx Sunx
    Xhappyx Sunx Day ago

    “I ain’t scared I ain’t scared” *slips* “ohhhhhhhhh”

  • Shala Burton
    Shala Burton Day ago

    mamaw ca chway ooooooooooooo

  • Shala Burton
    Shala Burton Day ago

    darius saloppppppp

  • Shala Burton
    Shala Burton Day ago


  • Taylor Rose Nandlal

    U guys are so funny and cool 😘😙😅

  • Eryn Dingle
    Eryn Dingle 2 days ago

    Marcus:Bailey rose sneesby will be your girlfriend and she is 5 year's old isn't that funny

  • Xavier Mejia
    Xavier Mejia 2 days ago

    Did Darius just cused

  • stage-speedy985 Fortnite gameplay and more

    Mum: you kiss your mother with that mouth oh i am your mother

  • It’s Just zippy
    It’s Just zippy 3 days ago +1


  • lkhagvasuren
    lkhagvasuren 4 days ago +1

    this should be try not laugh gymnastics😂

  • Gingy Bread
    Gingy Bread 5 days ago

    I can’t believe Cyrus actually fell on his nuts

  • Iyanna Colon
    Iyanna Colon 5 days ago

    7:28 i was crying 😙😙😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Jenkins
    Elizabeth Jenkins 5 days ago

    Elizabeth Jenkins post video like guys cute

  • Zoran Miladinovic
    Zoran Miladinovic 5 days ago


  • Sofia Armenta
    Sofia Armenta 5 days ago

    At 6:15 look at maruse face

  • Crazykid Gang
    Crazykid Gang 6 days ago

    You guys are a great

  • Karisa GachaNoob
    Karisa GachaNoob 7 days ago

    Cyrus always fell in his private hehehe

  • melonie Pineda
    melonie Pineda 7 days ago

    You guys are so cool

  • Peter Shepis
    Peter Shepis 7 days ago

    did you say a bad word did or was it fake

  • Marell Walker
    Marell Walker 8 days ago

    Cyrus delivered a superkick to darius

  • Kara Johnson
    Kara Johnson 9 days ago

    He always splits the bean why????

  • Gyovanni Powell
    Gyovanni Powell 9 days ago +1

    I love the dobre brother’s love there music video you know you lit

  • Savannah Daniels
    Savannah Daniels 10 days ago

    Tori did you actually say that

  • BOTS Christmas 2016
    BOTS Christmas 2016 10 days ago

    Yay!! Love u guys !!:)

  • Jennifer Reese
    Jennifer Reese 10 days ago

    I will be Marcus dobre girlfriend

  • Akshay Basil
    Akshay Basil 11 days ago

    Cyrus won but all of you are great

  • Rocio Gomez
    Rocio Gomez 11 days ago +1

    Love you guys😍😍😍

  • Chrisshawna Giles
    Chrisshawna Giles 12 days ago

    7:29 I fell bad for him 😭😭

  • Brittany Bledsoe
    Brittany Bledsoe 12 days ago +1

    Love the tan Brothers

  • Barbie Johnston
    Barbie Johnston 13 days ago

    Big fan of you guys

  • Neenah McDonald
    Neenah McDonald 13 days ago

    lucas: IS HILARUS
    Marcus:weird and funny
    Darius:funny cuz he always does this fashon modle like face

  • Keyanah Bond
    Keyanah Bond 13 days ago +1

    This is the funniest video 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • portia everett
    portia everett 14 days ago

    My favorite Dobre Brothers is a think about dairy and dairy and Marcus and Lucas and Cyrus

  • Kailynn Struck
    Kailynn Struck 14 days ago +1

    Who do u like is the cutest darius , lucas, Marcus or Cyrus

  • Myesha Savage
    Myesha Savage 14 days ago +1

    why would he pull down his pants my baby niece that is 4 does not do that like if u agree or reply ur answer

  • Evelyn Regalado
    Evelyn Regalado 14 days ago

    I. Lic. Mrcs. Cus. He. Is. Cyut

  • Evelyn Regalado
    Evelyn Regalado 14 days ago

    I. Woot To. Mate. Mrcis

  • Jan Williams
    Jan Williams 15 days ago


  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 17 days ago +2

    7:29 Bad

  • Nour Chaarani
    Nour Chaarani 17 days ago +1

    Why is this the final gymnastic challenge

  • Lizbeth Ponce
    Lizbeth Ponce 17 days ago

    Dorbry bros listin up the scary guys should of unmasked him so here are the clues #1 black hair #2 white person#3 a good gymness.look for more clues

  • Wolf2 King1
    Wolf2 King1 17 days ago +1

    I feel bad for Cyrus but at the same time I don't cause it's funny 7:23

  • Brianna Castro
    Brianna Castro 17 days ago

    Why does it hurt his private?

  • Zhayy Maranan
    Zhayy Maranan 18 days ago

    i really love this Dobre Brothers. 😇😍❤

  • kay vazquez
    kay vazquez 18 days ago

    i love you so much all of yall are cute

  • Shanise Bea
    Shanise Bea 18 days ago +1

    On the beam I’m a girl and I felt Cyrus pain when he fell off the beam.

  • cindy Alsobrooks
    cindy Alsobrooks 18 days ago


  • Teisha Horton-Jordan
    Teisha Horton-Jordan 18 days ago

    Love you

  • Jeremiah Pierre
    Jeremiah Pierre 19 days ago


  • Sabrina Oty
    Sabrina Oty 19 days ago

    I subscribed and hit the bell and liked the video

  • Romeo Marquez
    Romeo Marquez 20 days ago


  • Taher Dhariwala
    Taher Dhariwala 20 days ago

    Ok who’s Lucas and who’s Marcus

  • Jose Gaspar
    Jose Gaspar 21 day ago

    Hey can you guys teach me to do aback flip

  • Eliuth Villa
    Eliuth Villa 21 day ago

    But I love your guys videos there pretty cool

  • Eliuth Villa
    Eliuth Villa 21 day ago

    Sometimes the beams are really dangerous for guys but for girls not really

  • Eliuth Villa
    Eliuth Villa 21 day ago

    Poor Cyrus bro oh and you can die if that hit you harder did you know so be careful

  • ryan barrett
    ryan barrett 22 days ago +1

    Lucas won Marcus won Darius won Cyrus won Alex camrea man won

  • ryan barrett
    ryan barrett 22 days ago +1

    Lucas won Marcus won Darius won Cyrus won Steve camrea man won

  • ryan barrett
    ryan barrett 22 days ago +1

    Lucas won Marcus won Darius won Cyrus won Steve camrea man won

  • Wesley Mareus
    Wesley Mareus 22 days ago +1

    Wooww cyrus

  • Danuta Pudło
    Danuta Pudło 23 days ago

    Bacjflips are ahhy

  • Dork Plays101
    Dork Plays101 23 days ago +4

    Lucas ❤️ invanita
    Cyrus🧡 Krsteana
    Darus💛 Maddie
    Marcus💚 nobody

  • tania guillen
    tania guillen 24 days ago +1

    Everyone that thinks dobre brothers are dumb you are so mean y’all should talk about them you should talk nobody mean I’m actually a little girl of 9 years old that picture is my mom people are being bully’s

  • Yvonne Oliver
    Yvonne Oliver 24 days ago +1

    I going to miss the gymnastics challenges

  • Ashley Dempsey
    Ashley Dempsey 25 days ago

    Can you guys have a dance battle

  • Kayla Braxton
    Kayla Braxton 25 days ago


  • Kyra Soucy
    Kyra Soucy 26 days ago +1

    Whenever Cyrus goes on the beam he always falls the same way. 7:26

  • Ken Jade
    Ken Jade 26 days ago +1

    Marcus and Lucas are the best

  • Kinnesha Gittens
    Kinnesha Gittens 26 days ago