2 Feet of Snow, 3 Days in the Forest - Overnight Adventure

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
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    The biggest Winter Storm in Decades is approaching and it will be measured in Feet, not inches! Hundreds of Thousands will lose power and lives will be lost.
    This is a 3 Day Winter Storm Adventure which includes elements of backpacking, camping and bushcraft!
    Merry Christmas everyone, thank you all for an amazing year and for being so kind to my family and I.
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  8 months ago +297

    Merry Christmas to all of my TVclip Friends!
    I hope that you all have an amazing time with your friends and family.
    I would love to hear from you all, comment down below and share where you are from; it doesn't have to be specific; state, country, etc. I would love to know where you all are watching from.
    Again, thank you for joining me for this adventure. On to the next.
    Merry Christmas!
    - Luke

    • Joey Vogl
      Joey Vogl Month ago

      TheOutdoorGearReview Where is this?????? I need to know

    • Heathen Wolf
      Heathen Wolf Month ago

      Taxachusetts (Massachusetts) home of the Massholes.

    • Christopher belcastro
      Christopher belcastro Month ago

      Thanks for the video, looked like a good time!

    • Gina Whisnant
      Gina Whisnant Month ago

      Also maybe a folding shovel would be a good idea?

    • Gina Whisnant
      Gina Whisnant Month ago

      I'm in the foothills of NC. A lot of the places you go are very familiar. Wondering why you face your tent away from the tarp-covered "living area?" Set up too close to the fire of course sparks can be an issue but with the large number of flat rocks around that area you could make a great reflector and stones for tables and seating. The covered area over the entrance to your tent would be a windbreak as well?

  • Mike Emms
    Mike Emms Day ago

    Did you put your tarp over the tent or off to the side?

  • Chris Tyler
    Chris Tyler 3 days ago +1

    In Australia, camping on an old logging road can bring a truck load of drunken yobbos over the top of your camp site in the middle of the night. Also, we dont camp in snow for fun. If we did, we would have a fire that could be seen from space. You guys light fires with sticks. Very funny. Thank you. Hope you still alive by the way.

  • SurvivaLust
    SurvivaLust 4 days ago +1

    Hopefully you didn't tell your mom you cut yourself. Nice Trip. Love the North Carolina Mountains. Hello from Western North Carolina.

  • Colt
    Colt 6 days ago

    Dude, check out Blazing Saddles. 🤣

  • Colt
    Colt 6 days ago

    Nice rocks, that tarp ain't going anywhere barring a nuke!

  • elvis presley
    elvis presley 6 days ago

    Nice - it happened to us too - heavy snowing overnight this year in february - in shelter :-D Where did you get nice music on the end?

  • Milton Hackett
    Milton Hackett 7 days ago

    How about doing a vid with your bro ? Wonder what he looks like ? Lol

  • Milton Hackett
    Milton Hackett 7 days ago

    Love your videos, piss on PC!!

  • Aj Cordes
    Aj Cordes 7 days ago

    Why do you always set your door away from the fire?

  • George Phillips
    George Phillips 12 days ago

    How do you dispose of trash, like the meal bags? What do you use to protect yourself from bears.

  • Blue bird
    Blue bird 12 days ago

    There's nothing like having good gear...love those rain pants, and need to get some. I have a good recreation/rain jacket for hiking, hat, shoes, etc. Still need to upgrade some stuff. Thanks for the review. Happy trails.

  • Jeff Bishop
    Jeff Bishop 15 days ago

    A comment about snowshoes. They are large and cumbersome, however, once the snow gets over 3-4' deep you can't move without them. You sink to your crotch and when you try to move you just sink deeper. While in Pennsylvania we never saw much snow and it rarely lasted very long. Now we are in the mountains of western Maine and there's snow on the ground for 4-5 months, and it generally gets to about 5' for about half that time. While I tend to stay where I've cleared the snow, a walk through the woods requires snowshoes and streams, downed trees, fences, and boulders aren't a problem because you pass right over them on smooth level snow. Here's our snow, my wife is standing on about 2' of hard packed snow and ice, and there are two steps up to get to the porch which are buried. tvclip.biz/video/m53v22fKcv8/video.html

  • carpenter1274
    carpenter1274 18 days ago

    Times were definitely different. Free and just good fun. No technology at all.

  • keonisan
    keonisan 19 days ago

    One thing I've noticed with your campsite arrangements, is why don't you ever have the secondary tarp overlap with the tent, you have it separated and this time the door of the tent is facing away from the tarp. My thoughts are so that you would have a seamless entry into the tent without having to get wet at all. If possible I would have had a larger tarp cover both the tent and the secondary one. as an added layer of protection. When we used to camp, we damn near had a circus tent covering everything, including the 3 room tent and the cooking sitting area. Maybe we're more hardcore than most regular campers.

  • djzestman
    djzestman 19 days ago

    I thought there was a grizzly behind your tarp when you was eating your oatmeal. Turns out it was my wife snoring.

  • AngeliqueKaga
    AngeliqueKaga 21 day ago

    But you love winter storms Luke?

  • bill jenkins
    bill jenkins 21 day ago

    I like your videos but they're way too long I've never watched one all the way through... I mean really who has time to sit and watch a 47-minute video on their phone...not me

  • Tom Altenburg
    Tom Altenburg 21 day ago

    Very enjoyable!

  • Maff T UK
    Maff T UK 22 days ago

    Really love your enthusiasm, and the excitement when the snow came.
    When they forecast snow in my neck of the woods I pack my gear and cant wait to get out in it testing my gear, sadly it doesn’t always turn up.
    As for those sensitive delicate snowflake folks, well they are going to have to tolerate my not so sensitive style also that’s how it works aint it? Loved this vid, Lucky you
    regards Matt

  • William West
    William West 24 days ago

    Good choice of movie.

  • darryl carrette
    darryl carrette 25 days ago

    Mate you are so lucky to have snow. But we are blessed with so many beaches here in Australia.

  • Diane DeMeyer
    Diane DeMeyer 26 days ago

    Where did u camp? Would love to know...

  • just me
    just me 26 days ago

    Fun video. I don't know where you are but around here we don't camp in the middle of any logging road, old or new. Some 4 wheeler would run over us in the middle of the night.

  • dablocishot77
    dablocishot77 26 days ago

    @16:05 I can relate. I got a lot of scars as a kid. I was playing tackle football one day, I was real good at it. Qb thre me a pass and I was running with the ball. Next thing I know booom. Someone tackled me from behind and I skid across the grass face first and ended with a huge abrasion on my forehead. It was mostly dirt to be honest because we ran in the grass all day. I sat off to the side for a few plays and my head was hurting. This was in the early 2ks. I didnt know at the time that I has a huge abrasion on my forehead. Went home and got yelled at by my parents lmfao. They swore that I knew who tackled me. Till this day idk who tackled me. Fun times though.

  • Kayasper
    Kayasper 27 days ago +1

    Enjoying nature, snow and independency; how beautiful life can be. I totally understand your point! Cheers from Spain

  • Tom Lamb
    Tom Lamb 28 days ago +1


  • Cardinal Biggles
    Cardinal Biggles 28 days ago


  • methesponge
    methesponge 28 days ago

    i hate PC dorks. such losers!

  • cam 231
    cam 231 29 days ago

    "Its not easy to get dry wood"

    * sets wood on snow that is going to melt * 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • William Branham
    William Branham Month ago

    Cool shovel I liked the "simple" improvised esbit stove. Had a similar Grayson Highlands/Mt. Rogers trip with 22 inches few years ago. Great memory. Thanks for posting.

  • Becky Cook
    Becky Cook Month ago

    I’m in Welch, West Virginia--northwest of Wytheville VA. We didn’t get very much from that storm. I would loved to have seen more! ❄️ ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  • william mitchell
    william mitchell Month ago

    I totally agree with u bud the way it is today is definitely not like it was when we were kids :)

    • william mitchell
      william mitchell Month ago

      Thats kool im a survivalist myself love being outside in the woods always have ever sense i was a kid :) but nowadays ur lucky to get the youth of today outside let alone the woods lol the electronic crap of today has ruined the youth population only 1 of my 3 kids likes the outdoors an it happens to be my 8yr old lol the other 2 got there faces stuck in the phones an crap but what can ya do lol

    • William Branham
      William Branham Month ago +1

      @ William: I met a fella in Tennessee on the AT who was born and raised in the swamp area of Louisiana. He related a story of his youth. He and his brothers would leave the house Fri. after school with quilts, hatchets and a firearm to spend the weekend camping in the swamp. Parents didn't worry. He made the best fire in a short time, which I had failed to do.

  • John Does
    John Does Month ago

    Now you see why the Indians use teepees in the winter and dome shelters in the summer teepees dont holed the snow

  • Dean Bowden
    Dean Bowden Month ago

    You’re super positive and fun to watch to. Great video mate! Cheers

  • Angee Allen
    Angee Allen Month ago

    cool video , but you should of layered your fire with some logs on the bottom , and then layered it … but great video

  • Ross Lawson
    Ross Lawson Month ago

    Quality 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Alfred Angelici
    Alfred Angelici Month ago

    You set up your tent up on a old road? ...on a slanted surface? No wind / weather break / block?
    And you’re using a summer tent in winter weather. A typical winter tent would have the more support poles and support that cross at the peak of the tent in order to prevent snow build up and collapsing. No portable snow shovel when you knew snowstorm was coming?

  • Lawrence Creed
    Lawrence Creed Month ago

    Second time watching this. So awesome! Keep up the great videos.

  • Michael Nonya
    Michael Nonya Month ago

    Hello Luke , my name is Michael !!! I was born and raised in Michigan . I spent most of my childhood in the woods , fishing , camping , packing in and out . Like you I love winter , I love rain , I love all weather !!! If the sun shines for more than a couple weeks straight I get bored and stir crazy !!Further , my teen years were difficult , and I spent most of my teen and young adult life completely homeless . In my late 20s and early 30s I tried several times to settle down , find good steady employment , and I was able to achieve a normal , semi productive life several times . But I was never able to hold it together for any significant length of time. I once held the same job for 3 years . That was About the best run I had . I am indoors presently , however that is subject to change at the whim of the narcissistic people in my life. My life has given me a unique and valuable skill set much like yours . I have been homeless for years at a time all across our magnificent nation. I backpacked isle royal. And all over michigans upper and lower shorelines. Summer winter , all of it. From -30 degree blizzards to massive never ending heat waves !!! Weeks of rain with no indoors in sight , other than what I could find , or create for myself. And ya know what , I love it all . When you become one with nature and learn to use what she provides to stay alive , comfortable , even happy , well it's a wealth that is envied by rich men. Kids daydream and read and ponder outdoor adventures . I remember getting my elementary school friends together to go camping at the local parks. Gazing at the star lit sky from the side of a mountain far from any street lights. These are trophys that many don't know exist . Anyway , I want you to know , I love your videos and I believe they inspire my 16 year old son , Aleister !!! Thank you sir. Don't ever stop. Maybe one day we can share a camp and a fire .

  • KennyG Hansen
    KennyG Hansen Month ago

    and only retards cant see the snowblower marks on the trees!!!!!!!

  • trackudown1
    trackudown1 Month ago

    You just got yourself a subscriber. Love bushcraft, love youtube creative content, and I am probably the biggest Smokey and the Bandit fan ever. Great video, great story telling of your time out there.

  • 922H
    922H Month ago

    this video is awesome!!! - I am sure every person who has never experienced weather like this is watching and wishing. We have had our moments in the UK many years ago, but camping in it would have been brilliant as a kid.....thanks and i have subbed to the channel!!

  • Jason Kruzyk
    Jason Kruzyk Month ago

    Hi , I love your videos. Can you tell me the name of the pants that you are wearing? I’ve always wanted something like this, you are an inspiration, thanks!

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero Month ago

    Good bye be safe!!

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero Month ago

    Wow amazing!!

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero Month ago

    How beautiful wow I love the way you explain what you mean, or your doing!!

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero Month ago

    How incredibly interesting and awesome, and smart!!

  • Bill Randall
    Bill Randall Month ago

    I'd have to be paid 3x as much and live 3x as cheaply, to live where there's snow and ice. That stuff is SUCH a pita and so dangerous (for cars, mostly) that I just refuse to deal with it. When all you have to do is move a few hundred miles south and not have to spend all that money, and save all that hassle and risk, wth would you stay in it?

  • Bill Randall
    Bill Randall Month ago

    people need to realize how dangerous a fire really is, to you and your gear. inside of your shelter, it can kill you in your sleep, from CO poisoning, too. Take food that doesn't need cooking, take enough clothing and sleep/shelter gear that you dont need the fire for warmth and save yourself a TON of work. If you'll take oil, tallow,alcohol, gas, wax, etc, you'll be able to cook without wood, too. Concoct a hobo stove or use a Dakot fire pit and you'll need MUCH less wood, too.

  • Bill Randall
    Bill Randall Month ago

    cant be all that cold, or being without gloves and hat would mess you up in a very few minutes.

  • Tsukamaki
    Tsukamaki Month ago

    Snow is an acronym for:

    Cheers from a northern Albertan who knows a thing or two about the nasty white stuff. ;-)

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor Month ago

    Good video, but I would make sure my tent had adequate ventilation in the event that it is totally covered in snow during the night. Failing to do so could result in asphyxiation without you ever waking up. Also I would get hold of a British Army hexamine stove as issued in our rat packs and available on Amazon. They are light and reusable, they hold a supply of solid fuel, and they raise the fuel off the ground so they burn hotter than your ground based fuel block. They also work with naphthalene moth balls and other flammable blocks, fire putty etc.
    Third tip is to build a reflector behind your fire to maximise the heat while providing some wind shielding to the fire.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor Month ago +3

    I love your reviews, but avoid tents with fibreglass poles as they are heavy and break easily. Use aluminium poles instead.

    • Alfred Angelici
      Alfred Angelici Month ago

      Indeed. The fiberglass gets quite brittle in cold temps; especially extreme cold weather.

  • realbudgiesmuggler twohatsbluesattack

    Looks really cold to blunder around doing things twice I kind of get the picture you either do things back to front or the hard way either or your having a go and that's the main thing

  • Cain tuckee64
    Cain tuckee64 Month ago

    *Growing up "wild and free"... ah the goodole days! Camping overnight in an abandoned fire watch tower, Smokey Mountain Jamboree, making my own tent, and cooking pancakes in my own iron skillet (burned a couple and they were eaten anyway! LOL!)*

  • John West
    John West Month ago

    Luke what kind off first aid or trauma kit do you carry on your adventures?

  • Joe Tallon
    Joe Tallon Month ago +1

    Just found your videos, watched 3 so far and really enjoyed them. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories.

  • daniel jones
    daniel jones Month ago +1

    what are the pants your wearing,cant seem to find those with the reinforced butt

  • Bobby Pointer
    Bobby Pointer Month ago +2

    what state and location was you camping ?

    • Kenneth Williams
      Kenneth Williams Month ago

      I believe that the state he is in this video is New Hampshire