The Ultimate ETHIOPIAN FOOD TOUR - Street Food and Restaurants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
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    Thank you to Go Addis Tours ( for taking me on this amazing ultimate food and market tour of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of my favorite countries in the world for food and travel, and this was my second time to visit, and I was eager to explore and eat as much as possible.
    We started early, 5 am in the morning and Go Addis Tours picked me up to start at the wholesale market. Even though the city is still sleeping, Addis Mercato is buzzing from 3 am when trucks full of produce from all over Ethiopia, sell them at the market in Addis Ababa. You’ll find all the ingredients, and massive amounts, that you need to cooking Ethiopian food. It was a good warm up, to get to know some of the ingredients, before starting the day eating Ethiopian food.
    We had coffee, and breakfast, both of which were excellent. Later after visiting another market, Dessie took me to his neighborhood to eat shiro wat, one of the greatest of all Ethiopian foods, a thick and rich chickpea stew. I’ve had shiro wat many times before, but never have I seen it fully prepared right in front of me. The shiro was incredibly good, piled onto a bed of injera, and we also ordered fir fir, a mashup of injera, simmered with tomato sauce and berbere.
    Next we headed to a fish restaurant in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is landlocked, so all fish is freshwater. We ordered fried fish, and asa lebleb, a mixture of fish sauteed with spices and herbs. Both were excellent, but the asa lebleb was the highlight because it was so flavorful.
    Next Ethiopian food meal we went to one of the longtime classic restaurants to eat one of the best platters of beyaynetu in Addis Ababa. Beyaynetu is a mix of vegetarian dishes. It was again, a delicious meal, I especially love the tomato salad there.
    For our final meal of the day, and to finish off this extreme Ethiopian food tour, we went to one of the most well known and best quality meat restaurants in Addis Ababa to eat tere siga - raw meat. You are served a variety of chunks of raw beef, delicately sliced. Then you slice it into bite sized pieces on your own, wrap in injera, and dip into chili sauce before taking a bite. It’s awesome. The fried meat version is also very good.
    This was an amazing day, and an amazing Ethiopian food tour in Addis Ababa. Thank you Go Addis Tours!
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  • Sara Khalifa
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