Luenell: The R Kelly Underage Girl Accusations Started with Aaliyah (Part 5)

  • Published on May 30, 2018
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    Luenell shared her thoughts on the allegations surrounding R. Kelly involving underage girls being held as "sex slaves" in the famed singer's house. The famed comedian said that it seems clear that R. Kelly likes underage girls, which was made evident when a sex tape was released of him peeing on an underage girl.
    During the conversation, Luenell spoke about dating older men when she was 18, and now having flings with younger men. To hear more, including her thoughts on Blac Chyna dating 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay, hit the above clip.
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  • djvlad
    djvlad  9 months ago +38

    Watch Part 4:
    Part 1:

    • chris mason
      chris mason 2 months ago

      Fuck you vlad you scumbag tupac was convicted because of some lying money grabbing whore who did the truth but told a lie YOUR A PIECE OF SHIT FOR SPEAKING ILL OF THE DEAD

    • Kenya Sullivan
      Kenya Sullivan 2 months ago

      Mr. Michael they pulled r kelly from all their discovery playlists and were the first to do so. We are not talking censorship we are talking curated playlist to celebrate artists. st to do so, which is what we are talking about. If pedos and pervs want to listen to him his music is still available.
      I don’t want it randomly streaming on my subscription, knowing he was singing about girls and boys 😏 barely in high school, that he abused, controlled, and molested.

    • Mr. Michael
      Mr. Michael 2 months ago

      djvlad. Spotify never pulled R.Kelly’s music back then nor now. To me this is how mindsets slip into the minds of millions of people. Just think 🤔 about the people who don’t go and check Spotify to see if his music was pulled. The alternative is to believe what you opened up the conversation with. I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♂️ if R. Kelly did anything or not. I can’t prove or disprove what happened. But I can prove that his music wasn’t pulled. If this is how his investigations went. Then I can see how he’s not doing life in jail.

    • FrankWonderBeantown
      FrankWonderBeantown 2 months ago

      djvlad The girl in the tape did not testify...

    • Kenya Sullivan
      Kenya Sullivan 2 months ago

      LONNIE DOBBINS he not in prison bc there child’s family didn’t let her testify. The parents weren’t pressing charges the Aunt.(sparkle) reported it to the police. Her parents were paid off. The father still plays guitar on most R Kelly tracks, the brother is Chances drummer. That’s why he isn’t in jail. They sold their daughter out for $$.
      On age - you are right it’s 16 In Ill. BUT if a person is 5 years older than the person it’s considered sexual abuse. R Kelly was way over the threshold. He was 27/28 when he married Aliyah. 16/17 age is so a person around the same age doesn’t go to jail for say dating someone in their class that may be a year older, not for an old ass dude to come to the high school looking for little girls. Look it up. The fact that you are even pressing over anyone under 18 reinforces my original comment. The R Kelly situation is not only sex but a abuse too and anyone defending him is a straight perv, and should be watched around kids.

  • Joseph Zwiek
    Joseph Zwiek 3 hours ago

    I like her opinion

  • Amy Musa
    Amy Musa Day ago

    Nobody cares if they were legal, the problem is that he waited till they were 18-19 so it won't be wrong, otherwise they were only 14-15 years old!!! I'm 19 married to my awesome 59 years old husband, but he met me when i was freaking 18!! No younger! Kelly is a manipulated who take advantages of children.

  • Zen Of Tupac
    Zen Of Tupac 5 days ago

    Vlad comparing Tupac to RKelly just to prove (his preferred) point/narrative makes himself sound stupid or best case scenario , someone very young speaking about something before his time that he hasn’t researched.
    Problem is, we know Vlad is not some 18 yr old dummy but much older ... so it just makes him sound dumb.

  • Romero Munoz
    Romero Munoz 10 days ago

    Crazys part is Women are the Biggest Liers..sound s like a lynching.....n money stop flowing....n now they upset....50 thousand on my come thier not going to persue..drake having xxx killed

  • Kimberly Moore
    Kimberly Moore 12 days ago

    Luenell my sister, you keeps it, on the real. You have me laughing until, my stomach hurts. You call it like, it is. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, that's what's happening. Blessings to you, my sister. 😇😇😇😇


    In Chicago its 17 years old for sexual consent.

  • Cartoon P
    Cartoon P 22 days ago

    Honestly this nigga the feds real talk G.

  • Skoogie Magoo
    Skoogie Magoo 25 days ago

    This spook loves to get into the panties of little girls, he's a fu**ing PEDOFILE!

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith Month ago

    Spotify did not!

  • Shaniqua Mckenzie
    Shaniqua Mckenzie Month ago

    Love dis woman she is keep it real

  • Dolphins And Whales

    Who is R Kelly?

  • Olalekan Adewale
    Olalekan Adewale Month ago

    She killed me when she said, " common black Chyna you know your mama rachet......" 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • alim3611
    alim3611 Month ago

    Luenell at the mention of R Kelly
    OMG... UGHHHH.. Can we have a weed break ha ha ha U Make my ears burn lol

  • Miss Killem
    Miss Killem Month ago

    They 18 now....but some of them be with him for years! Sooo.......still a pedophile.

  • Shelly Bease
    Shelly Bease Month ago

    I dont like what kelly did but i cant lie i still like the music. God will judge him in due time.

  • theresa webb
    theresa webb Month ago

    Luenell diesnt hold back her opin8on ttuly.

  • Janet Boggs
    Janet Boggs Month ago

    This big fat ass ugly ass fucker

  • TehutiBrim 59
    TehutiBrim 59 Month ago

    Interesting eyelashes aunty, love me some TT Lu, Vlad Pac is dead 20 plus yrs now get over it, I kno yall did a Pac mix cd I have it, good job especially with the never scared beat with the thug luv lyrics but man, plus he was freed of rap he was charge for forcefully touching the buttocks, whatever that means.

  • shan cr
    shan cr Month ago

    Young girls been having older boyfriends since the beginning of time this is some bull crap ALSO!! We know damn well girls mature faster than guys I'm so sick of that bull crap my best girlfriend would not talk to nobody younger than her he was always an older man hell on a cane and in a wheelchair and that's no LIE!!.. Kendra was in the Playboy Mansion at 17 years old.. and then married Hef I think at 18 or something like that or lived in the Playboy Mansion who could be more of a pedophile then Hugh Hefner that BASTARD was 80 90 years old throw that BULLSHIT crap out the WINDOW !!

  • shan cr
    shan cr Month ago

    I DON'T want to HEAR this BULLSHIT!!! THE PARENTS PIMPED their children OUT for careers that DIDN'T PAN OUT now they want to TALK SHITT because their DAUGHTER'S DON'T want to COME HOME and want to STAY with R KELLY.. SO NOW they want to call that BRAINWASHING. AS far as KITTY LIEING ASS JONES, ASANTE McGEE and these other girls ARE CONCERNED they WERE GROWN ASS WOMEN with their OWN CHILDREN THAT THEY LEFT BEHIND To LIVE the LIFE with R Kelly they're FULL of SHIT!!! What WHAT MOTHER DOES THAT? ONE WITH AN AGENDA!!
    Andrea Kelly is full of SHIT ALSO because there's an interview where she tells US WOMEN " TO KEEP BUYING R KELLY'S TICKETS TO KEEP HER LIGHTS ON" START AT: 1:24
    NOW she's JUMPING on the BANDWAGON!!!..
    OUT of ALL the girls who did the surviving R Kelly lifetime DOC.. Andrea Kelly is the ONLY ONE who got PAID BUT she NEVER REALLY SAID SHIT! ( turning tears OFF and ON like a water faucet) ANDREA had the chance to TELL EVERYBODY what HAPPENED when she DIVORCED KELLY BUT chose to KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT. WHEN she got REMARRIED for a HOT SECOND she NEVER DROPPED her last NAME she KEPT it for THE FAME! IF someone ABUSED ME the way she SAID HE DID!! I WOULDN'T want his LAST NAME FOR NOTHING in this WORLD!! WOULD YOU? SO!!! I'm NOT believing a DAMN THING she SAYS RIGHT NOW!! OR EVER!! DAME ALL THAT ABUSE AND 3 DAME KIDS (side cross EYED)
    R Kelly and Aaliyah marriage is another THING.. Aaliyah's uncle and parents KNEW EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING ON! Aaliyah's UNCLE is the one who was producing R.Kelly AT THE TIME SO NOW THINK ABOUT THAT for A SECOND.( how would he not know SHIT?)

  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack Month ago

    now that's gross what grown ass man wants to hump a teenage girl granted some have amazing bodies and act a lot older but still how do you live with yourself afterwards , no thanks I'll pass

  • lamiracle bailey
    lamiracle bailey Month ago

    Oh hell nahh he nasty asf but i still love his music tho

  • Sharon Morales
    Sharon Morales Month ago

    Seriously Hugh has shit to do with this he knew the age to recruit which is 18 all of them was being naked at a mansion soooooo r Kelly raped and taped and held girls captive dammit

  • Sebera Sandoval
    Sebera Sandoval Month ago

    R shellys

  • Saviours Helper
    Saviours Helper Month ago +1

    "Let he who is without sin throw the 1st stone" - Jesus. Watch Minister Farrakhan speak on his 4 hour meeting with R Kelly on our channel as well.

  • JusticeforMorgan
    JusticeforMorgan Month ago +2

    She looks like Aretha Franklin

  • Kandice Perkins
    Kandice Perkins Month ago

    R. Kelly’s music is still on Tidal and Spotify!

  • Richardson Jeannitton

    Lol 32

  • LaDarin Best
    LaDarin Best Month ago

    damn bald 2pac wasn't convinced of sex assault

  • Mfalme Sekou
    Mfalme Sekou Month ago

    Love the dashiki

  • poen poen
    poen poen Month ago

    my favourite thing about these situations: when the man is on top everyone keeps their mouth shut and profits from them and when theyre down and no longer profitable everyone suddenly fishes out their moral compass from the attic and decides to speak out.

  • anthony reid
    anthony reid Month ago

    He is right they're trying to destroy his legacy..leave him alone...check these bitches..

  • aholsey
    aholsey Month ago

    The 18, 19yo girls aren't the issues. It's all those who are younger that people take issue with.

  • ฯCE COLD
    ฯCE COLD Month ago

    She's proud to lie to her kids. 😲

  • sgt pepe
    sgt pepe Month ago

    vlad he's a "devil worshiping " pedophile, gender-flipping, piss drinking, homosexual read the 10 yrs book "the man behind the man" by my neighbor Demetrius, retarded robbie kelly write a new song "turn out the lights" close the closet don't let them bones out skeletons either

  • Gina Hamlyn
    Gina Hamlyn Month ago

    Disguting, both of you.

  • bulldawg986
    bulldawg986 Month ago

    R Kelly is still the 🐐

  • michelle henshaw
    michelle henshaw Month ago

    Prince found him a sixteen year old.then married her

  • Jermaine Clark
    Jermaine Clark Month ago

    Vlad ain't shit ugly ass cracker

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power Month ago

    You know you done when da VLADTV-PD-gets hold of you R-Pee-wee-on- you is done Bill Cosb part Get Da Strap ..

  • Michele Johnson
    Michele Johnson Month ago

    R.Kelly had the power and the platform to impact these young women/girls lives in a positive way, imagine how many of them he could have sent to college instead of taking their minds and body and abusing it.....SMDH

  • Ruby Mattox
    Ruby Mattox Month ago

    Shes telling the truth about these young girls

  • oldladyfish
    oldladyfish Month ago

    R Kell involved his wives in his freak show to make sure they stay quiet because if they finger him they finger themselves; both wives are molesters and pedophiles; (I'm a victlm of abuse my arse) but they knew those girls were under age.

  • red brown
    red brown Month ago

    why your ass aint naming white ones ? you people aint shit and you fake as hell

  • Carlos Thomas
    Carlos Thomas Month ago

    Vlad I hope your daughter is next you dumb fuck! Bring Tupac up as an example your extra stupid You dumb fuck

  • Nikki Michelle
    Nikki Michelle Month ago

    Troy Dilworth ! A cell phone tower will tell the truth of where these allegedly abuse young women were being held. Kells defense is waiting. I’m a victim of rape and molestation! Real victims don’t want money, we want justice, and not 30 yrs later! And as a Fulton County Law Clerk, if you purger a marriage application, the marriage is not annulled but VOIDED and the applicant must prove the incorrect information was not intentional and under most State Laws if you can not convince the Judge it was a mistake, and keep in mind, laying about your age to mislead the court is a CLASS A FELONY !!!! Where and when was Aliyah charged with, INTENT TO DECEIVE THE COURT! Wake up my people, know the law!

  • 2 months ago

    Azriel Clary rocks the national anthem!!!
    Scrub to 5:08 / 7:08

  • kaleb black
    kaleb black 2 months ago

    See! If a man say , any of you 18 year old say go to my web site! All hell would break loose

  • kaleb black
    kaleb black 2 months ago

    And thy all black! These stinkin devils are vary jealous.

  • Shauntay  Belton
    Shauntay Belton 2 months ago

    What young teen hasn't dated a older dude or women...

  • maryellen scott
    maryellen scott 2 months ago

    Y'all do Know that 15 16 17 18 19 year olds be throwing there self at this Man (R. Kelly)... He is not the only older men that like 15 16 17 18 19 year olds it's just he is in the public eye...

  • lamere walker
    lamere walker 2 months ago

    Touree tried to ask kells a trick question. 17 18 and 19 are teenagers too hence kells question what do you mean teenagers. Ass hole

  • LN Brown
    LN Brown 2 months ago +1

    I no that's right Lunell I like her!

  • Donovan Canady
    Donovan Canady 2 months ago

    Let Aaliyah rest. Dam

  • Justice100 Wil
    Justice100 Wil 2 months ago

    Okay Toure you need to deal with your own sexual assault case, just like "Charlemagne The God" please STFU!!!✌✌✌👋👋👋👋

  • Dorian Anderson
    Dorian Anderson 2 months ago

    Uncle Tom

  • All Smilz
    All Smilz 2 months ago

    Please!!! Key points CONVICTED!!!The man has no charges!!!! This was years ago!!!!These women are of Age!!!Hes being accused for past transgressions...His personal business is just that his business

  • Love Not War
    Love Not War 2 months ago

    They need to pull his music so no one can benefit off of it, not even the families that believe it was ok to hide this under the rug, just so another 1000 more women can be put thru this mess. Everyone that knew was involved is just as guilty as R. Kelly.

  • Patricia Foster
    Patricia Foster 2 months ago

    I just love you, Luenell, you are so REAL!!!!! And you're from the Bayarea... my home...

  • Angela Oliver
    Angela Oliver 2 months ago

    Everyone is on R.Kelly but nobody said anything about Hugh Heffiner pimping girls out at 16, Elvis Presley for marrying his wife and she was 15, and so many others... It's a black law and a white law....#isupportR.kelly#MuteElvis

  • Tabbitha Vacations
    Tabbitha Vacations 2 months ago

    Oh you could leave 2 Pac out of this.

  • jamie dorcely
    jamie dorcely 2 months ago

    Why they bringing up allll the black ppl convicted. Of something. WHERE IS EVERYONES ATTENAS FORNTHE WHITE MUSICIANS WHO WERE DOING THE SAAAAMMMMMMEEE THING RKELLY WAS. ? Just drag the black man, what’s new?

  • K-luv Jones
    K-luv Jones 2 months ago

    Lunell always has her hand gear fly as hell.Nails rings and bracelet's always poppin and matching.

  • junior_a_ellis_mua
    junior_a_ellis_mua 2 months ago

    She's a fucking idiot

  • Benjamin     D. Gordon
    Benjamin D. Gordon 2 months ago


  • JustJustice Justice
    JustJustice Justice 2 months ago

    This is why these abusers are able to abuse kids for such a long time. Black women we need to do better

  • Doll Therapy
    Doll Therapy 2 months ago

    If you are 18 or 19 you are a teenager but, you are of legal age. I would have asked the same question and consider this a trick question. He is not the first and last star to date a very very young women . people in Hollywood do this all the time.

  • alberta reeve
    alberta reeve 2 months ago

    Only gay men don't like pussy and real fathers who protect their daughters against r. Kelly...the rest of these men acting shock be FUCKING young girls too for years even they own daughters. As long as these girls fucking these young boys these older dude wanna fuck her to and be her pay master daddy. So please this shit ain't nothing new in society every time Hollywood ready to bring ppl down. These parents be knowing they daughter hoeing fucking or dating men over 18 and 21 and don't report it. U know how many teen pregnancies was made with 20 and over dudes??? I'm one of them and was ok with it. I was 16 dating a 20 yr old.lost my virginity with a neighborhood 14 yr old boyfriend at age 13. Let's keep this shit all the way 💯. It only matters in Hollywood media.

  • Sandy Luis
    Sandy Luis 2 months ago

    EVERY BLACK person speaks truth when its against another BLACK person. Don't get me wrong, I love me some DMX.
    BLACK PEOPLE when are WE going to wake up and see whats really going on.
    Why NOW is WHITE MEDIA TARGETING R KELLY? The same reasons they targeted Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, Prince, & any other BLACK MAN who was trying to ACCOMPLISH something big. Trust & believe, white people don't care about the well being of black kids but BLACK PEOPLE do & they know this. WHITE PEOPLE would've castrated R Kelly the moment a rumor would've started with him sleeping with white girls. The destruction of BLACK PEOPLE is BLACK PEOPLE with white people at the helms. They feed us a story & we run with it. We condemn our own without proven facts. You see everyday how the media can distort videos to make us see what we want. WHITE PEOPLE CONTROL WHITE MEDIA/TELEVISION. Anytime Black people start standing up for themselves, the powers of be steps in to contain the situation. Remind yourselves of Dave Chapelle, Katt Williams, & DMX. When these men started speaking truth...they deemed them crazy and we ran with it. No other race turns on their own people even if the alleged allegations are true. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! DIVIDE+CONQUER=DESTRUCTION of BLACK PEOPLE. They have infiltrated our communities, churches, and school with drugs infestations, incarcerated of black men, senseless killings of black people, & now this lgbt movement. This is a distraction to cause discord & mistrust and what better way in doing that...turn black people against each other by the very thing we value the most...OUR CHILDREN. WHITE PEOPLE been using blacks against each other the moment they enslaved our ancestors and brought them to this racist country. BLACK People WE HAVE TO DO BETTER. They use us & our information that we put on social media to keep us divided and in chaos. White people been raping and sleeping with children with all their perversions. Catholic churches & politicians been raping, molesting, and sleeping with children & NO DAMN LIFETIME MOVIED. Lo behold, lets put this out regarding R Kelly and tear this black man down. Lets destroy him so that ALL BLACK MAN know their place.
    Wake up black America they are finding ways to tear us down & keeping us there. Black Women we NEED to UNIFY together & with BLACK MEN.

  • Dee Kirkland
    Dee Kirkland 2 months ago

    where does the tolerance for sexual misconduct come from?

  • Tara Ouden
    Tara Ouden 2 months ago

    "Before her he was messin with little girls and after her he was doing some other freaky sh**" Luenell is the truth!

  • Calypso The Poet
    Calypso The Poet 2 months ago

    The fact that you’re trying to defend him is sick.

  • Calypso The Poet
    Calypso The Poet 2 months ago

    RKELLY is a fucking sicko

  • im rick james bitch
    im rick james bitch 2 months ago

    Whaaaattttt.... U 80yr old and want a 18 Yr old to fuck u... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lynn Wilson
    Lynn Wilson 2 months ago

    I certainly do have a problem 18, 19 they are still babies

  • Cannon Ball
    Cannon Ball 2 months ago

    Bitch looks like a turtle outside of its shell...😂😂😂😂

  • Lynn Wilson
    Lynn Wilson 2 months ago

    You are being facetious R Kelly is in the lime light period

  • Justin Jr.
    Justin Jr. 2 months ago

    You what, there need to be a age limit on how old the guy can be for 18 YEAR OLDS.
    18-25? Because if it's 29or30, that puts a person 12years theirJunior.

  • she45namify
    she45namify 2 months ago

    LOL she said he was a disgusting freak MF for doing that pee s***

  • Gregory Bush
    Gregory Bush 2 months ago

    Luenell was the 16 year old fuckin older men

  • Gregory Bush
    Gregory Bush 2 months ago

    So all the niggas have been taking off of Spotify

  • CW043
    CW043 2 months ago

    Luenell is the Encyclopedic poster child & real life Ghetto, trifling Female. She is disgusting. #YUCK!

  • Mr No Weapon
    Mr No Weapon 2 months ago

    She got some huge ears lol

  • Jovie T
    Jovie T 2 months ago

    I love her spirit.

  • cleartone movies
    cleartone movies 2 months ago

    r kelly spotify

  • Jacqueline Jones
    Jacqueline Jones 2 months ago


  • 31webseries
    31webseries 2 months ago

    Isn't that Catfish from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?!?

  • Robin Curry
    Robin Curry 2 months ago

    People are so blase about this shit and that's y this shiy perpetuates and young girls are steadily being victimized. They may not know they are,but they are. It's a damn shame. That nigga needs to be under the jail

  • Igee White
    Igee White 2 months ago

    Fuck them hoes , he didn't do anything if them hoes was so hurt then go to the police 😑

  • Unique Shoemaker
    Unique Shoemaker 2 months ago

    Period Og keep it real

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man 2 months ago

    I look the same way as Luenell when I hear these new rappers name lol

  • Darrell McGee
    Darrell McGee 2 months ago

    Asking RKelly if he likes teenage girls isn’t really interesting because saying yes isn’t a shock. 18 & 19 is legal and teenage. He should have hit him with a real question, Do you prefer teenage girls as sexual partners?

  • Zenetta T. Pickett
    Zenetta T. Pickett 2 months ago

    It's a cult and r.kelley might be dealing with demon spirit's and he needs to be delivered from them . My prayers are with everyone especially R.kelley

  • Gregory Robinson
    Gregory Robinson 2 months ago

    Fuck that Vlad. That sick ass nigga is screwing lil girls.

  • emanouel
    emanouel 2 months ago

    Is the interviewer educated? “What R Kelly is doing is not technically illegal” is not being educated on a grown man taking advantage of minors sexually. Any sexual act is a violation to a minor by an adult. If the parents can’t keep their children safe from predators, then the law should and hopefully does. And best believe that what does not get dealt with to predators in this world, they get judged in the next. There’s one judge there and he doesn’t need a lawyer or your say on the matter. He already knows and will make due on all and everyone.

  • Clif love
    Clif love 2 months ago +1

    IT'S NOT easy LOOKING at this woman...I mean HARD.

  • buttaflyaimee Rod
    buttaflyaimee Rod 2 months ago


  • Lily White
    Lily White 2 months ago

    DJVlad...why would you set Luenell up like that? You left out the fact that he was beating those women, keeping them locked in rooms, starving them, isolating them, making them look at the floors, beg for food, stand in corners, etc. It's obvious Luenell hasn't seen the docuseries (based off her most obvious question of "why they didn't ask his wife"). This is a prime example of why you shouldn't speak on shit you don't know about, Luenell, damn sis. Vlad, you have her on here looking like a damn fool simply by omitting information. If you're gonna tell it, tell it ALL Vlad.😑

  • Courtney OmegaDeLancy
    Courtney OmegaDeLancy 2 months ago

    I'm 40. I suck my thumb