SML Movie: Jeffy Plays Fortnite!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
    Jeffy plays Fortnite!
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    Thanks to Justin Lieber for playing the Fortnite footage!
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  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson 4 minutes ago +1

    PUBG for chef pp be like

    SAMZ29 FORTNITE 38 minutes ago +1


  • Proplayer_ Fortnite-livestream

    Jackie Chu: omg im so asian i cant even see an think

  • DJ Da Kidd
    DJ Da Kidd Hour ago


  • suck u mum an u nans
    suck u mum an u nans 2 hours ago

    Jeffy ate 1/4 of his homework

  • ya76haira1
    ya76haira1 3 hours ago +1


  • [WAVE] Ocean
    [WAVE] Ocean 3 hours ago

    Cod bo4

  • Daniels Steinbergs
    Daniels Steinbergs 4 hours ago

    Jeffy no mate not a noise biggest your Daddy here you

  • Bayro Nuila
    Bayro Nuila 4 hours ago

    is fortnites😎😎😎😎

  • GDJ beys
    GDJ beys 4 hours ago

    Ew gay jk funny

  • Little Piglet
    Little Piglet 4 hours ago +1

    I love your Jeffy videos

    ALEX PEREZ MELARA 5 hours ago +2

    Favfote game is ROBLOX

  • Azzaya Lol
    Azzaya Lol 5 hours ago

    It's fortnite

  • datboigamer 91021
    datboigamer 91021 5 hours ago +2

    The last digit number of likes is where you’re landing on your next game on Fortnite!
    1. Tilted Towers
    2. Lonely Lodge
    3. Retail Row
    4. Salty Springs
    5. SML’s House
    6. Paradise Palms
    7. Polar Peaks
    8. Loot Lake
    9. Pleasant Park
    0. Snobby Shores

  • This guy Dannyyy
    This guy Dannyyy 5 hours ago +2

    4:26 Why was Jeffy Raging If he didn’t use the Mad kit?! Jeffy is stupid because he’s a Default Skin! Jeffy probably had like 3 Kills!

  • This guy Dannyyy
    This guy Dannyyy 5 hours ago +2

    What Season did you start Playing Fortnite on?!
    Like = Season 1-4
    Reply = Season 5-8 or None

  • Jacobs stuff
    Jacobs stuff 5 hours ago

    How to play fortnite BASH YOUR KEYBOARD INTO NOTHING

  • bigboi bob
    bigboi bob 6 hours ago

    *bloodgang* *dadaoomp*

  • Miguel Langeveld
    Miguel Langeveld 7 hours ago

    The best


    Jeffy is so much better than me

  • dovydas armonas
    dovydas armonas 8 hours ago

    Black people always die firstπŸ˜‚

  • Roberto Santiago Jr.
    Roberto Santiago Jr. 8 hours ago

    Sml movie chef pee pee gets arrested

  • Maximus Gamerous
    Maximus Gamerous 9 hours ago

    CCTV. B x. B. V. V. Kelslsoowl

  • Muhc Agabon
    Muhc Agabon 9 hours ago


  • Andrew Lam
    Andrew Lam 9 hours ago

    Fortnite I think

  • Imassmiko
    Imassmiko 10 hours ago


  • Sally Stock
    Sally Stock 10 hours ago

    Anyone 2019 like for yes

  • Sally Stock
    Sally Stock 10 hours ago

    Teacher : what’s everyone’s favorite game say at same time
    Students: fortnite
    Teacher : f### u

  • Vannila cloud. :3
    Vannila cloud. :3 14 hours ago

    I will make you a sandwich

  • California baby
    California baby 16 hours ago


  • Cassidy Journey
    Cassidy Journey 16 hours ago

    Jeffry what to play fortnite

  • Aurelio Borbon
    Aurelio Borbon 17 hours ago +1

    You are funney

  • David niel Manliguez
    David niel Manliguez 17 hours ago

    dont worry about forrnite worry about apex because fortnite is dead

  • fnafjade
    fnafjade 17 hours ago

    Go jeffy!

  • dA TeMMiE GuY
    dA TeMMiE GuY 18 hours ago

    GOd jeFfy Is A DRamA QueeN

  • Melanie //
    Melanie // 18 hours ago +4

    I play fortnite on Xbox and ps4 and mobile and pc

  • Squid frick
    Squid frick 19 hours ago

    News: we blame games for everything!

  • Tishaun Rombley
    Tishaun Rombley 19 hours ago

    True chef pee-pees food looid goid

  • Timothy Chilina
    Timothy Chilina 19 hours ago

    lol i killed jeffy at 2:24

  • Grant Keats
    Grant Keats 19 hours ago

    Wow he’s good

  • khaleda huda
    khaleda huda 19 hours ago

    Favourite game is just dance

  • fanboy potion channel mccoy

    Its funny how jeffy is just smashing his keyboard

  • GamingOCD Plaza
    GamingOCD Plaza 21 hour ago +1

    Anyone else playing fortnite when watching this

  • Saif Plays
    Saif Plays 21 hour ago

    You should have used the med kit

  • Zenex
    Zenex 21 hour ago


  • Javi Maldonado
    Javi Maldonado 21 hour ago

    My favorite game is fortnite

  • Davine Calland
    Davine Calland 21 hour ago

    Fuck the bunny

  • Mikey Medders
    Mikey Medders 22 hours ago

    My favorite game is Dragon ball FighterZ

  • Jose Alcantara
    Jose Alcantara 22 hours ago

    First time I saw it I thought he was fapping 😢

  • Jose Alcantara
    Jose Alcantara 22 hours ago +2

    1:17 Jeffy slapping his monkey 🀣🀣🀣

  • Frisk101
    Frisk101 23 hours ago


  • Kiwi fox Gamer
    Kiwi fox Gamer 23 hours ago

    Jeffys awesome at fortnight

  • Carina Blas
    Carina Blas 23 hours ago


  • Jasmine Sanders
    Jasmine Sanders 23 hours ago

    Shut your ass up jeffy

  • Inga Matoniene
    Inga Matoniene Day ago

    Enyone 2019 😐

  • Amanda G
    Amanda G Day ago +2

    Mine is FORTNITE

  • Big daddy BOI
    Big daddy BOI Day ago

    And fortnite

  • Big daddy BOI
    Big daddy BOI Day ago


  • Michael Jackson MJ

    GTA5 is my favorite game

  • Terri Arrendale
    Terri Arrendale Day ago

    Fuck you je😑😑

  • Elouise Yuen
    Elouise Yuen Day ago

    How much likes I get that’s how many wins Jeffy gets

    So like it😎πŸ₯Ί

  • Amy Key
    Amy Key Day ago

    haa that bunny is a asshole

  • Kaylee Willems
    Kaylee Willems Day ago

    Bertie the Brain is by far my fave.

  • Harry meme
    Harry meme Day ago

    Shouldn’t this video and Jeffy plays Minecraft be on SBL

  • Steven Starbird
    Steven Starbird Day ago

    State of decay 2

  • Luke Wilkerson
    Luke Wilkerson Day ago +1

    Famous last words β€œit was in my pants” like if u agre

  • Hannah Nicole Hernandez

    That didn’t even hit jeffy

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  • Anne Imam
    Anne Imam Day ago

    That was pi at math not pie to eat XD

  • tech daddy
    tech daddy Day ago

    My favorite game is footnote

  • SkiZZ Man
    SkiZZ Man Day ago


  • Donny Pemberton
    Donny Pemberton Day ago

    You know kids watch this stuff and they are learning how to cuss and do bad things so you need to stop making the stupid videos

  • Cynthia Collins
    Cynthia Collins Day ago


  • Fanf1999 Vang
    Fanf1999 Vang Day ago

    Rip season 5

  • Kabibi Manya
    Kabibi Manya Day ago


  • Redbear00296
    Redbear00296 Day ago


  • Yesenia Hernandez


  • GodXilla
    GodXilla Day ago

    Who play as the chef?

  • GodXilla
    GodXilla Day ago

    Who play as the chef?

  • Alex Mitch
    Alex Mitch Day ago

    You suck

  • Laila's World
    Laila's World Day ago


  • PixleGamer 300
    PixleGamer 300 Day ago +1

    He’s a better fortnite player than me(jk I’m totally better than jeffy)

  • Kristopher 2
    Kristopher 2 Day ago

    Play fortnight again please

  • ambylaina
    ambylaina Day ago

    my vav vidio game is run and cum on the pickle in the pants

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams Day ago

    Fortnite season 8

  • Fallen _
    Fallen _ Day ago

    he said nigga

  • tasha ruger
    tasha ruger Day ago

    Started in season 1 anybody

  • santos and eliseo r

    SML idea do a video where Jeffy and black Yoshi play fortnite and then they get stuck in the pantry again

  • Genesis Wonderful World


  • Zeke Doseck
    Zeke Doseck Day ago

    Wtf is this stupid crap

  • Brandon Shevchenko


  • TheWildTurkey76 /

    4:34 greatest freak out ever

  • TheWildTurkey76 /
    TheWildTurkey76 / Day ago +1

    *holy Jesus he is better than me*

    -season 4 me

    • ProGamer Niko
      ProGamer Niko Day ago

      Justin lieber did the clips check the descriptions.

  • Dool Salah
    Dool Salah Day ago


  • Stuff Animal Adventure


  • Daniel Soria
    Daniel Soria Day ago +1

    He’s a legend

    • ProGamer Niko
      ProGamer Niko Day ago

      Justin lieber did the clips check the descriptions.

  • Kitty lover 69 89
    Kitty lover 69 89 Day ago +3

    My favorite game is super smash bros ultimate

  • woops i dropped my contacts

    *I was gonna spank my monkey*

  • Muhammad Rahman
    Muhammad Rahman Day ago

    The poo poo game