I Played My OLD Minecraft XBOX World!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • i was actually impressed..!
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Comments • 16 401

  • Savannah Gazda
    Savannah Gazda 47 minutes ago

    who else remembers this series

  • Jay Bouford
    Jay Bouford Hour ago

    I have normal minecraft on my special addition xbox I made for minecraft so I got minecraft for free yay :D

  • Nemesis The Fox
    Nemesis The Fox Hour ago

    Wow the good old daughter

  • DesemerSixth
    DesemerSixth 2 hours ago

    I remember episode 1 of that series.

  • Huck Hooper
    Huck Hooper 3 hours ago


  • Jazjo33 _
    Jazjo33 _ 7 hours ago

    Dan predicted Watersheep years before Felix even started playing.

  • Nexo Playz
    Nexo Playz 8 hours ago

    Dan I remember watching your world I learned the chests in the floor trick from you

  • The cool boogie man
    The cool boogie man 9 hours ago

    tHiS iS a FuLly SuRvIaL wOrLd

    Go to 19:14 and stop it says world created in creative

  • Michelle Breen
    Michelle Breen 14 hours ago

    Hey dan you should keep going on this series

  • owen josifovski
    owen josifovski 15 hours ago


    THE UNLUCKY GAMER 19 hours ago

    i remember i copied your police station! unfortunately my mum deleted it ;-; because it had to be used as a school ipad ;-;

  • BIA zebradust
    BIA zebradust 20 hours ago

    hit this if you remember Terrance

  • HeyDeFaU1t
    HeyDeFaU1t Day ago +1

    Dan: HAHAHA stupid head..
    sheep: WhY yOu BuLlY mE?!?!

  • Fazeik
    Fazeik Day ago +1

    I completely forgot I watched this whole series now I remember !

  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown Day ago

    Anyone else remember all of this

  • Cool Time09
    Cool Time09 Day ago

    How did you record on Xbox for youtube?I can’t figure it out

  • TuBe iD
    TuBe iD Day ago

    My name is Mika

  • xXMatunafishXx
    xXMatunafishXx Day ago +1

    Me: I don't remember this
    Dan: And this is where I would change skins
    My brain: Yes you do

  • Elite_Falcon635
    Elite_Falcon635 Day ago

    Omg i remember this

  • William B
    William B Day ago


  • P1gz YT
    P1gz YT Day ago

    12:32 why is there a glitch

  • Asfandyar Tiwana

    Dan you did this in creaitive

  • Just SomePerson
    Just SomePerson Day ago

    95% *10 Hours Later...* 95.1%

  • Dustin Kennedy
    Dustin Kennedy Day ago

    This world was the reason I subscribed

  • The Megalosaurus King
    The Megalosaurus King 2 days ago +3

    “Is that why stampy stopped his”
    No he said it was a break

  • Lucas Demofonte
    Lucas Demofonte 2 days ago

    Porkenstain: Mr Dan I don't feel so good🐷✨

  • Mysterious May
    Mysterious May 2 days ago

    Wait is that sheep farm from pewdiepies minecraft series!?

  • Boedi Knapp
    Boedi Knapp 2 days ago

    Omg flashbacks

  • Gummy Gaming
    Gummy Gaming 2 days ago

    Wana give away the Xbox plzzzzzzzz

  • Ashley Crye
    Ashley Crye 2 days ago


  • VoidXity roblox
    VoidXity roblox 2 days ago

    i cant believe it pewdiepie copied you with the sheep face

  • Amix Gurl
    Amix Gurl 2 days ago

    99% about the intro
    1% this...

    MR. FIREGHOST 2 days ago

    When he said someone stole the cake it must have been stampy cat lol

  • undefetable 360
    undefetable 360 2 days ago

    dont tell me that you make this world on survival

  • Shameed Ali
    Shameed Ali 3 days ago

    At 11:11 lol

  • Sonic/splatoon Parry

    I remember this so well...

  • Ahmed Shaun
    Ahmed Shaun 3 days ago

    Even i could not build this creative

  • Red Foot
    Red Foot 3 days ago


  • Scooby-Doo Fam
    Scooby-Doo Fam 3 days ago

    Wait are you going to make new dr trayorse

    • Scooby-Doo Fam
      Scooby-Doo Fam 3 days ago

      No judge me can’t spell today so tired today

  • Bobbi Jones
    Bobbi Jones 4 days ago

    I used to watch stamps long head a lot so thanks for shoutout to him

  • Isaac Campbell
    Isaac Campbell 4 days ago


  • Hybrid_GamingX3
    Hybrid_GamingX3 4 days ago

    Man how many X-Boxes do you have!? XD

  • EvoGirl TDM
    EvoGirl TDM 5 days ago +1

    When he was actually a good you tuber

  • silenced by point
    silenced by point 5 days ago +1

    I'm crying my childhood

  • Korben Crew
    Korben Crew 5 days ago

    Do you know that dantdm is called Daniel Middleton?

  • koolkaleb65
    koolkaleb65 5 days ago

    7:37 and 7:50 iron mine the IRON!!!!!

  • Saffron Meep Queen
    Saffron Meep Queen 5 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about how he was about to sing old town road

  • Carl Eroz
    Carl Eroz 5 days ago

    Only old viewers will remember dan playing on his Xbox

  • Marco Lopez
    Marco Lopez 5 days ago

    Why don't you sync it to bedrock edition and restart the series

  • TommyTonk
    TommyTonk 5 days ago +1

    I remember this so well yet so poorly.

  • Kristie James
    Kristie James 5 days ago

    dose anyone rember waking up at 7 am waiting for fam to wake up and just waiting and watching dan

  • Daniel Sastriawan
    Daniel Sastriawan 6 days ago

    you made a radio tower to contact trayaurus

  • JAMZ
    JAMZ 6 days ago +1

    6 years later and he still makes me laugh my head off

  • JAMZ
    JAMZ 6 days ago

    I came back to revisit Dan’s channel and this was the last series I watched 😭

  • Amber Petal Tv
    Amber Petal Tv 6 days ago

    I think stamps copied dan or is it the other way round??🤔🤔😏

  • The Skelomite
    The Skelomite 6 days ago

    dan said its xbox 360 but when he was loading in it said xbox one edition

  • V-Viperv
    V-Viperv 6 days ago

    What is h the the seed number to this? I want to make an exact copy of it in survival!

  • Mariel Torres
    Mariel Torres 6 days ago +1

    Legend has it that dans xbox hasn’t fully loaded.....

  • Xavier Andrade
    Xavier Andrade 7 days ago

    Fortnite sucks

  • Mr. yeet god
    Mr. yeet god 7 days ago

    I heard some texted you aka me hahahahahahah